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Mechanical Maintenance Engineer

Qibla, Kuwait City, Kuwait
April 22, 2021

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Ramy Adel Sabry

Address: Al-Jahra, Kuwait. Birthdate: 21/01/1989

Work: +965-***-**-*** E-mail: Mobile: +965-***-**-*** LinkedIn: Mechanical Maintenance Engineer

More than 9 years of Experience and Specialized knowledge in maintenance, repair, diagnostic and analysis of wide range of large rotating and stationary equipment including heavy duty Gas Turbines – Generators, Blowers, Compressors, Large Scale Feed Pumps and big varieties of Rotating Equipment, Aeration Tanks, Clarifiers and Aerobic Digesters in Power Plants, Water and Waste Water Treatment O&M fields, Bilingual

(English / Arabic).

Corrective and Preventive



Commissioning and Start-up

Modifications and


CMMS (ERP) Technical Support Management

Power Generation, Water &

Waste Water Treatment

Reliability Centered

Maintenance (RCM)

Troubleshooting and

Failure Analysis

Risk Assessment Budget Plans Quality Control

Operation and Maintenance


Rotating & Stationary


Cost Control


Pumping Stations Document Control Spare Parts Control

Mechanical Engineering Major repairs & Upgrades CREDENTIALS

Driving License (Kuwait & Egypt).

Certified KSE.

Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering, 2011 Alexandria University, Alexandria, Egypt.

Egyptian Syndicate of engineers, membership No. 63/6826. CURRENT JOB DESCRIPTION

Mechanical PROJECT Engineer March, 2018 – Present. Mohammed AbdulMohsen Al-Kharafi (M.A.K), Sulaibiya, Kuwait. Sulaibiya Waste Water Treatment and Reclamation Plant (WWT&RP) & Ardiya Pumping Station and Preliminary Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWT&RP) (600,000 M3/Day).

Responsible for ensuring that all plant personnel and plant objectives are in alignment with client requirements.

Administer the plants’ Safety, Operations, Maintenance, Administrative, Training and Environmental QA/QC programs to assure the safe, efficient, and reliable operation of the plant.

Manage and oversee the performance of planned and unplanned plant outages.

Implement training and qualification programs to assure that plant procedures are understood and properly followed by all plant personnel.

Conduct periodic reviews of plant policies and procedures to assure that they reflect current plant operating requirements.

Verify that the certification status of affected operation and maintenance personnel is maintained current.

Oversee the preparation of required client and utility reports, budgets, environmental compliance reports, etc.


MECHANICAL PROJECT ENGINEER Oct, 2016 – March, 2018. National Company (KHARAFI NATIONAL), Sulaibiya, Kuwait. Sulaibiya Waste Water Treatment and Reclamation Plant (WWT&RP) & Ardiya Pumping Station and Preliminary Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWT&RP) (600,000 M3/Day).

Directs, coordinates, and technically supports to sustain asset integrity and reliability of the project.

Conducts Troubleshooting, failure analysis, resolution of chronic reliability issues and develop the strategies for upgradation / replacement of obsolete equipment and systems.

Prepare complete project mechanical documents and reports.

Assigns tasks to and directs engineers, technicians and administrative staff.

Prepares mechanical budget plan and schedules for the project.

Assists with proposals and offers to achieve professional maintenance as per standards &OEM.

Interacts with clients, suppliers, contractors and sub-contractors.

Attends project meetings and presents mechanical maintenance aspects.

Conducts major repairs and preventive maintenance for the equipment according to project TWI and OEM instructions.

Provide essential coordination, technical support and advice to the mechanical Section Head. HIGHLIGHTS OF PREVIOUS JOBS DISCRIPTION

MECHANICAL MAINTENANCE ENGINEER Dec, 2014 – Aug, 2016. East Delta for Electricity Production Company (EDEPC), Damietta, Egypt. West Damietta Power Plant Phases I & II 8 X 125 MW Gas Turbine Units GE Frame 9E.

Hot Gas Path Inspection HGPI for three GE Gas Turbine Units frame 9E.

Corrective maintenance and preventive maintenance of rotating and stationary equipment: 1. Gas Turbines and its auxiliaries.

2. Balance of Plant systems BOP (Water Treatment Plant, Waste Water Treatment Plant, Firefighting system, Emergency diesels).

Follow up and Supervising Construction Activities with contractors and sub-contractors. 1. Gas Turbines Installation.

2. Water treatment and Waste water (oily & sanitary) plants construction. 3. Ensures the quality records, acceptance certificates, mechanical completion certificates. 4. Review work procedures and method statements for compliance with good work practices and our company contract specializations.

Follow up and Supervising Commissioning Activities with contractors and sub-contractors.

Technical review of vendor (GE Co.) proposal about Advanced Gas Path (AGP) modification.

Technical review of West Damietta Power Plant Fast track Project Phase II 4X125 MW GE Gas Turbine Units contract (GE & Orascom Construction Consortium) and extract the important and vital points.


MECHANICAL MAINTENANCE ENGINEER March, 2013 – Dec, 2014. EDEPC, Damietta, Egypt.

West Damietta Power Plant Phase I 4 X 125 MW Gas Turbine Units GE Frame 9E.

Modifications of 4 GE Gas Turbine Units frame 9E from Standard combustors to DLN-1 combustors.

Combustion Inspection CI for 4 GE Gas Turbine Units frame 9E. OPERATION ENGINEER Dec, 2011 – March, 2013.

EDEPC, Damietta, Egypt.

West Damietta Power Plant Phase I 4 X 125 MW Gas Turbine Units GE Frame 9E. 1. Operating the gas turbine is mainly through the Human-Machine Interface (HMI) using the command and automatic sequences.

2. Record the events (Date, time and meters, Operation phases, Alarms and trips, Special notes, Instructions, Parameter readouts.)

3. Keeping the original state of the installation includes the following (Cleanliness of equipment, Fluid levels, Condition of filters, Instrumentation, Behavior change, and signaling.) 4. Monitor and analysis of the parameters.


AL KOUT – Safety Handling of Chlorine, 2017. GE - Gas Turbine – Generator Maintenance, 2012. SANCO - Firefighting and Detection System, 2015. GE - Gas Turbine – Generator Operation, 2012. GE - Gas Turbine – Generator Maintenance, 2015. KHARAFI - Pumps Training Program, 2012. METITO - O&M of Water & Waste Water treatment

Systems, 2015.

KHARAFI - Air Compressor Training Program, 2012.

EDEPC - Welding Inspection, 2014

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