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Air Force Sponsor, EMT, Administrative Tech

Biloxi, MS, 39531
May 16, 2021

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Biloxi, MS 39531


P O Box 4873

Biloxi, MS 39535


228-***-**** Home Phone

228-***-**** Cell Phone


2003-2021: National Registry for Emergency Medical Technicians licensed at Sheppard AFB, TX April 2003. (License #B1492863 & #E1492863) Recertified for years 2005, 2009, 2011, 2013, 2015, 2017, 2019, & 2021 at American Medical Response Training Center. Recertified with American Medical Response Ambulance Service Education Center 2005, 2009, 2011, 2013, 2015, 2017, & 2019. Recertified 2007 at Keesler AFB, MS. Courses included Advance Medical Life Support, Basic Life Support (CPR) expires 6-30-21 & 2-17-23 with American Red Cross. NREMT expires 3-31-2021. CEUs & Refresher courses are currently in process for two year renewal. Received Distinguished Graduate in Recognition of Outstanding Academic Achievement from Sheppard AFB Medical Technical School for superior academic performance June 2003. Medical Technician Certification to include phlebotomy at Lackland AFB, TX August 2003. Certificates & transcripts attached.

1989-1996: Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Biological Sciences with an emphasis in Zoology and a minor in Chemistry at the University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg, MS. Graduated 1991, and continued to take a variety of courses to include Criminal Justice, Forensic Science, and other Biological Science, Chemistry, and Mathematics courses, until 1996. Degree and transcripts attached.

1990: Air Force Non-commissioned Officer Leadership Development certification at Keesler AFB, MS through Texas College. Certified August 1990 for the Air Force Reserves. Certificates attached.

1986-1989: Attended William Carey College Gulfport & Hattiesburg, MS now known as William Carey University Gulfport, MS. Major emphasis was Biology/Premedical with a minor in Chemistry. Took Zoology I & II, Comparative Anatomy I & II, Immunology/Serology, Physiology, Histology, Body Fluid Analysis, Medical Technology Ethics, Medical Terminology and other various courses. Over 89 quarter hours were earned and won a Premedical Scholarship/Grant 1987.

1986-1988: Attended Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College Jefferson Davis Campus in Gulfport, MS. Took various courses during the summer and throughout the years to include Microbiology, English Composition, and various courses.

1986: Enrolled in Community College of the Air Force. Awarded credit for earned Administration Air Force Specialty Internship skill levels earned-- 5 Skilled Level and 7 Advanced Level. Transcript attached.

1981: Administrative Specialists certification at Keesler AFB, MS from April to June.

1980: Attended Vernon Regional Junior College/Bethania School of Licensed Vocational Nursing in Wichita Falls, TX. Took a variety of Nursing courses to include Vocational Nursing Skills, Clinical Nursing Care, Procedural Nursing Care, Medical Ethics, Psychology in Nursing and multiple Anatomy and Physiology courses. Attended from January to June.

1980: Attended and completed high school at John Hirschi High School in Wichita Falls, TX.


6/2004-7/2020: Security Officer/1st Responder, Harrahs Gulf Coast/Grand Casino Biloxi, 280 Beach Blvd, Biloxi, MS 39530, 228-***-**** Supervisors: Security Managers Horace Brown & Everett Kemp, Security Supervisors Tim Davis & Robert Manning, Mary Chapman, Jim Holchek, Jeff Ledingham, Joseph Thompson Salary: $2,100 per month Hours Per Week: 40 Start Date: June 2004. Duties and responsibilities include meet and inspect identification of individuals entering the casino, walk around the casino making rounds and report any unusual findings to dispatch, security supervisors, and surveillance, assist casino and hotel guests by escorting and providing instructions around the casino, escort associates with assets to and from bank, responsible for counting and inspecting chip currency assets to be escorted, escort assets chip currencies to tables, responsible for table credit procedures (counting and removing chip currencies from the table) maintain security and control of casino keys, slot machine keys, and other various keys for use on the casino floor to include all sign-in & sign-out procedures, customer service duties, responsible for knowing and performing table drop procedures, and responsible for knowing slot machine box drop procedures, responsibility to know various safety procedures, responsible for security of all secure areas such as banks and count rooms, responsible for security of casino and hotel guest and associates. Responsible for attending, updating, and certifying on all security and casino courses. 1st Responder duties and responsibilities include notification of all injuries to security dispatch, security supervisors, and surveillance, identify and assist all injured and ill guests and associates, provide first-aid and maintain stability of injuries until arrival of ambulance, responsible for CPR procedures to include AED and maintenance of airway until arrival of ambulance, responsible for obtaining information for report of incident, responsible for writing the report of incident on guests, and responsible for completing Workman’s Compensation paperwork on injured associates, responsible for maintaining all current education, certifications, and licenses.

4/2006-8/2007: Security Officer, Securitas Security Services USA, 14231 Seaway Road, Gulfport, MS 39507, 228-***-**** Supervisor: Mike Kirk Salary: $10.00 per hour Hours Per Week: 40 Start Date: April 2006 to August 2007. Duties and responsibilities include walk around grounds and inspect gates, the back of the complex, and each check-in point to make sure the area is secure, lock up all gates and make rounds each hour, report all unusual findings to supervisor, write a report each hour on rounds made through the area and turn the report in to the next shift. Responsible for completion of all training courses required for work.

10/2005-2/2006: Security Officer, DWA Associates, Inc., Keesler Medical Center, Keesler AFB, MS 39534, 228-***-**** Supervisors: Major Hampton and Captain Drinnon Salary: $18.00 Per Hour Hours Per Week: 40 Start Date: October 2005 to February 2006. Duties and responsibilities include guarding the front entrance of the medical center to make sure no individuals enter, inspect and make rounds throughout the hospital floors each hour, inspect and make rounds each hour to make sure all exterior hospital doors are locked, write and report all findings each hour, and complete a written report to be turned over to the supervisors. Responsible for all training, medical exams and vaccines required for work.

9/2001-3/2003: Substitute Teacher for various Elementary, Middle, and High Schools in the Harrison County, Biloxi, and Gulfport areas in Mississippi. Contracted by Kelly Services Educational Staffing, 15118 Crossroads Parkway, Gulfport, MS 39503, 228-***-**** Supervisor Deanna Tubbs Salary: $45.00 Per Day Part-time: 32 Hours Per Week Start Date: September 2001 to March 2003. Duties and responsibilities include review of lesson plans left by the teacher, review and study classroom schedules, demonstration and teaching all classroom assignments for the day, administer and collection of class work, homework, and tests, securing of equipment and materials for all planned work and activities, assume all responsibilities of the classroom teacher including special duties, end of day clean-up and lock-up of classroom, and complete a written report to the teacher explaining and detailing classroom conduct and all work progress or lack of progress. Classes taught: Kindergarten through Sixth Grade in Elementary, Special Education-K-6, English, Math, Art, Computer Technology, History Physical Science, Physical Education (K-12), Government, and Honors Biology---High School.

11/1996-5/1997: Desk Clerk at Flamingo Beach Inn/Knights Inn, 1746 Beach Blvd., Biloxi, MS 39531, Supervisors: Dave & Malti Naran-Owners 228-***-**** Salary: $5.15 Per hour, Part-time Position 16 Hours Per Week, Start November 1996 to May 1997. Duties and responsibilities include work at the front desk renting rooms, receive cash or credit card for room payment, balance daily records for each room, write receipts for each room, print batch report at the beginning of shift (before 12:00am), count and record drawer/ register amounts, count deposits, answer phones for incoming calls and in-house switch-board, customer service duties, set-up continental breakfast, and take reservations over the phone, in person, and by computer.

10/1996: Nurse Aide at SAAD’s Home Healthcare, 814 Vieux Marche Mall, Biloxi, MS 39530, Supervisor: Mrs. Dielh 228-***-**** Salary: $4.75 Per Hour Full-time responsibilities include travel throughout the Coast to patients’ home to provide basic care and hygiene, take temperature, pulse, respiration, and blood pressure, assist in various hygiene care and other duties to include cooking, feeding, combing hair, bed change, wound care, and all care which applies to the patient’s surgery or chronic illnesses.


4/1994-3/1996: Cytogenetic Technologist III Trainee at Medical Genetic Consultants, Inc., 910 Washington Ave., Ocean Springs, MS 39564, Supervisors: Dr. Wesley Burkhardt and Lyn Hoyt 228-***-**** Salary: $1,364.00 Per Month Full-Time 40 Hours Per Week. Duties and responsibilities include support of the physician- geneticist and their mission in providing diagnosis and counseling for patients with genetic diseases associated with chromosomal abnormality. Utilize a broad professional knowledge of principles, theories, and techniques in cytogenetics. Conduct numerous laboratory tests of an extremely specialized nature. These tests include culturing, harvesting, slide preparation, and staining of human leukocytes from peripheral blood and bone marrow specimens, of human fibroblasts from skin biopsies, and of solid tumor tissues. Performs highly specialized chromosomal banding staining techniques which require considerable independent action in deciding upon exact methods to be used given individual variation in patient material and in laboratory conditions day-to-day (humidity & temperature of culture). Construct better ways to test, such as, utilizing less sample, testing the sample and proving the same excellent results, proof the testing works. Examines microscopic slides and selects chromosomal spreads to be analyzed, counted, and photographed for diagnostic purposes. (Manual Photo Development: Develop film according to standard laboratory procedures). Identifies each of the chromosomes and any atypical or abnormal characteristics. Takes photomicrographs of diagnostic chromosomal spreads. Cuts out chromosomes and prepares idiograms (karyotypes) for examination by the laboratory director. Prepares standard solutions and testing materials. Performs various complex tests. Responsible for studying and completion of ACP registry tests. Registry eligible: Taken in 1996 Scores: 98 Practical 72 Written Other position held: DNA Technologist Trainee, Part-time 16-20 Hours Per Week, Salary: $9.00 Per Hour, Supervisor: Dr. Wesley Burkhardt, 228-***-****. Duties and responsibilities include DNA extractions from peripheral blood using Invitrogen, Lifecodes, and Pure Gene procedures, to use purified DNA for parentage and heredity determinations. Conducting tests using less sample and reagents, proving the same excellent results are achieved also saving money for the lab, and implementing for new standard operating procedure. Preparation of electrophoresis agar gel, buffer solution, and calibration and labeling of all wells and vials. Electrophoresis procedures on the extracted products from blood to determine DNA yield. Preparation of solution to perform DNA digestion. Monitor temperature of digested DNA. Electrophoresis on digested DNA to determine if further digestion is necessary. Electrophoresis procedures includes set-up of all equipment in proper area, mixing of buffer solution, preparation of agar gel, addition of DNA to wells, timing of procedure, viewing with UV light, photo taking and development. Prepares all standard solutions needed in laboratory. Southern Blotting Procedures: Duties include using electrophoresis procedures with preparation for a long gel, preparation of membrane-marked according to wells, and DNA transfer procedure. Other duties included preparation of paperwork on each sample, completion of forms for accountability, ordering solutions and equipment, reading and studying standard operating procedures, cleaning of work areas-disinfection of area, monitoring of temperatures for refrigerator, water bath, and light photography work.

7/1990-11/1994: Technical Assistant at the Gulf Coast Research Laboratory, 703 E. Beach Blvd., Ocean Springs, MS 39564, Supervisor: Dr. Richard Heard 228-***-****, Salary: $1,228.00 Per Month Full-time 40 Hours Per Week. Duties and Responsibilities include sorting, identifying (taxonomy), and recording data on micro and macro invertebrate specimens from a variety of qualitative samples. Expertise in identification of aquatic arthropods (and other invertebrates) to family, genus, and species. Assist senior scientists in training and supervision of entry level technical assistants and student laboratory assistants by performing quality control checks of their work. Assist in development of laboratory and field procedures. Perform routine duties in assisting with reports, compiling records data, and entering data in d-Base III program. Alloquoting of BPL Qualitative Samples to sort, identify, count, and record data on macro and micro invertebrate specimens. Other Position Held: Lab Aide 7-Duties and responsibilities include all quoting, sorting, identifying, and recording data on specific micro invertebrate specimens from zooplankton samples. Enter data in d-Base III program, and retrieve and print reports. Set-up and maintain various cultures including algae, rotifers, artemia, and crustaceans. Calculate requested statistical assessments. Attached a letter of recommendation from Dr. Wesley Burkhardt.

12/1980-8/2008: Air Force Reservist Positions Held:

12/1980-9/1982: Transferred after basic training and tech. school to 920th WRG/CE, Keelser AFB, MS 39534-5000, Supervisors: Msgt Williams, Phone: Unknown Duty Title: Orderly Room Clerk Highest Rank & Security Clearance: Senior Airman/Secret AFSC & Skill Level: 70210B-70250B Salary: $158.00 Per Month Hours: 16 Per Month Duties and responsibilities include read, study, and posting of all incoming regulations/publications, and post all revisions, changes, and supplements to each regulation, construct, edit, and type (certified 35wpm) Air Force letters, orders (including changes & revisions), citations (awards & decorations), forms, operating instructions, Airman & Officer performance reports, drafts, and other various Air Force documents; order and manage forms and regulations; order needed office supplies; receptionist procedures; full understanding and implementation of document management system-control of Confidential, “For Official Use Only,” Freedom of Information Act, & Privacy Act materials and documents; responsible for files management and maintenance.

10/1982-7/1985: Transferred to 815th WRS/DOC, 920th WRG/DOOC, & 403rd RWRW/DOOC, Keesler AFB, MS 39534-5000, Supervisors: Msgts Helen Ward, Frank Adcox, & Harvey Sutton, Duty Phone: Unknown Duty Title: Administrative Clerk, Command Post Highest Rank & Security Clearance: Staff Sergeant/Top Secret AFSC & Skill Level: 70250B-70270 Salary: $215.00 Per Month Hours: 16 Per Month Duties and responsibilities include establish and maintain records and filing system, read, study, & post all incoming regulations/publications and post all revisions, changes, and supplement to each regulation; construct, edit, and type(45wpm certified) Air Force letters, messages, orders (including changes & revisions), operating instructions, Airman & Officer Performance reports, drafts, and other various Air Force documents; fully understand & implement procedures of control for maintenance of documents which are classified- Confidential, For Official Use Only-Privacy Act, Secret, & Top Secret; fully understand & implement procedures for all controlled items; act as a courier for messages; keypunch 35wpm; fully understand & implement procedures for controlled publications and record management/filing systems; full understanding and implementation of disposition of obsolete documents which are controlled items & classification grading procedures; customer account representative- order and manage all forms and publications; order office supplies & equipment; receptionist procedures for controlled areas; fully understand and implement recall procedures; and other various in-office duties.

2/1986-6/1988: Transferred to 403 TAW/MSSQ, Keesler AFB, MS 39534-5000, Supervisor: CMSgt Bobby Redmon Duty Phone: Unknown Duty Title: Administrative/ Information Management Technician, Mission Support Highest Rank & Security Clearance: Staff Sergeant/Top Secret AFSC & Skill Level: 70270 Salary: $250.00 Per Month Hours: 16 Per Month Duties and responsibilities include construct, edit, and type (45wpm certified) Air Force letters/documents, Airman & Officer Performance reports, orders (including revisions & changes), operating instructions, drafts, and other various correspondence; fully understand and implement procedures for Privacy Act documents; receptionist procedures; receive & post publications/regulations and all revisions, changes, and supplements.

6/1988-4/1993: Transferred to 403 TAW/CCQ, Keesler AFB, MS 39534-5000, Supervisors: Lt Edward Richards, Captain Cheryl Warren, Colonel Benton Busbee Duty Phone: Unknown Duty Title: Assistant Noncommissioned Officer in Charge/Information Management Technician, Orderly Room Highest Rank & Security Clearance: Technical Sergeant/Secret AFSC & Skill Level: 70270 Salary: $376.00 Hours: 16 Per Month. Duties and responsibilities include establish and maintain filing system; order, read, & study publications and post all revisions, changes, and supplements; construct, edit, & type (45wpm certified) Air Force letters, orders (including changes & revisions), Airman & Officer Performance Reports, drafts, and other various Air Force documents, such as, the unit recall roster (in WordStar 5.0), & other official reports; fully understand and implement procedures for maintaining personnel files and other filed documents; act as a sponsor & assign sponsors to incoming personnel; customer account representative-order, control, and maintain forms For Official Use Only, controlled forms, & items; create & implement office and personnel procedures; disposition of obsolete documents (Privacy Act) & writing of report; order office supplies & equipment; fully understand and implement recall and mobility procedures; retrieval of incoming correspondence; implement training procedures for in-office personnel (three trainees); receptionist procedures; and represent the First Sergeant/Noncommissioned Officer in Charge and the Commander for meetings in their absence. INACTIVE FROM JULY 1993 TO JULY 2002.

7/2002-8/2008: Transferred to 908th ASTS, Maxwell AFB, AL, Supervisors: Msgt Turner and Colonels Betty Williams & Benton Busbee, Duty Phone: Unknown Duty Title: Medical Technician Highest Rank & Security Clearance: Technical Sergeant/Secret AFSC & Skill Level: 4N030 Salary: $400.00 Hours: 16 Per Month Duties and responsibilities included completion of training for further skill levels; completion of courses required training for position of mobility; train for field and casualty situations; train for assisting in completing physical exams, hospital floor situations, field hospital situations, patient transfer situations to include ambulance and flight; train to assist with surgery patients; train to assess patients in emergency situations; train to assist nurses by learning to follow and implement certain procedures under physicians orders. Trained and certified on various procedures such as, phlebotomy procedures, intravenous catheter insertion, advanced life support, basic life support (CPR), phlebotomy (certified August 2003 at Lackland AFB, TX), sterile technique, urinary catheter insertion & removal, removal of arterial line, giving vaccinations, vital signs to include pulse ox, EKG, wound cleaning & care, surgical assisting, general patient care, giving patient discharge instructions, and other various procedures. From March 2003 to August 2006 trained at Sheppard AFB, TX, Lackland AFB, TX, and Keesler AFB, MS.

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