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Research Consultant Manager

Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan
July 08, 2021

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Dr. Rakhshinda Ambreen

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Career Summary:

Rakhshinda Ambreen is a public health professional with more than 5 years of experience in the field of research which includes clinical, public health, and social sector. She conducted a two years long longitudinal study on factors influencing adherence on direct-acting antiviral therapy of hepatitis C patients for her thesis. Rakhshinda is currently working as a Program Manager of Monitoring Evaluation and Research at the Health And Nutrition Development Society (HANDS) for the past two years. She has also worked as a member of the Interactive Research and Development Institutional Review Board. During the COVID-19 pandemic, she completed 10 national and internationally funded pieces of research. The majority of her research work is on the impacts of COVID-19, climate-induced disasters, the impact of locusts on food security, livelihood, gender, and health system. She has so far worked with multiple INGO partners such as WFP, FAO, UNICEF, Oxfam, UNFPA, CARE international. START Network and Pakistan poverty alleviation fund as a research manager at HANDS. She also participated as a speaker on the Asia Pacific Dialogue platform on Anticipatory Hub Bangkok in 2020. Besides, research projects her experience also includes monitoring Scaling up nutrition for under 5 children and PLWs in Tharparkar (funded by Unicef), Strengthening the government sector's health system, and providing immediate emergency response to curtail outbreaks of COVID-19 (CARE International project), and conducts annual assessment for HANDS intervention projects. She has also worked as a faculty member at medical universities and also worked as a clinical research associate at the Indus Hospital Research Center. She has two publications in scientific journals and also a PG certification in clinical research.


1.Program Manager Monitoring Evaluation & Research, Health And Nutrition Development Society (HANDS). (11th September 2019-till date)

1.1 Monitoring projects under HANDS and international organizations partnership

Monitoring Manger: CARE International: Strengthening government sector health system and providing immediate emergency response to curtail outbreak of COVID-19. April 2021 till date

Monitoring Manager : UNICEF: Scaling Up Wash and Nutrition Response for Drought Affected People in Tharparkar, Dhali.(Nov 2019-Mar 2020)

1.2 Research Projects under HANDS and international organization partnership

Research team lead: Unicef C4D project: Assessing reasons of immunization refusal in different pockets of 13 districts in Sindh. (Mixed Method Research) April 2021 till date.

Research Coordinator: OXFAM: Impact of disasters on economic resilience of women in Karachi. February 8 2021-March 2021.

Focal person : Rapid Needs Assessment (RNA) EHCO HIP 2021-CARE December 30, 2020-12 January 2021.

Focal person: World Food Program: Food Security Livelihood Assessment in Locust,COVID-19 and flood affected villages in 9 Districts of Sindh September 2020-October 2020.

Research Coordinator: ACF & START Network project: Evaluating the Impact of heatwave messages for improving the knowledge, attitude and practices in the intervention areas of project June 16 2020-August 31 2020.

Research consultant : UNFPA Project: Rapid Situational Analysis of shelter homes in 4 districts of Sindh April 18 2020-July 10 2020.

Research Manager: Rapid Need Assessment for Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund- Supporting Economic Revival And Resilience in 11 Union councils of District Badin. April 24 2020-May 10 2020.

Research Manager: CARE International & ECHO HIP 2020: Rapid Needs Assessment - health, safety, economic wellbeing, food security and WASH resulted by the COVID-19 at communities and institutional levels (health facility level).

Research Manager: Rapid Situation Analysis of Water Sanitation and Hygiene facilities at Quarantine and Isolation Centers of 23 districts in Pakistan (HANDS COVID-19 Response) April 12, 2020 to April 24 2020.

Research Manager: Rapid Situation and Gap Analysis Quarantine and Isolation Facilities in Sindh (HANDS COVID-19 Response) March 31, 2020 to April 5 2020.

Research Manager: Baseline Need Assessment survey of 17 villages, UC Shah Mohammad Shah in District Sujawal, Sindh-HANDS MISALI project January 2020-March 2020.

Research Manager: HANDS Impact Evaluation 2019 & 2020.

General activities:

1.Development and management of research grants.

2.Conduction of baseline, midterm and end line evaluation of the project.

3.Develop project management plan

4.Develop project implementation plan.

5.Develop organization quarterly and annual reports.

6.Develop research and project related budgets.

7.Develop Research concept paper.

8.Develop monitoring frame work of the project.

9.Conduct monitoring field visit of the project in different areas of Pakistan.

10.Data cleaning and analysis on SPSS and Excel.

11.Assist MER team's activities.

12.Develop training manuals.

13.Develop qualitative research tools.

14.Develop reports.

15.Coordination with the international and national donors .

16.Research data base management.


2.Member of Institutional Review board (1st February 2018-Till date)

Interactive Research & Development (IRD)

1.Ethical and Scientific Reviewer of Research Studies submitted to IRD IRB.

2.Full Board Committee Member.

3.Research Associate (1st February 2018-7th September 2019)

Indus Hospital Research Centre (IHRC)

1.Expert in both Quantitative and Qualitative Research

2.Developing proposals

3.Peer Review research studies

4.Statistical analysis using SPSS

5.Thematic content analysis using Nvivo software

6.Data collection using Mwater and Redcap applications

3.1 Facilitator: Infection Control diploma for Nursing at Indus Health Network

Taught Research Methods and Epidemiology

3.2 Mentor to Internal Medicine

1.Taught Research Methodology and Epidemiology

2.Development of proposal

3.IRB process

4.Worked as a research team member with the FCPS Residents and Consultants.

3.3 Interim IRD IRB Coordinator (Feb 2018-May2018)

1.Providing education and training

2.Administrative and record-keeping support

3.Correspondence with PI and reviewers on email

4.Conducting Full board meetings

5.Keeping track and correspondence with ethical complainants.

4.Research Supervisor and Lecturer (November 2016-January 2018)

Department of Community Health Sciences, Jinnah Medical and Dental College (Registered with PMDC)

1.Delivered lectures on Epidemiology and research methods.

2.Conducted tutorials

3.Supervised research projects

4.Invigilated professional exams

5.Research Supervisor and Lecturer (June 2013-February 2014)

1.Delivered lectures on dental materials and research methods.

2.Conducted tutorials

3.Supervised research projects

4.Invigilated professional exams

6.House officer (June 2011 – July 2012)

House Job at Baqai Dental College Hospital


Masters of Science in Public health MSPH (September 2015-May 2017)

Jinnah Sindh Medical University, APPNA Institute of Public health.

Master’s Thesis submitted for defense:

Adherence and factors influencing adherence to Hepatitis C Virus Direct Acting Antiviral therapy regimen at Jinnah Post graduate Medical Centre and The Indus hospital in Karachi. (2 years longitudinal study)

Specialization subjects:

1.Research Methodology



4.Qualitative Research

5.Health Management and Leadership

6.Program Evaluation

7.Disaster Management

8.Medical Education


10.Reproductive Health

Clinical Research Certified Professional (CRCP) (October 2012-March 2013)

Dow University Of Health Sciences Batch 6TH

Bachelors in Dental Surgery (BDS) (October 2006--November 2010)

Baqai Medical University.

Published Research work:

1.Wali AS, Rafique R, Iftikhar S, Ambreen R, Yakoob MY. High proportion of overt diabetes mellitus in pregnancy and missed opportunity for early detection of diabetes at a tertiary care centre in Pakistan. Pak J Med Sci. Special Supplement ICON 2020. 2020;36(1):S38-S43. doi:

2.Mal PB, Sarfaraz S, Herekar F, Ambreen R. Clinical Manifestation and outcomes of multi-drug resistant (MDR) Raoultella terrigena infection-A case series at Indus Health Network, Karachi, Pakistan. IDCases. 2019:e00628.

3.Co Author of a conference paper: Are pediatric patients on oral or intravenous steroids at an increased risk of developing septic arthritis? Conference: International consensus meeting on musculoskeletal infections 2018 At: Philadelphia

Key Skills:

Expert at using software:







7.Microsoft office

Certifications and workshops

1.FAO Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC) workshop and analysis training at NARC, Islamabad from 8-12th March 2021

2.Procurement & Logistics Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation

3.Project Management training at HANDS. January 2021.

4.Basics of Emergency Medicine and Critical Care with Tele-ICU Software Training-Sehat Kahani

5.Online Course: Qualitative Research Data Management and Analysis-AKUH

6.Nutrition in Emergencies (Basic course) UNICEF

7.Public health Reporting UNICEF

8.Introduction to Monitoring and Evaluation International Rescue Committee (IRC)

9.Qualitative Data Analysis Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation

10.Sample size determination for Quantitative research 25th Feb 2019-27th Feb 2019 at Aga Khan University Hospital

11.CITI Health Information Privacy and Security (HIPS) for IRB members

12.CITI Health Information Privacy and Security (HIPS) for Research Associates, Interns, Key Study Personnel

13. CITI-Essentials of Public Health Research

14. CITI-IRB member basic certification course

15.ArcGIS full time course Feb 2018-June 2018

16.AEME conference 2017 conducted at AKU and JSMU

17.How to present your research in a scientific conference-Agha Khan University Hospital (15th December 20, 2012)

18.Protocol writing-Agha Khan University Hospital (15th December 2012)

19.End note referencing style-Agha Khan University Hospital (14th December 2012)

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