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Human Resource Manager

Cairo, Egypt
July 26, 2021

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Yosri Mohamed Sakr CV

( FMCG – Manufactoring – Construction – R eal Est ate )

P a g e 1

Yosri Mohamed Hassan Sakr

Human Resource and Administration Manager

Cell Phone : +201*********

Cell Phone : +201*********

Home :+203*******


Skype ID : Yosri Sakr


An expertise over 20+ years in human capital management; personnel; administration and facilities at multinational and local companies in Egypt and GCC countries. With the ability to establish a competitive HR management system capable of retaining and attracting highly talented white and blue employees and committed to aligning HR strategy and policies with organizations goals. My management style let me lead HR; personnel and admin team to peak performance. Education Background


HRBP, 2014-study at Morgan International


International job description and evaluation; 2015

New Horizons

Risk Management, 2018

Arab Academy of Science and Technology

Professional Certificate in Human Resources;2010

Faculty of Commerce

Accounting Department; Grade: Good; Alexandria University; 1995 Professional Experiences

Company : Al Forat Development


Real Estate invesment

Projects Management

From (December2017-Till present )

Position: Human Resource and Administration Manager 1) Raise the reality of management style by professional work environment survey covered topics of objectives; Leadership; departments Policies and Procedures; Organizational communication and work relationship

2) Investigate the quality of human resource operation activates 3) Present the SWOT analysis result strength; weakness with new corrective action plan 4) Display analysis result to the owners to agree on the steps of internal reform 5) Determine approved core values; competencies and integrate them with daily work 6) Established new job analysis; description; specification Yosri Mohamed Sakr CV

( FMCG – Manufactoring – Construction – R eal Est ate )

P a g e 2

7) Report Job evaluation and determining the relative importance and update company and organization charts

8) Determine and highlight the Key performance indicators KPI’S for every position and measurement method

9) Report local salary survey include salary analysis for the competitors 10) Determine market price for every position and updated annually 11) Manage employee relation activities (Sports - trips - scientific competitions) 12) Established company benefits (Medical care – Star awards system – Mobile lines) 13) Create new approved and announced Human resource policies 14) Create new approved and announced procedures with necessary forms 15) Established Manpower control report passed on projects 16) Established strong selection; recruitment policy includes panel HR and Technical interviews plus IQ and personality tests

17) Diversifying sources of applicants. focusing in the source yield 18) Lead HR induction program and follow up the engagement steps 19) Established development Performance review system (P.D.R) based on position KPI’S; Competencies and achievement result with ability to explain weakness topics and Way of improvement

20) Report and Implement Quarterly Training Plane with measure return of investment ROTI after three months

21) Implement and develop innov8t HR ERP system includes (applicant Cv s –employment data – attendance and punishment reports – payroll calculation - Performance appraisal forms and result)

22) Established and approved Human Resources and administrative Budget 23) Control Human Resources and administrative Budget by reviewing and authorized of signature for all expenses

24) Solving grievance cases, within company policy & labor law 25) Administration activities and; budget control with continues improve the performance this includes security; cleaning; transportation; secretary; reception; buffets; stationery; building maintenance and information technology helpdesk services Company: JIL De France – KABO

From (July 2016 Till November 2017)

Position: Human Resource Manager

KABO - El Nasr Clothing - Textiles Co.

1) Clarification the reality of strength and weakness point (work environment survey) The efficiency of (organization charts – leader ship – communication-compensation benefits) 2) Clarification the reality HR Operation system (Salary structure –Selection system -Files – Social insurance –Labor law documentation –Information system – Income taxation) 3) Established three years’ development action plan with the following points implement

- Technical tests for workers to determine the quality and speed of production and accordingly to amend the range of salaries and incentives

- Establishing an industrial school affiliated with the Ministry of Education within the company aiming at graduating students' benefits during the study period and the weight of knowledge / appointing distinguished students after the end of school years Yosri Mohamed Sakr CV

( FMCG – Manufactoring – Construction – R eal Est ate )

P a g e 3

- Solve problems related to social insurance and encourage old workers to settle an early retirement

- Job analysis & description with measurement KPI’S

- Established an internal training center to train knitting workers on new models and reduce waste

-Update main employee’s data for ERP Microsoft dynamics implementation 4) Manage Startup of Amriya Plant for export products 5) Run and review monthly payroll for new plant (salaries –overtime –incentive); Reason to leave: The finalization of the contracted development plan. With good opportunity with Alforat Development

Company: Saudi Binladin Group SBG - Construction

Haram Expansion Projects–ABCD

From : November 2011 Till May 2016

Position: Human Resources Supervisor

1) Leading all day to day employee’s relation activities for the project 2) Formulating, recommending, interpreting and implementing of HR rules, policies and procedures.

3) Investigate employee’s complaints and recommend appropriate action. 4) Manages the process of employee’s internal transfers, promotions, and demotions. 5) Leads performance management and appraisal process 10000 employees 6) Leads the process of company yearly salary increment 10000 employees 7) Implementing the quarterly bonus system for 2000 Engineers. 8) Lead internal & external training records.

9) Create strong selection system passed behavior &Technical. 10) Leads Conflict and compliance resolution.

11) Recruitment portal Website with

12) Participates with projects Managers and Development head in

- Organization structure based on company vision, strategy

- Salary Structure –Update Job description &evaluation. (Mercer)

- Human Resource Manual (Policies & Procedures & Forms)

- Implementation Oracle 12

Reason to leave: Business stopped in the Holy Mosque in Mecca projects Company: Kama For Manufacturing - Kandil Steel

From (Jan 2011 To Sept 2011)

Position: Human Resource Manager

1) Manage all HR and Administration duties for Kama manufacturing company as central business unit

2) Develop organization charts within company vision and mission to ensure efficient performance of the organization & the level of resource utilization. Yosri Mohamed Sakr CV

( FMCG – Manufactoring – Construction – R eal Est ate )

P a g e 4

3) Studding compensation & benefits system using market survey (Hay - Job master) Leading Job analysis and reduce Redundancy in positions 4) Proposes and implement monthly KPI's system make productivity linked to variable salary 5) Develop recruitment system within technical & behavior competency 6) Increase employment branding name and pool of CVs by using online social networks and Personal networking within recruitment budget.

7) Review internal &external training plan &budget 8) Manage all training records and focus in measuring the return on training Investment 9) Review and develop HR policies &procedures and forms 10) Preparation of employee hand book

11) Manage daily personnel & administration duties and employee relation 12) Manage company event to increase employee’s engagement 13) Study Human Resource information system offers and implementation Reason to leave: A very excellent opportunity in a bigger construction company in Middle east

+ Haram Expantion Projects

Company: Easy Group - Cosmetics Products

From ) May 2009 To December 2010)

Position: Human Resource Manager

1) Develop with manager’s organization Communication channels & Job analysis and evaluation

2) Create HRMS (policy – procedures) according to business Goals and Participation in oversee the implementation

3) Create company employee hand book

4) Create selection policy with highlight in employee branding name and competitors 5) Increase pool of applicant by e- recruitment webs and join employment fairs 6) Improve time to fill need vacancy in all departments 7) Create introduction policy and focus in increase employee’s engagement 8) Lead Study of compensation &benefits range with Hay Group 9) Cooperate with Sales division to implement competitive salary frame (basic - variable) Affected by strong KPI"s

10) Lead implementation of Oracle HRIS (E-Business Suite) With all necessary screens and management of reports

11) Create & implement performance appraisal system by Digital Rating for a desired

(Technical &behavior) competency and by objectives for senior levels 12) Follow implementation of blended learning &face to face learning and Participate in succession plan.

13) Overseeing employee relations and administrative services. 14) Solving grievance cases, within company policy & labor law 15) Control of Payroll cost monthly Calculation & transactions 16) Implement end service interviews for senior employees and provide Organization with Ideas to improve work environment

17) Follow review and Raising reports for Managers the functional level up 18) Review company monthly electronic magazine

Yosri Mohamed Sakr CV

( FMCG – Manufactoring – Construction – R eal Est ate )

P a g e 5

19) Improve Human Resource KPI’S Achievement

- Employees turnover % analysis upon to blue &white color

- Time to fill and quality

- Hours of Training per employee %

- Levels of job satisfaction

- Normal distribution of the results of performance appraisal

- Oracle HR e-business suite implementation within planed schedule Reason to leave: a better opportunity in a bigger industry with a double salary Company: Kraft Foods Egypt

From (November 2007 to November 2008)

Position: Human Resource Supervisor

1) Lead implementation of HR integration between X DANONE Mashreq& Kraft Foods Egypt makes necessary change in

a. -Policies& procedures &employee hand book manufacturing shifts& working hours b. -Performance appraisal system. Online for managers and staff (Map system) by objective and hardcopy for others positions

c. -Implement necessary training programs in cooperation with IMC Industry Modernization Center

d. -Implement with oracle HRIS programmer needed change in salary module and formula of calculation

e. -Implement strategy of sales division for x DANONE branches in the governorates of Egypt to Kraft Food Sales Agencies

f. Change in company benefits (life–medical insurance) insurance within Kraft foods policy

2) Supervise all dealings with government agencies (Insurance – labor office - Traffic - the office of the Ministry of Health -Industry Modernization Center- office safety-health insurance)

3) Manage all security activates related resources in order to assure a permanent and most reliable level of security for company personnel, assets and information, in line with internal security related procedures

4) Review &send all HR reports to up level and attend big meetings between X DANONE and KRAFT

5) Rune and review monthly payroll transaction with Auditors Reason to Leave: Continues working period more than with same company; integration project between XDanone and Kraft foods Egypt for family reasons I do not want to move to Cairo for So Received end of service compensation

Yosri Mohamed Sakr CV

( FMCG – Manufactoring – Construction – R eal Est ate )

P a g e 6

Company: Danone Group

From (April 2003 To October 2007)

Position: HR& Administration Manager

1) Manage Human Resource activates for Startup of Danone Group Business in Egypt in field of Biscuits while providing the necessary manpower 2) Implement Legal procedures to establish the insurance company - Manpower Bureau - Occupational Safety and Health- Industrial Modernization Center 3) Create with managers the manpower organization Structure Core & Support functions 4) Study market labor condition and scale of salaries within same field of manufacturing

(Biscuits Filed)

5) Study market and attract pool of candidates working in same filed 6) Fill in priority vacancy with highly quality of selection procedure 7) Create internal Human resource policies & procedures and employee manual 8) Create and implement on boarding & engagement

9) Implement of HRIS Oracle HR Mashreq module with necessary customized reports 10) Implement and review monthly payroll transaction with auditors 11) Manage & review all personnel & admin affairs responsibilities included security - cleaning - transportation

12) Established end of service interviews for Middle and Senior levels; to investigate and improvement work environment

13) Take responsibility of Authorized signature in government social security & labor offices 14) Review and provide all HR reports to managers and top-level 15) Implement objectives performance appraisal system within DANONE Group 16) Implement and review transaction of management yearly bonus 17) Participate in implementation sales branches in Cairo; Alex; Mansoura; Tanta and Sohag Hiring required sales staff with competencies and experiences in all cities 18) Dealing with the traffic office with respect to sales car licenses 19) Implement & run transaction of sales monthly incentives (retail –wholesale ( 20) Deal with DANONE Group Corporate head office - Paris - France in several projects& reports

A. Quarterly HRMS performance report (by Magnitude system) which evaluated by highly directors of Human resource in head office

B. Receive result of department evaluation with necessary advice and action plan C. DANONE Group internet work environment survey (white color employees) Reason to Leave: Job transfer with the same company XDanone To Kraft Foods Egypt (Integration)

Yosri Mohamed Sakr CV

( FMCG – Manufactoring – Construction – R eal Est ate )

P a g e 7

Company: Unilever Mashreq

From (Sept 1998 To March2003)

Position : Associate Personnel Manager

1) Provide all factories by fit qualified candidates and copied with any necessary change 2) Government Social and health insurance and labor office 3) Follow up transportation performance

4) Payroll Administrator by Oracle system

5) Monthly cash drawing to labors at Alexandria factories 6) Attendance& vacation balance report

7) Follow Staff buses

Reason to Leave: Job transfer with the same company to start up new business with Danone Group

Honors &Awards Certificate


Position Provider Subject


HR& Administrative


Eng .Rashed


Rashed and



Recruited all required labor

and coped flexibly with

necessary change- Start up






Paris Head


Got fourth (4 ) rank in

2016 annual evaluation

of HR activates among




HR Supervisor

General Manager -

Kraft Foods Egypt

Change sales strategy from

company branches to

distribution system

(integration implementation )

Easy Group

HR Operation



Dr. Asser Salam

Improve the performance of

Human Resource

department –Start up

Personnel Skills

HR Department Start up Recruitment & retention Alternative dispute resolution HR Policies procedures Management HR records HR programs /Project Management Performance Management Adaptability & flex ability Training development Compensation &Benefit Excellent Microsoft office Organization development Manpower plan Personnel Align HR strategy with Company goals HRIS Technology Employee Relation Negotiation

Administration Budget Strategic Planning/Implementation Yosri Mohamed Sakr CV

( FMCG – Manufactoring – Construction – R eal Est ate )

P a g e 8

Team Building; Analytical skills Decision Making

Self-motivated Open minded Communication

Personnel information

Birth date: 05-04-1973

Marital Status: Married

Gender: Male

Nationality: Egyptian

Driving license: Saudi Arabia – Egypt

Address: Reams Towers- Moffatsh Street –Babsharky – Alexandria Computer Skills

1) Excellent Micro office

2) Excellent Attendance & payroll programs

3) Excellent ERP HRIS Systems Oracle Stander or Local systems Key Training

Training Provider Center Location Year

Labor Law No.12 -2003 Top Business Egypt 2004

English language Berlitz Egypt 2005

Human Resource Management Nobile Egypt 2007

Recruitment & Interview skills Insight Egypt 2008

Social Insurance Law Top Business Egypt 2008

Team Building Skills Egypt 2009

Business Etiquette Quest Egypt 2008

Effective Interview Logic Egypt 2009

Human Resource 2.0- Gary Dessler Awareness Egypt 2010 HR Information System Arab Academy for since ; technology Egypt 2010 References Available upon request

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