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Music Teacher Art

Calgary, AB, Canada
July 21, 2021

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Time Line Resume of Todd Scott, RPT


To Demonstrate Proficiency and skills in divers areas of the piano as a concert pianist; concert technician; piano designer, engineer, and builder. Many things were accomplished, but these below are the highlights.

As a side note, Todd was also a producer, arranger, orchestrator, song writer, piano sample designer for keyboards, acoustic and sound system specialist and consultant, and recording artist. Todd was also the head technician for Several Colleges and Universites, especially, Allegheny College, contact Steinway and Sons Former Residence Artist Alec Chien, 814-***-****, and Slippery Rock University, contact Glenn Utsch, Head of the piano department 724-***-****. EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE:

1986 Began piano Instruction from the Late Nancy O'Brien 1990 Began piano instruction for tuning and repair through various courses 1996 Began his career as a Concert Piano Technician. Todd has tuned and serviced pianos for many famous artists and singers around the world. Some of these artists include: David Benoit, The Piano Guys, The Collingsworths, Paul Lanka, The Temptations, The Oak Ridge Boys, Steinway & Sons Artist Alec Chien, Dino Kartsonakis, and the many artists that went through Trinity Broadcasting Network, as well as others.

1996-1997 Studied advanced piano technique through the late Classical Concert pianist, Douglas Nold. 1997-2000 Was performing piano concerts around the country and for various Television studios including Trinity Broadcasting Network. Todd has also performed for Televangelist Jerry Falwell, Dino Kartsonakis, Televangelist Pastor Rod Parsley, Televangelist Benny Hinn, and many others including state and government officials.

1999 Began Apprenticeship under Theodore Mamel, RPT, Steinway and Sons Technician. 1999 Earned Certification with Piano Technicians Guild with the highest scores recorded and being the 2nd youngest and fastest at that time to ever receive certification. PTG sent Todd to Reno, NV to give a speech to aspiring members because of the achievement. Todd was also awarded a special lapel pin in front of the international convention for having the most amazing story and the high scores and is still a current member in good standing to this day. Todd has also attended many classes both nationally and regionally through attending various PTG conferences. 2000-2001 Studied Piano at Valor Christian College 2002 Earned Certification with Geneva International, Chicago, IL (Petrof Piano Technical Courses) 2003 - 2010 Was Head Technician for Valley Piano and Organ and was called in from time to time to close the deal when the sales associates couldn't. This store chain used to be the largest Piano Dealer East of the Mississippi River.

2005 Became a Certified Piano Disk Service Technician 2006 Became the Head Technician for Solich Piano

2007 Finalized Development of Advanced theory for Regulation to be designed exclusively for concert highly skilled level pianists, focusing on a lighter touch with much greater speed and dynamic control and much faster repetition. This new theory has become the trademark of who Todd is as a technician and allows the pianist to be able to play much softer and even louder than previous theories permitted with a comfort level never before attained.

2013 Studied Soundboard Theory and piano design with leading World piano designer and engineer, Delwin Fandrich, RPT

2014 Developed chemical voicing techniques that finally allows the hammers to bounce away from the strings at the correct density and speed. This new art in engineering allows the strings to respond with the correct amount of partials present not previously possible through deep needling even though it's been attempted many times. The result is perfectly rounded tone that is almost never present in modern day pianos due to acid washed hammers. This technique resembles lanolin filled hammers not found since 1964.

2015-2016 Became Benny Hinn's World Traveling pianist and was seen in over 200 countries. 2016 Became Certified through Master Piano Technicians Guild becoming an elite group of only 40 people in the world to be both an RPT and MPT.

2017 Was invited and attended a personal tour of the Steinway & Sons, NY factory for himself and Theodore Mamel by Kent Webb, Director of the Department of Technical Services. 2018 Began instructing other technicians some of the less secret techniques to worthy technicians through hands on and media. Many new tools and theories were developed for the piano industry over the last 25 years by my company.

2018 Completed the design and creation of Norberg Piano Line. 2019 Visited the August Forster factory in Germany to compare Norberg Pianos with the most expensive pianos on the market today and observe the art of piano building from a European point of view.

2019 Was invited by Dino Kartsonakis to travel with the Norberg piano line around the United States as he wishes to be the official endorser of the Norberg new line of pianos. He told the audience and others that the Norberg 9' concert grand was one of the best pianos he has ever played on in his career. Concert Pianist, David Phillips and Maestro Gerald Goslin also were added to a list of official sponsors.

2019 Studied Advanced Soundboard design and theory with leading soundboard expert, Chris Chernobieff.


Maestro Gerald Goslin, Farmington, MI 248-***-**** Tom Bayus, Owner of Valley Piano and Organ, Hermitage, PA 724-***-**** Susan Harris, Trinity Broadcasting Network, Akron, OH 330-***-****

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