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Import Sql Developer

Gaithersburg, MD
May 17, 2021

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Oracle Database Administrator

Tel: 240-***-****



A talented and resourceful Oracle DBA professional with over 5years of experience who possess a solid experience in working with Oracle 10g, 11g, and 12c versions across a complete life cycle of SDLC. Areas of work include production support, installation and configuration, database migration, backup and recovery, performance monitoring and tuning, database cloning, security management, database upgrades, and patches. My key strengths and expertise lie in:

Enabling Load Balancing in a Multi-Tier Architecture

Worked with pg_dump, psql for backups/restores of PostgreSQL servers. Enabled write ahead log (WAL) archiving for PITR (Point-in-time restores). Worked on Hot Standby, Pgpool, PgBouncer, Repmgr.

Monitor nightly Database backup Jobs and necessary actions for failed backup jobs including script corrections, disk space monitoring and Database availability.

Creating roles, profiles, privileges and assigning roles to users.

Extensively worked on monitoring and optimizing the database by performance tuning using tools like SQL Trace, Explain Plan, TKPROF, Statspack, AWR, ADDM, Analyzer and DBMS_STATS in Performance Tuning.

Hands on experience with various tools like SQL*Loader, TOAD, Oracle SQL Developer and Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM).

I have DEBUG an oracle procedure with PL/SQL while on 24/7 call

Installed, upgraded 45 PostgreSQL servers (versions 9.0 to 9.6) from source packages on Linux machines.

Configured, monitored asynchronous and synchronous cascading streaming replication.

Extensive experience in Installations, configuration, Cloning, Security, Patching, Upgrades.

Worked exclusively on auditing of SQL Server at server level and database level (CDC (change data capture) for DML and DDL triggers).

Monitored SQL Server Browser service on stand-alone and clustered instances.

Performed the backups and restore for the transparent data encryption (TDE) enabled SQL Server databases.

Proactive Monitoring identifying areas that need to be improved performance in the application and database using 11g/10gOEM Grid Monitoring.

Creating extracts, data pumps and replicats on production servers, splitting replicats for efficient data transfer between servers, performance tuning using BATCHSQL, KEYCOLS, HANDLECOLLISIONS, CHECKPOINTSEC and troubleshooting extract/replicat ABEND issues.

Installing, configuring and managing PostgreSQL clusters in both on-prem Linux environments as well as AWS RDS environments

Creating and Maintaining PostgreSQL users, roles, database objects

Database Upgradation, Migrations using traditional way (DBUA, Manual and export/import) as well as non-traditional way (Transportable table spaces).

Upgrading and Migration of Oracle database to higher version and other platforms using manual method and traditional Export/Import, datapump & Transportable Tablespace (TTS).

Experience in coding SQL, PL/SQL package, function, stored procedure, triggers, and Materialized view for Oracle database.

Implementation of Enterprise wide Database Monitoring enabling Oracle 11g Enterprise Manager Grid Control. One stop solution for monitoring every single Oracle Database within the global enterprise

Installed Oracle Golden Gate 11g, Implemented uni-directional replication.

Experienced in Installation and Configuration of Oracle Primary and Standby (Dataguard) Database and Switchover/Switchback of Database in 10GR2 /11GR2 RAC

Experience with various database Backup and Recovery methods like PITR, TSPITR, Export/Import and Flashback Technologies.

Highly Experience in Tuning database in RAC / Non-RAC environment for better Performance.

Hands on experience with logical backups, Hot/Cold backups, Recovery, and cloning of databases using (RMAN) Recovery Manager.

Expertise in Configuring RMAN with Catalog /Nocatalog and worked on Point-In-Time Recovery and flashback.


Operating System: Linux, Windows, HP, Sun Solaris, AIX

RDBMS: Oracle (10g, 11g, 12c, 18c), AWS and Postgresql 10

Language: PL/SQL.


Database Utilities: SQL*Plus, Oracle Enterprise Manager, RMAN, ASM, Transportable

Tablespaces, Export, Import SQL*Loader, DataPump, Lugdump, Keycols,

Foglight monitoring tool.


University of Yaoundé II, Yaoundé

Bachelor’s in computer science

Completion date – 2010



Oracle Database Administrator

Experience in system Monitoring and Database Performance Tuning using Explain plan, SQL Trace, TKPROF, AWR and also Cluster Interconnect Tuning (RAC)

Oracle 11g &12c RAC Database administration, configuration and maintenance.

Managed Backups/Restore of PostgreSQL Databases using pg_dump/pg_restore and pg_basebackup.

Managed PITR (Point-In-Time-Recovery) during Disasters for PostgreSQL Clusters.

Regular Proactive Health Checks for all the PostgreSQL and MySQL Databases through my automated shell scripts.

Managing/Building Standby (Slave/Replication) Servers for all the PostgreSQL Databases as requested by the Application Teams based on criticality of the Applications.

Creation of physical standby DR, logical standby reporting databases, active Dataguard & snapshot standby.

IT Security policy enhancement through role & privileges.

Provided valuable inputs for various performance tuning issues.

Proficient in performance tuning using Explain Plan, STATSPACK, TKPROF, AWR, ADDM. Performance Tuning of the database (Memory Tuning, I/O Tuning)

Migration of Data from Reports generated by various vendors into PostgreSQL Databases using PostgreSQL Export/Import Procedures.

Deploy the Database Objects requested by the Application Team.

Collect the Dumps generated by several reports from PostgreSQL Databases and importing to Archival Databases for Archival and Purging.

Manage the Space and Storage of the Databases through various Shell Scripts scheduled in the cronjob periodically in regular intervals.

Written Complex Shell Scripts that automates the Import of Reports to PostgreSQL and MySQL Databases

Expertise in Performing Tuning Database - Tuning involved I/O, Memory, CPU utilization, SQL Tuning, SGA tuning, Shared Pool tuning, Buffers and Disk I/O tuning using Oracle's regular performance tuning tools like Explain Plan, STATSPACK (perfstat), SQL*Trace, TKPROF.

Expert in Performance Tuning and Monitoring of Oracle Databases on Unix/Linux platform using database tuning, Tkprof, Explain plan, AWR and ADDM reports, Advisors as SQL Tuning, SQL Advice, Undo, Segment, MTTR, Memory.

Created indexes to facilitate easy user interface implementation and tuning.

Involved in construction of DR sites for all the Production and IST environments.

Performed Database Refresh from Production to IST, UAT and Development databases.

Installing and configuring Oracle WebLogic 11g application server.

Planning Backup/Restoration Strategy, Planning and scheduling Backups, taking Logical Backups (with Export and Data pump utilities).

Creating and Managing Database Structures, Storage Allocation, Table/Index segments, Constraints, Database Access, Roles and Privileges.

Performance tuning of Queries by maintaining Aggregates, Compression, partition, Indexing and use of Hints, Stored outlines, Statistics for the same.

Monitoring Day-Day Backups, Log's & recovering them as per the requirement. Utilized LOG MINER Technology & applied Application Database Transactions on other Databases.

Experience in Backup (cold and hot), Recovery using rman utility.

Implemented and managed optimum physical database design (tablespaces, datafiles, extents, redo logs, archive logs) and assessed database capacity by monitoring online storage, growth and file system space, in adherence to the Optimal Flex Architecture.

Worked extensively on Performance tuning of Queries by maintaining Aggregates, Compression, partition, indexing and use of Hints, Stored outlines, Statistics.

Cloned schemas, objects and data on new server using exports from 10g database and imported in 11g using data pump.

Installed and applied various patches which include Critical Patch Update (CPU), Patch Set Update (PSU) and One-off patches using OPatch and run-Installer, also involved in upgrade oracle database 9i to 10g and 10g to 11g.

Experience with data movement using Oracle utilities like Export/Import, Data pump and SQL *Loader.

Experience on working with data guard physical/logical standby databases.

Used Data Pump for export and import. Wrote scripts for Backup of databases, maintenance of archive logs for databases. Streamlined backup procedures and implemented RMAN for backup and disaster recovery.

Database Refreshing / Replication from production to testing using Exp/Imp.

Designed, developed and maintained UNIX shell scripts to collect and monitor database metrics and Stats pack snapshots and reports.

Performed Table Partitioning, created Index Organized tables and Locally Managed Tablespaces.

Monitored and provided weekly reports on the server’s memory, disk and CPU I/O using HP tools and UNIX command-line utilities.

Planned and configured disk layout, mount points and capacity requirements for servers.

Provided maintenance of user accounts, privileges, profiles and roles.

Involved with OLTP relational databases system analysis, design, implementation and management.

Upgrade/Migration of Databases from Oracle 9i to 10g, Cross platform migration from different platforms.

Administered (11g RAC) environments adding and removing nodes to the cluster and handled performance tuning using AWR.

Supported off-hour on call support for database related issues.

Created logical and physical design installed and upgraded databases.

Documented the Standard Processes for peers to follow.

SYNACOR, NEW YORK March2014 - July 2017

Oracle Database Administrator

Successfully installed and configured Oracle, Oracle databases on AIX platforms.

Setup data guard create physical-standby database using hot backup. Troubleshoot errors on standby. Manually register archivelogs.

Setup & test backup on databases. Writing RMAN scripts embedded in shell scripts. Recover full database by applying archive and redo logs. Duplicate database by RMAN on remote host. Optimize backup on RAC.

Imp/exp used for load data into users on daily bases. Import schemas as part of recovery process in times of logical corruption. Export statistics from production to test.

Tuning of instance, database with help of system views and init parameters. Partition of tables, indexes to improving performance. Used partition pruning, wise-join.

Created new databases/instances on 12c/11g RAC and single instances using customized scripts, DBCA.

Handled all daily DBA activities and excellent experience with SQL scripting, PL/SQL coding, stored procedures, functions, packages, triggers to enforce the referential integrity constraints

Monitored different databases and application servers using Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) 10g Grid Control.

Loading data from flat files to database using SQL*Loader, External Tables.

Automated the processes like moving files, managing alert log, efficient backup by developing UNIX scripts.

Implementing Datapump, conventional export/import utility of Oracle 11g, 10g for re-organizing Databases/Schemas/Tables to improve the performance.

Applied Bug fixes patches, Quarterly Security Patches for RAC and non-RAC servers for issues when upgrading, DR switchover testing.

Tested the Dataguard (DR) SWITCHOVER of RAC to RAC Dataguard as part of the migration.

Performance monitoring and Database/Instance/clustered Application tuning using Dictionary views, AWR (Statspack), ADDM, ASM reports, OEM Grid Control, tuned SGA/PGA parameters, initialization parameters and reorganized physical objects (tables & indexes) and tablespaces to improve the performance.

Redesigned table and index partitioning strategies, using HINTS to improve the query performance.

Developed, modified and optimized very complex queries to data retrieval using Explain Plan, SQL Trace, TKPROF, parallel processing and partitioning techniques.

Monitoring the CPU, memory usage, I/O contention on servers using top, iostat, sar, glance, vmstat etc.

Designed daily, weekly Backup and Recovery procedures for production, non- production databases using RMAN backups taking periodic Complete, cumulative and differential Incremental Backups.

Migrated VLDB databases around 10TB and redesigned the RMAN backup Strategy.

Used Rman duplicate to refresh from PROD environment to TEST environment.

Intensively used latest 10g/11g Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) & Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitoring (ADDM) reports for the health check of the databases, and used the notification tool to send the alerts in OEM Grid Control.

Scheduled UNIX scripts in crontab jobs to automate daily tasks like backups, monitoring the alert logs, backup logs, cleaning the old archive logs, old log files, tablespace monitoring to send notification emails.

Migrated data to a new ASM Diskgroup to improve the IO performance of the database.

Export/Import, Datapump, Transportable tablepsaces to migrate databases from one database to another.

Data aggregation and replication setup using Oracle Streams and Materialized views for reporting.

Oracle Database monitoring, troubleshoot, resolve the issues, monitoring alert log, trace files.

Achieved optimized performance for the databases by rebuilding indexes, on tables and indexes.

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