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Software Developer

Novosibirsk, Russian Federation
April 26, 2021

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Azhibaev Askar

Male, ** years old, born on * May 1976


+7-961-***-**-** — preferred means of communication

Moscow, not willing to relocate, not prepared for business trips

Enterprise Software Engineer

1 700 USD

IT, Internet, Telecom

— Software Development

— Engineer

Employment: full time

Work schedule: remote working

Work experience 17 years 3 months

August 2018 — currently

2 years 8 months

Independent non profit activity

Slavgorod (Altai Krai),

Software developer

Development of a web server in Java. Tested on my site for one year. Development of a multimedia player in C/C++ (DirectX, DirectDraw, DirectSound, ffmpeg, OpenGL). Output of YUV video to NVIDIA GeForce video card overlay. Sound sync, buffering. Low resource consumption, high speed performance. Development of the http library in C/C++. Development is carried out on CentOS 6, compilation on Windows (starting from Windows XP), GNU/Linux (from version 2.6), MacOSX (from version 10), Android (from version 2) will also be supported. Includes: URL module implementation of RFC 2396 HTTP/1.1 implementation of RFC 2616 memory management module socket module worker pool module. The library will be used on my web server. The server will also serve the WebRTC system. March 2015 —

august 2018

3 years 6 months

BRAM Technologies Ltd. (Television Broadcast Automaton) Moscow,

Software Engineer C/C++

C/C++ software development for TV Broadcast automation. Graphical subtitle video system.

June 2013 —

march 2015

1 year 10 months


Software Developer PHP

Development of software in PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery for the online store NIX.RU

November 2010 —

december 2012

2 years 2 months

Individual entrepreneurship, private practice, freelance Slavgorod (Altai Krai), s m

Software developer

Software development in C/C ++ (DirectX, DirectShow, DirectSound, mpg123, Internet) to automate the workplace of DJ on the radio station. The software provides: automatic creation of playlists by templates automated creation of digital weather forecast releases broadcasting of advertising blocks on a schedule, also by a DTMF signal (a software digital filter was created) automatic leveling of the volume of sound files time announcement every hour program control over a local network using a web interface.

I also worked on creating my own website.

November 2009 —

november 2010

1 year 1 month

Independent non profit activity

Slavgorod (Altai Krai), s m

Software developer

I worked on creating my own website.

August 2003 —

november 2009

6 years 4 months

Television and radio company OJSC Trust

Slavgorod (Altai Krai)

Video editing operator, software developer

Video editing of a daily TV show. Software development in C/C++. Key skills

About me

Higher education: Engineer with a degree in Automated Data Processing and Control Systems, Department of Automation and Computer Engineering, Novosibirsk State Technical University (NSTU).

I have practical experience in electronics and programming for Windows and Linux. While studying at the university, I acquired a three volume book "The Art of Electronics", Paul Horowitz, Winfield Hill, and studied it completely. I independently manufactured digital devices based on integrated circuits series 155 TTL logic, analog C C++ PHP Java JavaScript OpenGL 3ds Max Visual Studio Windows Linux CentOS Assembler Bash SSH Shell Multithread Programming Network Internet Server Television Automation Broadcast HTML CSS MySQL Git jQuery Adobe Photoshop XML Android Администрирование серверов Linux microcircuits, transistors, low noise amplifiers, with calculations of low noise connecting lines. Designed and manufactured television receivers with automatic tuning based on the submodule of the radio channel and a digital to analog converter, as well as digital filters. (1990s) I started programming with the MK 61 programmable calculator in 1990. Then, since 1991, I studied programming in machine codes and in assembler for the Zilog Z80 processor on a ZX Spectrum 48K computer. From 2002 to 2003 I worked as an administrator in a computer club. I service computers, install games. There were 10 gaming and learning computers connected to a slow network with coaxial cable. I suggested replacing it with twisted pair, and the network began to work faster. From 2003 to 2009, I worked in the television and radio company OJSC "Trust" in the Altai Region, I did video editing of a daily musical TV program, I was involved in the implementation of a digital format for editing video materials. I made programs for Windows using DirectX, DirectShow, DirectDraw, DirectSound technologies. I made a program to automate the workplace of the presenter of the radio station. The program allows you to automate the creation of playlists, automatically place advertisements in the broadcasting grid, and enable regional advertising blocks by DTMF tone in the rebroadcast of federal radio channels. Automatic generation of digital weather forecast releases. Play audio files with 32 bit floating point output quality. From 2009 to 2013, I made my own website on my own, translated articles from the English speaking Internet, tried to make money on Google advertising. I rented a VPS server in a data center in St. Petersburg, and I use this server now.

From 2013 to 2015, I worked for Nix ( online store) in Moscow. I made programs in PHP and JavaScript. From 2015 to 2018, I worked for BRAM Technologies Ltd. (broadcast automation) in Moscow. The company supplies federal, regional and satellite TV channels with video server systems. I was developing a graphical subtitle system (C/C++).

Now I live in the Altai Region. I make open source programs myself, for example, the HTTP/1.1 library, and a server for video conferencing.

Examples can be found on my website:

or on the

or clone with git on my website:

git clone

or on the

git clone git:// httpaa code I looking for Remote Work.

To work there is a computer Intel Celeron 2000 MHz, i845, RAM 2GB, installed Windows XP (Visual Studio 2005 Express) and CentOS 6 with Xfce 4 (GCC, GDB, Vim). Mac Mini 2012 computer, Intel Core i5, RAM 4 GB, (Xcode 5), WD external HDD drives with a total capacity of 6 terabytes. Upgrade hardware and software is possible. Internet connection: "MTS" 3G modem, unlimited, ZyXEL Keenetic router. Backup connection: 4G router "Beeline", 4G router "Megafon", 30 GB limit.

I can start working at any time you need.

Work is underway to create a WebRTC server. Android mobile devices and desktops with Chrome, Opera browsers will be supported first. Then a video conference interview is possible. Personal qualities: honesty, responsibility.

I make programs conscientiously, they work without errors, for me there is no such thing as "crash" of the program. During development, the architecture of the program is carefully designed, all variables are initialized, all sorts of checks of the arguments and output values of functions are done, the work with memory is checked. The speed of program execution is optimized, so I often write in pure C. I use C++ as needed, when I need to provide the required level of program automation with the help of classes. An example is the programs running on federal television on many servers on the Internet. I work with cryptographic algorithms. I made a CA (Certificate Authority) RSA 4096 bit root certificate and every two months I issue a working RSA 2048 bit certificate for my server. I made a server in Java using SSL Engine, checked the quality of SSL encryption, the data cannot be decrypted when intercepting the key of the working certificate. I use AES 256 encryption for important data.

I use keys for authentication and passwords up to 100 characters. I use a configured firewall to connect to the Internet. Hobbies: listening to music in high quality, and making some music (for example, the composition FUNtaste on the site is a midi file processed with a synthesizer and various samples are applied, audio editing at 32 bit). At school I studied the violin for 4 years. I also studied photography at school. Now I take photos mainly with my phone and do amateur video filming. I have a good Canon camcorder with a professional sensor and film quality. Sometimes I play computer games GTA III and OpenTTD. Higher education

2006 Novosibirsk State Technical University, Novosibirsk Automation and computer technology, Automated data processing and control systems

1993 Secondary School 1, Bishkek (11 grades), Kyrgyzstan Languages

Russian — Native

English — C1 — Advanced

Estonian — A1 — Basic

French — A2 — Elementary

German — A2 — Elementary

Japanese — A2 — Elementary

Portuguese — A1 — Basic

Spanish — A1 — Basic

Citizenship, travel time to work

Citizenship: Russia

Permission to work: Russia

Desired travel time to work: doesn't matter

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