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Mechanical Engineering

Kochi, Kerala, India
I'm ok to go with your company norms
April 24, 2021

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B Tech in ME (****)

APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University

: +91-949*******




To work in a progressive organization that gives me the scope to apply my knowledge and skills, and be a member of a team that dynamically works towards success and growth of the organization.

Work Exposure


About Me

Quick Learner Flexible

Dedication towards the activity being done.

Technical Skills

ANSYS, Ultimaker CURA, Solidworks, OnShape,Windows OS



Name of the Institution



Year of



B Tech

Muslim Association College of Engineering,TVM,Kerala

APJ Abdul Kalam




8 (CGPA)


Darsana Higher Secondary School,Nedumangadu,



State board




Darsana Higher Secondary School,Nedumangadu,


State board


81 %

Achievements and Awards:

1.Completed the RPA starter Training from UiPath Academy

2.Attended two day National workshop on 3d rapid prototyping organized by JG Aurora & KINFRA park

Attended one day training programme on artificial intelligence conducted by MEMAC Automations

Industrial Exposure:

1.Completed 5 day internship programme at Incaetek Solutions,TVM

2.Industrial visit to VSSC Space Museum, Thumba

Mini project done in B-TECH

REGENERATIVE BRAKING SYSTEM: According to Law of conservation of energy, “Energy can neither be created nor be destroyed but it can be converted from one form into another”. During a lot of process energy can be released in the form of heat and it is wasted. It can’t be used. Regenerative Braking system is used to store the energy. It is used to extend the driving range of electrical vehicles. Regenerative Braking is an energy recovering mechanism which slows a vehicle by converting its kinetic energy which can be either used immediately or stored until needed. Our aim is to run the vehicle a long distance continuously. And run the vehicle at maximum or minimum charge without switch off the vehicle by driver’s instructions.

Proposed project in B-TECH

DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT OF FREE FLOW WATER PUMP: The main function of pump is to transport water or any other fluid from one point to another. But it can cause energy loss, chance of corrosion and overheating. As a result our aim is to develop a free flow water pump for increasing the efficiency and reducing these problems. We transfer water from lower region to higher region without using an external source. For this we use the principle of hydraulic ram. As a result we have to increase supply head which tends to increase supply flow rate, delivery head and overall efficiency.

Seminar done in B-TECH

STUDY OF IMPACT ANALYSIS OF CAR BUMPER TO ENHANCE CRASHWORTHINESS: Bumpers play an important role in preventing the impact energy. Saving the impact energy in the bumper to be released in the environment reduces the damages of the automobile and passengers. In accidents, most troublesome situations to be occurred to drivers that they can avoid such. Good design of car bumper must provide safety for passenger. We also emphasis on the light in weight of bumper to reduce the gross weight of vehicle which is very essential to increase fuel efficiency of vehicle and aesthetic look and safety to the passengers. This seminar will be taking a brief look into “improve impact strength of car bumper to enhance crash worthiness.”

Personal Info

Father’s Name: Senthil Kumar K

Nationality: Indian

Sex: Male

Marital Status: Single

Languages Known

English : Read, Write and Speak(Fluent)

Malayalam : Read, Write and Speak(Fluent)

Hindi : Read, Write(Basic)

Tamil : Speak(Fluent)

I, hereby declare that all the information furnished above is true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Aravind S

Kailas Bhavan, Charuvallikonam Vanda, Karippoor P O, Nedumangadu, Trivandrum, Kerala Pin: 695541

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