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Construction Manager Office

St. Louis, MO, 63103
May 20, 2021

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Thuy (Elizabeth) Tran

***** ************ **.

Chesterfield, MO 63017

Cell: 314-***-****



Purchasing and Marketing Specialist May 2012 to March 2020

Zen Nails & Salon Chesterfield, Missouri

Purchased equipment, beauty and office supplies. Negotiated with distributors, manufacturers, Internet and local suppliers. Did continual business analysis annually by tracking quantity discounts, seasons, method delivery cost and increase cost of the market cost of supplies. Procurement of our powder dip was available only by two vendors when we started at 8 years ago at 60 colors total and grew very slowly, we were able to procure the product and manufacture colors with developing out around to 2500 colors that 300 which are directly from company. As the patent ran out only in the last couples of years we only just started to lose our strong hold are help a strong hold in this market with ease. Maintained inventory level from forecast, sales, and changing seasons have been maintained and tapered off. The most difficult type of request for quotes (RFQ) for nail supplies there is so much variety in pricing from one to the next and you have to write down the person you spoke with the day the type the color make sure they give you the correct item.

During construction new specifications codes stalled our remodeling. The request for clarification (RFC) was sent several times representative had to be set-up as a to deal with the St. Louis County engineer from whom we hired first advised us who then sent us to the Architect redraw the airflow duct until it would pass an air was difficult constant had to get more RFC and once installed it was to be test and was one of the highest cost of the business set-up. After thus only the backflow and grease trap was the only delay so that was plumbing. There was other issue which require a backflow from the plumbing with annual testing and then just the final finishing of everything was coordination and completed. Just little issue needed to be managed. Even though we requested a lot of request for quotes (RFQ), the time frames were very difficult and when you go through the contracts some only did partial of the job we request. In the end we ended us using people that was referred by word of mouth give us the best RFQ.

After the Market Analysis I created marketing campaign designed by an imaged developed into logo design chosen to match business and area image. Gift certificate, business cards and brochures with exciting phrases to market services. Gift certificates is designed to promotes envelopes with matching logo label ribbon. Finding the mutual spot that make the heart of the campaign moves forward and is similar the temperament of service you will get your idea across. The most important thing is your customer is in agreement of your campaign and following the ideals.

Purchasing Specialist August 2008 to October 2011

Incase Designs Irwindale, California

Designed, set-up and re-file the system for Purchasing and Logistics (P&L) department to prepare for growth in the coming planning and forecast.

Trained team members that joined P& L in areas as my position expanded team.

Maintained open Purchase Orders (PO) in excel and deduct weekly call-offs by processing the invoices from Vendors for each call off in NetSuite an ERP system.

Maintained Landed Cost includes entering every transaction that occurs through all PO then we estimate how much the shipment should cost, then when the invoices from vendors, logistic bills, warehouse fees and customs come in then we see if there are any variations. So at the end of the month all the invoices go through anything that accounting thinks is ours we receive for department approval, I will enter them my landed cost, management will approve it, and send it to accounting again. Associating each bill with accounting and seeing where it lands with us for verification and cost of every item. This gives us Landed cost of every single item that has ship and if there is an error it will also show up. The bill and invoices must match with accounting or there is a mistake in entry in documents or accounting. This gives a cost analysis.

Made barcodes when approved for new products and placed blanket PO for call-off.

Produced at least 1 call-off per week from demand sent from fulfillment and 3-5 for holidays, special promotions. Do call-offs at all times as they come day or night. P&L are required to carry their laptop were ever they go vacation and home at night. Keep an eye open for questions that may effect shipments causing delays that may be very costly

As a team we successfully design a program that quantifiably helped to solve a large bulk of work regarding call-offs for both Operations and P & L uses.

Purchasing Specialist, Estimator, Administrator July 2008 to August 2008

A&W Fence Company Compton, California

Research for new contracts to bid, pull out specifications and plans required to bid on them.

Estimation of projects that were approved and review by manager.

Send out RFQ or RFC assist the supervisor in the shop of materials needed for fabrication of current jobs.

Search for new vendors, better pricing, better products

Purchasing & Inventory Manager August 2006 to July2008

Ace Fence Company La Puente, California

RFQ for Estimators and monthly price sheet for any fluctuations of commonly estimated items.

Responsible to review orders place by my Project Supervisor and verify by going through the contract and reviewing specification and reviewing the blueprints to make sure it lines up with the estimator’s quotation and if not analyze then place the order once resolved.

Sent out any RFC needed and assist the project supervisor and project managers in the shop of materials needed for fabrication of current jobs.

After order all materials for by project with each vendor providing different amounts for each, I began to Job Cost in the Project Manager with this I developed a material order sheet which allows tracking every order and includes my negotiation note for vendors and is in every file.

Provide inspection for material for CALTRANS, LAUSD, METRO, and any other client, which need certificate for materials or just provide certification to the project manager with the certifications. Then mark the material in the yard to be sent to the to the job

Inventory was added to this position later on due to missing materials for job where pipe was order and used and wasted. I labeled all inventory and did counts and push all project materials to one side of the yard. I did intake of materials that took 3 months of inventory climbing trucks to reach and count inventory and placing sticker on materials and also develop way to count fence hardware by weight so we weigh to calculate to determine cost of hardware. Pipe was counted in bundles. We finally found the reasoning of the missing material was due to the yard managers using the wrong material and was trashing the extra material into the recycle bin. At that time I was able to train two people who was able to grasp the concept of what they were doing with the inventory and what was wrong. They were able to take over receiving materials.

Most of my transactions was local vendors, some were far would but those were my highway products; was the metal railing, metal post, wood post, most difficult would be the crash cushions which was very expensive and we would have to provide correct time for the contractor to stop traffic, we provide the crane and they drop it off which is including in the cost, so everything most be done perfectly or we have to pay the cost of the crane and trucking over again. Most of our contracts where with the government which required made in USA so buying import was not as much, but I dealt with so many different vendor to try to get a RFQ because you always want to look for more vendors. I even had one company approach me to buy pipe directly FOB, but cost was too high.

My estimators and Supervisor Project Managers had confidence with my negotiation skills and trusted that if any project cost is not going due to under bidding or labor issues I was able to help with material cost negotiation.

Any additional directions that needed to be sent out in the morning would be left on my desk or called in and I would then give instructions to the dispatcher or the yard manager.

Purchasing Specialist July 2006 to August 2006

Promedia USA Los Angeles, California

Placed purchased order for retail stores.

Placed orders for drops shipments for online orders for items carried by other vendors.

Close out orders online and all open orders with notations each day.

Purchasing Specialist and Customer Service Specialist June 2006 to July 2006

J & L Footwear Los Angeles, California

Placed purchased orders from China for brand make-up.

Followed up with sales representatives to ensure timely delivery for their customers.

Help sales of walk-in customers and bulk customers.

Logistics Coordinator, Purchasing Assistant & Assistant to the Vice President March 2006 to June 2006

Bethel Plastics, Inc. Los Angeles, California

Provided logistics for all containers from China, giving the PO to the vendors for shipment by containers to assigned shipper, coordination with custom agents, dispatchers, and warehouses.

Inventory Control of warehouses via in system and in-house with hard counts and analyze errors to find out where they are from. Hard counts required everyday from warehouse manager at headquarters. Soft counts are weekly for other warehouses

Trained Employee about products with enough knowledge to perform customer service by levels of products and how tight each product will hold cd’s and how flimsy each item is so that they are able to sell and introduce every item and differentiate the cost for the costumer.

Placed purchase orders to China and answer correspondence.

Maintained raw material fluctuation in a chart to display with the inventory report so we can analyze cost of material and see if bulk orders are needed to protect pricing.

Month end with Inventory and opened PO, check to see what is all in the warehouse and any damages, any PO that should be close out and what is still opened against their QuickBooks Enterprise system. Business Analysis of everything including the other warehouse charges and inventory loss and damages

Office Manager, Loan Processor, Executive Assistant to CEO September 2005 to June 2006

Nationwide Lending Corporation Webster Groves, Missouri

Managed Office Daily, answering the phone, taking messages, start working on fax that has come through and any mail that needs processing.

Processed Loans, prepared and enter documents as into QuickBooks Pro. Prepared books for the end of the year Accounting prepared

Design a marketing campaign to attract returning clients.

Created a Filing Systems to accommodate 5 years worth of records.

Office Manager, Corporate Secretary, Esthetician October 2002 to August 2005

Four Season Spa, Inc. Webster Groves, Missouri

Prepare documents to bookkeeping on a daily basis and prepared for accounting.

Manage Operations.

Maintain inventory control bought only what was needed, annually business analysis.


May 2002 University of Missouri-St Louis May 2002

Bachelor Of Science Administration Magna Cum Laude with an emphasis:

International Business, Marketing, Management Organizational Behavior

Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems Magna Cum Laude

Pierre Laclede Honors Colors Magna Cum Laude.

Deans Honors List (1998-2002), Golden Key National Honors Society (2001), Beta Gamma Sigma (2002), University of Missouri-St. Louis Alumni Association (2002)


Knowledge of Microsoft Office, Microsoft Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Work, Visio, Project Management, Construction Manager, NetSuite (ERP), and QuickBooks (Enterprise and Pro).

Fluent in spoken Vietnamese.

Thuy Tran

15658 Heathercroft Dr. - Chesterfield, MO 63017 - Cell: 314-***-**** - Email:

As the country has been ravage both economically and politically, I am ready to join the market as it began to grow. I have work in lots of areas from logistics, purchasing, office manager, customer service to creation of the items to be made, served or sold, whereas watching handrail welding smooth together and then dipped at the Galvanizer.

Working in areas like construction I would work with contracts pouring of specifications, and looking for anything issues that would now be possible for us to achieve. I would send in RFC (request for clarification), for items that were vague and needed further explanation. I would request for a RFM(request for modification), if its not possible to comply with an item in the contract. This is like asking for materials that are “made all in America” clause but with some materials not possible. But in Construction with that industry we work with hundreds of contracts each year in theory going to school you learn the basics of contract analysis, breakdown, and writing. But in the real world it totally different it could be 1 page to several thousand depending on subcontractors and job size. Working with contracts going page by page breaking it down and then once you go through you get anything is questionable. Then you go through those parts and make sure to go through spots that will cause you to be on the ends of receiving fines and make sure it go against local, state, and federal laws.

Some contracts require permits and Certificates for the materials to be sure to adhere to other the specs and orders the materials to make the project on site or in our yard and have it inspected if needed by METRO, LAUSD, CALTRANS and LA Airport. If our shop did not have the items needed if would look for vendors to make them like laser cut tabs welded on iron gates. Working with federal and state contracts they are particular about time so make sure you have ample time on all contracts and then once the break out is completed put it together and go through again it should make sense.

Execution and close sure of contract the job is complete or 18 months were actually get paid in Construction. Working with vendor overseas contracts are just as important with risk of long your molds and inventory so making sure all of your contracts from beginning to end may be vague but very important.

At Incase Designs our product depending mostly on Apple approvals our production had to get the PO before placing orders and we would then place our blanket orders because we would still have also have to estimate with our supplies in Best Buy and Target. Our production lines had to balance once we knew what to ship and demand.

At Bethel Plastics I maintain material weekly cost do to all their products being plastics. Plotting and looking to see where is was tracking an trying to see when to place purchase orders and inventory control was logistics was my main position so I was putting all my containers to my shippers and trucking them to my warehouses and training. I did so much inventory control was daily at my own warehouse and weekly at my partnered warehouses.

As I have a diverse set of skills being able to work well with Microsoft Access, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Word, Works, Construction Manager, Visio, Job Manager, QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Enterprise, NetSuite (ERP). I held various positions from: logistics, customer service, Purchasing Specialist and Manager, Office Manager all have given me experience on a different level and aspect. In every position I dealt with account and month end. I am quick a learner if any additional training is needed. After working through all of these jobs they all require a business analysis each month with a cursory look you can view overall by work, inventory, accounting and give a good detail of what is happening each month.

I look forward to meeting you to discuss my additional qualifications.

Best Regards

Thuy Tran

314- 606-7858 -

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