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Pricing Coordinator Data Specialist

Tampa, FL
June 03, 2021

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Tampa, FL


●Exceptional Leadership oriented, self-motivated, management, finance professional with a broad technical knowledge combined with eight years of experience in Financial Analysis, Data Analysis and Reporting Analysis, looking to move forward in career.

●Demonstrates ability to analyze and interpret data, identify, and develop strategies for streamlining processes and procedures, while working with a variety of management, partners, and stakeholders to save time and resources to achieve and surpass the goals of the company.

●Recognized as a strong Leader, coach and trainer who is able to develop individuals in both a direct and indirect reporting relationship.

●Skilled at learning and applying new information, system and resource development, project leadership, and the role of spokesperson.

Core Competencies: Using various platforms including Excel, Access, Power point, Formulas, Macros and SQL to assist in my Reporting Analysis, Financial Reporting, Data Reconciliation, Financial Models, Data Analysis, Data Extraction, Data Manipulation, Data Processing, Root-Cause Analysis, Excel Formulas, Metrics Analysis, Metrics Analytics Skills.

●I am currently studying SQL coding.


●Extensive experience in: Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Word, AS400, SAP.

●Intermediate Experience in: SQL programing Certificate of Completion for Basic SQL through UCF, Enrolled in the upcoming intermediate Course.

●Completing a Coding Course Through USF.





Self Employed / School

St Petersburg Fl

Nov 2020-Present

Owner K&J Gift Emporium

Studying Coding at FSU.

USF Student July 2020-November 2020


●Attending Codding Classes for Java / SQL/HTML, and JavaScript.

Billing analyst

DLA Piper / Ashton Carter July 2020-November 2020

Work with a team of support specialists within both Legal Support Services and Accounting teams to:

provide effective, streamlined billing and client account services to attorneys of the firm.

Edit, proofread, finalize, and submit invoices to clients on a monthly billing cycle.

Research client billing data.

Provides detailed analysis to attorneys and support staff.

Work as part of a team to provide a cohesive, full-cycle billing support solution for each lawyer. For US clients.

perform a variety of duties to support the full billing cycle to include preparing, reviewing, and editing proformas, seeking requisite approvals for deferrals, write-offs, and time transfers.

Gather and submit accrual information based on client requirements.

Maintain an accurate description of all client billing requirements which may also include guidelines established by the client's general counsel.

Updates and tracks changes to the requirements as necessary.

Maintain and respond to electronic client tasks, such as budget submissions, accrual requests, and matter status updates.

Track and resolve rejections and appeals.

Provide regular maintenance on electronic clients to include the review and upkeep of approved timekeepers, changes in rates, and year-end deadlines.

Manage global client account assignments.

Liaise with international attorney and/or finance counterparts to obtain accurate accrual and forecasting information for monthly client reporting.

Troubleshoot issues with finance counterparts as needed.

Coke-BSNA - Brandon FL Jan 2019 – July 2020

Charge back Analyst

●Using strong proficiency in Data Tracing in (SAP/Excel/Access) using MicroStrategy to identify the drivers leading to gaps in our processes, from source to end to improve business success.

●Develop reports and analysis to support metric tracking statistics to departmental management as requested in order to keep them advised as to the status, volume, and potential liability of future rebate, fee, and other payments

●Performs in-depth analysis of variance lines returned by Customer; identifies source of issue within the general ledgers and decides the appropriate action needed to resolve issue; complex issues could require the data tracing with the coordination of several internal Coca-Cola departments and/or representatives from the Customer

●Reconciles chargebacks in accordance with approved guidelines

●Maintains frequent contact with Customer in order to address all Short-payment issues

●Effective communicator with the ability to communicate directly with internal and external customers (wholesalers/distributors and Store Accounts Payable, and other depts.) to ensure that accurate pricing and discounts are being extended and to coordinate on resolution of customer issues in a timely manner

●Monitor contract requirements to ensure customer and Coca-Cola remain in compliance with contract terms and conditions

●Solve problems independently with little supervision but within departmental guidelines

●Maintain contract parameters within Coca-Cola’s contracting operational systems including customer contractual agreements, products, prices, performance tiers, date ranges, and incentive percentages

●Effectively resolve all claims in an accurate and timely manner. Proactively review, analyze, and establish claim processing standard operating procedures as needed to ensure claims are processed according to company policies and contractual obligations.

●Using Various tools, independently created process improvements, (Macros, Excel Databases) To cut certain process execution times down by 30%

●Created a process which pulled all pertinent customer information from several sources into one easily searchable database, so all information could be read at a glance.

●Created a process which would strip all pertinent customer approved pricing from PDF to EXCEL, so it could be compared with the EXCEL invoice data export, so that any Price/Date/Tax discrepancies could be seen at a glance, using various formulas, cutting my research time down by 50%+.

●Once completed, and tested made these improvements available to other team members

Citigroup – Tampa, FL Oct 2018 - Jan 2019

Financial Analyst[1]

●Responsible for the review of data and analysis to support of regulatory reports such as FR Y-14 schedules.

●Supported the production of the FR Y-14 in FRSS to enhance the governance framework to achieve greater standardization, consistency, and sustainability; ensure it's complete, produce timely and accurately.

●Responsible for all FR Y-14 related processes being compliant with current regulations, supported by documentation standards and with effective preventive and detective controls.

●Responsible for the quality and validity of data in accordance to reporting instructions, including reconciliations and analysis.

●Used data sourcing analysis support the report preparation leveraging RegInsight system.

●Responsible for data validity and analysis, mappings and rules related to FR Y-14 reports.

●Produced findings of key issues and remediation status, maintained clear documentation of analyses and resolutions.

●Performed key controls, with proper documentation; identified opportunity to optimize processes within the General Ledgers.

●Responsible for the reconciliation among different general ledgers, reports and data sets.

●Reviewed data and conformity to instructions and processed adjustments when necessary.

Met Life – Tampa, FL Sep 2017 - Sep 201

Financial Analyst (Consultant)

●Worked with data analysis [large data set of about 300K records] using advanced Excel and Access skills.

●Advanced proficiency with Microsoft Office products (Excel, Access, PowerPoint), including the ability to manipulate and analyze large data files.

●Partnered globally with internal and external stakeholders to ensure our regulatory reporting GBSC (Global Balance Sheet Control) were reconciled, performed data integrity checks using Data tracing tools such as MicroStrategy, and Access data warehouse databases in conjunction with Excel to work with account group validation to report/resolve discrepancies from source to end promptly to be corrected.

● financial tools data quality.

●Performed data integrity checks Data tracing tools such as MicroStrategy, and Access data warehouse databases with account group validation and report/resolve discrepancies from source to end promptly.

●Supported the certification team as Admin for the global certification used to collect and monitor balance sheet certifications.

●Partnered with the team rising and resolving issues timely, performed user acceptance tests for current and future enhancements/tools.

●Performed proofs for GBSC's certification tools between client's financial ledgers and reporting systems; discrepancies are resolved promptly.

●Provided technical and training support to all system/tool users.

●Experienced and capable of executing project assignments as part of a team and independently within assigned timelines.

Coca-Cola Beverages Florida (CCBF) – Tampa, FL Sep 2016 - Sep 2017

Master Data Specialist

●Worked in the creation and implementation of a new Pricing/Master Data team within CCBF.

●Extensive work with SAP in the set-up of new materials, wholesale pricing, product segments, and target groups.

●Monitored and updated authorized material lists in SAP.

●Created and produced extensive reports reporting to monitor materials in any warehouse, and if material the materials were authorized at a glance.

●Created and implemented new submission processes, and tracking reporting for Pricing, AMLs.

●Monitored the data integrity in SAP for customer data and facilitated corrective action.

●Analyzed, and extracted customer information residing in multiple systems to identify and resolve discrepancies.

●Explored, understood, and implemented new SAP modules and functionality.

●Performed ad hoc data analysis in SAP, and made recommendations to improve the organizational structures, and operational drivers.

●Designed, created, and maintained Databases, Macros, and efficient tools to get the customers data

●Performed data integrity checks Data tracing tools such as MicroStrategy, and Access data warehouse databases with account group validation and report/resolve discrepancies from source to end promptly.

●correct the first time.

Coca-Cola (CCR) -Brandon, FL Sep 2013 - Sep 2016

Financial Analyst

●Analyzed all On-Premise trade letter request for the Midwest/Great Lakes States to ensure all Sarbanes-Oxley requirements were met.

●Participated in peer audit reviews to ensure the quality of our work exceeded the Ernst & Young audit standards.

●Worked with PRGM in updating and maintaining Trade Letter for both On-Premise, and Home Market.

●Coached, mentored, and led personnel within a technical team environment encouraging best practices.

●Proactively defined, initiated, and managed system, and process development projects across national pricing working to ensure their ultimate success, and acceptance including: Created Access databases using both relational, and SQL queries for Consolidating tracking reports for Trade Letter tracking, program tracking and education, tracking CMA changes, updating CMA pricing. Created a searchable Database to all program information in one location for the pricing coordinators. Eliminating the need to send, and track hundreds of emails. This saved the company time, and money with one stop reporting.

●Presented periodic on current programs, future opportunities, and client issues.

●Managed the coordination and implementation of, training, new tasks, and new processes involving major changes.

●Provided business knowledge expertise in strategic business planning, process assessment, and the application of these to the business.

●Performed data integrity checks Data tracing tools such as MicroStrategy, and Access data warehouse databases with account group validation and report/resolve discrepancies from source to end promptly.

●Pricing Coordinator Jun 2007 - Sep 2013 Analyzed all pricing request for the Midwest to ensure that it meets the requirements set out in the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

●Worked with regional sales people to ensure that the customer receives requested pricing on time.

●Worked with regional sales-people to ensure that pricing offered meets standards

●Audited peers to ensure that the quality of work meets the high standards needed to pass the Ernst & Young Audits.

●Reviewed and approved all Customer Marketing Agreements for accuracy.

●Worked with PRGM in updating and maintaining Trade Letter for both On Premise, and Small Store Home Market.

●Took the lead in several projects across all of NABU pricing.

●Created and maintained automated FLO, and Food Service CMA processes, linking BASIS, and Access, to ensure that the correct pricing was applied to multiple accounts based on several variables, thus minimizing the chances of errors, and saving the Coordinators time, and the company thousands of dollars in assets.

●Created and maintained and new process in which all outlets across all of NABU, and Canada with multi-year contracts, are identified, and updated with contract end dates, and all adjustments associated with the contract are updated to reflect an identifier for corporate reports.

●Created a new PAT assignment system for the Midwest, Great Lakes, and Southeast business units saving research time in assigning coordinator workloads each morning.

●Took the lead in training several new local Coordinators across NABU.

●Created and facilitated classes on various new processes.

●Wrote training manuals for various new processes.

●Responsible and accountable for the coordinated management of multiple projects directed toward strategic business and other organizational objectives.

●Built credibility, established rapport, and maintained communication with people at multiple levels, within the organization.

●Defined, initiated and managed projects, while working to ensure the ultimate success and acceptance of the program.

●Maintained continuous alignment of program scope with strategic business objectives and made recommendations to modify the program to enhance effectiveness toward the business result or strategic intent.

●Coached, mentored and led personnel within a technical team environment.

●Presented periodic Dashboard reports on the current program, future opportunities and client issues.

●Managed training, and solution implementations.

●Provided business, knowledge expertise in strategic performance management, process assessment work, and the application of these to business.

●Managed the coordination, and implementation of new tasks, and processes involving major changes to information in various systems.

●Managed transition of several teams to new processes.

●Managed the development and maintenance of implementation portions of project.

●Encouraged best practice in project management and project planning.

●Proactively managed systems/process development, implementation.

●Performed data integrity checks Data tracing tools such as MicroStrategy, and Access data warehouse databases with account group validation and report/resolve discrepancies from source to end promptly.

HSBC Mortgage Services – Tampa, FL Sep 2006 - Jun 2007

Data Integrity Analysis Trainer Sep 2006 - Jun 2007

●Insurance and Tax Lead on a team of trainers to facilitate the training of our Data Integrity Analysis team.

●Facilitated classes to train the offshore Data Integrity reporting Training Managers.

●Traveled to Kolkata, India for 8 weeks to observe, and supervise the training of our Data Integrity Analysis Management Training Team.

●Assisted in the set up and implementation of various analysis and integrity reports.

Tax Insurance Reporting Lead Analyst Jun 2006 - Sep 2006

●Assisted in the set-up and launch of HSBC Consumer Lending Escrow Reporting Department.

●Participated in creating analysis reports, process and procedure manuals for the department.

●Assisted in the set up and testing of all related systems.

●Participated in the hiring process of new employees.

●Participated in daily meetings, reporting and analysis conference calls, with updates and instructions to our team in North Carolina.

●Facilitated training of Tax, and Insurance analysis reporting, and procedures to new employees.

Tax Insurance Reporting Analyst Mar 2004 - Jun 2006

Analyzed and

●Analyzed and audited all escrowed accounts over/short $500.00 by state, to ensure that all escrowed loans were serviced within RESPA guidelines.

●Worked with reports to make sure that all escrowed accounts were researched each year, to ensure correct escrow.

●Reviewed and corrected any errors reported to the escrow department by the customer / various departments in a timely manner.

●Worked with the Tax and Insurance departments to and identify and correct discrepancies.

●Responded to customer concerns regarding any discrepancies within their escrow account.

●Reviewed processes for potential improvements in our processes.


High School Diploma


USF Coding


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