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Boy Cleaner

Calgary, AB, Canada
July 29, 2021

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Calgary AB



●Created and executed exercises and unique occasions. For example, helping youngsters, playing various sorts of rounds of there picked

●Volunteered more than 14 hours with arranging, cleaning around the school

●helped set up seats and cheap seats for various school exercises, for example, ball.


●Here and there toward the end of the week I help my father at his organization, I as a rule assist him with cleaning by wiping cleaning and so on

●Set up a birthday party for my little cousin which i made 10$ an hour

●Helped my family friends' graduation party by setting up table setting food, and also helped the camera man when he was busy.


Western HighSchool, 641 17 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2S 0B5

●I am starting now going to western optional school wanting to complete my auxiliary school guidance there. Subsequent to completing there I am hoping to go to an excellent college ideally around calgary since I wanna state around my family


I am a 16 year old boy who is looking for some work experience so i could learn how to make money myself and slowly learn how to become an adult. I am also really good at doing my job and carrying out any responsibilities


I can perform various task

If a space is open for a janitor i am a great cleaner and wouldn't have battles accomplishing additional work or doing additional time

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