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George, Western Cape, South Africa
April 23, 2021

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Gert Cloete

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Maretha Maartens Street




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Date of Birth

24 August 1981

Drivers License

Code: B

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Nature Life


I am currently employed by Cherengani Cleaning as a Supervisor at the University of the Free State.

I am ready for a life changing experience.


With 18 years’ work experience, I learnt the importance of hard work and to grow and develop to shape a better society to live in by knowing and respecting rights, laws, and regulations. I work very well with people, and my referees will attest to my abilities, skills and competencies. I gained experience through training in a colour coding cleaning system, which includes the management of cleaning products and apparatus as prescribed by a colour coding cleaning system.

I strive to be the most competent employee at all times. I am professional, responsible, dependable, reliable, loyal, honest and possesses a positive attitude. I am self-motivated, and always open to grow and learn. Skills & Competencies


I have the ability to cope with a frequently changing environment and adapt to evolving situations.

I am reliable, responsible, dependable and can fulfil obligations.

I have the ability to work under pressure.

Strategic Thinking

I have the ability to deal with several activities at a time.

I have the ability to plan work and to follow plans.

I have the ability to be pro-active and to take initiative in situations. Business Acumen

I have the ability to adhere to rules and strictly follow work regulations.

I am proficient in using MS Office.

I have the knowledge and experience of a colour coding cleaning system.

I have good administrative skills.


I have the ability to lead, take charge of situations, and offer opinions and directions to others.

I have the ability to maintain high levels of personal motivation, energy and enthusiasm.

I have the ability to be cooperative with others, display a good-natured attitude, and encourage people to work together.

I have proven managerial skills and leadership qualities. Building Coalitions

I have the ability to be self-assured and at ease with people in all types of social situations.

I have the ability to make decisions through consultation, collaboration, and working close with supervision.

I have very good interpersonal skills and the ability to function with ease in a multicultural environment.

I have good communication skills.

Curriculum Vitae

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Busy with My Grade 12, through the UFS Leadership and Development Division (Human Resources). From 1995 – 1999

Vocational Education

Nobilis (Virginia, Free State)


Company Designation Period

Cherengani Cleaning

University of the Free State

Supervisor 1 January 2018 – To Date

Central University of Technology,

Free State

Invigilator 2015 – 2017


Contract / Industrial Cleaning

Contract Manager 2013 – 2015

Storage Concepts Store Manager & Logistics Officer 2007 – 2012 Computer Maintenance & Services Technician 2006

C & H Joinery Bench-Fitter 2003 - 2005

Professional Experience

Cherengani Cleaning at the University of the Free State: Supervisor As Supervisor at the University of the Free State’s (UFS) Residences, I manage the cleaning processes according to the Standard Operating Procedures of Housing and Residence Affairs. I currently manage a cleaning team of twelve (12) staff members, and oversee four (4) Residences.

An All Care Hygiene Colour Coding System is implemented in all UFS residences. All cleaning processes, cleaning materials, cleaning apparatus and cleaning detergents are manage according to this system. Areas of Responsibility


General Cleaning

• Managing the cleaning processes in Residences, to create a clean, neat and hygienic living environment for residents.

Special Cleaning Requests

• Recess Cleaning: Rooms are only cleaned during UFS recess periods;

• Cleaning after an Upgrading Process: During UFS recess periods some residences, or part of it, are upgraded; these areas need to be cleaned after the contractors left and before the residents arrive;

• Students with Disabilities: Rooms are cleaned on a regular basis;

• Special Clean-Ups: Not part of daily routine cleaning (examples thereof are vomit and feces); a Bio- Spill Cleaning Kit is used for a special clean-up;

• Long Weekend: Residences can be left for 2 days without cleaning, but not for longer, therefore cleaning take place over long weekends; and

• Emergency Cleaning: Emergencies happen from time to time, therefore it is expected to provide stand-by duties; e.g. flooding, fire, etc.

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Managing Cleaning Agents / Detergents and Cleaning Equipment

• Issuing of cleaning agents and equipment to cleaning staff according to the All Care Hygiene Colour Coding System.

• Checking and judicious use of cleaning detergents and cleaning equipment according to the All Care Hygiene Colour Coding System.

• Report to the Housekeeping Manager any issues with cleaning detergents or cleaning equipment.

• Checking hygienic and correct usage of colour coding cleaning equipment by cleaning staff.

Quality Control

• Ensure that cleaning staff clean the Residences according to the Standard Operating Procedures of Housing and Residence Affairs.

• Daily checks of cleaning processes and corrective recommendations to cleaning staff.

• Carrying out of inspections.

Staff Management


• Filling out time registers of cleaning staff.

• Filling out forms for vacation leave, sick leave, compassionate leave, etc. Inform the Housekeeping Manager on leave approved.

• Writing and handing over of formal warnings to cleaning staff.

• Filling out of inspection forms.

Motivation and Discipline

• Maintain good interpersonal relationships with my staff.

• Any unacceptable behaviour or poor service delivery are immediately addressed with my staff.

• Weekly meetings are held with my respective teams and staff.

Relationship with Other Role Players

• Weekly meetings with the Housekeeping Manager.

• Weekly meetings with the Contract Manager.

• Daily contact sessions with the Housekeeping Manager. Conference Accommodation

During the UFS recess periods, the UFS accommodates conferences in UFS residences. During these times, it is expected to perform extra tasks in order to ensure high quality accommodation. As Supervisor, in collaboration with the Housekeeping Manager, it is ensured that all areas of responsibility in terms of cleaning and the preparation of rooms are done before the conference attendees arrive; this includes the front view of the residence, foyer, public rooms, bathrooms, kitchens and rooms.

Throughout the conference:

• the neatness and cleanliness of the residence are maintained;

• on a daily basis the bathrooms and public areas are cleaned according to the Standard Operating Procedures of Housing and Residence Affairs;

• colour coding equipment are used according to the All Care Colour Coding System;

• receive and sign for linen received from the Housekeeping Manager;

• on departure by the conference attendees, the Supervisor go through all the rooms and ensure that no linen was taken by the conference attendees; this are done before the cleaning staff enter the rooms to take off the linen; lost linen with the room numbers are reported to the Housekeeping Manager;

• linen taken off beds are handed back to the Housekeeping Manager, who will count it and sign for receiving it.

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All communication with the cleaning staff is clear and unambiguously at all times in order to prevent misunderstandings.

Central University of Technology, Free State: Invigilator Providing support to the Chief Invigilator, in that I monitored and supervised students who wrote exams. My duties comprised of:

• Setting up the examination venue/-s by placing student numbers, booklets, examination papers, stationery and equipment at desks in accordance with strict procedures.

• Implementing the exam rules and regulations and remaining vigilant throughout the examination duration.

• Assisting the students before, during and after the examination by directing them to their seats, checking their student cards, and advising them about possessions permitted at examination venues and dealing with queries raised by students, etc.

• Invigilating carefully, making sure that students do not talk inside examination venues and also responding to any examination irregularities immediately.

• Checking attendance during examinations, recording details of late arrivals and ensuring that proper seating plans are followed.

• Escorting candidates during water breaks or washroom breaks as required and detecting any unauthorized materials inside the examination hall.

• Delivering and collecting scripts carefully at the start and end of the examination in accordance with strict examination procedures.

• Assisting with the packing of examination scripts, stationery and other equipment from the examination venues.

• Supervising candidates in leaving the examination venues in a quiet and disciplined manner and ensuring that candidates do not remove equipment or stationery from the examination venue without the permission of the authority.

Industroserve: Contract Manager

Industroserve had a cleaning service contract at Sovereign ARC (BMW Vehicle Workshop). I was appointed in this position to oversee and maintain the vehicle wash bay functions / cleaning, and customer units. I supervised work activities, and compliance with the company and regulatory requirements. I reported to the Area / General Manager. My duties and responsibilities comprised of the following:

• Supervise all wash bay attendant activities to ensure maximum productivity.

• Oversee and manage resources (equipment) to ensure compliance with service contract specifications.

• Oversee and manage employees; a team of 5.

• Monitor quality control, compliance, cost adherence and timely repairs.

• Maintain wash bay facilities in a clean, safe and ensuring environmental stewardship.

• Weekly reporting to the Area Manager.

• Daily meetings with my team to ensure goals are being met.

• Ordering of cleaning supplies from the applicable Service Provider.

• Carry out inspections of the wash bay.

• Working with a colour coding system.

In this position I was able to prioritize and initiate innovative solutions, demonstrate good organization and problem solving skills, and able to execute operational strategies that utilize resources and alliances. My working environment was at an industrialized site; outdoors in all types of weather conditions. Page 5

Other working experience from Storage Concepts, Computer Maintenance & Services and C & H Joinery included:

• Carpentry work which include paneling;

• Operating machinery (cutting of wooden boards, etc.);

• Ordering of supplies;

• Loading and unloading of supplies;

• Keeping inventory of supplies;

• City driving;

• General repair and servicing of printers.

• Compile quotations for repairs and servicing of printers;

• Compile invoices for repairs and servicing of printers; and

• Filing of quotations and invoices.


Computer Skills

Results Achieved

• Beyond expectation performance;

• Direct good to customers (customer service);

• Relate good to people;

• Going the extra mile;

• Communicate well within a multicultural environment;

• Passion for assistance;

• Being present and reliable;

• Time Management;

• Strong Leadership;

• Resolve problems (crises management);

• Welcome everyday challenges;

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• Willingness to work after hours;

• Learning new skills and ideas;

• Socializing with diverse cultures; and

• Knowing that “impossible is temporary”.


Mrs Ronell Kruger

Chief Officer: Housekeeping

University of the Free State

083-***-**** or 051-***-****

Mr Ntsokolo (Gladstone) Mathebe

Senior Housekeeping Manager

University of the Free State

076-***-**** or 051-***-****

Summary – Why Me

I enjoy all challenges, and welcome each and every opportunity to develop my expertise and skills. My passion for my work drives me to deliver high-quality work.

I will be a valuable addition to your team, because I take pride in my work, including the work of my staff; together we are a Team. My staff are close to my Heart and together we ensure cleanliness in our Residences. Gert Cloete

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