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Radio Operator Control Room

Nairobi, Nairobi County, Kenya
US$. 2500
July 25, 2021

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Cell Phone: +254 (0-722-***-***/ 735 639 534 (personal lines)


ID No: 10284809 KRA Pin No: A002544071S NHIF No: 0592683 NSSF No: 200282450X Driving Licence No: LIP 119-(BCE) Passport No: AK 0188839 Sex: Male Date of birth: 01/04/1969 Nationality: Kenyan Marital Status: Married

JOB APPLIED FOR: Senior Security Officer.


I am qualified and experienced in general Safety, Security, Risk Management cum Trainer and also an experienced driver (2004 to date) looking for a challenging security supervisory or management position in an organization where I can utilize my strengths, skills and expertise to provide security and protection to its property, products [brand name(s)], personnel and the surveillance of concurrent activities within and around their framework that I have been assigned to take care of. I have both public and private security vast working experiences in volatile contexts and managing teams deployed in transport and logistics, retail businesses, both real estate and construction sites, learning institutions, private and commercial Ranches, manufacturing industries, office apartments just to mention but a few.


Command, Leadership and Supervisory Skills.

Radio Operations and Communications Skills.

Paramilitary Skills (covert and overt operations).

Jungle Survival Skills.

Counter-terrorism, Close Protection and Protocol skills.

Vital Installations Security, Access Control and Surveillance .

Road Traffic Accident Investigations and Management.

Occupational Health and Safety Practices.

Transport/ Logistics (tracking movement of fleet and materials).

Recognition of Explosives and Demolition .

Weapon Handling Techniques and Range Master skills.

Risk Management and a good understanding of retail Stock Controls and Inventory Loss Control Methodologies and Systems .

Knowledge of First Line Emergency Response (fire, security incidents and bomb threat).

Incident/ Crime Scene Management, Investigations and Report Writing.

Proficiency with MS Office Suite and Internet.

Customer Service Orientations and Public Relations.

Trainer, Facilitator and Supportive Skills.


2013 – 2015: Kenyatta University – Diploma in crime management and prevention Mean grade – Credit 2.

1984 – 1987: Nyabondo High School (K.C.E) Mean Grade – Division 2.

Institute of Certified Administrators (ICA), Nairobi. (12th February 2020)

Risk Management and Dispute Resolution Workshop;

Training highlighted the importance of negotiation training, skills and knowledge to help us:

Analyze the negotiation space.

Not try to beat the other side.

Understand the other Party's interests, constraints and perspective.

Avoid single-issue negotiations; identify and negotiate multiple issues simultaneously.

Negotiate over interests, not positions

Diligence Consultants Limited, Nairobi. (10th to 13th December 2019)

First Aid Course Content;

Occupational Safety and Health.

Food Safety

Fire Safety


ISO Standards

Supervisory Skills

First Aid Management

Diverse Eco Safety Consultants Ltd, Nairobi. (12th to 15th February 2019)

Occupational Safety and Health Training (OSHA)

How to build a safety program;

Commit to workplace safety.

Identify hazards and assess risks.

Develop written programs and processes.

Educate employees.

Investigate/report all accidents and incidents.

Evaluate safety processes each year.

Grayson Consulting (Training and Consultancy), Nairobi. (25th and 26th October 2018)

Effective Internal Control and Audit Skills Training at Tusker Mattresses Ltd Head office.

Programme Objectives;

Understanding the Internal Controls environment.

Comprehending the roles and responsibilities of stakeholders.

Learning techniques to monitor and evaluate Internal Controls.

Managing risk and how this impacts operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Appreciating the impact of the control’s environment on the external audit.

Formulating a risk-based audit approach.

Top Choice Surveillance Ltd and Samsung Techwin Business Group,

Nairobi. (September 2016)

Public space surveillance (CCTV) operations training at Kenya School of Government;

Introduction to Roles and Responsibilities of the CCTV operation and other CCTV staff.

Codes of Practice, Operational Procedures and Guidelines.

Equipment and its Operation.


Dealing with incidents.

CCTV Surveillance Techniques.

Emergency Procedures in the CCTV Control Room.

Health and Safety at work in the CCTV Control Room.

Control Risks Training, 14 Riverside Woods, Off Riverside Drive, Nairobi. (December 2014)

A sub – contractor for Executive Protection

(Introduction to Executive Protection)

Areas covered in training were;

Roles and responsibilities of the executive protection operator,

Security awareness during an executive protection task,

Route and planning and selection,

Driver’s responsibilities in preparation and during an executive protection task,

Vehicle search,

Meet and greet the executive in Kenya,

Conduct of a basic security survey,

Practical exercise of route planning and restaurant survey and

Written test.

I have also been performing Risk Assessment and Executive Protection duties for control Risks as a sub - contractor locally with the latest one being the Tokyo International Conference of African’s Development (TICAD) conference held in August 2016 at KICC, Nairobi, Kenya.

Kenya National Police Service, G.S.U Recce Company, Ruiru (Tactical Unit). (September 1990 to January 2009)

Training experience;

Initial Recce course.

Radio Operation and Communication course at Police Signals School in South “C”, Nairobi among others.

Corporal Promotion course (Command, Leadership and Supervision) at G.S.U. Training School Embakasi.

Crisis Response, VIP and Vital Installations Security courses given on different occasions by both Israeli and U.S. Governments

Advanced Security and Counter-Terrorism training (Rendition Operations) and T.O.T training given by the US Government.

Kenya National Police Service, G.S.U Training School Embakasi, Nairobi. (January 1990 to September 1990)

Recruit Police Officer, Initial police and paramilitary training covering;

General police work.

Police law.

Paramilitary skills.

Drills (Military exercises).

Crowd management and control techniques.

Radio operation and Communication standard procedures.

Weapon handling techniques and safety (Universal).

Battle drills and field craft skills.

First line emergency response.

Jungle Survival skills.


Frontier Integrated Solutions Limited, Phoenix Aviation, Wilson Airport. (September 1st 2020 to date)

Part Time Consultancy - General Safety and Security and Risk Management;

Main Duties, Roles and Responsibilities of an Operations Manager

Assisting the Managing Director and serving in both supervisory and advisory capacities.

Help develop company policies

Monitor compliance, i.e. tracking Company fleet movements.

Oversee projects and budgets.

Realize the company's business objectives by promoting efficiency, and increasing profitability

Oversee all aspects of the organization's public safety initiatives by assuming responsibility for the safety and security of staff, the facility and it's assets.

As a security operations operative and key part of the management team, I also superintend high-level HR duties, such as attracting talent and setting training standards and hiring procedures. We (Operations and HR) also analyze and improve organizational processes, and work to improve quality, productivity and efficiency.

PG/A Team security Group, 14 Parklands Road, Wetlands, Nairobi (April 2019 to June 2020)

HOD Operations;

Main tasks, duties, and responsibilities for both companies:

Recruit, orient, and train security personnel on appropriate security rules and procedures.

Develop and enforce security protocols, policies, and procedures necessary for safeguarding lives and property.

Prepare and control the budget for security operations to ensure delivery of high-quality security services.

Oversee the coordination of staff and/or clients during emergencies.

Assign guard duties to security personnel to ensure effective distribution of workload.

Keep track of incidents in order to evaluate them and recommend a course of action.

Oversee the installation of safety systems within and around building premises.

Schedule shift patrol to ensure a building/property is always guarded.

Implement safety and health policies and procedures to protect employees against workplace hazard.

Develop and manage the processes for securing classified and sensitive information.

Set up key controls on company fleet management, equipment and facility to limit access to restricted property.

Order the supply of security tools and equipment required in carrying out security operations.

Prepare and present reports of incidents and mitigation measures to limit recurrence.

Liaise with public law enforcement agencies and fire department.

Oversee the planning and coordination of security operations during high-risk events.

Tusker Mattress Limited, Mombasa Rd. Near Eastern Bypass, Close to JKIA. (November 2016 to March 2019)

Regional Loss Prevention and Security Officer;

Main Duties:

Develop and implement procedures for minimizing the loss of merchandise, money or company assets as much as possible.

Formulate plans regarding customer and employee safety, emergency procedures, difficult customers and lost children.

As the largest and leading retail chain in Kenya then, I was able to create plans for every store in the chain and modify policies based on location, store layout and history of loss within my region.

Testing alarm systems, monitoring video surveillance and responding to burglary incidents.

Research, assess and supervise the installation of different security measures used in an establishment, such as security tags, mirrors, closed-circuit video cameras and electronic security devices.

Determine a necessary security force, as well as hire and train new officers for both uniformed and undercover work.

Conduct or assist in investigations regarding shopper or associate dishonesty, help with store inventory and file reports and company policy documentation.

Managing Company fleet within my jurisdiction region(s) against misuse (vehicles, fuel and service) by drivers and/or respective supermarket branch managers.

Conducting analytical support to mitigate loss and risk associated with organized retail crime and fraud across Tuskys business units which included tactical analysis of serial shoplifters, intelligence analysis, strategic suppliers and stock management, administrative reporting, citizen outreach, and crime prevention for over seven (7) Tuskys stores throughout the Coastal Region.

Jeff Hamilton Security (K) Ltd, Semco Industrial Park, Mombasa road. (October 2015 to October 2016)

Training Manager;

Main Duties:

In charge training and running of Jeff Hamilton Training School.

Recruiting and training Security Officers (guards), my largest class having accommodated 56 recruits.

Training, deploying and supervising the close protection team.

Assisting the Operations Team; both guarding and Loss Control Managers in the deployment and supervision of guards manning strategic accounts under my direct supervision.

Assisting the Human Resource manager with the documentation of the newly trained guards before deployment.

Also directly involved in sales and marketing of company products.

Halliday Finch Africa Ltd, Karen Office Park, Baobab Building, 3rd Floor. (May 2014 to October 2015)

Operations Assistant Manager;

Main Duties:

Manning the Operations center, managing fleet mobility and tracking movements of investigators and other personnel out on covert/overt operations and investigations.

Participated in covert/overt counterfeit investigations and operations in Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Nigeria for HP, B.A.T, Samsung Canon, KPMG, among others. Most raids in Nairobi and Lagos were always very successful as we made huge recoveries for our main clients, HP and Samsung Canon.

Providing executive/close protection and risk travel assessment for national and international clients and safety and security of our organization.

Assisting Management by adding value to its operations and clientele chain; I am a key player in terms of regional networking and contacts.

Liaising with local and national security agencies, police and other authorities whenever and if necessary.

Endorse and validate daily security reports to the Line managers, clients and the other Management team as necessary.

Researching on daily security alerts and occurrences and passing on information to clients.

Assisting the United Nations in organizing and coordinating commercial evacuations, i.e. Nine Liner Evac plan in times of emergencies, accidents, wars, etc.

Conducting trainings and refreshers for guards on general safety (security and protection).

Deployment and supervision of about 60 guards to executive staff premises, clients and other organizations installations.

Conduct and update threat and risk assessments relevant to the countries within our geographical areas of operations, including security contingency and emergency evacuation plans and provide early warnings in relation to regional or local threats that may affect Halliday Finch operations.

Any other tasks that may be assigned by my Line Manager and Halliday Finch Management from time to time.

Kenya National Police Service, Railways Police Unit, Kisumu Station. (August 2011 to May 2014)

In charge Armory, Escorts and Patrols;

The Unit was established to support the following functions of the Kenya Police Service in accordance with Section 24 of the National Police Service Act, 2011.

Main Duties:

Prevention and detection of crimes.

Investigate the offences against property or person conveyed over Railways Corporation throughout their areas of operation.

Investigation of claims complaints or irregularities in connection with the conveyance of goods and passengers including inquiries regarding missing goods.

Safeguarding Railways corporation property on stations, platforms trains in goods sheds workshops and goods on transit.

Investigations into rail transit accidents.

Escort duties mainly for goods on transit.

Kenya National Police Service, Traffic Department,

Buru Buru Base and Ngong Sub-Base, Nairobi. (Jan 2009 to August 2011)

In charge Operations and Sub-base respectively;

The Unit was established to support the following functions of the Kenya Police Service in accordance with Section 24 of the National Police Service Act, 2011.

Supervised the work of 28 Traffic personnel and prepared the work schedule.

Completed the daily operations report and all relevant documents.

Made sure there was free flow of traffic during rush hours within the city of Nairobi.

Took control and investigated scenes of road traffic accidents.

Made successful prosecutions of Traffic offenders by taking them to court.

Conducted road safety awareness training campaigns to members of public and road users.

Performed all the duties and responsibilities as assigned by my superiors.

Kenya National Police Service, General Service Unit (GSU),

Recce Company, Ruiru Subunit. (September 1990 to January 2009)

The Unit was established to support the following functions of the Kenya Police Service in accordance with Section 24 of the National Police Service Act, 2011.

Main Duties:

Providing security to his Excellency the President, state houses / lodges.

Providing security for selected foreign Airlines.

Providing security to vital installations and strategic points.

Controlling rioters’ mobs and civil disturbance.

Carrying out anti-poaching operations and escort duties.

Containing poaching, banditry and cattle rustling.

Countering terrorism activities and insurgencies.

Special Close Protection Duties:

To provide security and protection to His Excellency the President.

To provide security to the First Family.

Provide security to the retired Presidents.

Provide security to His Excellency the Deputy President.

Provide security to visiting Heads of State and Governments.

Provide Security to any other V.I.P. as may be directed by the Inspector-General.

Work experience and areas Served:

Forward and operations areas in the vast Rift Valley in Tot, Turkwel gorge in the boarder of West Pokot and Turkana, Kakuma refugee camp, Todenyang, Kibish and areas along the borders of Sudan and Ethiopia with main duties being countering cattle rustling and cross border and boundary skirmishes and also Served as a radio operator in operations control rooms.

Molo, Timboroa and Burnt Forest areas through to Eldoret and its environs in the heights ethnic and after election violence’s last one being the 2007 violence.

Deputy In charge and supervisor of 36 Rendition operations and Tactical Team personnel.

Lead our Tactical team on covert special Surveillance, Reconnaissance, Counter terrorism and crisis response operations from time to time.

Provided security to the Heads of state within and outside the country, dignitaries and VIP’s visiting the country from time to time.

Conducted special in-house Recce trainings and to personnel from other Security formations like the National Security Intelligence Service, Kenya Wildlife Service and the Armed Forces on VIP protection, Vital installations security, Anti-poaching, Weapon handling techniques, Radio operation and communication, Risk and security assessments and management, First line emergency response among others.


Mother tongue


Other language(s)






Spoken Interaction

Spoken Production

Written Production







English is the official Language in Kenya







Kiswahili is the Kenyan National Language


A1/A2: Basic user - B1/B2: Independent user - C1/C2: Proficient user.

A Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Communication skills:

My radio operations and communication skills exude confidence in that fact that I have undergone numerous communication training workshops, customer care courses and the fact that my function as a Security Officer has groomed me to be a people-oriented person and my role always interacts with everyone I work with.

Organizational managerial skills:

Leadership and Management (Responsible for supervising and managing both outsourced loss prevention officers and security guards totaling to about 70 personnel for the 5 malls within coastal region);

Sense of organization (experience in logistics).

Rich experience in project and team/ man management.

Job - related skills:

I have been in the security field for over 20 years in a wide range of backgrounds with different scopes in the National Police Service and 6 years in corporate security giving me the edge as a holistic Security Officer (one in a package with relevant pockets of experience) in a wide range of scenarios and the ability to work both as a team player and independently.

Computer skills:

Good command of Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel and PowerPoint).

Basic knowledge of graphic design applications (Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop).

With computer skills and competencies, I refer to word processing and other applications, database searching, acquaintance with Internet, advanced skills (programming). This I garnered through training and work experience.


Fitness exercise, Watching Tactical Movies, listening to music, Reading Security journals, travelling.


Mr. Albert Michael Omondi,

The General Manager,

PG & A Team Security Group Ltd,

P.o. Box 38181 – 00623,

14, Parklands Road, Nairobi.

Cell phone: +254-***-******/



Mr. Ernest Murunga,

Assistant Operations Manager,

Halliday Finch International Ltd,

P.o. Box 1456 – 00502, Karen – Nairobi.

Cell phone: +254-***-******.

Dr. Kennedy Otieno,

The Principal,

Kenya School of Security Management,

P.o. Box 8346 – 00200, Nairobi.

Cell Phone: +254-***-******/ 722 242638/ 738 935110.


Mr. Fredrick Egesa,

Superintendent of Police,

Officer Commanding GSU “L” Company,

Cell Phone: +254-***-******


Mr. John Kamau,

Director Special Projects and


Kenya Police College,

P.o. Box Private Bag, Kiganjo.

Cell Phone: +254-***-******



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