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Manager Customer Service

San Jose, Costa Rica
April 23, 2021

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Jeffry Loaiza Castillo

· Contact Information

Phone: 71787571 email: Country: Costa Rica

· Profile

My main background is in Workforce, Project and People Management, leading Organizational Expansions, Regional and Network Projects.

I am currently a Workforce Manager for Amazon Vision Operations Center New Business Development (AVOC NBD), responsible for Costa Rica and USA Regions.

I have more than 7 years in the contact center industry and over 4 years’ experience in Workforce Management and Project Management. In addition, I have more than 2 years of people management and career development working for SYKES, Citibank and Amazon.

I have studies of Electronics Engineering; QA Control and Continuous Improvement in Universidad Latina de Costa Rica. In summary, I have strong problem-solving and analytical skills. Confident in my proven experience as a Manager and my ability to come up with new ideas to provide solutions for any company.

· Skills

Microsoft Excel. Microsoft Office. Power BI. Aspect. Visio. SharePoint. Paragon. GACD. CSC. CSSM. CSSG. Quip. Canva. Drawio. Infogram. Wiki. Vibe. Redhawk. Bluerabbit. Tableau. Quicksight.

· Interests

Personal and professional development. Program, Project, Workforce and People Management. Use new technologies and tools to expand my knowledge, and be able to apply it accordingly and provide inputs to come up with innovative solutions.

Interested in stakeholder management and networking. Creation of reports and dashboards in Excel and Power BI.

As a passion I enjoy creating visuals, infographics, logos and advertisement in Canva & Infogram for engagement activities.

· Experience

Amazon Amazon Vision Operations Center New Business Development Workforce Manager March 2021 – Present

Workforce Manager for Amazon Vision Operations Center New Business Development (AVOC NBD), responsible for Costa Rica and USA Regions. AVOC currently handles remote resolution of technologies that employ machine learning and artificial intelligence. The Organization strategy is to employ a human-as-sensor model and allow humans to perform those portions of a task that require higher order cognitive ability. As Workforce Manager I am responsible to coordinate with Program Managers, Business Analysts, Operations and Training for New Business Development Programs and HC Allocation ensuring that capacity and KPI goals are met. Projects:

· HC Allocation:

- Creation of a SIM process to manage NPT (Non-productive time) requests and inputs from Operations Managers and other stakeholders.

- Creation of a excel input file and tool for weekly HC Allocation, which allows to assign the hours to associates to specific programs to ensure business continuity.

- Creation of a report for Operations Managers for HC Allocation scheduling to inform about weekly HC allocation needs.

- By centralizing the HC Allocation process into one resource, standardizing the SIM process for inputs and reducing manual efforts and human error, there has been a weekly time reduction of 89.33% (from 25 hours to 2.67 hours).

· OT Calculator:

- Creation of an OT calculator to define upcoming OT needs based on current HC and future program launch needs.

- Excel tool that will generate automatically analysis, possible scenarios and a forecast of OT needs by entering basic input, reducing manual work.

Amazon Worldwide Capacity Planning Customer Service Workforce Manager March 2020 – March 2021

Customer Service Workforce Manager for the LATAM Region (Countries: Costa Rica, Colombia, Mexico, Brazil & Morocco. +9000 HC). In addition, Manager for a team of 10 WF members in 2020, currently 5. Responsible for managing the WF SIM (tickets for requests) Intake, leading and being responsible for performance, ensuring staffing accuracy in the internal network for Service Level delivery. Work in lock-step with CS Operations, Capacity planning and Finance teams. Coordinate with Operations, HR, Recruitment, Training and Facilities to execute short-term and long-term capacity and headcount movements. Mitigate capacity risks; manage the analysis of daily, weekly, and monthly reporting of site performance via Key Performance Indicators. Projects:

· Perfect Pay:

- Pay Program was created to ensure every employee has a perfect pay experience, free from defects and complexity whenever a schedule change is performed.

- Project leader of a program to avoid pay defects in the Customer Service population, utilizing pay defect data insights and anecdotal employee feedback.

- Creation of a bi-weekly business review to ensure improvement in Perfect Pay experience and defect reduction. Execution of a strategy to identify gaps and remediation efforts to ensure a perfect pay experience is met.

- Creation of a reactive control mechanism (Excel report) to ensure defects are corrected by cross checking CSA schedule hours from Amazon scheduling systems and sharing reports to stakeholders.

- Creation of a mitigation plan to ensure all business needs and exceptions are evaluated and mitigated to safeguard business continuity and avoid pay defects in partnership with Ops, HR, Time & Attendance, and Data Management.

- This project has reduced the pay defects across LATAM sites in 88% during 2020.

· NH Class & Production Schedules for CS:

- Led a project of change management for the New Hire Classes and Production Schedules processes in Customer Service by centralizing the tasks in WF Team.

- This project has reduced planning time by 25% and in addition has reduced errors and defects by 90%.

· CS LATAM WF Internship:

- In charge of the creation of an Internship Program for CS LATAM where CSAs have been up skilled and mentored into an entry-level Workflow Associate (WFA) role, to build a sustainable talent pipeline to satisfy staffing needs due to attrition, turnover and team growth.

- This project has helped interested CSAs with their individual career development. The LATAM Organization had two WF Interns staffed during 2020, after the success of the Internship Program they have been hired as Permanent WF Associates.

· WF Associates NHs Training & Onboarding:

- Planning and execution of a standardized Training and Onboarding process for the WF Associate New Hires by setting up the goals and KPIs for the new waves of WFAs, delivering better results by applying an updated version of the training path and new methods to reinforce the learned information and processes.

- This project has raised a friendlier team dynamic and environment, while enhancing good relationships between the team members.

· Vibe Non-Productive Time Tool (NPT) Adoption:

- Key member and Workforce Point of Contact for the adoption and implementation of Non-Productive Time, Overtime/Voluntary Time-Off and Schedule Swaps tools developed by Tech Team (Vibe).

- In charge of creating training videos as well as SOP documents to be shared with the Training and Ops stakeholders to ensure acceptance and use of tools.

· Network Vibe Non-Productive Time Report:

- Creation of a weekly worldwide KPI report in Excel and a Power BI dashboard to drive accountability on Vibe Non-Productive Time tool usage and adoption across the network regions.

- Project leader in charge of weekly business reviews and communications to provide visibility on NPT booking in Vibe tool usage, making callouts to stakeholders (Senior Operations Leadership and Network WF Teams).

- Report scope is Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia and Pacific Regions, taking on count more than 50 sites.

- Vibe usage has increased in LATAM from 5% to 66%; at the same time Vibe usage has increased in the Network from 4% to 38.13% after 13 weeks of implementation, meaning +321000 hours of NPT booked in this tool worldwide.

· CTI & SOP Standardization:

- Workforce Manager and leader in charge of the standardization of the SIM Intake process for LATAM Region.

- Three SIM types are now processed by WF Analysts (BUWG Inquiry, Incorrect WG on CSSM & Training NPT Request) to avoid dependency and delays on the WFAs team, at the same time increasing WF Associates capacity to reduce SIM backlog and process daily reports with this change.

- Nine new SIM CTIs (Category, Type & Item) have been created to provide efficient support, at the same time having specific SIMs for each case reduces ambiguity when requests are made. In addition, all LATAM CTIs and SLs were aligned to comply with Network standards.

· CS LATAM WF Identity & Communication:

- Creation of a Logo and signatures in Canva for Worldwide Capacity Planning WF CS LATAM Team.

- Creation of flyers to reinforce WF & Ops processes, signatures for WF members, update of WF SharePoint, and merchandise to construct an identity, improve the sense of belonging and increase team engagement.

· Fun Fact Friday:

- Creation of a weekly "Fun Fact Friday" issue, first issued in WW34, 2020, with fun facts about random topics as part of the Fun activities to increase engagement in WF teams across the network.

- Currently this is sent worldwide to Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia and Pacific Regions WF teams.

· Amazon Vision Operations Center (AVOC) Identity:

- Creation of a Logo and signatures for AVOC members to help in creating an identity for this Organization. Amazon Worldwide Capacity Planning Customer Service Workforce Analyst January 2019 – March 2020

Analyst for the following Organizational Units: (D2ML [Mexico, Spain & Brazil], D2 Generalist) in the D2 Organization. +750 CSAs. Effectively manage the needs of our external customers while balancing the needs of our internal customers. Make data-driven decisions in all of our processes and work expectations. Work closely with Capacity Planning to ensure daily Service Levels are met in all Operational Units. Projects:

· Cost Center Audit Report:

- Led a project to create an audit mechanism with the purpose to reduce the impact to the variable cost per contact of the Costa Rica and Colombia Organizational Units, by catching the misalignments due to Headcount moves and correcting them as soon as possible.

- An excel report was created in partnership with the Finance team. Misalignments were reduced by 85% after two weeks of implementation.

· Vacation Accrual mitigation:

- Creation of a strategy in partnership with Operations to lower the accrued vacations in Costa Rica CS population (27% were noncompliant) during the months prior to Prime (2019) to be aligned to Code of Labor laws (less than 12 vacation days).

- After 3 months the percentage of CSAs with more than 12 days of vacation decreased from 535 to ~135, this represents ~74% of the CSAs that showed as vacations outliers were reduced to the correct standards and reducing the financial impact by $80,732.

· Training Launch Planning:

- WF main stakeholder for the D2 & D2 Multilingual WW Organizations, Training planning for new curricula and amazon device/product launches for +900 CSAs, reschedules, coordination, strategy with Training and Operations to ensure trainings are delivered and completed as planned.

- Management of 3 WF resources to achieve project goals.

· D2 Multilingual VTS Launch:

- Project leader of a successful pilot to launch the D2 Multilingual Organization on CR-VCC (Virtual Site) in WW45, 2019; by hiring 60 CSAs in the new virtual location.

- Leading daily checkpoints, aligning CSAs to new sites, WG and profiles, communication and strategy with Program Managers, Capacity Planning, HC planning, Training, Operations and Logistics team to ensure a successful launch.

· D2 Multilingual Hoop Reduction & Shift Bids:

- Successfully implemented a Hoop Reduction (Support Hours reduction) and Shift Bids for the entire population of D2ML marketplaces (Brazil, Mexico & Spain).

- Responsible for negotiation with Operations, HR & Headcount and Capacity Planning stakeholders in order to execute, and align CSAs to new schedules to ensure coverage at an intraday level and safeguard SLs, Occupancy and PTL goals for the organization. Amazon Selling Partner Support Workforce Real Time Analyst June 2018 – January 2019

Monitor, report and escalate intraday performance of call volume and staffing levels across network sites, to ensure SLs are met.


· Shrinkage Report for Selling Partner Support:

- Creation of an intraday Excel report for Shrinkage for SPS, to track outliers, reduce the amount of unplanned shrinkage, and create coaching opportunities for Ops stakeholders.

- This report reduced unplanned shrinkage from 13% to 7% in 4 weeks of implementation worldwide

(North America, Europe and India).

· Service Level deep dive reporting and analysis:

- Creation of an Excel report to reduce the time of SLs reporting, callouts and analysis for Live Channels at a network level, in order to reduce SL risks and improve overall efficiency.

- Saving 0.3 FTE (12 hrs) of reporting/analysis time weekly for WF team and increasing the response time for operations.

· Weekly missed contacts report:

- Creation of an Excel report for missed contacts, in order to create coaching opportunities, and reduce the missed contacts rate at a network level, to improve overall productivity and decrease SLs risks and KPI misses.

- This report helped to reduce the amount of missed contacts from 15.35% to 10.04% in 4 weeks of implementation worldwide (North America, Europe and India). Amazon Worldwide Capacity Planning Customer Service Workforce Associate November 2016 – June 2018

WF SIM (tickets) Intake, daily reporting and stakeholder support. Projects:

· Backup Workgroups Project for CS:

- Increased operational flexibility, network coverage and improved internal and external customer experience by creating of guidelines for backup support and cross skill support within CS Organizational Units.

- Costa Rica had a reduction of hired agents in 80 CSAs, saving $240000 in hiring costs.

· Creation of L3 DART (Escalations) position in CR-VCC:

- DART CSAs were hired for the first time in CR-VCC (Virtual Location), reducing fixed costs and variable costs per contact for this Organizational Unit in $0.40 per contact. Amazon Vendor Central Management Representative

November 2015 – October 2016

Phone and email support for Amazon Vendors and Sellers. Project:

SOPs & Blurbs:

- Creation and maintenance of SOPs and blurbs for North America and Mexico marketplaces. SYKES Citibank Team Manager

September 2014 – October 2015

Front line manager leading and developing 20 direct reports.

· Education

Electronics Engineering

Universidad Latina de Costa Rica 2011 – 2021

Quality Control and Continuous Improvement

Universidad Latina de Costa Rica 2015

· Certifications

Excel: Value Stream Mapping LinkedIn 2020

Cert Prep: Scrum Master LinkedIn 2020

Statistics Foundations LinkedIn 2021

Project Management Foundations LinkedIn 2021

Operational Excellence Foundations LinkedIn 2021 Lean Six Sigma: Define and Measure Tools LinkedIn 2021 Lean Six Sigma: Analyze, Improve and Control Tools LinkedIn 2021 Become a Six Sigma Yellow Belt LinkedIn 2021

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