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Saudi Arabia
April 23, 2021

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Harrideo (Henry) Singh (****-**-**)

*** ******** ******,

Annandale North,

East Coast Demerara .




Dear Sir/Madam,

I am applying for the position of a Male English Teacher (B.Ed.) in Saudi Arabia (Riyadh Province, Saudi Arabia). My desire overall is to expand my base both in intellect and experience. In this regard, I think that the advertised position will give me a great challenge as well as the opportunity to adopt a new and positive culture. I am therefore hoping for a kind response from the appropriate personnel.

I offer a great work ethic, a competent level of proficiency, excellent language facility, both written and oral, and a wealth of experience in teaching and media work, both in Guyana and Canada. I am also very adaptable and teachable, and I excel under duress, even when without supervision. My strengths inhere in the desire to meet and surpass expectations, being willing to work hard, possessing the ability to multi-task and improvise. I also feel a great joy and sense of satisfaction in situations of growth and production.

I thank you sincerely for any consideration of offer. I am also most willing to attend any interview you may wish to arrange, for it is only in a one-on one discussion, mutual interests can be addressed. Thanks once again.

Yours truly,

Harrideo (Henry) Singh.



1.University of Guyana-Assistant Lecturer.


3.National Communications Network Inc. (Freelance Announcer).

2006-2008: National Communications Network

1.Radio Announcer/Producer.

2.Editing and Proof Reading.

1997-2006: Media Work in Canada

1.Part-time Radio Journalism for 680 All News Radio.

2.Part-time Reporter for Indo Caribbean World.

1994-1997: Guyana Bible College-Theology Teacher

1.Assistant Teacher/Recruiter/Planner.

2.Substitute Teacher.

3.Recreation Co-ordinator.

1994-1997: Guyana Broadcasting Corporation

1.Reporter and Presenter of News and Sports.

2.Host of “call in” Sports Shows.

3.Interviewing of various guests.

4.Editing and Proof Reading.

1986-1994: Annandale Secondary School-High School Teacher

1.School Teacher of English and Spanish.

2.Preparation of school curriculum.

3.Form Master for third and fifth formers.


University of Guyana (2006-(Jan 2007))

Commenced reading for the Degree in English Linguistics and Literature in January 2007, and completed it in June, 2011. This Degree is coupled with a minor in French and selected courses in Music. The official GPA is 3.2.


1.ENG 106-A (Introduction to Poetry)

2.ENG 114-A (Introduction to Fiction and Drama)

3.ENG124-A (Introduction to Fiction and Drama)

4.ENG 116-A (Writing skills and Research/Documentation)

5.ENG 126-A (Writing skills and Research/Documentation)

6.ENG 117-A (Introduction to Language and Communication)

7.ENG127-C (Introduction to Language and Communication)

8.ENG 211-A (14th C to 20th C Poetry)

9.ENG 221-A (14th C to 20th C Poetry)

10.ENG 212-A (Novel 14th C to 20th C)

11.ENG 222-A (Novel 14th C to 20th C)

12.ENG 213-C (Structure of Language)

13.ENG 223-A (Structure of Language)

14.ENG 311-A (WI Literature)

15.ENG 321-A (WI Literature)

16.ENG 312-A (Literary Theory and criticism)

17.ENG 322-B (20th C Criticism)

18.ENG 313-A (Creole Language Studies 1)

19.ENG 323-B (Creole Language Studies 11)

20.ENG 314-B (Language and Society)

21.ENG 324-A (Language and Society)

22.ENG 315-C (Research Methods)

23.ENG 413-B (Modern Poetry)

24.ENG 426-B (Women and Literature)

25.ENG 427-A (Post Colonial Literature)

26.ENG 429-A (Modern Fiction)

27.MUS 112-A (History of Caribbean Music)

28.MUS 122-A (Form/Style-Caribbean Music)

29.CST 127-B (Caribbean Studies-Guyana)

30.FRE 100-C (Introductory French)

31.FRE 101-D (Introductory French)

32.FRE 201-C (French Language 11)


Trinity College London (2002)

1.Theory of Music-Grade Four (Pass with Credit).

General Certificate of Education (1986)

1.English Language (C).

2.Spanish (C).

3.Mathematics (B).

4.Biology (C).

5.Physics (B).

6.Chemistry (A).

Guyana Bible College (1992-1995)

1.Advanced Diploma in Ministerial Leadership.

2.Diploma in Bible Studies.

3.Christian Education Diploma.


1.Professor Ian Robertson (University of the West Indies, St. Augustine).

2.Dr. Joyce Jonas (University of Guyana, Turkeyen).

3.Pastor Calvyn Heywood (Central Baptist Church, Georgetown Guyana).

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