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Security, Administration and FMS

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
July 25, 2021

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Job Title: Security Management in Industrial, Corporate & Construction / Project, and Administration, Vigilance, Fire Safety Hazardous Management, EHS, Transport / Logistic, Assets, Labour Colony / Staff Quarter Operation & Maintenance and IR Personal Information Educational Information

Name: M. Sekar – EX – CISF M.COM and MBBS (AM)

BOB: 25.01.1963 Technical Qualification

Age: 58 Years VHF & HF Wireles

Email I’ds Personal (Primary) Email I’ds Personal (Secondary)

Professional Qualification

PGDCA, PGDHRM & IR, Fire Safety, Crime & Intelligence and ISPS (International Ship & Port Facility Security Code) from VPT – Visakapatnam (AP) Permanent Address Present Address

House No.01. Ramalingapuram Koil Street,

Kurungulam West - PO

Thanjavur – Dist, Tamil Nadu - 613303

Contact No. 888-***-****

Plot No. SC – 47, Shakti Nagar

Rourkela, Sundargarh – Dist, Odisha - 769014

Contact No.889-***-****

Description of 38 Years Experiences on Security, Safety, Admin, HR & IR 14 YEARS IN PRIVATE SECTORS AS HOD – SECURITY & ADMIN From 2006 To 2021 for 14 Years Experience in Private Sectors as HOD – Security & Admin 24 YEARS IN GOVERNMENT SECTOR OF CISF (CPMF / CAPF)

(1) Central Industrial Security Force (Ministry of Home Affairs of India) for 24 Years (1982 – 2006)

(2) Industrial Domicle Protection Force as Regional Head (Security Operation) at Rourkela, Odisha

(3) Mesco Iron Ore Mines as HOD – Security & Vigilance at Barbil, Odisha

(4) Aryan Ispat & Power Ltd as Chief Security Officer at Sambalpur, Odisha

(5) BGR Energy Systems Limited as DGM – Security & Admin at Jharsuguda, Odisha

(Present) Elite Group Security Service & Elite Group Facility Management Service as General Manager

(Security Operation, Recruitment, Training & Facility Management Service) at Chennai (TN) Languages Known Tamil English Hindi Malayalam Telugu Oriya Description on Key Skill

Security Law Enforcement in Industrials & Corporate, Construction Sites & Domicile Sectors, Guard Force Management, Fire Safety Hazard Management, Personnel & Administration, General Management, Vigilance Enforcement on Policy & Procedure to detect the system failures and existence of corruption or malpractices, Responsible for investigation of all fraud, corruption and theft cases reported them and submission of findings to Management, Security Survey & Design, Security Code of Conduct, Security & Safety Concept, SOP, Transport, Logistic & IR, Implementation of Proper Security Systems as per ISO 28000:2007 and Access Control the Gates as per Industry Standard for smooth functioning of Security Systems, Maintain secrecy of the assigned duties and responsibilities, Implementing & Adhering Systems & Procedures in the area of security record keeping as per ISO Standard of 28000:2007. Additional Information (Undermentioned books are written by me) 1. Security Manual / 2. Security Survey & Design / 3. Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) / 4. Security Code of Conduct / 5. Standing Order of Role & Responsibilities of all security duty points / 6. Security Audit Protocol / 7. Dos & Don’s of Security Measures / 8. Safety Construction Manual / 9. EAP / Emergency Action Plan (Offsite / Onsite) / 10. Behaviour Based Safety / 11. Fire Safety Manual Page 1/5

Key Skill Responsibilities: Physical Security & Electronic Security & Safety at Industrial, Domicile, Corporate Sector & Construction Site, Vigilance Control, Administration, Transport & Traffic Management, EHS, Fire Safety, Vendor Management, Facility Operation Management & Maintenance SECURITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS

Security Management: Entire responsibilities of Security, Fire & Safety of Plant and its Premises, Safeguard the Men and Materials. Screening of Visitors. Access control the Gates to where Inward / Outward the Men & Materials. Responsible for all Facets of Guard Force Mgmt (Duty Roster, Assigns of Duties, Vendor Management, Access Control the System of Security Surveillance through CCTV and Other Electronic Gadgets.. The Primary Role and Responsibility will be 'Investigations’. For Awareness of the Security Team. Command Control over the Security and Watch & Ward Movements of Inward and outward materials Movement of Vehicles Traffic Arrangements Strict Gate Pass Procedures Physical checks at Gates Security Arrangements for VIP movements. Strikes, Lockouts and Gang (Giroh), Mob Control. Investigations and Fault Findings, Parade / Foot Drill for Guards, Security Documents. Alertness of Security personnel. Monitoring on all vulnerable Points of Factory/ Project / Corporate Sector. Day to day Meeting with other Department Heads regarding on Security and Vigilance Activities, safe handling and Disposal of Finished Products / Incoming Materials & Outgoing Materials. Surprise checking on Guard Posts and Material Vehicles coming to Plant, Scrap Loads and Company Stores. Up keep of all Documents at Factory Main Gate. Established liaison with Police and Fire Brigade Department and with other Various Govt. Bodies. To be ordered to Conduct armed and unarmed Patrolling duties by Foot and Vehicle and Ambush duties into the Factory / Plant / Project / Corporate Premises round the clock. And Avoid Thieves / Miscreants might be attempted to come inside the Factory / Plant / Project / Corporate Premises through Boundary wall and if Caught Raid hand while entered inside the Plant / Project site through Perimeter wall, they have to take security custody and Lodge an FIR

(under section CrPc 154 and 162 for recording evidence) against accused with local police for Legal Action as per Management Guidelines.


To be Incharge of security personnel for all aspects at the place of duty To detail guards for duties, check turn out of guards and brief about role & responsibilities, and any special instructions to be given before commencement of duties To check movement of vehicles, personnel, material and their documentation Responsible for complete security of the gate during shift To prevent theft taking place

To check all fitments, lights, perimeter wall, fencing, posts etc. and report for any damages / unserviceability

To ensure all stores, offices are locked and keys deposited / issued as per SOP To be prepared to deal with emergencies as per company and security polices / SOPs To check & verify daily security deployment and monthly invoice of security agencies / vendors To submit daily security report (theft, sabotage & security threats), daily situation report, daily labour movement report, daily vigilance report, daily intelligence report, daily vehicle movement report, fire safety hazardous report & safety observation report etc; Regular refresher training on fire fighting, mob & mock drills, ambush, combing operation, access control and first aid etc to all guards as per requirement Ensuring the correctness of extinguishers at locations from time to time depending upon the type of material stored and Timely refilling and servicing of extinguishers Security contract managing and ensuring deployment of appropriate manning of all posts and carried out surprise checking regular basis

Security Survey Conducting every 4 Years as per ISO Standard Public Relation with local authorities like Police, Fire Brigade, Punchayat & Union leaders etc for smooth functioning of plant.

Access Control the Gates to where Inward & Outward the Men & Materials, Safeguard the Men & Materials and its Premises etc

To Update the MIS Per Day with Unit Head & Corporate Head and CRM with Clients & Vendors Page 2/5

KPI for Measurement of Performance Delivery

-Preparation of SOP as per Security Deployment

-Security Code of Conduct: Preventive Control, Corrective Control & Detective Control as per ISO 28000:2007 Of Security Supply Chain Management

Security Concept: Assurance, Countermeasure, Defense in depth, Risk, Threat, Vulnerability & Exploit

-C.I.A : Confidentiality, Integrity & Availability

-Security Operation Management Systems as per ISO Standard 28000:2007 Security Supply Chain Management

-Security Personnel Recruitment & Interview, Hire, & Basic Training of Security Standard as per PSARA- 2005

-Management Information Systems (MIS) and Integrity Management & RISK Assessment Systems (IMRS)

-Vendor Hiring Management Systems

ComindWare: CapEx & OpEx – An Operating Expense (OpEx) is an expense required for the day-to-day functioning of a business. In contrast, a Capital Expense (CapEx) is an expense a business incurs to create a benefit in the future. Operating Expenses and Capital Expenses are treated quite differently for Accounting and Tax Purposes

ENVIRONMENT HEALTH SAFETY AND FIRE SAFETY MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS Construction Safety Management, Industrial Environment Health Safety Management & Fire Safety Hazardous Management

SAFETY CONCEPT: IEC 61508, ISO 26262 is a Risk-based Safety Standard, where the Risk of Hazardous Operational situations is Qualitatively Assessed and Safety Measures are defined to avoid or Control Systematic failures and to detect or control random hardware failures, or mitigate their effects. GENERAL ADMINISTRATION MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS

-General Administration Management (Guest House, Staff Quarters, Cafeteria Management, Labour Colony & Time Office, Canteen, Housekeeping & Cleaning and Events Management Systems etc)

- Crises Management, Negotiations with Union Member of Various Committees Disciplinary Proceedings.

-Industrial Relationship Management & Customer Relationship Management

- Liaison with Various Government Authorities, Courts, Municipality Management.

-Vendor Hiring Management Systems

- Coordinate for Aids Awareness Programs, Daily monitoring on Movements of Personnel, Visitors, Inward and Outward Materials.

-Develop strategies in administrative functions to effectively run an organization

-Supervise and manage administrative operations of a department.

-Develop and implement administrative functions to monitor business operations.

-Manage and direct the activities of the staff in an administrative set-up

-Manage and supervise facilities functions in a production setting facility.

-Interact with other department heads in managing the entire administrative operations

-Develop inventory control management systems for the inventory department

-Assist and support front desk management in handling visitors and clients.

-Assist and support financial department in preparation of budget and other reports and statements.

-Develop logistics in organizing records, files and statements in an effective manner.

-To obtain factory license and renew timely

-To Facility Management Service and STP & WTP Operation & Maintenance from time to time

-Other responsibilities to be adhered as per establishment’s policy. FACILITY OPERATION MANAGEMENT & MAINTENANCE

FMS / Facility Management Service @ Construction Site / Project: Entire responsibilities of Security & OHSAS:18001 Focused on Controlling Hazards as per ISO:45001 for Workers & PRW Labours are staying in labour colony and monitoring labour tracking, safety induction, preparing gate entry passes, providing drinking water, raw water, housekeeping area cleaning, bath room toilet cleaning, pest control conducting, Page 3/5

cesspool tanker monitoring, food waste and debris materials removing, movie displaying every fortnight day at labour camp, conducting periodical medical examination once in a year as per factory act / BOCW Act’1996 FMS @ Manufacturing Units & Corporate Sectors: Access Control Systems (Physical Security & Electronic Security Surveillance), Entire Welfare Activities for Employees, Senior Management & Top Management Officials are staying in Staff Quarters, Guest Houses and Bungalows providing drinking water, raw water, housekeeping & bath room & toilet cleaning, STP & WTP Operation & Maintenance, Pest Control Conducting every fortnight, Cesspool Tanker Operation & Maintenance, Food Waste and Debris Materials Removing. Conducting Annual Medical Examination once in a year. This position is responsible for the Management of the Facility Operations Section, including: Facility Planning, Maintenance Management, Organization and the Administration for all City owned Recreation Facilities, including Arenas, Indoor / Outdoor Pools, Community Centre’s and Select Corporate Facilities. This position is also Responsible for leading some Recreation Services Teams on Special Department-Wide Projects.

Commitment To Integrity

I. Corporate Governance Management

II. Ethics & Compliance Management

III. Employees Health and Safety Management

IV. Human Rights Supply Chain Management

V. Environment Health Safety Management

VI. Community Involvement Management

Set Goals – Articulates both Short & Long-term goals to ensure a Company’s longevity. Facility Operation Management & Maintenance including critical services to ensure smooth functioning of business operations. Corporate Real Estate Management Systems, Leasing & Maintenance, Service Delivery and will liaise with the Business Teams, HR, P&A, Procurement, Finance, Legal, Vendors, Tax, Security, Travel to Support the Overall Site Business Operations.

Vendor Hiring Management Systems

-ComindWare: CapEx & OpEx – An Operating Expense (OpEx) is an expense required for the day-to-day functioning of a business. In contrast, a Capital Expense (CapEx) is an expense a business incurs to create a benefit in the future. Operating Expenses and Capital Expenses are treated quite differently for Accounting and Tax Purposes. Great Facility Manager is someone who knows how to tie Facility Management KPI’s to business KPI’s and understands how Facility Management can deliver business value that goes beyond daily governance and maintenance. Workplace as a tool to strengthen company culture, improve employee engagement, productivity and develop workplace experiences that communicate and reinforce the company’s value proposition.

Company: Mesco Iron Ore Mines Ltd and Aryan Ispat and Power Limited

Project Name: Security Tools & Skill Used: Manual and Electronic Gadgets

Duration: 2008 – 2010 and 2010 – 2014

Project Details: Achieved better services of Security Management, Guard Force Management, Fire & Safety, Cost Control and Access Control the gates to where Inward & Outward the Man and Materials in Aryan Ispat and Power Limited at Sambalpur, Odisha within 03 Months.

Role: HOD - Security Designation: Chief Security Officer - Team Size: Medium

Location: Barbil, Keonjhar and Sambalpur – Odisha

Nature of Employment: Full Time

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My Strengths: Enthusiasm = Eagerness (1), Trustworthiness = Honesty (2), Creativity = Originality (3), Discipline = Punishment (4), Patience = Endurance (5), Respectfulness = Deference (6), Determination = Willpower (7), Dedication = Devotion (8), Honesty = Uprightness (9), Versatility = Adaptability (10). My strengthen is Positive Attitude, Time Management, Leadership, Intelligence and Surveillance management, Control the Crime and Pilferage and to be achieved the Anti-Corruption and Cost Control. Access Control the gates to where Inward and Outward the Men and Material in to Industrials / Domiciles / Construction sites within 03 months. I am 58 years young energetic and hardworking habitual. I can manage 10000 workers Minimum. Working with Security Concept like; (1) Assurance (2) Countermeasure (3) Defense in depth (4) Risk (5) Threat (6) Vulnerability (7) Exploit. C.I.A (Confidentiality, Integrity & Availability), Security Code of Conduct, Preventive Control, Corrective Control & Detective Control as per Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), Emergency Operating Procedure (EOP) / Emergency Action Plan (EAP) & Security Escalation Process (SEP) under Supply Chain Security Management System of ISO 28000:2007. MY 12 FACTORS OF SECURITY: Literature Analysis is 12 Factors Influencing Security Decisions, Namely:

“Vulnerability”(1), “Compliance & Policy”(2), “Risk”(3), “Physical security”(4), “Continuity”(5),

“Infrastructure”(6), “CIA”(7), “Security management”(8), “Awareness”(9), “Resources”(10), “Access control”(11) and “Organizational factors”(12). My Internal Risk Factors: Human Factors (1), Technological Factors (2), & Physical Factors (3)

I was working with CISF / Central Industrial Security Force is a Central Para Military Force under Ministry of Home Affairs. A Government of India from 1982 to 2006 for 24 years and furnished the Government Sectors to where I was deputed them.

1 Bharat Coking Coal Ltd – Jharia – Dhanbad – Jharkhand. A Government of India Undertaking Coal Mines

2 Meghahatuburu Iron Ore Project / Mines – MIOP – Singhbhum – Jharkhand. A Steel Authority of India Ltd.

3 Bokaro Steel Ltd. A Steel Authority of India Ltd. A Steel Authority of India Ltd. 4 Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre – ISRO – Thumba – Trivandrum – Kerala. A Department of Space / Science and Technology.

5 Singareni Collieries Company Limited - SCCL – Karimnagar – Andhra Pradesh. A Government of India Undertaking Coal Mines

6 Neyveli Lignite Ltd. A Government of India undertaking Ltd. A Govt. of India Undertaking Mines 7 Chennai Petroleum Corporation Ltd – A Government of India Undertaking Ltd / IOCL – Tamil Nadu 8 Visakhapatnam Steel Plant. A Steel Authority of India Ltd. 9 Visakhapatnam Port Trust – A Government of India Ltd Submitted for your kind consideration and reference please. Yours Faithfully

M. Sekar

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