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Duke Energy Database Administrator

Gaithersburg, MD
June 10, 2021

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Yongye Serkfem



Experienced and Resourceful Oracle Database Administrator with years of experience identifying efficiencies and problem areas within data streams, while communicating needs for project support including installation, configuration, Dataguard, GoldenGate, RAC, upgrades, patches, migration, replication, backup and recovery, performance tuning, cloning, space management, and security management,

Employment History

Oracle Database Administrator at Dell Corporation, Atlanta, GA

February 2018 — Present


● Installed and configured PostgreSQL versions like (9.5, 9.6 and version 10) on Linux OS.

● Configured, managed, and monitored replication between master and slave databases.

● Used Pg_Bouncer for connection pooling, PgBadger for generating statistic reports.

● Create roles/tables and grant privileges to users.

● Implemented database security using Pg_crypto.

● Upgraded database versions using pg_dump/pg_restore and pg_upgrade tools and I make sure the latest security patches are updated, provided by PostgreSQL open-source community.

● Exposure to mongo DB environment

● Performed Backups (Pg_basebackup, Backrest, pg_dump) and restore operations, compressed backup and database/schema refreshes.

● I created an RDS Postgres instance and connect with PgAdmin for easy access.

● Experience on restore operations (pg_restore) and Point in Time Recovery.

● Experience in using pg_hero for performance tuning and analysis, SQL Tuning using pg_stat_activity and EXPLAIN ANALYZE.

● Tuned Auto vacuum parameters to reclaim space consumed by dead tuples and ensure the up-to-date statistics of tables.

● Implemented Data Guard with high availability and performance configurations and participated in Data Guard Fail over tests.

● Responsible for the smooth functioning of all ecommerce activities of the organization.

● Renaming and resizing the databases and configured and implemented Oracle Streams (Advanced Replication) for

high availability.

● Performed Schema as well as Table level Replication using Oracle Streams.

● Implemented downstream capture at the destination database using Oracle Streams.


United States, 240-***-****


Configure PostgreSQL Streaming

Replication and Pgpool for load


Experience in upgrading and

migrating various versions of

PostgreSQL database on different


Responsible for all backup, recovery,

and upgrading of all the PostgreSQL


Experience in Data Replication using

Snapshot, Materialized views,

import/export, and Oracle

Goldengate Responsible for

configuring, integrating, and

maintaining all Development, QA,

Staging and Production PostgreSQL

databases within the organization

Implement, configure, and

troubleshoot database instances,

replication, backup, partitions,

storage, and access. Set user

privileges within and outside the

database environment.

Worked with monitoring tools for

better performance like PgBadger,

Kibana, Graphana, and Nagios.

Performed daily administrative tasks

like analyzing databases and

checking for failed processes and

validating disk space.

Full responsibility and expertise in

database administration (DBA),

performance tuning, database

backup, database recovery, database

security, database optimization, data

migration of Oracle instances.

Migration of large number of

databases from 10g to 11g and

implemented ASM on RAC and

stand-alone databases and Applying

PSU Patch and Migration of non ASM

database to ASM database

● Responsible in configuring and backing up database using RMAN, Hot backups, Cold backups, and Logical backups.

● Worked on Multitenant databases.

● Performed Database Refresh from Production to QA, UATs and Development databases.

● Implemented and managed optimum physical database design

(tablespaces, datafiles, extents, redo logs, archive logs) and assessed database capacity by monitoring online storage, growth, and file system space.

● Provided instance level performance monitoring and tuning for Event Waits, Sessions, Physical and Logical IO and Memory Usage.

● Extensive experience in RMAN recovery testing, RAC and standalone database.

● Recovered huge Database (1 Terabyte) when UNDO table space got corrupted in Real Application Cluster (RAC)

● Created a Clone Database using RMAN on remote Server and used SRVCTL commands for Real Application Cluster (RAC) Databases

● Upgraded the databases to version 12c from 11g and 10g

● Installed, Setup, Configured Oracle version 12c Release2 64 Bit on Solaris 10 and RHEL 6

● Up-gradation and Migration of Database from 10g to 11gand then to 12c and applying patches whenever required.

● Applying upgrade patches, maintenance, and interim patches on all the databases.

● Worked on Automatic storage management (ASM) with EMC storage for managing data in SAN.

● Successfully implemented 10g RAC on nodes for high availability.

● Monitored different databases and application servers using Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) 10gGrid Control.

● Loading data from flat files to database using SQL*Loader, External Tables.

● Extensively used AWR, ADDM and explain plan for periodic performance tuning.

● Implementing Datapump, conventional export/import utility of Oracle 12c, and 11g in moving tables, schemas, and databases.

● Involved in construction of DR sites for all the Production environments.

● Installed 12c Database.

● Successfully implemented Backup & Recovery using RMAN which includes hot backups and Cold backups.

● Worked extensively on Performance tuning of Queries by maintaining Aggregates, Compression, partition, indexing and use of Hints, Stored outlines, Statistics.

● Installed and configured Oracle 12c database and cloud control 12c to monitor all databases.

● Worked with T-SQL statements like DELETE and UPDATE statements also, BULK insert of data into the table.

● Performing monthly and annual performance reports for trend analysis and capacity planning.

● Assist in SQL tuning and providing consultation such as creating Materialized views, adding indices, dropping unnecessary indices, using hints wherever possible, amongst others.

Configured Oracle Data guard for

Oracle Disaster Recovery and

Performed switchover/switchback

from primary database to standby

database for testing purpose for the

application teams when required.

Good communication and

cooperation skills with an aptitude

to learn quickly, take responsibility,

work under pressure.

Using list partitions for large tables

and bitmap indexes for the OLAP


Installation and configuration of

GoldenGate and Replication of data

using Oracle Golden Gate.

Resolved RAC issues, OCR related

issues, rebooting of faulty nodes,

relocating the switched over services

Remote administration and support

of Oracle production and

development of Databases on major

Operating Systems with sizes up to

11 TB.

Worked actively in configuring and

maintaining Oracle Physical

Standby/Active Data Guard Database

oracle 11g.

Scheduled Cumulative Incremental

backups using RMAN Cloned

databases using RMAN Utility

Extensive experience in installation

and implementing OEM and TOAD

and setup of Oracle Grid Control

Proactively monitoring the

database's health and taking

preventive or corrective actions

Involved in each phase of the life

cycle (SDLC) including requirement

gathering, technical design,

development, system integration

phase, quality assurance phase,

development, and production

support activities

Remote administration and support

of Oracle production and

development Databases on major

Operating Systems with sizes up to

11 TB.

● Worked on both VMS and UNIX environments.

● Troubleshooting of various database performances by proper diagnosis at all levels like SQL, PL/SQL, database design, database tables, indexes, Instance, memory, operating system, and java calls.

● Knowledge in Oracle Data warehouse DBA skills relating to administration and management of VLDB environments, Oracle OLTP.

● Experience in writing UNIX/SHELL scripts for providing the reports.

● Installed and configured Oracle 11g database on a test server using Oracle standard procedures and OFA, for performance testing and future 10g production implementation.

Oracle Database Administrator at Duke Energy,

Charlotte North Carolina

June 2015 — January 2018


● Tuned performance of RAC and non RAC databases. Found bottlenecking queries that impede application performance and fine-tuned them.

● Performed Zero-Down Time migration from Hp-Unix to Oracle Enterprise Linux using Expdp and Golden Gate and Ongoing proactive database-level performance tuning, with a good working knowledge of Oracle internals.

● Used OEM 11g/12c and Administering Oracle Database 10g, 11g and 12c databases and masking sensitive data in production databases.

● Patching & upgrades on Oracle 12c database (whilst minimizing or eliminating the impact to live services, i.e., using rolling node patching).

● Upgraded databases from to 12c in QA and Prod environments.

● Worked on Oracle Enterprise Manager Express for Oracle 12c RAC standard.

● Working with logical backup using Data pump and Exports/Imports Utility.

● Database Load and Transformation Techniques (SQL Loader, External Tables).

● Created scripts and scheduled backups in Autosys for RMAN database backups and recoveries and Cloned databases using RMAN Utility.

● Coordinate and suggest PM, SA, and LOB DBA to allocate and setup disks for data files, backups and achieve log sizes for ASM through SAN storage, SAN storage to setup VOTING and OCR ASM LUNS per cluster, swap storage and shared memory needed per each node.

● Tuned ETL process of data warehouse databases to reduce load time. Worked with application developers on SQL tuning.

● Provide technical assistance and guidance to the team in implementing High Availability solutions for the group using features like Real Application Clusters, Flashback, Oracle Streams and 10g Data Guard with Automatic Failover.

● Installed Oracle Database 11gR2 with Real Application Cluster (RAC) with CRS and ASM in SOLARIS environment.

● Worked on creation and deletion of RAC resources like listener/instance and database.

● Tuned databases for memory tuning by adjusting Buffer cache size, log switches and reducing check pointing, increasing sort area sizes, shared pool area, prioritizing Oracle processes and increasing SGA overall. Extensive experience in configuring

and implementing ASM and

proficiency in using ASMCMD and


Installation and Configuration of

Oracle 19c Multitenant container

and pluggable databases with Flex

Cluster and Flex ASM.

Experience in implementation of

enterprise databases on enterprise

Storage Solutions using Storage area

Networks (SAN) /Network Attached

Storage (NAS).

Worked actively in configuring and

maintaining Oracle Physical

Standby/Active Data Guard Database

oracle 12c.

Developed database

monitoring/health check alert

scripts for database

uptime/downtime status, and sizing

issues using grid control (OEM) and

extensively used Oracle Enterprise

Manager to do the daily tasks

regarding the performance,


Performing Fault Injection Test

Cases for verifying the High

Availability at each layer of RAC

stack like port failover, instance

failover, ASM failover, and Node


Experience in Extracting,

Transforming, and Loading (ETL)

data using SQL loader utility

Upgrading and migrating Oracle

12cR2 RAC Databases running on

legacy infrastructure to Oracle 19c

Pluggable Databases running on the

latest platforms

Experience in Identifying

performance bottlenecks on high

volume transaction systems. Analyze

SQL statements and design indexes

to improve the response of queries

Automated monitoring of Golden

Gate process and heartbeat


Experience in Installation of Oracle

Databases 11g, 12c, and 19c versions

Experience in the Upgrade of Oracle

Databases in patch set Level and in

● Installation and use of High Availability and Disaster Recovery components; Oracle GRID Infrastructure / Clusterware, Oracle 12c two node RAC for the database tier.

● Planning and implementing DR & high availability solutions using Oracle 11g /12c Standby Database using Dataguard.

● Installed GoldenGate on 12c RAC and Various Standalone environments. Configured Integrated Extract and Replicat on Multitenant database and Performed Cross platform migration and used Oracle GoldenGate to migrate database from IBM-AIX 6.1 to OEL 6.1.

● Configured Bidirectional Oracle Golden Gate Replication Active/Active across various sites with Conflict Detection and Resolution (CDR).

● Configured Extract, Pump, Replicat for GoldenGate replication 11g/12c and Troubleshooting issues in GoldenGate Environment.

● Used Logdump Utility to investigate data on the trail and defgen to create definition files used for replication.

● Tuned performance of RAC and non RAC databases. Found bottlenecking queries that impede application performance and fine-tuned them.

● Periodically clone multi-terabyte databases to QA and UAT.

● Troubleshooting application SQLs and database performance tuning, table partitioning, table space reorg Used SQL TRACE, TKPROF, EXPLAIN PLAN utilities for optimizing and tuning SQL queries.

● Used Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) and Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor (ADDM), ASH report, SQL tuning advisor, SQL access advisor, Segment advisor, SQL profiles, SQL baselines, SQLT reports, TOP, SAR, VMSTAT, IOSTAT, GLANCE for Performance tuning

● Implemented Logical and Physical Standby Databases for RAC cluster on Sun Solaris platform using Data Guard feature of Oracle 11g R2.

● Successfully performed data replication using Materialized views and Oracle Streams in Oracle 11gR2.

● Cloned/Migrated databases using RMAN and traditional Data Pump export/import utilities in Oracle 11gR2.

● Perform RMAN operations (Incremental Backups). Helped developer to install Oracle Client, troubleshoot and establish the connection to Oracle database through ODBC, JDBC.

● Performance tuning for optimized results using tools like EXPLAIN PLAN, SQL*Trace, TKPROF, STATSPACK, AWR and ADDM reports.

● Database tuning, Application Tuning & performance monitoring. Fine tuning Initialization parameters, I/O, Memory and Operating System kernel parameters.

● Implemented and troubleshooting Data Guard (Standby) for high availability/disaster recovery purpose.


Master of Science in Health Informatics, University of Maryland Global Campus, 2019

Bachelor of Science in Health Information Management, Purdue University Global, 2014


• CompTIA Security+ CE Certified

• Registered Health Information Administrator

• Oracle certified Associate

• Oracle Cloud infrastructure certified-Associate

• AWS Solution Architect-Associate

version Level (11g to 12c) and (12c

to 19c).

Good Experience in applying patches

like Critical Patch Updates (CPU),

Patch Set Updates (PSU), and One-

Off Patches, Interim patches, DST,

Patch sets as per the Oracle


Design and implementation of

Backup and Recovery strategies

(both cold and hot backups) and

performing a periodical backup,

restoration, and recovery using

RMAN (full and incremental

Testing and implementing different

physical and logical backup and

recovery methods including point in

time, media recovery, full/partial,

Datapump export/import

Configuration and Management of

Data Guard on RHEL, OEL

Extensive experience with Database

Cloning and Refreshing pre-

prod/dev databases with prod/pre-

prod databases.

Extensive experience in the

installation and implementation

OEM and TOAD and setup of Oracle

Grid Control

Proficient in using various database

Utilities like EXPORT/IMPORT,

DataPump, TOAD

Implementation of Flashback

Technology, Log Miner, Automatic

Database Diagnostic Manager


Proactively monitoring the

database's health and taking

preventive or corrective actions

Proficient in Database Design

(Physical and Logical Database

Design) and Normalization

Expert experience in Hot and Cold

Backup and Recovery, cloning of

databases using RMAN, Veritas

NetBackup, and IBM Tivoli Storage

Manager (TSM).

Used EXPDP&IMPDP to take backup

at database level or tablespace level

and to accomplish table level and full

database de-fragmentation

• Medical Biling and coding Diploma

Technical Skills:


• Tools and Utilities: RMAN, OEM, SQL*Loader, SQL*Plus, EXP/IMP, Data pump, TOAD, Oracle SQL Developer, pg_dump, pg_backrest, pgBadger, pgpool, REPMGR

• RDBMS: Oracle 10g, 11, 12c PostgreSQL 9-12

• Operating Systems: RHEL, UNIX (Solaris, AIX, HP-UX), LINUX, Windows.

• Hardware: Sun Fire 15K, Sun 6320 Storage, Sun Enterprise Servers 890/880/420/450, Hitachi, EMC, Dell Servers, Compaq Servers 6000/3000/1600/800, HP/UX-9000, Red Hat Linux 6.2

• Remote Tools: Cisco VPN, Checkpoint VPN, Remote Admin, VNC, Remote Desktop, VMware Virtualization.

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