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Service Customer

Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
April 22, 2021

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Curriculum Vitae


* ******* ****** • Winchester Hills Johannesburg,

M: 068-***-**** • H:011-***-****

ID Number: 860**********

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: 17 March 1986

Drivers Licence: Yes

Languages: English(1st) Afrikaans(2nd)

Criminal Record: None

Nationality: South African

Race: Indian

Health Status: Excellent/Energetic


Service Delivery Pioneer • Customer Centric Leader • Experienced Freight Forwarding/Logistics Specialist •

I see myself as a service delivery pioneer who is customer centric. Having worked a decade and a half in the Freight /Logistics Industry of which +/- 8 & years was at 1 company, at that stage in my Career I wanted to explore other opportunities & I’ve expanded my skills in with regards to learning Exports to add on to my impeccable Imports Sea Experience along with additional Logistics segments, excelled more as well in communication and the criticalness, coordination, accuracy, and also being a resourceful individual. After matriculating in 2003 I obtained a Diploma in ‘International Trade & Transport Logistics' and whilst working I have done many short Freight/Logistics related courses as knowledge can never be enough as for me it is an ongoing tool to keep on learning and excelling to add Value to where my services are displayed. Having also completed many short freight related qualifications in which to add on to my skills I’ve learnt the art of managing extreme stress levels, turning negative situations into positive and better stress management. This has allowed me to advance my skills to offer impeccable customer and service delivery, I have a high Passion for the Freight Forwarding & Clearing Industry.

Currently Seeking a stable vacancy to continue my Passion which is Logistics/Freight/Supply Chain.


●Excellent Customer Service

●Excellent & Well orientated with Customs stops and regulations

●MS Office /Freight Software

●Clearing & Forwarding

●Ability to handle difficult clients

●Deadline driven.

●Opening Files from start to finish.

• Track & Trace following files accordingly, keeping the Client updated, going the extra mile.

●Building excellent relations with clients

●Service Delivery



●Strong communicator

●Import-Export Sea

●Team Player/Adhoc duties

●Sense of Urgency

●Inco Terms


●Time Management

●Passionate about Freight


Self-Employed(Private Small Offices at Regus Eastgate) Client Relations Coaching / Freight Consulting /Health& Wellness Products/ Stress Management / LOGISTICS CONSULTING & CLIENT SERVICE COACHING.

August 2016- Current

In August 2015 I decided to pursue my fascination with Consulting and undertook the challenge of am becoming an Entrepreneur in Freight Consulting Services to continue my passion of Freight. I opened a practice in August 2016 which included an offering of Freight-Logistics Advice and assistance with getting shipments arranged timeously and cost effective for the respective clients, Excellent Client Relations Coaching, stress management, health and wellness management and sales of a variety of health and wellness devices. The market has become saturated with regard to this offering and I’ve decided that I’d like to get back into the workplace where I can grow further and contribute to a company’s success with the Experience,Qualifications and once again Passio that I’ve gained over the past +/- 15 years

Kuehne Nagel

September 2014 – July 2015

Ocean Import Forwarding Controller

Kuehne Nagel is a Sea Freight company within the Logistics industry. My responsibilities included the following:

●Indent Monitoring

●Forwarding & Clearing

●Following up on Purchase Orders

●Forwarding all necessary documentation to the clearance department and agents

●Obtaining the Clearing Instruction & necessary documents from the Client for clearance

●Ensuring all clients are happy with the service delivery

●Dealing with Shipping Lines, POL, Co-loaders on a daily basis

●Track and Trace and expedite cargo for the clients deadlines and plan accordingly

●Send necessary docs for Clearance via the system to the Customs department

●Handle any Customs Stops and obtain Release

●Request for charges and ensure all charges are accurate

●Ensure all charges are invoiced when handed over to invoicing department

●Handling all customer queries

●Advise the client of delivery and ensure that their requirements are met

Reason for leaving: Pursue a career change

Access Freight Logistics

February 2014 – August 2014

Export Controller

As an export controller, my responsibilities included:

●Opening Files

●Liaising with Clients & providing Status Reports

●Arrange Bookings, Check stack dates, Track & Tracing.

●Do Draft Bills until confirm correct by the client (Bill of Lading/Waybill)

●Monitor Rail Intents

●Invoice Files according to estimates and any additional charges if applicable

Reason for leaving: It was a contract position and I was able to get a permanent position at Kuehne

H&R Foods

July 2013 – January 2014

Delivery and Distribution Manager

H&R foods was a business within my family that manufactured Indian breads. I was asked to join the business as a result of my experience within the logistics industry to manage and handle distribution of all customer orders and deliveries as well the imports of raw materials. Unfortunately this was a very short venture within my career as I didn’t enjoy the work and at the time felt I would rather progress my career further within the logistics industry.

Reason for leaving: Return to the Logistics industry

Rohlig Grindrod Logistics (Pty) Ltd

April 2005 – June 2013

This period of my career is where I gained the most experience as I navigated various roles within the company.

Groupage Sea Freight Clerk

April 2005 – June 2005

My duties involved:

●Plan the Freight and movement of Import Groupage Cargo

●Degrouping and Release of consolidated shipments (External Handover shipments to external Clearing Agents and internal Controllers)

●Tracking and Tracing, Expediting Cargo

●Generating Invoices in line with the estimate clauses, ensuring revenue is made on each file

●Handling claims

Senior Groupage Sea Freight Clerk

July 2005 – September 2006

Within a year I was offered a promotion to senior groupage clerk which resulted in the additional responsibilities of larger customer accounts and key customer accounts of the company with a much larger spend and higher demand

Ocean Import Controller

October 2006 – November 2008

Within 14 months I was then offered a further promotion to move into a separate part of the business as an Ocean Import Controller. My responsibilities involved:

●Plan the Freight and movement of cargo

●Indent Monitoring

●Forwarding & Clearing

●Obtaining the Clearing Instruction & necessary docs from the Client for clearance

●Ensuring that all clients are happy with the service.

●Dealing with Shipping Lines, POL, Co-loaders on a daily basis

●Track and Trace and expedite cargo for the clients deadlines and plan accordingly

●Liaise closely with the Entries Dept regarding the necessary docs for Clearance

●Expedite Customs Stops, e.g. SAPS stops Ports and Plant Stops and constantly keeping the client updated to save the client additional charges by expediting the Release and deliver the Cargo to the client.

●Send Release docs to the Respective Release Agent e.g. Shipping Lines

●Ensure all charges are invoiced when handed over to invoicing department

●Handling all customer queries

●Advise the client of delivery and ensure that their requirements are met

Senior Ocean Import Controller

December 2008 – August 2013

In November 2008 I was then offered another promotion to Senior. This gave me the added responsibility of managing and dealing with key accounts as well as mentoring intern import controllers.

Reason for Leaving: Decided to join the family business


1.Last School attended: Parktown College (1999 – 2003)

Highest Standard Passed: Matriculated with senior certificate (2003)

2.Tertiary Education

Institution: College for Business & Maritime Studies (Qualifications through ICM UK)

Qualification: International Diploma: INTERNATIONAL TRADE & TRANSPORT

3.Additional Education

●Certificate - Customs Clearing 1 & 2

●Certificate - Productivity/Managing Time

●Certificate - Incoterms

●Certificate - Letter of Credits

●Diploma in Intl Business Communications/Marketing

●Diploma in Intl Trade & Payments

●Great Customer course done over 6month at the workplace

●Certificate Assertiveness at work

●Certified Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner


Can be gladly provided once requested.

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