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McLean, VA
June 10, 2021

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Manas Atluri


SUMMARY: Student interested in gaining experience in business, politics, and government seek opportunities for growth. Contributes professionalism, demonstrated leadership, exemplary interpersonal and communication skills. Highly persuasive and confident in all situations, while maintaining a standard of excellence.

EDUCATION: Kilmer Middle School, Wolftrap Rd, Vienna, VA George C. Marshall High School, Falls Church, VA

August, 2018 - Anticipated graduation (June 2022)


Member of SGA class of 2022 from (2018-2022)

SGA is a student government association where we plan school events for our class which are fun and interesting and trying to give the sophomore their class and school spirit

Member of SGA Executive Board from (2019-2022)

Executive is also a part of the student government but its the highest student board in the school and this board also plan events but for their entire school and make high school a fun experience for everyone

Member of SAC from (2020-2021)

SAC is the Student Advisory Council is a committee elected by the students to represent their views and opinions about school.

Academy Ambassador for George C. Marshall High School (2020-2021)

Represent George C. Marshall High School Academy

Co-Producer for GCM NOW at George C. Marshall High School


This is a show where the school gets its weekly announcements and along with other information. I am the producer which oversees everything that happens on the show

DECA class officer from (2020-2021)

I am one of the officer in the DECA officer board that informs about what's happening in DECA to the class and much more

FBLA Social Media Manager (2021-2022)

I am the Social Media manager for my school’s FBLA chapter where i look after promoting FBLA

Enrolled in DECA from (2018-2022)

Deca is a club of entrepreneurs, business, innovation and hospitality and many more exciting competitive events take place it's one of the largest student clubs in America

Enrolled in FBLA from (2019-2022)

FBLA means Future Business Leaders of America and we compete in business events in America

Enrolled in (JA) Junior Achievement from (2019-2020)

Junior Achievement is where you teach business and current market world to elementary school students

Enrolled in Mock Trial from (2019-2022)

Mock Trial is a club where we compete with other schools as an actual trial by having Lawyers and witnesses

Enrolled in Bakeology from (2019-2020)

Bakeology is a club where you learn how to bake a lot of tasty food and many more

Enrolled in Leadership from (2019-2022)

Leadership is a really amazing class where you learn how to be a great leader and plan a lot of main events for school.

Campus Ambassador for International Model United Nations (2020-2021)

I worked as an ambassador for the International Model United Nations for 5 weeks.

Team member GCM NOW at George C. Marshall High School

I am an Anchor, outreach person in this show where i tell all the announcements to the school


Won Mock Trial States (2020-2021)

Got qualified for states in Mock Trial (2020-2021)

Won DECA districts in and got qualified to go to DECA states (2020-2021)

Got a certificate from International Model United Nation (IMUN) which is recognized by UN and Australian Embassy (2020-2021)

Got Second Place Medal in FBLA Regionals competition (Sales Presentation 2019-2020)

Won districts and got qualified to go to states for Mock Trial (2019-2020)

Got Certified in PowerPoint from Information System (2019-2020)

Got Invited for the FCPS county leadership Conference for showing great demonstration as a leader (2019-2020)

Got an Invitation from Envision National Business Honor Society to join their 7 day summer program in Innovation from Yale University


Got a DECA Certification of Achievement at Nationals (Entrepreneurship 2018-2019)

Got an Award for Virginia States DECA (Entrepreneurship 2018- 2019)

Certified for WorkPlace Readiness from Introduction to Marketing class


Won DECA districts (Hospitality and Tourism 2018-2019)

Got an Award for best student in 8th grade (2017-2018)

Got an Award for Best Academic Skills in ESOL when graduating Middle School (2017-2018)

Got a Medal and a Good Citizenship Award twice when graduating Elementary School (2015-2016)

Activities and Volunteering: (404 hours of volunteer work in High School)

Volunteered at a Covid-19 vaccination site.

Donated food items, kitchen supplies and more for the second story.

Attended Virginia High School Leadership Conference (2020-2021)

Wrote handmade letter cards to nursing home for spring

I work as an anchor and also an outreach person for GCM Now.

Donated rational supplies to disabled people

Donated food packages to homeless people

Volunteered in a local hospital

Donated blankets and clothes to people with illness

Donated medical and food supplies to disabled people and to two nursing homes

Donated food bags to every patient and along with PPE to the hospital in a nearby local hospital in India

Donated blankets and winter clothes to homeless people/shelter

Donated food and medical supplies to a local nursing home

Supplied Hygiene items to Nursing homes in India

Helped with DECA clothing drive

Supplied food and medical packages to nursing homes and orphan homes in India

Donated food cans and packages to second story

Donated household items to second story

Donated clothes to second story

Planned a Valentine’s day candy gram

Planned Marshall got Talent Show

Hosted a Winter Inova Blood Drive

Planned Marshall Spirit Week (2018-2021)

Fundraisers for DECA (2018-2020), FBLA (2019-2020), SGA(2019-2020)

Volunteered to help out at the Gap Fair

Volunteered for Kilmer Middle School Academy workshop

Volunteered to decorate homecoming two years at Marshall High School

Helped out with many leadership activities

Volunteered for back to school night

Volunteered for International Night at GCM every year

Volunteer for all Marshall High School Tailgates by giving free hot dogs and snow cones every tailgate they had for the rest of the season

Volunteered every three to two days in a week for the entire school year in Middle school helping out my Teachers

Volunteered multiple times a year in retirement home Hobbies:

Collecting coins and money from around the world

Likes participating in GCM community as I can

Love traveling around the world and seeing new places

Love to do events, community service

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