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Manager Data

Vizianagaram, Andhra Pradesh, India
April 23, 2021

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Phone: 703-***-*****334


●Experience with the BI tools Power BI Desktop, Power BI Service, Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server, Cognos, Cognos TM1, Tibco Spotfire.

●An IT professional with 12+ years of experience with System Analysis, Estimations, Planning, Coding, Testing and Post Production Support, in the field of Data warehousing, Data Modeling, Business Intelligence, Decision Support Systems, Customer OLTP/OLAP (Star & Snowflake schemas), Reports Generation and Web development.

●Expert in creating and developing Power BI Dashboards into rich look, used Power BI Gateways to keep the dashboards and reports up to date.

●Developed Tableau visualizations and dashboards using Tableau Desktop.

●Produced attractive Tableau visuals/dashboards to convey the story inside the data.

●Published Workbooks by creating user filters so that only appropriate teams can view it.

●Experienced at designing and development of data warehousing reports using COGNOS (Report Studio, Query Studio, Analysis studio, Event studio, Active Reports, workspace, workspace advanced and OLAP cubes).

●Proficient in developing Business models using Framework Manager (Relational & DMR) and published packages to Cognos Connection in Cognos depending on business requirements.

●Experienced in Framework Manager Metadata Modeling (Database Layer, Logical Layer, Presentation Layer, CQM & DQM Packages and Relational & DMR Modeling).

●Involved in migration of Tableau Dashboards/Cognos packages and reports from Development to Stage, Stage to Production, administering users/groups/roles, Scheduling Jobs, Event Creations, folders and assign permissions.

●Involved in Cognos upgrade from Cognos 8.2 to Cognos 8.4 to Cognos 10.x.

●Involved in creation of Data Source connections, Security and Experience in Deployment (Export, Import) from one environment to another environment.

●Implemented Security at different levels in Framework Manager and Cognos Connection to restrict access.

● Have diverse experience in Tableau Dashboards & Cognos Report Testing, Functional Testing, Integration/System Testing and Quality Assurance.

●Good experience in Business Objects reports migration to Cognos and Cognos reports migration to Spotfire.

●Experience in creating Complex Spotfire Dashboards or Reports Using Tibco Spotfire Professional.

●Created Complex Information Links to pull the data from Oracle 10g/11g and Denodo.

●Experienced in Financial Planning Solutions using Cognos TM1 10.2 Applications (Architect, Contributor, Perspectives and Turbo Integrator) from requirements through design, testing, implementation and production support.

●Strong experience in Extraction, Transformation and Loading (ETL) data from various sources into Data Warehouses and Data Marts using Informatica Power Center (Repository Manager, Designer, Workflow Manager, Workflow Monitor, Metadata Manager), Power Exchange, Power Connect as ETL tool on Oracle, DB2 and SQL Server Databases.

●Having good knowledge on Agile Methodology.

●Have strong oral, written, organization skills, excellent time and project management skills.

●Carries a positive attitude, enthusiastic and a firm believer of teamwork.

●Mentored and trained users for the successful execution of the project.

●Involved in triage and support on 24/7.


●Master of information technology, MAHE University, India.


OLAP/BI Power BI 2019 (Power BI Desktop, Power BI Service)Tableau 2019.x/10.x (Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server), COGNOS 11.x/10.x/8.x (Report Studio, Query Studio, Analysis studio, Event studio, Workspace, Workspace Advanced, Active Reports, Transformer (OLAP Cubes) & Framework Manager), Tibco Spotfire 6.5 (Professional and Web player), Cognos TM1 10.2 (TM1 Architect, TM1 Perspective, TM1 Web and TM1 Contributor), SAS Enterprise Guide, SAS Studio

Cloud Technologies AWS, S3 Bucket, MYSQL Aurora, EC2, Docker, SQS, Cloud Watch, Snowflake

Languages/Tools PL/SQL, SQL, JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery, Angular 6, React, Node JS, HTML, DHTML, PHP, Perl, Flex, Base SAS, Informatica Workflow Manager, Informatica Power center

Databases Oracle 9i & 10g, MS SQL, Server 2005 & 2008, MS Access, MySQL, Teradata, Snowflake, SAS

Operating Systems Windows NT/95/98/XP/Vista/7, Linux, Solaris


Client: Nike, Hillsboro, OR July 2017 – Till date

Role: BI Consultant/Analytics/Data Engineer


•Perform a major role in gathering/understanding the business requirements from Nike Demand Planners and designing/building an analytics solution using star/snowflake schema in a data warehouse.

•Complete data analysis using Teradata, Oracle with respect to reporting requirements.

•Extracted data from multiple data sources (ECC, SAS data sets, Oracle) into Teradata/Snowflake warehouse.

•Creating, validating, Testing and Running the sequential and batches and Sessions, and scheduled them to run at a specified time using tools such as Informatica Workflow Manager

•Database development in MySQL using Workbench 6.2 client, High proficiency in MySQL (ability to write and optimize complex queries).

•Responsible for developing, support and maintenance of the ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) processes using tools such as Informatica Power center

•Developed Teradata Macros, Stored Procedures to load data into Incremental/Staging tables and then move data from staging into Base tables.

•Developed scripts for loading the data into the base tables to load the data from source to staging and staging area to target tables using Fast Load, Multiload and BTEQ utilities of Teradata.

•Design & Enhance Power BI analytics solution with visualizations and Cognos reports which enable the Demand Planners to view perspectives of the data.

•Generated ad-hoc reports in Excel Power Pivot and shared them using Power BI to the decision makers for strategic planning.

•Utilized Power BI (Power View) to create various analytical dashboards that depict critical KPIs such as legal case matter, billing hours and case proceedings along with slicers and dicers enabling end-users to make filters.

•Expertise in writing complex DAX functions in Power BI and Power Pivot.

•Automated Power Query refresh using power shell script and windows task scheduler.

•Used various sources to pull data into Power BI such as Teradata, Oracle, Snowflake, Aurora MySQL etc

•Created Workspace and content packs for business users to view the developed reports.

•Scheduled Automatic refresh and scheduling refresh in power bi service.

•Wrote calculated columns, Measures query’s in power bi desktop to show good data analysis techniques.

•Worked on all kinds of reports such as Yearly, Quarterly, Monthly, and Daily.

•Worked on all types of transformations that are available in Power bi query editor.

•Design & Enhance Cognos Framework Manager models (Relational & DMR) based on the business requirements.

•Migrate the Cognos/Power BI reports/dashboards from DEV to QA to PROD using Service Now.

•Monitor & schedule jobs and reports in Production to make sure reports deliver successfully to Demand Planners.

•Involve in reporting solution upgrade from Cognos 10.0.6 to Cognos 11.0.6.

•Worked effectively on Index Tuning Wizard, Estimated Query Plan to optimize the performance tuning of SQL Queries.

•Developed python framework to automate processes in Teradata.

•Developed shell scripts in Linux and scheduled cronjobs.

•Co-ordinate Quality Assurance System Testing, System Integration Testing and User Acceptance Testing for all new Report Developments.

Environment: Cognos 11.x/10.x (Framework Manager, Report Studio, Powerplay Transformer, Workspace Advanced, Active Reports, RAVE and Query Studio), Cognos TM1 10.2, Power BI 2019 (Power BI Desktop and Power BI Service), Informatica Workflow Manager, Informatica Power center, Oracle, Teradata, Snowflake, MySQL, SQL, SAS 9.4, SAS Enterprise Guide, Python, Angular 6, React, NodeJS, AWS, Jenkins, GitHub, JavaScript, Terraform, Docker, SVN, Windows, Linux, HPQC, Service Now.

Client: Newfield Exploration, Woodlands, TX March 2017 – July 2017

Role: Tableau Consultant/Data Engineer


●Responsibility to build an analytics solution as per requirements from the business.

●Responsible for identifying data for analytics solutions.

●Making strategic recommendations on Data collection, integration and retention requirements incorporating business requirements and knowledge of best practices.

●Created various complex visualization dashboards using Cross tables, Bar Charts, Line Charts, Scatter plots and more.

●Building, publishing customized interactive reports and dashboards, report scheduling using Tableau Server, Involved in Performance Tuning of Tableau Reports.

●Created Extract filter, Data source filter and Context filter to improve performance.

●Extensive experience in using all Level of Detail (LOD) expressions like Include, Fixed and Exclude to create visualizations that are different from the view level or visualizations level of detail.

●Developed storytelling dashboards in Tableau Desktop and published them on to Tableau Server which allowed end users to understand the data on the fly with the usage of quick filters for on demand needed information.

●Developed Tableau workbooks from multiple data sources using Data Blending.

●Used SAS Import/Export Wizard as well as SAS Programming techniques to extract data from Excel.

●Used Proc SQL and SAS EG Guide in extracting huge SAS data sets.

●Responsible for solving data-related issues and communicating resolutions with R&D and data sources.

●Data analysis, data modeling, and data mapping capabilities.

●Discovery and removal or correction of errors in data records though data cleansing activities.

●Accountable for the assessment, delivery, quality, accuracy, and tracking of any production data fixes.

Environment: Tableau 10.2 (Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server), MS SQL Server, SQL, Python, SAS 9.4, SAS Enterprise Guide, SAS Studio, Windows, Linux, Service Now.

Client: Highmark Inc, Pittsburgh, PA Nov 2016 – March 2017

Role: BI Team Lead


●Responsibility to build a reporting solution per requirement from customers.

●Involved in gathering the requirements and took it from white board to implement reports/dashboards using Tableau/Cognos.

●Effectively used data blending feature in tableau to get data from DB2, MS SQL Server.

●Converted a few Cognos Reports to Tableau Dashboards for Visualizations.

●Created Tableau scorecards, dashboards using stack bars, bar graphs, scattered plots, geographical maps, Gantt charts using show me functionality

●Created Custom Hierarchies to meet Business requirement in Tableau

●Created action filters, parameters and calculated sets for preparing dashboards and worksheets in Tableau.

●Publishing customized interactive reports and dashboards, report scheduling using Tableau server.

●Executed and tested required queries and data before publishing Dashboard.

●Created appropriate models in FM and created reports out of it using Report studio.

●Response in identifying data for decisional BI reporting

●Response in creating metadata from different data sources

●Response in delivering complete reporting application to business

●Involved in complete data analysis in terms of reporting requirement perspective.

Environment: COGNOS 10.2.1 (Framework Manager, Report Studio, Query Studio, Event Studio, Active reports, Workspace Advanced, RAVE), Oracle 10g, DB2, MS SQL Server, SQL, JavaScript, Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server, Windows, Linux, Service Manager, Rally.

Client: General Electric, Stamford, CT Jun 2015 – Sep 2016

Role: Cognos Tech Lead/Cognos TM1 Consultant/Sr. Spotfire Consultant


●Participate in meetings with Client\Onsite counterpart to understand requirement and identify the key milestone during the project execution

●Understand\Document the project requirement as per the Business needs and converted the Business specification document into Technical design document according to User requirement.

●Implemented Failure notification email alerts in Production, if any scheduled report will fail in Production, immediately we will get mail alerts.

●Extensively worked on governor settings and DQ Analyzer to improve performance of DQM queries and reports.

●Created complex reports using active reports and dashboards using RAVE visualizations.

●Involved in the Enhancements of reports, Framework Manager model (Relational & DMR) and CQM DQM report bug fixes as per the User request.

●Monitoring the scheduling jobs and reports in the Production and delivering the reports successfully to end users.

●Responsible for acknowledging the Service Now Incidents raised by business, analyze the incident to know data quality issues or design issues and then redirect the incident to the concerned team with data analysis.

●Responsible for Servicenow requests such as Audit/SOX raised by business for cognos reporting applications.

●Created powerplay OLAP cubes using Cognos powerplay transformer on .iqd(Impromptu query definition), used batch scripts to build incremental cubes and created reports in analysis studio.

●Created the reports on RDM (Relational Data modeling), DDM (Dimensional Data modeling) and DMR (Dimensional Data modeling on Relational model).

●Involved in migration of Cognos reports to Spotfire.

●Created Data sources for Report creation in Spotfire Professional.

●Created various complexes Cross tables, Bar Charts, Line Charts and Tree map.

●Customized data by adding Property Controls, Filters, Calculations, Summaries and Functions.

●Created Information Links By using Information Designer to pull the data from Oracle Database and Denodo (Virtualization tool) required to create the reports.

●Developed reports using Spotfire Professional and published the same to Spotfire Server for Business Users use.

●Development of TurboIntegrator(TI) Processes to load and retrieve data from database tables and other data sources, for creating dimensions, hierarchies, and cubes.

●Maintenance of TM1 users, roles, and security.

●Created temporary Views, Subsets using Turbo Integrator and populated data for Actuals.

●Scheduled Chores and Monitored Data Loads in a timely manner.

●Created rules to transfer data between cubes.

●Used TM1 rules editor to create and edit rules to create various calculations.

●Used Replication to copy the Cubes from one server to another server.

●Managing/Leading offshore team of 8 members in offshore-onsite model to deliver the project needs in time.

●Used Rally tool to create user stories for development tasks as part of agile methodology and having daily stand-up meetings offshore.

●Used Service now to track all production issues.

Environment: Cognos 10.2 (Framework Manager, Report Studio, Powerplay Transformer, Workspace Advanced, Active Reports, RAVE and Query Studio), Cognos TM1 10.2, Spotfire 6.5, Oracle 10g, SQL, JavaScript, SVN, Rally, Windows, Linux, Service Now.

Client: Mobistar, Brussels, Belgium Aug 2014 – May 2015

Role: Cognos Lead


●Gathered Business Requirements to develop reports using IBM Cognos 10.1.

●Involved in discussion with business to understand requirements and prepare requirements documents.

●Involved in estimation of cognos development and preparing SOW for the same.

●Involved in modifying the cognos models, according to the user requirement.

●Involved in testing the updated/new packages and fix the issues.

●Involved in Business objects universe/reports migration to Cognos packages/reports.

●Analyzed, designed, built and tested reporting solutions based on business requirements.

●Created Cognos 10.1 Framework Manager models including relationships, filters, calculations, organized folders, merged/procedure query subjects, aliases, shortcuts, database layer, business layer, presentation layer, and have setup data/object security and successfully published the packages.

●Created Star Schema Models in Framework manager.

●Developed several complex reports using cascaded prompts, Drill Through, master-detail relationships, Page sets, Joins, Unions using report studio.

●Worked on conditional variables utilizing conditional explorer and burst reports in report studio.

●Created, organized and formatted reports, folders and other contents on Cognos

●Extensively worked on Dashboards using report studio including render variables, master-detail relationships, prompts, filters, conditional variables, HTML items, layout component reference and formatting the objects within report design.

●Worked on batch scripts to implement security on custom views of cube (CC & GL dimensions) with help of VB script and merged to create the final Opex cube.

●Applied Security and User Authentication to the various User Groups.

●Involved in migration of Cognos models and reports from Development to Stage, Stage to Production.

●Data source creation during migration.

●Export/Import of bulk reports between environments during migration.

●Creation of Jira tickets for the cognos development.

●Involved in updating/addition of cognos models/reports into SVN.

●Managing the team of 6 people offshore for in time delivery of the project.

Environment: Cognos 10.1(Framework Manager, Report Studio, Powerplay Transformer and Query Studio, Active reports, Workspace Advanced, RAVE), Oracle 10g, Netezza, SQL, Procedures, JavaScript, JIRA, SVN, Windows, Linux.

Client: CHEVRON, Houston, TX Aug 2013 – Jul 2014

Role: Spotfire Developer


●Understanding existing business and customer requirements.

●Created Data sources for Report creation.

●Created various complexes Cross tables, Bar Charts, Line Charts and Tree map.

●Customized data by adding Property Controls, Filters, Calculations, Summaries and Functions.

●Used Automation Job Service Builder to Export DXP file during Migration Process

●Developed reports using Spotfire Professional and published the same to Spotfire Server for Business Users use.

●Created various prototypes and showed them to the users.

●Created Action Controls using Python Scripting.

●Experience in Handling Multiple data tables in Analysis.

●Experience in creating Bookmarks.

●Conducting Unit testing of the reports developed in Spotfire Professional.

●Responsible for migrating the reports from Development to Acceptance / Production Server.

Environment: Spotfire 5.5, SQL Server 2008, Python Scripting, JavaScript, SQL, Windows, Linux.

Client: CHEVRON, Houston, TX Aug 2010 – Jul 2013

Role: Senior Cognos Developer


●Interacting with the key Business Associates for understanding the as-is process flow and new business requirements or enhancement activities.

●Documenting the Business Requirements for report development, coding and passing it to Client Review.

●Design & Enhance the Framework Model (Relational & DMR) based on the business requirements.

●Design & Enhance Cognos Reports and Workspace Dashboards.

●Interact with the Offshore team for technical discussions and product delivery.

●Troubleshoot and enhance the existing reports with recommendations to suit the business requirements.

●Performance tuning of the reports with the help of governor settings and tuning the queries.

●Prepare SQL Test scripts for COGNOS Reports.

●Carrying out Unit testing based on the unit test plans and test cases.

●Managing the deliverables to the client.

●Up gradation from Cognos 8.2 to 8.4, 8.4 to 10.

●Allocating tasks and delegating responsibilities to the team members for the successful execution of the project.

●Daily reviews and status monitoring of the project delivery.

●Conduct Team Meetings with offshore and address the issues faced by the Team Members and come up with solutions for the same.

Environment: Cognos 8.2/8.4/10.1 (Framework Manager, Report Studio, Analysis Studio, Powerplay Transformer and Query Studio, Active reports, Workspace Advanced, Rave), SQL SERVER 2005 & 2008, SQL, SVN, Windows, Linux, Service Now.

Client: MTNL, India Jun 2008 - Jul 2010

Role: Cognos Developer


●Interpreted complex Business specifications developed by the client and generated reports to meet customer specifications.

●Development of Cognos Models and publish into Packages.

●Enhancement and development of existing/new reports.

●Bug-fixes on the report.

●Maintenance and support of Client, Operational and Ad hoc reports.

●Created Standard Reports using Report Studio like List Reports, Crosstab Reports and Chart Reports with drill through functionality and Ad-Hoc Reports using Query Studio.

●Created reports using Cascading Prompts, Conditional Variables, Render Variables and Data Formatting properties.

Environment: COGNOS 8 (Framework Manager, Report Studio, Powerplay Transformer and Query Studio), Java Script, TOAD 6.5.0, Oracle 10g, SQL, Windows XP.

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