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Controls Engineer System

Patrick Air Force Base, FL, 32925
May 11, 2021

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Resume of Bruce Duffany April ****b

Systems, Hardware and Software Engineer, Analyst

Current location: Merritt Island, Florida Phone (Cellular) 619-***-****. Best way to contact: e-mail

Note: Received 2nd COVID-19 Moderna shot on 7 April 2021.

Summary: Software and hardware engineering specializing in hands-on development, test / integration, verification, validation, evaluation and safety of military, NASA and commercial electronic control & data processing systems, system installations, designs, development, s/w re-use, re-hosting, requirements analysis, test planning, on-ground & in-flight testing, Comms Nav and ID (CNI) systems, C4ISR, weapon and countermeasure systems, processes, procedures and methodologies, reliability, sustainment, simulations, training, acceptance, compliance, (ISO, ANSI, RCTA, MIL-STD, etc.) best practices, design objectives, certifications, written/oral communication, status reporting, “quick look” post-test reports and creation of contractual (CDRL) technical documentation.

Systems and Sub-systems: NASA’s LCC SCCS, US Army, Navy & USMC Digital-RF ECM Force Protection equipment, Shipboard Self Defense (SSDS) System, TACOPS, CAC2S, Ground-based radar, FADEC and Aircraft (digital Fly-By-Wire) systems, spacecraft and ground support systems and subsystems, standard commercial avionics, Litton-Denro large communication switching systems, GATR, Nortel Meridian PBX, large and scalable C2 systems, networked radio systems, Air-Ground Defense systems (AOC and AAOC), test missile and manned launch control systems, simulators, training and practice systems, System Safety Engineering and methodology, banking industry data processing s/w, back-up, archival and disaster recovery systems. Airborne and ground-based electronic countermeasure systems, GPIB (IEEE-488) & newer LAN based National Instruments-type Test Systems.

Hands-on Hardware: Live and simulated control devices and data for aircraft, spacecraft, Navy systems and ground-based equipment, FPGAs, LVDTs, Servos, Actuators, Active/Passive Sensors, LASER/IR Electro-Optics, Local/Remote Measurement, Test and S/W debugging (ICEs, logic analyzers), Intel- based micros and Motorola 68000 series, Analog and Digital I/O, USB, RS-232c. Litton/Denro ATC/C2 Switch development &integration. ‘Hardware in loop’ (HIL/CLB) test systems, modems, networking routers, hubs, cables, planning, design and connectivity), Military Radios (most freq bands and mod schemes), Satcom, Comm. and Satellite transceiver integration: LNAs, LNBs, SAT and VSAT, Up/Down converters, RF High Power amplifiers (HPAs), commercial C/Ku band TVRO dish systems, PIC16c57(Stamp). ASTi hardware: Telestra 4, ACUs, ACENet connectivity for Flight Simulation effects, ADIRS, DADCs, FMSs & FMCs, such as Honeywell SPZ-8000 series, Euro-ISDN network h/w. Various test range-based electronic test & meas. equipment.

Software Tools: Various UNIX/Linux and most Windows OS; both Latent and N/RTOS computer environments, including VTRX, scripts and GUI (Openview, Microsoft) applications/interfaces, dot-net

(Framework), Ternion FLAMES: DIS/HLA, Northrop MLST3, TIGER; HP RF BASIC, FORTRAN, java, Visual Studio and Eclipse IDEs, IBM DOORS, ANSI and MS c/c++, QT4, assy languages (MS MASM 6.00a). Tools include CASE (StP), Python 2.7, Telelogic Rhapsody, various other multi-platform engineering analytical software. FalconView, PBASIC 2.5, VBASIC 4.0, 5.0, 6.0. TAPI, Crystal Reports, Openview, ODBC 16/32/64-bit client (PC) and server (HP9000) / Oracle 9g and Informix db connectivity. Labview 2010, Wireshark, Simulink/Matlab R2016, CANalyzer, IIS and Apache webservers, PVCS, Subversion, SCCS, RealServer (streaming multimedia). MS Office suite applications; Framemaker, Rational Rose Enterprise 2002.05.20, Virtualization, VMWare (Virtual Machine) Technology, ASTi ACE Studio modeling S/W (Aircraft simulation Aural Cues), Atlassian Tools (Jira, FishEye, Confluence, & Crucible).

Familiarity with: Data links such as 1553B, MIDS, TADIL A-J, ASCB, ARINC 429 and 485. KG75/175, Key loaders, Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics (RTCA) Design Objectives (DO), incl. HW 254 level A-E, SW 170B,C, MIL-STD-498, System Safety MIL-STD-882E, JSSSEH (Joint Software System Safety Engineering Handbook) Implementation Guide JS-SSA-IG Rev B, Reliability 217D &E, FMEA, FMECA, WCA, SEEA, PSA. IEEE-488 (HPIB), Litton 3080 Air Traffic Control switch, TAPI, ISDN/POTS PBX Systems, Selected Harris, Thales, Siemens, Raytheon and Rockwell Collins Mil radio equipment setup and operation, Euro/US Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) protocols, Spacecraft, Aircraft and Avionics Systems & Simulators, RTSA (Spectrum Analyzers), Audio/Video capture, Global Hawk UAV and BACN payload equipment and operations, FLIR/Chaff Systems, Airborne LASER/RADAR detection systems, TEMPs, safety risk assessments and readiness reviews. MS Windows thru current (Windows 10), UNIX, Linux admin/ Server/ clients, CMMI and ISO900X QMS guidance, compliance and conformance, Defense Acquisition guidelines. Rational ClearCase and ClearQuest. DoDI 5000.02 Engineering Processes, System Engineering Dau “V” model.

<< Note: due to the time span of this resume, some of the expertise listed is not current, and (for brevity) a section has been removed from the bottom. Please ask for specific details or restoration of the missing portion. >>

Security Clearance: ‘Secret’ (active JPAS check April-2021) My 10 year NACLC re-investigation was satisfactorily completed by OPM on 8/25/2016. FSOs, please ask for JPAS verification info.

Jacobs Technologies, KSC, FL (March 26 2018 - present) Launch Cntrl Sys Orion/SLS HW Engr.

TOSC ground operations and pre-launch activities involving SLS (Space Launch System) and MPCV (Multi-purpose Crew Vehicle). Test Conductor, writing and performing requirements-based procedures for the latest design Spacecraft Command & Control Systems (SCCS), build 17-2, 18-1. Firing Rooms 1 &2, GAHLE (Launch Emulators) install/test Huntsville, LM Denver and JSC. Tools: Req-Pro, KDDMS, JAMA. ClearCase. Working out of LCC, Bldg K6-0900 (Pad 39b).

SAIC (Engility) - part time, remote Systems Software Safety Analyst for the MQ-25 UAS Aircraft Launch & Recovery Prgm (ALRE).

Implemented a software development methodology by tailoring System Safety MIL-STD-882E guidelines into a software development and test plan based on SwCI and LOR used for the ALRE program. Referenced Whitford Tutorials 17803 and 19702.

Raytheon IDS, San Diego. (May-Nov 2017) TSA (Total Ship Activation Integration Engr)

Zumwalt and other USN ships utilizing various versions of the Ship Self Defense System. Design verification and functionality for newly deployed and existing systems. Provided hardware and software sub-contractor oversight during development and test. ISO 9001:2015 QMS. Also performed CDRL analysis to find and correct systematic documentation errors. Was assigned to fulfill various 6-Sigma solutions, particularly one to manage firmware checksums on various build strings of the SSDS used on the DDG-1000 Zumwalt.

CACI, APG, MD (2015-2017) System Engineer for DUKE ECM Device

Continuation of previous job, recruited as a contractor ‘employee’ due to contractual task order change. On-going work with the U.S. Army C4ISR directorate, now on a legacy EA & Countermeasures system using problem reports from field operations as a team member authorizing change proposals to incorporate new functionality by updating firmware and software requirements for sustainment “Release 14”. Production of technical documentation by reverse engineering this legacy program that had been developed on UON basis. Assigned as a DOORS DBA responsible for updates and maintenance of DUKE ECM device database. Use of Atlassian Tools (JIRA: Confluence FishEye and Crucible). I used Matlab R2016 models and various Labview tests on hardware as solution validation tools, along with the actual legacy system as target, with ancillary laboratory test & measurement equipment.

US Gov - DoD (Northrop), APG, MD (2011-2015) Design Agent for New Gen Tactical ECM device US Navy contract Design Agent thru Northrop Grumman for a State Of The Art Electronic Attack and Countermeasures System; JCREW (Joint Counter Radio-Controlled Improvised Explosive Device (IED) Electronic Warfare program). Work for Navy’s PMS-408 involved supporting design and testing of FPGA/microprocessor-based analog, digital & RF components for Mounted and Fixed Site Systems. Org chart dotted line directly to the Gov’t TDA. Duties included embedded (placed as a part of the team) design verification and vendor oversight. Analyzed lab and field test data and results to certify compliance with the program specifications, Assisted in accomplishing JCREW 3.3 Milestone C. Accepted/Rejected CDRLs, wrote Technical Instructions (TIs), reviewed FMECAs, Performance Specification and HW, SW & System requirements. Provided detailed weekly reports to the PM (Captain) PMS-408, APM and supervisor (US Army, I2WD). Vendors included ITT/Exelis, Northrop-Grumman, Lockheed, Sierra Nevada Corp.

Northrop Grumman San Diego, CA (6- 9/2010); BACN GlobalHawk Payload Flight Test Engineer

Battlefield Air Command Node, BACN (JUON), as used on the RQ-4B Global Hawk UAV (block 20). Flight Coordinator between pilots and payload control, performed event data logger duties, participated in BD-700 and AF-10, AF-12 ST and DT Payload ground and flight testing in San Diego and at Edwards. Mission planning, payload integration and checkout. Radio configuration, programming, key loading and voice testing of Raytheon PSC-5, the Harris PRC-117 (Falcon II and III), EPLRS, SADL, Rockwell-Collins AN/ARC-210, exercised (TADL link 16, SADL), RF testing using voice (Harvard sentences) and data over MIL radios. Wrote portions of Quick-Look and Final Test summaries and ancillary detailed reports.

Lockheed-Martin MFC, Orlando, FL (3 - 5/2010); JTAS Software Development Engineer

Joint and Allied Threat Awareness System (JATAS) prototype demo program for competitive bid. Airborne a/c survivability equipment. Development of Utility software using QT4/c++ for Test Equipment which both monitors and commands the OAP (Open Architecture Processor) hardware core and interconnected subsystems of the LMCO proposal of the JATAS system.

DEI Services, Winter Park, FL (9/2009 - 2/2010); UH-60M Trainer SW Devl & Integration Engineer.

Army UH-60M Helicopter Maintenance Trainer. SW/HW sustainment Integration of the ALE-39/47 Added capability for countermeasures (flare and chaff) dispenser simulator for instr operability, including failure injection at PCB and interconnect levels. Also included an AN/ARC-210 SDR - comm panel integration with trainer software. The platform was Windows XP w/ MSVS 2005 IDE and c++. Subversion change control used for software baseline integrity. Software re-use from earlier programs (AH-64D Apache and CH-47D/F Chinook), required porting from Linux and updating from earlier versions of MSVS.

Indra Systems, Winter Park, Fl (3/2008 - 5/2009);

MH-60 Flight Sim Devl & Integration Engr MH-60S Helicopter Trainer (simulator) upgrade for NAVAIR, N. Island (San Diego); Systems/Software Engineer. Rehost PDR/CDR presenter and planner (Sierra) and later Bravo NAVAIR SW upgrade participant. Reverse engineered CAE software due to Gov’t contract follow-on sustainment award. Visual Studio and Eclipse IDEs, ASTi Telestra 4 audio system modeling, configuration, flight test, debug and integration. Mission data externalization to FalconView. MH-60B integration at Mayport NAS through May 2009. Comm Panel/ Radio/Intercom integration, Flight test of FLIR targeting system, Audio/Comms, ATIS, GCA, LSE, Sikorsky AFCS interface, control laws and Achelon visuals. * Note: Indra Flight Testing

(above) refers to simulated flights only.

Hewlett-Packard Company (4/2007 to 9/2007), Two Assignments - see below:

HP Hellas TSG (July - September 2007) Athens, Greece; Int’l Banking Network Engineer Eurobank Data Recovery program for disaster mitigation using remote storage area network (SAN). Planning, implementation and testing for back-up site. Solution for various networking and database issues. Tested back up methodologies and simulated recovery dry runs. VPN design to cover leased line (ABR ATM) overflow during peak periods. A Virtual Machine architecture was used to run all critical banking application software.

HP TEKNOLOJI COZUMLERI (TSG) (4 – 6/2007) Istanbul, Turkey; PDQA for Cell Phone company PDQA for Governance Program at TurkCell. Provided QA guidance and support advisory to this 10 billion dollar GSM provider. Established best practices and global solution methodologies based on HP’s own implementations.

Raytheon IDS/EWC (11/2003 - 3/2007) San Diego, CA; Radar Sim Track Software/Sys Engr Common Aviation Command and Control System (CAC2S) C4ISR program for the US Marines, Built around the Navy’s SSDS ‘TACOPS’ and related SSDS systems. Development, validation and ‘Sim-Stim’ and performance testing. Responsible for all radar track simulation and scenarios using Ternion FLAMES (Flexible Analysis Modeling and Exercise System). Created scripted scenarios both to inject radar track data into the system for testing, and as a Warfighter Training Tool. Elaborate scenarios were constructed and run to simulate many different types of tracked objects for battlefield situations, including a/c IFF XPDR codes, emitters and tactical ballistic missiles (TBMs) in all phases of flight. I participated in testing CAC2S extensively per requirements for system validation. RADAR, radio and tactical data links simulated were SGW, CEC (for TPS-59, TPS-63), TADIL-N, -J -B (FDC), and Variable Message Format(VFM). Sub-systems included custom TACOPS, FDC and COTS JTIDS, AFATDS, CDLMS, TBMCS and Satcom DAMA. Besides FLAMES, Sim/stim test tools used were MLST3/TIGER.

Honeywell BRGA (04/02 to 09/03) Glendale, AZ;

PDQA Aerospace Flight Controls Engineer Product Development Engineer, Technical support for products in design/testing of Honeywell’s Primus EPIC integrated avionics control and display management system. Coverage for both HW and SW. FAA certification documentation and compliance guideline verification per RTCAs DO-254 level A-E and DO- 170B. Root cause failure analysis. Responsible for final review and sign-off approval of deliverable or PED traceable technical documents, including FMEAs and root cause failure predictions. Programs included Embraer ERJ-170, Gulfstream IV (legacy) and V, Augusta Bell AB-139, Dassault F-900 F7x, Cessna Citation Sovereign and the Space Shuttle. Sign-offs included PHACs, HASs, CIDs and AWAEB/AWCREBs (for ERJ-170 AIOC), flat panel displays and xpdrs for other aircraft. Participated in environmental testing that included functional, vibration, electromagnetic interference (EMI), acoustic and thermal.

Northrop-Grumman ESS (12/98 to 12/01) Undisclosed overseas location; Undisclosed program name; Comm System (ATC) ISDN/ Radio Switch Integration Engineer Air Defense C4ISR Command Center for a US-allied country in the middle-east. Responsible for AOC, AAOC and NOC integration, configuration, test and acceptance of two Litton ADV-3080 Command and Communication (C2) switches and related systems both local and at remote sites. S/W and firmware BRI and PRIs, telephone trunk and radio interfaces, Comm panels, Nortel Meridian main/remote PBXs, military radio sets, NP7100 WAN Test Set. Provided customer support and training classes for maintenance and operation of C2 Switches and ISDN network devices. Test Planning, System tests, Validation: SOV, SOD. Deployed from 1999-01.Client training for the above.

BancTec ASD (2/95 to 11/98) Silver Spring, MD;

Advanced Products Development SW Engineer PC Application software for financial document data processing in Image Archive systems for the Banking Industry. MSVC++, Visual BASIC 4.0 and various software tools used for development. HPUX 9.x, 10.x and Informix 7.x used on the server. OBDC and image/data archival management software. Informix DB mgmt and system administration. Application development of Print, Fax, Copy, Store to CD and a System Administrator GUI. Local and On-site training to Clients which included the Bank of New York and the Federal Reserve, 1st and 6th districts (Boston, Atlanta).

Denro Labs (9/94 to 2/95) Gaithersburg, MD; Comm System (ATC) Radio SW Devl/Integ Engineer. Developed embedded system boards for Denro 400D Digital Switch - Finland’s Air Traffic Control system (FATMI). Microsoft C 7.0 (80188 microprocessor) and the Franklin c51 (87c550 micro-controller). Program and use Mitel 8986 (and 8980) FPGA digital crosspoint switches. ADPCM (u-law/a-law) with nibble switching were implemented. using 486 PC (Windows 3.11) concurrently with a Paradigm emulator (for 80188) and Metalink 83c550 (for embedded target 87c550). Developed software to configure Siemens radio via RS-232 based on I/O spec. ARINC Research (3 - 9/94) Annapolis, MD; C-130 Flight Software Development Engineer Development of the flight software for a C-130 aircraft simulator for use in testing the C-130 Self Contained Navigation System (SCNS). Aircraft subsystem emulation programs running on a DEC 3800 to provide interactive nav-aircraft flight data and simulated command functionality to/from the SCNS hardware interface in a ground "fight test" environment. ANSI C development on a DEC platform. Responsible for GPS module.

Fairchild Space and Defense (1/93 to 3/94) Germantown, MD; F-14 PMDIG Test Devl Engineer F-14 Test Station. Early windows-based PC Interface and associated driver code for testing A/B to D upgrade avionics Programmable Multi Display Indicator Group (PMDIG) Test Operator Workstation. Software sim and ctrl using test discretes, 1553B, GPIB and serial NAV data. MSVC++ 1.0, and MASM 6.0 along with vendor supplied DLLs, drivers and hardware were used to create a GUI test suite. Raymond Engineering (5 - 12/93) Middletown, CT; Advanced Technology HD Engineer. F-117 Stealth Fighter/ Space Shuttle 300 Megabyte SCSI disk drive control electronics microcode. C and assembly language development for the 80186 embedded controller. HP64000 with MicroTek hardware emulator/ X-Ray software debugging system. Used MCC compiler and linker. Successfully optimized read and write throughput to greater than 1MB/sec. This was a significant data rate for the technology used.

SBS Engineering (11/92 to 4/93) Albuquerque, NM; MH-60G Sim SW Devl & Test Engineer USAF MH60G (SOF) Helicopter Simulator/Weapons System trainer. Development of software drivers and models for simulation of helicopter avionics and subsystems. Developed in ANSI c on networked Sun computer workstations. A 68000 cross-compiler and the X-RAY debugger were used to test and run downloaded code on the target system, residing on several Dy4 and Force CPU VME chassis at the simulator.

Honeywell Commercial Flight Sys (4 - 11/92) Coon Rapids, MN;

A3XX SW Engr for On-Board Sys Airbus A330 and A340 Advanced Air Data / Inertial Reference System (ADV-ADIRS) test interface for a Ground Checkout Terminal Unit. 68000 assy code. An HP64000 platform was used for testing. HPUX 7.0/ HP-9000

Systems Research Labs (SRL) (3/91 to 4/92) Dayton, OH;

MH-60 FLIR VSDS SW Devl. & Test Engr Software/ hardware integration, validation and acceptance testing of the Navigation Upgrade to the MH-60G (SOF) Pavehawk Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR) Video Symbolog0y Display System (VSDS). Design of various software modules integral to the Symbol Generator Unit operating system. MSC v5.1(PC) and ANSI c (Sun 3-4/80) with a cross compiler for 68000 code. a slant range algorithm for the VSDS missile targeting function. Documentation was produced using Software through Pictures (StP) and Framemaker on a Sun Microsystems system.

United Technologies Pratt and Whitney (2/90 to 3/91) East Hartford, CT; Business Sys Analyst (Solution Architect) Systems Analyst for UTC's International Data Network (INET). Developed software to facilitate the electronic exchanges of technical drawings between divisions. Regional ownership for each item was tracked by a master list. Exploited the IBM Professional Office System (PrOfS) e-mail headers to handle mixed content (dwg attachments), similar to today’s MIME. Performed software modifications for changeover from IBM based systems to Sun workstations and servers.


- - - - - - - - -

BSEE: University of Connecticut 1980,

ASEE, Waterbury State Technical College 1976

Masters program: Johns Hopkins (incomplete), SW Engineering, SW Program Mgmt

Also: various work-related training courses:

NASA safety and survival courses (listed below), ClearCase and ClearQuest training, Litton C2, Nortel Network Switch training and NP 7100 Network Probe courses, Raytheon CAC2S College, ASTi ACE Studio Course, Ternion FLAMES. All three (recent) Lockheed, Northrop, Raytheon and CACI employee training and certifications. SMC, WSMC, WSMR, KSC, CCAFS, VAFB & EAFB Flight Line and hanger/high bay Safety & OP procedures, HAZMAT, ESD, FOD, ELSA, and Numerous Safety and Security (Info and Physical) training courses.

NASA Training Certifications (current as of 1/2021):

QF200KSC Liquid Propellants storage familiarization

QF110KSC KSC General Hazards Familiarization

QF28PKSC PHSF Familiarization

QW38AKSC BFF Facility Walkdown

QG07CKSC ELSA Training

QF120KSC LETF Area Access Orientation

QG012KSC General PSM – Process Safety Management

QF125KSC MPPF Area Access Orientation

QE-WBT-243 Cleanliness & Contamination Control

QE-WBT-244 Control of Foreign Object Debris

QG014KSC Class 1, Division 2 Familiarization

QXXXMSFC Advanced Electrostatic Discharge Control (ESD)

The above does not include extensive security related training, including emergency egress, insider threat, cyber attacks, active shooter, etc.

Misc Experiences - 40+ hours PIC Piper Warrior PA-28-161 (N9476R), PIC Katana (N282DA), PIC Cessna Skyhawk 172S (N169LP), PIC Cessna Skyhawk 172 (N5364D) handled in-flight emergency; PIC Glider (N282xx), PIC AT6 USAAF 493336,

Simulators (unlogged hundreds of pilot hours), testing avionics in GIV, GV, MH-60 Bravo, Golf and Sierra.

Open Water diver with > 250 ocean dives world-wide. Photography, Media, Electronics and Computer Hobbyist, Avid back country hiker and downhill skier. Hunt-Seat English Horseback riding, Languages: American English (native), Castilian Spanish and some French; Latin, others - brief, conversational (Greek, Turkish, Romanian)

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