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Business Analyst Data

Peterborough, ON, Canada
June 19, 2021

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Manan Patel

Peterborough, ON K*H*V*



Cognitive and Highly Reliable IT professional with proven ability to develop software using Unity and create, integrate, and analyze functional database systems while maintaining security and integrity. Having experience in working as Lead Developer, logical data analysist and database architect where built a system from scratch, designed scalable relational database, and attached to that system to collect, analyze, and visualize the data using Machine learning and Deep learning algorithms along with Data Analysis tools. Conclusive ability to lead and motivate teams of skillful professionals to create dependent and competent workforce. Summary of Qualifications:

Programming Languages: C#, Python, R, C, C++, Java, SQL, MATLAB. Databases: MySQL, Oracle SQL, MongoDB, Microsoft SQL Server. Cloud: AWS, Microsoft Azure.

Game Engine: Unity.

Software: Glycon3D, MasterpieceVR, Blender, Maya.

Deployment Experience: Steam Store, Oculus Store, Viveport, SideQuest. Source Control: Github.

Frontend Languages: HTML5, CSS3, javascript.

Web Framework: Django, Django, Spring.

Operating System: Windows, Linux/Unix.

Development/Management Approach: Agile, Waterfall. Related Work Experience:

Lead Developer Oct 19-Present

AVROD • Peterborough, ON

• Responsible for creation of the entire platform (VR application) using Unity game engine.

• Design the relational database to handle public and private data, make the database secure and scalable as per the user activity. Used AWS RDS MySQL to create relation database and implement it to the platform to smoothen the data integration and retrieve process. Working on implementing Firebase Realtime database to secure the data.

• Used AWS services to understand the data, clean the data and use other services to analyze the data and make the necessary changes to make the database better and document those findings and taken actions into evaluation report for future reference.

• Responsible for implementing photon unity networking in the platform to make the platform multiplayer compatible.

• Responsible for leading each technical team to achieve goals, those teams are: Database management team, Application Development team, Business Analyst team, Research & Development team, Website Development team.

• Member of the team which works on writing Terms of Service, Company Policies and User Manual.

• Responsible for drafting GDPR compliant data management policy. Tutor Sept 19-Present

Tutor Peterborough • Peterborough, ON

Peer Tutor Sept 19-Aug 20

Sir Sandford Fleming College • Peterborough, ON

Data Analyst – Intern Jan 18 – June 18

SculptSoft • Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

• Analyze and predict the data using Machine Learning (Linear Regression Algorithm) in python language, analyze and make the necessary changes into the database accordingly. Professional Development:

Archaeological Virtual Reality Online Database (Link) June 2020

• AVROD is a pioneering VR Platform dedicated to digitizing and sharing the world’s archaeological and cultural heritage sites for study and exploration.

• Manage 3d models, meta-data, user-data and Analyze user activity and predict the trend and behavior.

• Users can share their ideas and experiences with AVROD.

• Used Unity Game Engine and C# with various other tools. Virtual Guide Sept 2020

• This Application was created using Amazon Transcribe, Amazon Translate, Amazon Lex, Amazon Polly. This application can receive input in any language and use necessary services to translate and provide answer in required language.

• Used Unity, Visual Studio, C#, and various AWS services. Virtual Training: Nursing & Trades (Link) March 2020

• This VR application is eCampus Ontario-funded Project which contains - Fully Immersive virtual hospital environment, Multiplayer, Tailored roleplay script, Pre-recorded Scenarios and Actors, Intuitive design & simple instruction, Task-based simulation, Automated testing System.

• Used C#, Unity, Photon Unity Networking, UMA avatars, Glycon3D. Real Estate Prediction June 2018

• This web-app project was created in Django framework. This Project is used to predict real estate price based on location, age, size, style, square footage. This web-based application uses sample data to train the model and predict the value using Linear Regression Algorithm.

• Used Python, HTML, javascript, Django framework. Home Security with Face Recognition April 2018

• This Project was integrated with Facebook messenger to notify the user when unauthorized face has been noticed in the home.

• This face recognition system provides security and acknowledgement to the owner for each entry.

• Used OpenCV, Python, Django framework.

Related Technical Knowledge and Accomplishment:

• Published VR Platform in Steam Store, SideQuest and Viveport (AVROD).

• Experience in working with Adobe CS.

• Experience in extending Unity Editor.

• Experience in ARCore, Mesh Optimization and implementing lights using HDRP, URP.

• Learned and experience in teaching Engineering Level Mathematics and Physics (including Algebra, Geometry, Calculus).

• Knowledge and Experience in working on various application of Computer Vision and Computer Graphics.

• Experience in working with physical computing using Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and PIC.

• Knowledge of Object-Oriented Programing Concepts.

• Experience in working with Business Development team.

• Knowledge of emotional intelligence.

• Experience in leadership, project management, public speaking, time management, report writing, instructing, organizing and collaboration.

• Experience in Data Processing, Analysis and Visualization using various Python Libraries like – NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib, TensorFlow, scikit-learn and Keras.

• Lead a team of 4 skilled professionals to design and implement Scalable and Durable Database System while maintaining availability, security, and accuracy along with documenting each process step, each activity, and guidelines with the help of Agile project management approach.


Ontario College Graduate Certificate in Wireless Information Networking May 19 – Aug 20 Sir Sandford Fleming College • Peterborough, ON

Relevant Course Include: Data Mining, Datacenter/Cloud Computing, Advanced Wireless Security, Adv Managing Technical Project, Applied Projects I and II. Bachelor of Computer Engineering Apr 14 – Apr 18

Gujarat Technological University • Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India Relevant Course Include: Database Management Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Vector Calculus

& Linear Algebra, Advanced Engineering Mathematics, Calculus, Numerical & Statistical Methods for Computer Engineering, Computer Graphics, Python Programming, Data Mining & Business Intelligence, Information & Network Security, Web Technology, Analysis and Design of Algorithms, Data Structure.

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