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Front End Developer

25000 - 40000
July 25, 2021

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Mohammad Tasib

Front-End Developer

Address : Bangladesh, Chittagong

Phone : +880 015********

Email :

Linkedin : Github :

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Hi! I'm Mohammad Tasib. Multipurpose Front-End developer with more than a year of experience implementing complex web apps. Results-oriented web developer offering extensive experience in design and layout. Highly experienced in javascript programming languages and coding. Seeking a position in a fast-paced company that appreciates hard work, dedication, and evolving technical skills. SKILLS AND TOOLS

Comfortable : HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Sass, javascript, ES6, React.js, React-Router, React Bootstrap, React hooks, Chart Js, etc.

Familiar : Next.js, Redux.js, Firebase,Typescript, React Native, Material Ui, Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB, etc. Tools : Vs Code, Git, Github,Netlify, Heroku, NPM, Yarn, Chrome Dev Tool, etc. EXPERIENCE



● The user must be logged in to book a room.

● You must select the date of booking.

● After booking, you'll see a list of rooms booked in your email ( Database used - MongoDB ).

● The ID token has been verified using the Firebase Admin SDK. And much more. FEATURES : React, React-Router-Dom, Material-UI, Firebase Authentication, JWT, MongoDB, Express js, Heroku. Preview Server Site-Code-Repository BACK-END-Code-Repository 2. Filmmakers -- REACT PROJECT

● Made a movie and TV series app. I have used the TMDB API for the back-end.

● Trending, movies, TV series will show the component separately.

● You can search for your favorite movie or TV series. And you can find out the details of the material you click on.

FEATURES : React, React Hooks, React-Router-Dom, Material-UI, React Alice Carousel, TMDB API, Axios, etc. Preview Source code


3. Covid-19 Tracker -- REACT PROJECT

● The total number of patients infected with a corona around the world, the number of deaths, and the number of healthy patients are shown through the chart.

● The infected area in Corona is shown through the Red Zone Chart.

● Corona information can be seen by selecting a specific country. And much more. FEATURES : React, React Hooks, Material-UI, Chart js, Rest API, Map, etc. Preview Source code

4. Premier League -- REACT PROJECT

● API, React-Router-Dom has been used in this project.

● Clicking on the Explorer button of the desired team will redirect you to the details page of this team. The page will not reload.

● View team titles, descriptions, images, logos, and social media ( Facebook, Twitter, Youtube ). FEATURES : React, React Hooks, React-Router-Dom, Rest API, etc. Preview Source code

5. BlackJack Game -- JavaScript

● There will be two players in the game. ( You and Computer )

● The cards will be applied randomly.

● This project has used great background sound effects and scoreboards. FEATURES : HTML5, CSS3, Flexbox, JavaScript, etc.

Preview Source code


1. Learn more and more 2. Programming 3. Communication 4. Problem Solving

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