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Engineer Project

Goroka, Eastern Highlands, Papua New Guinea
April 23, 2021

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ENIKO NIRIKE _ Curriculum Vitae ****



(675-****-**** 7225 8242 P.O. BOX 1366 GOROKA, EHP 441, PNG Project Geologist or Geotechnical Engineer

Executive Summary

I am a geologist by profession with a BSc degree (geology) at the University of Papua (2006), and I have more than 10 years field experience engaged as a project geologist and or geotechnical engineer for a number of projects mainly in Papua New Guinea.

I spent three (3) years on regional field mapping program before moving on to work on greenfield hardrock exploration projects, where I spent over five (5) years. I spent two (2) years as geotechnical engineer for Frieda River project (surface) before I joined K92 Mining. Professional Summary

Geotechnical - prepare for proposal writing and technical reporting. Involved in TSF design and implementation programs including geotechnical drillings, instrumentation, borehole installations, testing, monitoring, data collection and compilation. Conduct site investigations and mapping and reporting of high level of competency with risk-based approach to asset management. UG Monitoring – implement and review ground support regimes, applications, approach, structural mapping, identify water-bearing structures (hydrology), issue rehabilitation recommendations, issue intersection cable bolt designs and plans, cross overs, fibrecrete and backfill QAQC, conduct cable bolts and pull testing, blast vibration and data compilation and reporting. Greenfield Exploration – supervise fieldwork programs, conduct field mapping, QAQC sampling

(rockchips + soils), propose drilling programs, costing and scheduling, supervision of drillings and core logging and interpretation. Project management and technical reporting (daily/weekly/monthly) and solve community related issues and many more while maintaining safety protocols at prime priority. Born: 03 June 1983

Religion: ELC - PNG

Nil Disabilities & married

ENIKO NIRIKE _ Curriculum Vitae 2021

Technical Skills

Professional Experience; + 10 years Core logging + sampling Technical reporting Greenfield & Geotechnical


QAQC of drillhole data Review GS regimes

Project coordination and


Site inspections Time management

Planning and scheduling Field mapping Public awareness Budgeting and cost estimation Borehole Installation + testing

Critical thinking

Diamond and RC drillings TSF Investigation Practice safety protocols Data validation and correlations Report geohazards Maintain quality leadership TSF monitoring + Instrumentations Proposal preparation & stakeholder engagement

Supportive + cooperative

UG mine + exploration geology


Excellent written and oral


Honest and transparency

• Ambitious & Challenges

Capable to lead and manage projects confidently.

Consistently maintain professional work ethics & safety protocols. Confident to meet company’s requirements & punctuality. Passionate to understand regional/local geological settings of the project and its economic significant base on physical observation & evaluations after pre-field studies. Confident in decision making and recommend for further effective greenfield exploration programs where geology sounds economical.

• Academic Credential

Bachelor of Science (geology) degree

International Courses (England & German)

PNG Passport & Driving License (class 6)

• Computer literate

Microsoft Office & IT basics

MapInfo (Discovery & GIS)

Surpac &

Rocscience Suite (Dips, UnWedge, SR2, Slide, RocData)

Employment Summary

Geotechnical Engineer (Permanent) K92 Mining Limited, Kainantu, EHP March 2020 – Present. Became a permanent in May 2020 after 3 months engagement as a contract geotechnical engineer and roles are: Frequent Monitoring, Inspection & Reporting – Sitewide

TSF Dam & GSP monitoring stations.

Site infrastructures (such as portals, bridges, buildings, etc) where critical

UG levels (all drives and stations) – where/when require for audit and recommend ground support.

Blast Vibration Monitoring

Long Term Displacement Monitoring (MPBX, InSar, Prisms) ENIKO NIRIKE _ Curriculum Vitae 2021

Geotechnical SOP Review for the mine

GCMP update and review

Ground Support Regime (GSR) – currently reviewing.

Fibrecrete and backfill QAQC.

Cable bolting & Pull Tests programs

Geotechnical Data Collection

Field Mapping @ 1m interval at critical areas to pick Structural and Rockmass information

Geotechnical logging (defect + rockmass) & Interpretation.

In situ rock strength, UCS test

Mohr and Coulomb parameters (defect + rockmass)

Stress regime – require acoustic test with appropriate method. Hydrological and Regional Structures Studies

Know topography and geomorphology of the project area including its drainage system.

Know main regional geological structures and associated micro-structures, orientations, contents, active/passive, detail geology input.

Cross over depressurization – propose drill holes where required to control high water pressure/flow that may cause severe fall of ground.

UP TO DATE with 3-MONTHLY Mining Sequence Schedule and plan a head – making sure ground support areas are well covered and supported as required.

Project Geologist (Contract) K92 Mining Limited, Kainantu, EHP May 2019 – Oct 2019 Spent 5 months looking after Blue Lake Project (EL 1470) for its exploration drilling program for the K92 Gold Mine. Supervise field work programs – Soil and Trench samplings (selective) Field mapping – Scouting and mapping.

Mend drilling – Construction, monitoring & logging. Manage all heads onsite (staff and casuals) and camp administration. Champion to handle Community relate issues and others.

Exploration Geologist (Contract) Geopacific Resources @ Woodlark Island, MBP June – Oct 2018 A short-term engagement to help on Soil-Sampling and field mapping program that also include supervision of drill pad construction and core logging.

Supervise drilling; infill resource drilling on proposed mine-site (open-cut) Supervise fieldwork; soil sampling (gridded line) and regional trenching Field mapping; assist Dr. David Lindley on a regional geological mapping of Woodlark Island. Geologist (Contract) PanAust Frieda River Project, West Sepik Province Dec 2016 – May 2017 This was a short-term engagement - mainly to supervise infill drilling program and responsibilities include. Supervise pad Construction & drilling

Piezometer installations for geotechnical purpose

Core logging & QA/QC Sampling

Technical reporting & presentation

Keep Safe work Practice ethics & Professionalism for the team. Geotech Engineer (Contract) PanAust Frieda River Project, WSP Oct 2015 – July 2016 This was a short-term engagement to supervise geotechnical drilling program which involves.

• Supervise pad Construction & drilling

ENIKO NIRIKE _ Curriculum Vitae 2021

• Geotech logging and reporting – using MapInfo & AutoCAD

• GPS Road Surveying (GPS) & Site Investigation for a new proposed road

• Shows mutual work relationship with Contractors (QED drillers & SRK consultants)

• Conduct Daily Safety Prestart meetings

Project Geologist Frontier Resources (PNG) Ltd, Mt. Andewa Project, Kimbe, WNBP Nov 2011 – Mar 2013 Engaged as a permanent project geologist for the project and key roles:

• Supervise Diamond & RC Drilling Program

• RC/Diamond Core Logging & QAQC Sampling

• Geological Reporting - Managing Director.

• Project Updating – Daily, weekly & monthly.

• Geological Mapping & Drill targets generation

• Supervision – Camps & Roads Construction.

Project Geologist PNG Gold Ltd, Normanby Island Project, MBP July – Sept 2011 Employed as a Supervising Geologist for its Feasibility (infill) Exploration drilling program and mend 3 drill rigs and over 100 personnel onsite.

• Coordinate & Implement of drilling program

• Supervise daily operations

• Coreshed Supervision - Core Logging & QAQC Sampling

• Production Reporting – daily/weekly/monthly

• Generating Drill Targets – 3 holes

• Continue to maintain Safety/Health Pre-meetings Daily. Engineering Geologist Xstrata Copper (PNG), Frieda River Project, Sandaun Aug 2010 – April 2011 Engaged as casual contractor for 6 months period in the Prefeasibility - Feasibility drilling program where I learnt core logging and other drilling aspects of the exploration.

• Supervise Geotechnical drilling

• Geotechnical Core logging & Sampling (special selections)

• Borehole Wireline Installations & Testing (monitoring)

• Health & Safety – Keep and maintain qualify records.

• Experienced helicopter base operations

Exploration Geologist (Contract) Papuan Mining, Mt Nakru Project, Kimbe WNBP March – June 2010 Greenfield Reconnaissance Program - Proposed & Coordinate,

• Mapping – Creek traverse and rock-chip sampling

• Supervise FAs on Gridded soil line cutting & sampling

• Supervise daily operations – Camp, field and logistic/admin

• Safety orientated, and communities’ relations focused Exploration Geologist (Contract) Titan’s Mines & Metals, POI Prospect, ABAU Jan – Feb 2010 x2 months casual contract - reconnaissance program.

• Regional mapping – creek traverse & rock-chip sampling

• A final reporting and samples dispatch

• Health & Safety maintained

Field Geologist (Permanent) Mapping @ MSSP GeoMap Project PNG Highlands Regional Mapping 3 years ENIKO NIRIKE _ Curriculum Vitae 2021

(2006 – 2009)

Mineral Sector Support Program (MSSP) funded by the European Union and operates under Mineral Resource Authority - Geological Survey Division to functioning carryout the program aiming to “Update the old (published) geological map of PNG Highlands”. I worked as a field geologist and had contributed intensively for over three years as an Independent Mapper and a team leader doing. a. Team leader – map independently

b. Field mapping – involves collection and systematic recording of primary geological field data, ground trusting radiometric and magnetic airborne data sets. c. Reports in writing and presentation

d. Logistic and community affairs – well prepared prior to carryout fieldwork and importantly involved in community relations ns work in respective areas.

Training Exploration Geologist InterOil SPI Exploration October 2005 – February 2006 Industrial training engagement – work on ELK prospect (at the time) doing basic field mapping and conduct seismic exploration for four (4) months period.

• Basic mapping – structural and lithological boundaries identification, which covers Wabo station, Wiawia, Bison and Longhorn areas.

• Supervise field technicians on seismic lines.

• Manage Seismic Fly Camps and conduct pre-shift safety meetings.

• Camp administration and technical reporting

Education Summary

Institution Education - Qualification

Friedrich Alexander University, Erlangen, Germany

Certificate in Applied Analysis in

Carbonate Rocks, International

Course, March 2009

Friedrich Alexander University, Erlangen, Germany

Certificate in Carbonate Facies, International

Course, January 2009

British Geological Survey, Keyworth in

Nottingham, England

Certificate in Heavy Mineral Identification &

Analysis Course, 2008

University of Papua New Guinea, Port Moresby Bachelor of Science (Geology), 2006 Wawin National High School, Lae MP Higher School Certificate, 2002 Lufa High School, Goroka EHP Grade 10 School Certificate, 2000 Oliguti Primary School, Lufa District Grade 6 School Certificate, 1996 Declaration

The information contained in this document is correct in all aspect and to the best of my knowledge. The resume is recently updated to date. ENIKO NIRIKE _ Curriculum Vitae 2021


1. Mr. Samuel Gumo – Site Geotech Engineer at Frieda River Project PanAust Limited P. O. Box 1042, Port Moresby NCD 121 Papua New Guinea Phone: +675-***-**** Mobile: 7373 2900 or 7387 1390 E-mail: or 2. Mr. Peter McNeil – Chairman & Managing Director Office J, Level 2, 1139 Hay St. West Perth WA, 6005 Australia Email: Phone +61-08-929*-**** 3. Mr. Peter Ainge – Project Manager PNG Gold Ltd P. O. Box 505 Alotau, MBP Ph/Fax: +675-***-****/1821. Peter is currently the Country Manager for Coppermoly Resources: and mobile (675-****-****. Thank you very much reading through and I pleasantly look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind regards,

Eniko Nirike – Mr. (BSc)

ENIKO NIRIKE _ Curriculum Vitae 2021

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