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Engineering Consultant Project 1

Qibla, Kuwait City, Kuwait
July 23, 2021

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Saravanan Loganathan

Lead/Senior Piping Engineer

E-mail :

Mobile : +965-********

Career Summary

Piping Engineer having 16 years of experience in Piping Design. Experience in Onshore Oil and Gas, Pipeline, Petrochemical and Offshore FPSO (Floating production Storage Offloading) Projects.

Experience in all stages of projects such as Feasibility, FEED and EPC phase.

Experience in Piping Layout, Piping Stress Analysis using CAESAR software & Support Selection.

Familiar with SHELL Design and Engineering practice (DEP’s) and well versed international Codes and Standards.

Familiar with piping and design review software’s such as SmartPlant 3D Review, Aveva Review Reality, Navisworks etc.

Worked in both Client and EPC Contractor side of projects.

Member of Kuwait Society of Engineers (KSE).

Experience of working at site for interface co-ordination between site and design office.

Revision of Company’s QMS documentation and liaising with engineering standards committee for inclusion of Lesson learnt from previous projects.

Development of Scope of work and Cost Estimates for In-house projects Academic Qualification

B.E (Mechanical) from Sri Sairam College of Engineering, (Anna University) Tamil Nadu, India in 2005.

M.S (Engineering Management) from BITS Pilani.

Professional Experiences:

Since April 2014 with Kuwait National Petroleum Corporation (KNPC) - Kuwait Lead/Senior Piping Engineer, Projects Department

June 2005 to March 2014 with Technip India Limited Senior Piping Engineer

Knowledge of codes and standards:

ASME B31.3, B16.5, B16.47, B16.9, B16.11, B16.34, B16.10, B36.10, B36.19…

SHELL DEP’s (Design and Engineering Practice)

K.N.P.C. Standards and Project Variations

Technip Standards & Job Specifications

Familiar with Following Software’s:

CAESAR II - Pipe Stress Analysis Software


PDS (Plant Design System) and PDMS (Plant Design management System)


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Project Details: KNPC Projects

1. Duration - Oct 2020 to till date – Lead Piping Engineer/Project Coordination Engineer Project 1: Replacement of Uniflux Heaters at LPG Train 1,2 and 3 at Mina Al-Ahmadi(MAA) Refinery The Project involves replacement of existing heaters with new fires heaters during shutdown. Job Description:

Review and approval of Contractor Engineering Deliverables such as Piping GADs, Isometrics,Tie-inlist etc.

Review of Piping Stress analysis reports and Project 3D Model and providing comments

Conducting Weekly and Monthly Progress Review meetings with Contractor

Coordination of Inter-Discipline activities and forwarding the comments on the deliverables to Contractor

Follow up on the Procurement Activities with the EPC Contractor and Vendor

Coordination with Custodian for their input on the Deliverables

Follow up on the EPC Contractors Deliverables as per Master Schedule

Review of Manpower Mobilization of Contractor for Shutdown and Preshutdown Activities

Maintain co-ordination among the Field Engineers of various work discipline. 2. Duration - Apr 2018 to Sept 2020 – Lead Piping Engineer Project 1: Mercury Guard Bed Modification Project in LPG4 unit during Shutdown at Mina Al-Ahmadi

(MAA) Refinery

The Project involves modification of Pipe routing and metallurgy for existing piping to meet the change in process flow to avoid moisture in the FEED gas during shutdown. Job Description:

Conducting KOM with Contractor for start of contract

Review and commenting of Consultant Engineering Deliverables

Requisition of Long lead items related to piping through In-house procurement for shutdown

Reviewing of Piping plan, Isometrics, Material Requisition, Tie-in list, Demolition drawings of the project

Review of Piping MTO and Piping Valve MTO for the modification project

Preparation of Scope of work for awarding a PC Contract

Preparation of MR for Material Procurement and Selection of Vendor with TBE.

Interfaces with other disciplines to ensure completion of activities

Review of 3D Model and providing support during Construction with 3D Model

Field visits to verify the tie-in points and piping routing

Part of Bid evaluation committee for the selection of Procurement and Construction Contractor

Review of ITP and Approval of Vendor drawings

Meeting with Vendors for expediting Delivery of Materials for shutdown works

Construction Support and Resolution of Site Queries during Construction Project 2: FEED for New Crude and Bitumen unit in Mina Al-Ahmadi (MAA) Refinery The project involves new Crude and Bitumen Units to be located at the MAA Refinery. The new units will also include three new Bitumen Storage Tanks and a new Bitumen Loading Bay. Job Description:

Review and commenting of Project Management Plan from Consultant as per Scope Page 3 of 6

Review/Comment and approve all Piping design/engineering work carried out by Consultant

Coordination with other Projects to retrieve the required drawings for the project

Field visit to ascertain the space available for the project.

Co-ordinate with inter discipline, Inter department, OPCO concerned of relevant departments, Vendors, etc. for specialized inputs related to job scope for engineering

Review of tie-in list and finalization of location of tie-in with stakeholder

Preparation of Scope of Work for EPC Contract and advising required deliverables

Attended Plot plan review meeting and 3D Model Review meeting in Consultant Home Office at London

Attended the Value Engineering Workshop

Review of Invitation to Bid documents and Scope of Work 3. Duration - Nov 2017 to June 2018

Project : Feasibility and FEED for Supply of Gasoil from MAB to MEW The Project Consists of pumping station at SHU, pipeline to transfer Gasoil from SHU to MAB with Scrapper launcher & receiver and tie-in at MAA Refinery to the existing pipeline. Job Description:

Worked has Project Engineer and Piping Engineer for the project.

Preparation of Scope of work for Consultant with Co-ordination with other disciplines

Review and commenting of Project Management Plan from Consultant

Arranging meetings for the project and preparation of MOM

Attending the Monthly progress Review meetings with Consultant

Attended Plot plan review and Lesson learned review meeting

Coordination with Refinery for Space Reservation of the project facilities

Review and Commenting of Consultant deliverables related to Piping and pipelines.

Coordination with Subcontractor for Civil Site Investigation

Technical discussion & Coordination with other Disciplines & Consultant

Interdisciplinary and Refinery Coordination for their comments on the documents.

Review and finalization of the Invitation to Bid (ITB) package for EPC Contractor.

Attended ITB Review with the Consultant for the project in London 4. Duration - Aug 2014 to June 2018 – Senior Piping Engineer Project : North LPG Tank Farm (NLTF)

The Project consists of LPG Tank farm to provide a product storage capacity and export of the product with its own dedicated refrigeration systems.

Job Description:

Reviewing the contractor Drawings and Documents as per Contract Scope and Specifications

Approving Contractor documents on behalf of Company and to take action for the orderly and expeditious prosecution of the outsourced project.

Coordinating with contractors on engineering activities to expedite the project and to meet the contract requirements

Coordinating with inter discipline and Contruction department on technical issues

Attend technical meeting with EPC Contractors and other Sub-Consultants, Client Team.

Review the materials proposed by EPC Contractor.

Review and approve Design change notice from Contractor with coordination with other disciplines. Page 4 of 6

Technical review for contractor submitted Field Design Changes

Provides timely and coordinated response to construction contractors’ queries regarding piping

Review and approve drawings, specification and technical documents for all piping and other interfacing discipline deliverables.

Provide technical support and advice to project procurement and construction activities.

Provide technical direction to construction engineers and superintendents in a wide range of construction engineering and design functions, relating to interpretation of design drawings for piping.

Responsible for reviewing stress analysis prepared by engineering contractors.

Review and clearing of punches in hydrotest packages.

Reviewing 3-D models using Navisworks

Involved in Hot Tapping of 48” Flare line.

Review the Change requests / Variations submitted by the EPC Contractor.

Solving Technical queries raised by the Contractor during the phase of the project.

Review and approval of RAM (Request for approval of material) for the additional materials purchased during construction with piping class and VEC (Vendor evaluation Committee) list requirements.

Site Survey, piping plan preparation, Isometric & BOM preparation for In-house requirements

Reviewing of the As-built documents related to piping submitted by Contractor

Coordination with MAA Refinery/Contractor for submission of As-built documents 5. Duration - Aug 2014 to Sep 2016 – Senior Piping Engineer Project : FEED for Local Marketing Depot at MATLA (LMDM) The Project consists mainly of a New Local Marketing Depot at Al Matla in the North of Kuwait, new cross- country pipelines from the existing MAA and SHU refineries to Al Matla Depot and new pumping facilities at MAA and SHU refineries for supply of products.

Job Description:

Review and approve drawings, specification and technical documents for all piping and other interfacing discipline deliverables.

Review and approval of plot plan, piping general arrangement drawings, Tie-in details.

Review and approval of Pipeline wall thickness calculation, pipeline profile drawings, Block Valve Station drawings, trench cross section drawing and hydrotest pressure calculation report

Conducted Site surveys to verify drawings from consultant.

Attending regular meetings with interfacing organizations /third parties to ensure timely communication of issues and minimize interfacing disconnects.

Consulting of stakeholders for their requirements/comments in technical and engineering issues.

Preparation of scope of work for Engineering Consultant/EPC Contractor.

Review of ITB and incorporation of comments.

Project Details: Technip Projects

6. Duration – March 2012 to March 2014 (Offshore Project) - Senior Piping Engineer Project : SHELL PRELUDE FLNG

Client : Shell Development Australia Pty Ltd

The project consists in the design of a floating LNG facility for pre-processing and liquefaction of natural gas and storage and off-loading of liquefied natural gas. Page 5 of 6

Job Description:

Stress analysis of lines connected to Pumps, Compressors and Turbines.

Analysed Prelude FLNG Main Compressor for a FPSO-FLNG Project

Analysed lines with two Phase Flow Conditions.

Analyzed lines connected to Pump, Plate Heat Exchangers, Pressure Vessels, Packages for an Offshore FPSO with Operating,Survival and Towing Accelertions,Structural and Hull Deflection.

Checking & Commenting of Vendor Drawings for Nozzle loads

Civil Load Information for lines on Piperack, Structues etc

Checking of Stress Calculation done by other Stress Engineers

Blast Analysis of piping System.

Coordinate frequently to the design group for the workability of the piping system based on the result of piping flexibility analysis.

Performed Flange Leakage analysis for Critical Lines with Caesar II.

Preparation of Stress Calculation Note

7. Duration - April 2011 to February 2012 - Field Engineer Piping (Deputed to Al-Jubail, KSA) Project : Epoxy 120K project

Client : NAMA Chemicals

JANA is one among the industries promoted by NAMA, manufacturing Epoxy resins from Bis-phenol-A and Epichlorohydrin at Jubail Chemical industries, Al-Jubail, Saudi Arabia and the Project is to enhance the present capacity of Epoxy plant.

Job Description:

Tie in Location Finalization & Construction Support

Re-routing of Lines as per the Site Conditions to avoid Clashing.

Solving Technical Queries from the MEI Contractor

Solving Material Related Queries from Procurement

Providing Support with 3D Model for Construction activities.

Reviewing Quality Control Manufacturing Dossier from Vendor 8. Duration - April 2009 to March 2011 -Senior Piping Engineer Project : Epoxy 120K project

Client : NAMA Chemicals

Job Description:

Preparation and Updation of the Stress Analysis Critical Line list

Piping stress analysis (using CAESAR II) of lines connected to Pumps, Heat Exchangers, Reactors, Vertical inline Pumps, Pressure Vessels, Reactors, Filters and Lines with Expansion Bellows.

Checking & Commenting over Vendor Drawings for Nozzle loads

Preparation of Datasheet for Vessel Clips, spring hangers, Sliding Plates, PUF and Wood Block Supports

Preparation of Material Requisition for Expansion Joints, Sliding Plates, Spring Hangers, Polyurethane Piping Supports, Wood Block Piping Supports

Raising Technical Query to Vendors and reviewing the Vendor offers regarding their Offers and Preparing of Technical Bid Tabulation

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Review of Vendor offers for Expansion Joints, Sliding Plates, Spring Hangers, Polyurethane Piping Supports, Wood Block Piping Supports and Preparation of Technical Bid tabulation.

Responsible for Supporting of Critical Lines.

Performed Flange Leakage analysis for Critical Lines with Caesar II.

Preparation of Stress Calculation Note

9. Duration - February 2008 to April 2009 –Piping Engineer Project : I-VCM


The project is to implement a 150 KTA VCM plant based on INEOS Technology in EGYPT. Job Description:

Analyzed lines connected to Pump, Heat Exchangers, Drums, Filters, PSV’S,Column–reboiler lines.

Analyzed Column – Reboiler Lines.

Preparation of Spring Specification & updating of Stress Critical line list.

Analyzed lines Involving Bellows, PTFE lined carbon steel lines.

Preparation of Pipe rack and Structure Loading

Preparation of Stress Calculation Note.

Commenting and marking allowable loads on vendor drawings

Involved in checking of Caesar II files prepared by colleagues 10. Duration - July 2005 to January 2008 - Engineer Trainee Project : QATAR GAS 3 &4 - CONOCO PHILIPS (Jan 2007 to Jan 2008) Project : AKPO FPSO - TOTAL ( July 2005 to Dec 2006) Job Description:

Analyzed lines connected to Pump,Aircoolers, Plate Heat Exchangers, Pressure Vessels, Deaerators and Packages for an offshore FPSO Considering Accelerations, Structural and Hull Deflections

Analysis of GRE Fire water network Involving Surge Loading

Commenting and marking allowable loads on vendor drawings

GRE pipe stress analysis using UKOOA code

Flange Leakage analysis for Critical Lines Using Equivalent Pressure Method.

Preparation of Stress Calculation Note.

Personal Data:

Date of Birth : 11.06.1983

Passport Number : Z4826901

Marital Status : Married

Nationality : Indian

Contact Address : Flat No. 18, Bldg # 843, St-23, Al-Ahmadi, Mangaf, Kuwait Languages Known : English, Tamil

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