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sr.project manager

Borivali West, Maharashtra, India
July 15, 2021

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# **, * ***** **** *** bharathnagar Bangalore – 560033 Permanent address; 37/21, 4th west cross road,Gandhi Nagar –Vellore Tamil Nadu-India

Personal Data


: 17-05-1967Sex




Marital Status

Father Name

: Indian

: Married


Education Qualification

Bachelor of Engineering CIVIL, Vellore Institute

of Technology

Year passing ( 1993 ) regular college study/

Elective Subjects

Highway & Railways Traffic Engineering pre - Stressed concrete structures Project Work

Design of Multi-storied Hostels, Buildings and elevated Intnz type water tank Experience

21 years

M/s Kingsway

consultants Chennai

Project: Mehta water park project cost; 95 Lakh

Position: Site Supervisor

Worked in the Span of Year : May 1994 to April 1995 Key Role: Executed 03 number of swimming pool with FRB sliders From 15 mt height RCC tower block, a) fish shape swimming pool b) rectangle type swimming pool c) kidney shape swimming pool

Spiral slider

Sudden fall slider

Wave type

Involves in cooperating with contractor engineers complete marking, cross checking (Measurement’s with coordinates as per GFC status A drawing BBS ( Explains with site Execution team engineers – executed as per Structural engineering consultant status A approved drawing

Complete Bill checking of contractor submitting Time to Time Running bills with respect Site Progress

Concrete consumed for this project M 15 = 500 CU.M M 20 = 250 CU.M

Complete in charge for the Whole Projects

M/s Chittibabu Engineering contractors


Project;Dhivyashree Chamber (B +G +4) floors, Residential apartments R.T nagar Bangalore

Sanjay nagar Bangalore (G+3) floor Residential apartment Worked in the Span of Year: May 1995 to Dec 1996

Project cost: 135 lakh

Position: Senior Engineer

Key Role: preliminary preparation work of project site for main building apart from Vehicular movement of R.C.C transit mixture machine movement, labour shed Area, joining with labour team for the site progress. Reference with GFC /Architectural status /A / Drawing marking of Centreline of column And footings, pedestal, joining with site marking team Giving details of Bar Bending Schedule to Bar bending Team and fabricating the reinforcement at project site progress

Complete checking of Reinforcement footing mate, column reinforcement, pedestal, checking form work and giving approval to proceed concreting Cross checking of the prepared Running Bills Before submitting to client Office Complete in charge for Speedy execution of the residential project in all respect Block Concrete consumed : M15 = 3100 CU.M, M20 = 1500 CU.M M/S Nataraj construction company Bangalore, Project: FERN NEST

(Residential apartment of two tower 112 flats)

Position: Senior Engineer: (site in charge)

Worked in the Span of Year:; May 1997 to Jan 1999

Project cost : 250 lakh

Key Role :

Completely Coordinating contractor technical Team for the preliminary works at project site,

Centre line Marking of columns, Footings of each tower block with reference to GFC architectural, structural drawing ( status A / drawing ) Giving details of BBS to site Bar bending team and fabricating steel reinforcement for columns, footing mate, pedestal, checking of form work and giving approval to proceed of each floor concreting’s. Complete In charge for concreting process till to finish Transferred to FERN CITY group villa project in a layout - -HAL Quarters back side Marathalli Bangalore

Complete marking of each Villa plot at project site, storm water Drawing line

, sewer line (stoneware pipeline ) and executed as per approved architectural drawing have piece work gang team at project site inclusive of man holes Constructions of Club house, security cabin, compound wall, STP Herbal garden, Asphalt Road construction at project site till to completion M/S Esteem Developers


Project ;Esteem Gardenia, Esteem Royal [ Residential Apartment Buildings] Esteem mall [commercial building – Bangalore international Airport road] Position; Construction manager[complete in charge of the project] Worked in the Span of Year:; Jan 31st 1999 to Dec 2004 Project cost : 275

lakh Key Role;

Completely Coordinating contractor technical Team for the preliminary works at project site,

Centre line Marking of columns, Footings of each tower block with reference to GFC architectural, structural drawing ( status A / drawing ),cross checking pile centreline, Bore pilling process cross checking with pile contracting Team. Pile concreting with trimey pipe line, STP test, Pile load test

[ESTEEM ROYALE –project]

Checking of reinforcement details with structural Drawing –, Pile Reinforcement

, pile cap reinforcement, columns, form work checking in all Respect and giving permission to proceed concreting. Sand sieve analysis, silt checking of sand Before Commencing concrete trial Mix preparation at project site plant. Checking of Solid blocks compressive before commencing the work. Complete checking form work of Roof slab and Beams before commencing Reinforcement placements, electrical point’s provision checking as per drawing Plumbing cut out checking, reinforcements, giving permission to proceed concrete

Club house, swimming pool,compound wall construction at project site,over head

Tank, lift well, lift machine room, complete in charge for the site project progress. M/S Asset Handlers[ Pvt] Engineers and contractors Bangalore

Project; Asset Gardenia – [Residential Villas-200/Numbers Construction in a lay out near [ADARSH PALM MEDOWS ]Bangalore

Position; senior project manager

Worked in the span of year; Jan 2005 to Mar 2007

Key role;

Coordinating and getting work done by company labour team for Complete lay out marking, compound wall marking, club house, Overhead tank, herbal garden, roads, swimming pool, STP construction work etc. Storm water Drain line with stone slab finish, sewer line with stone ware pipe Line lead to STP area, complete marking and construction by daily wages Company labour Team at project site.

Marking of each site at lay out site and Execution of foundation structure, super structure, with site company labour team on daily wages basis complete in charge, roof slab form work, reinforcement placements by company labour team. Complete marking and construction of compound wall, security cabin,Club house

1.5 lakhs over Head tank,swimming pool complete in Charge for completion In time frame till to finishing’s

M/S Gammon [I] Ltd

Project ; PEBBLE BAY [ B+G+22 FLOORS]- of SIX Tower, GODREJ WOODSMAN ESTATE 02 basement+G+18 FLOORS –SEVEN Towers, [ Residential apartments


Position ;project engineer, Worked in the span of year; April 2007 to June 2009 Key role ;

Firstly I was given in charge for Podium roof slab part [1] form work Team to speedy the work and steel reinforcement placement in position As per status /A/ Structural drawing .

Cross checking the electrical point position placed along with m/s Gammon Electrical engineers, in charge for getting approval from client Engineer Permission to proceed pouring of concrete till to finish . Balcony ceiling plastering with lime rendering finish and Drip moulding Finish to client satisfaction [Quality finishing’s] Construction of solid block masonry in Electrical room in each floor And plastering finish in charge as per electrical consultant Status –A/ Drawing

Transferred from m/s PEBBLE BAY Project to GODREJ WOODSMAN ESTATE-m/s Gammon project

Tower in charge- 01 AND 03 [tower] for internal lime rendering plastering Finish of 2BHK,3BHK Flats, stair case internal lime rendering finish Till to painting completion.

In charge for Flat Rectification works –paper joint Vitrified 600*600mm Tiles,-[skin panel door - Main, internal door Shutter polish worksBath/toilet tile rectification, sanitary fitting rectification works Internal painting work finishing’s, rectification of dampness in flats Slopped roof Mangalore tile laying ad per architectural drawings In charge for UPVC sliding and window fixing in tower 01,/02 Basement complete car parking marking till to finish Swimming pool construction in charge till to BIZAZA tile Finishing’s.

M/S Esteem

Developers Bangalore

Project ; Esteem Classic [ Residential apartment building] –Yeswanthpura area Worked in the span of year; Sep 2009 t0 Sep 2011

Position; construction manager

Project cost; 175 lakh

Key role ;

Completely Coordinating contractor technical Team for the preliminary works at project site,

Centre line Marking of columns, Footings of each tower block with reference to GFC architectural, structural drawing ( status A / drawing ) Complete in charge for checking of steel reinforcement placed in position Footing mat,pedestals, columns followed by contractors at project site Form work, giving permission to proceed concrete pouring till to finishing’s

Coordination work with plumbing consultants,fire fighting working team Lift erection team to speedy progress of the project. Rectification works in all respect to handing over the flats directly To client – I was directly reporting to MD .

M/S Saudi Engineering group international

Jeddah-Kingdom of Saudi Arabia CLIENT;[Saudi electricity company] Project ; 380KV GAS INSULATED SUB STATION BUILDINGS FOR Makkah to Madeena HARAMAIN HIGH SPEED RAILWAY PROJECT –HHR4, And petro Rabigh area GAS INSULATED LINE

PROJECT Position; civil engineer–[ complete project site in charge] Worked in the span of year; Nov 2011 to Dec 2012 Project cost; 600 million Saudi riyals Key role;

Coordinating with contractors engineers at project site Marking and cross checking of reinforcement placements Mat rod, column pedestals, form works, as per architectural Structural STATUS/A/Saudi Electricity Company issued Drawing.

Issuing permission to proceed concreting at project site till To finishing of concreting,

Complete in charge of the project in all respect of civil Construction of 380kv main building, control buildings Connecting TUNNELS fully R C C structure,13KV

SWITCH GEAR Building with connecting tunnels

Siporex wall panels construction for super

structure In charge for complete finishing’s

Construction in charge for Foundation for SHUT Reactor Construction in charge for foundation for 100MVA transformer Construction in charge for FIRE WALL in between transformers R.C.C retaining wall with foundation till to finale finishing’s In charge for road work base coarse till to finish of asphalting In charge for construction of firefighting R.C.C SUMP Connecting chambers as per approved drawings

Entrance security cabin, tele phone room, construction till to finishing’s Salary deposited by company monthly; 6400 SAR-120000 INR Company guest house, transportation /8/ seater TAHOE Vehicle given to travel 90KM every one engineers.

M/S Masar Consulting Engineers

Position; project engineer

Key role;

Riyadh -Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, [ Saudi electricity company ] ; CLIENT Project; 380KV GAS INSULATED SUB STATION Buildings BSP9014, BSP9051, BSP9054 – executed 380kv main substation building as per Project technical specification [ Saudi electricity company ],involves Coordinating with project technical team at site, marking and checking 380kv main building as per Saudi electricity approved STATUS /A/ drawing Control buildings with basement, 13kv switchgear buildings,132kv Buildings,connecting R.C.C RAFT foundation, retaining wall with columns Cover slab, complete water proofing, tunnel ceiling,wall, water proofing, Finishing’s, complete internal painting finishing of all buildings, Main,control building ground floor EPOXY FLOOR FINIGHING all buildings Before CT,VT,ERECTION,control panels, switch gear, all steel reinforcement, Form work checking and permission issuing to proceed concrete till to final finish Of any concrete works.

R C C Raft, retaining wall executed as per sec approved status of compound wall Executed erection of precast column for compound wall,only after complete Checking

Formation and till to the finish of asphalt road inside the substation Light mast pole foundation, entry security cabin, parking area, Firefighting sump tank, complete in charge for the construction In the substation project .

Span of worked ;yearfeb10th-2015 to jan-13 th/2016,and stop goingbackafter vacation because of my old mother 70/years

,knee pain, heart attack problem,now she recovered 85% .project cost 400 million Saudi riyals-380KV GIS Substation M/S Trillenium pools


Position ;senior project manager,

Working span of year; March 2016 to 2021 still working Key role;

According to client interaction if required civil,electro mechanical Designed swimming pools, executed at project site. Erode swimming pool with Electro mechanical item inclusive Execution stage of estimated cost- 11 /lakh

Bangalore Hedge Nager for residential apartment [Amigo developers] Swimming pool construction at the project site. Vellore ground,first floor residential building taken 1600)sq ft lump sum rupees completed 6-six villas

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