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Structural Repair Design / MRB Engineer with Boeing Delegation

Ankara, Turkey
April 26, 2021

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Personal Information

• Address : Konutkent Mah. 3028.Cad. No:2C/90 Cankaya/Ankara/TURKEY

• GSM : +90-542-***-**-**

• E-Mail :

General Information

• Marital Status : Single

• Birthplace & Date : Ankara, 1989

• Foreign Language : English

• Driver License & Date : B 2008

Education Information

• B.Sc. Aerospace Engineer, Middle East Technical University (METU)

• MBA, Master of Business Administration, Baskent University Work Experience

• Turkish Aerospace 02.12.2013 – Cont.

o Structural Analysis & MRB Engineer 02.12.2013 – Cont.

BOEING 737 MAX - 787 Projects – Full Engineering MRB Authority 20.04.2018 – Cont. I have had Full Engineering MRB authority and signature delegation on BOEING 737 MAX Elevator and Tabs, BOEING 787 Elevator, Cargo Barrier, and Horizontal Leading Edge projects since 20.04.2018. For both metal and composite parts, I am providing dispositions for nonconforming materials considering the actual part, assembly, or aircraft meets or exceeds certification and design requirements. I am capable of performing basic static and fatigue analysis of the repairs of the damaged area by using reverse engineering methods and providing dispositions considering design data, load distribution, basic fatigue and damage tolerance analysis, production methods, material and processes, quality requirements and basic cost analysis. I am creating consultations to Boeing Design/Analysis Engineers for some dispositions that requires detailed analysis, or design concurrence or higher installation affected problems.

BOEING 787 Elevator, Cargo Barrier & Leading Edge Projects 30.01.2017 – 20.04.2018. I prepared recommended dispositions to Boeing Engineers for all of the discrepancies occurred during manufacturing of BOEING 787 Elevator, Cargo Barrier, and Horizontal Leading Edge parts in Turkish Aerospace. For both metal and composite parts, I was giving repair, use as is, rework, or scrap decisions in cooperation with production and quality departments and recommend the solution to BOEING Authorized MRB Engineers.

Airbus A400M Aileron & Spoiler Project 20.07.2015 – 30.01.2017 I worked on fatigue and damage tolerance analysis of hinge fittings and actuator fittings of A400M Spoilers including both attachment and radius areas using Airbus ISSY, MSC Patran, and Excel spreadsheets. Much iteration is conducted with different materials and different geometries to satisfy required fatigue lives.

Airbus A400M FCF&MFRT Project 23.02.2015 – 20.07.2015 I was assigned to make fatigue stress assessment of dispositions provided by MRB engineers on front centre fuselage and rear fuselage of Airbus A400M. I analysed all disposition recommendations from fatigue stress point of view using Airbus SAFE software joint model. I also prepared “Modification Report of Low Fatigue Life Areas on Guide Rail Run-Outs, Frames and Frame Couplings of A400M Rear Fuselage” after analysing these parts using SAFE joint model.

Airbus A350XWB-1000 Aileron Project 24.03.2014 – 23.02.2015 I was involved in the fatigue and damage tolerance analyses of Airbus A350XWB-1000 metallic front spar, hinge fittings, and actuator fittings using Airbus Stress Tool – ISAMI. I also conducted stiffened panel analysis. Additionally, I prepared “Detailed Finite Element Model Validation Report of A350XWB-1000 Inner and Outer Ailerons for C-Maturity”.

Alenia ATR72-600 A/C Modification Project 02.12.2013 – 24.03.2014 I helped providing recommended dispositions for Alenia ATR72-600 A/C Modification Project. I obtained information about the repair applications such as bushings, repair angles, doublers, fillers, flush plugs, and oversized fasteners.

• Turkish Aerospace Academy 01.07.2019 – Cont.

o Lecturer 01.07.2019 – Cont.

I am giving a lecture named Repair Design, Aircraft Metallic Parts for all design and analysis engineers of the company, and a lecture named MRB Engineering Requirements for Nonconformance Documents for quality personnel and nonconformance document initiators. Part-Time Job Experiences/Internships

• METU-Centre for Wind Energy 10.2012 – 05.2013

o Electromechanical Design Subgroup – Team Leader

I participated in research studies on wind turbines and wind turbine technology as a volunteer.

• Directorate General of Civil Aviation 08.2011 – 09.2011 o Intern – Maintenance and Airworthiness Division

I had a chance to review maintenance manuals of aircraft maintenance companies.

• Turkish Aerospace 06.2011 – 07.2011

o Intern – Integrated Aircraft Systems

I learned manufacturing methods and processes on production area.

• Aselsan 08.2010 – 09.2010

o Intern - Microelectronics, Guidance and Electro-Optics Division I learned how to use MatLab-Simulink tool and modelled a UAV using it.

• European Association of Aerospace Students – EUROAVIA 09.2007 – 05.2010 o Coordinator’08, Vice President’09, Audit Board Member’10 Course & Certificate Information

• Aircraft Structures: Analysis and Design, Kansas University, 5 Days, 2019

• General Nonconformities & Solution Approaches on AIRBUS Metallic Airframe, TAI, 1 Day, 2019

• Advanced Composite Repair Analysis, ABARIS, 5 Days, 2018

• Boeing Composite Repair Approach, TAI, 1 Day, 2018

• MRB Static Analysis for Hole Discrepancies of Metallic Airframe, TAI, 1 Day, 2018

• Commercial Product Review – Full Engineering BOEING MRB Authority, Boeing, 5 Days, 2017

• FiberSim, TAI, 1 Day, 2017

• Basic Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing, TAI, 2 Days, 2017

• Repair Design, Aircraft Composite Parts, TAI, 2 Days, 2017

• Visual Basic, TAI, 3 Days, 2017

• Structural Design Criteria, TAI, 1 Day, 2017

• Mechanical Fastening, TAI, 1 Day, 2017

• Introduction to Configuration Management, TAI, 2 Days, 2016

• Repair Design, Aircraft Metallic Parts, TAI, 2 Days, 2016

• Composite Bonded Repair & A350XWB Applications, TAI, 1 Day, 2016

• Introduction to Avionic Systems, TAI, 2 Days, 2016

• Basic Airworthiness and Certification, TAI, 1 Day, 2016

• Aircraft Structural Repair for Engineers Part 3, Boeing, 5 Days, 2015

• CATIA V5 Design, TAI, 5 Days, 2015

• Airbus ISAMI Analyst – Handling Fatigue Analysis, TAI, 14 Hours, 2015

• Materials in Aerospace, TAI, 4 Days, 2015

• Aircraft Modification Engineering, TAI, 1 Day, 2015

• Introduction to Structural Analysis, TAI, 2 Days, 2015

• Impact Damage on Composites, TAI, 1 Day, 2015

• Introduction to Manufacturing Engineering, TAI, 1 Day, 2015

• Development of Basic Communication Skills and Empathy, TAI, 1 Day, 2015

• Team Work, TAI, 1 Day, 2015

• Problem Solving and Decision Making Techniques, TAI, 1 Day, 2015

• Engineering Drawing Basic Reading, TAI, 2 Days, 2014

• Fastener Familiarization, TAI, 1 Day, 2014

• Introduction to Composite Design, TAI, 2 Days, 2014

• Basic Metallurgy Familiarization, TAI, 1 Day, 2013

• Corrosion, TAI, 1 Day, 2013

• 60 More Engineering and Personal Development Trainings, TAI, 2013-Cont.

• Certificate of Training, TAI, 180 Hours, 2011

• RC Model Aircraft Manufacturing Certificate, Turkish Aeronautical Association, 100 Hours, 2010 Computer Knowledge

MSC Nastran-Patran, CATIA, FiberSim, ISAMI, SAFE, ISSY, HyperMesh, MatLab-Simulink, FORTRAN, KeyCreator

(CADKey), TeamCenter, SAMCEF for Wind Turbines, Word, Excel, Powerpoint Projects Participated

• Boeing VTOL UAV Design Project: A member of a team designing, manufacturing and flying a vertical take-off and landing unmanned aerial vehicle for different missions carrying 2 kg payload.

• Modelling and Simulation of NREL 5MW Wind Turbine Project: Model NREL 5MW Wind Turbine using SAMCEF for Wind Turbines tool and simulate it for different scenarios like icing or unexpected gust.

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