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Manager Assistant

Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
April 21, 2021

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Lezanne Agenbag

Date **/**/****

Pretoria, Gauteng


DOB 1999-06-01


I believe that I am an independent, dedicated, and hardworking individual with excellent communication skills and love working with people. I am driven, committed and thorough. Loyalty and trust are very important to me. I have a passion for volunteering and show compassion to those who need it. I am planning to obtain an LLB degree and would like to gain exposure in the corporate environment where I can learn and apply myself as needed. What I want to achieve in a career is to learn and grow within the company I am working for.

My work ethic is described as follow:

1. Learn and apply my knowledge; 2. Dedication; 3. Contributing to the business and Society.

G O A L S A N D A S P I R A T I O N S :

Work hard and play hard: the balance between work and fun. Learn more and grow more: learn as much as I can and never stop growing. To establish roots in a company as well as bring my own uniqueness to the table. What I do not know I will find out and, in the process, learn and better myself T E R T I A R Y E D U C A T I O N

Varsity Collage


Higher certificate in legal Studies Modules:

• Business communication

• Skills of Law

• Aspects of private law

• Legal office support

• Fundaments of South African legal system

• Principals of employment

• Family law

Lezanne Agenbag

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Tygerberg High School



• Afrikaans

• English


• Tourism

• History

• Mathematic literacy

• Life Orientation


Case Manager Assistant Medical Protection Society (MPS) 2020-2021

Engage directly with our members who are doctors either in the medical or dental field and specialists on both Medical legal and Dental legal matters. Engage closely with the member/ attorney panel and the Case managers, acting as middleman between these parties on matters raised by managing the cases from when they are created, making sure all information provided is correct. Making sure everything is in the correct folder, correct names, etc. Waitress Felicita I talian Restaurant

2019 - 2020

I managed the restaurant with a seating capacity of 100 people as the second in charge for the owner/managers of the restaurant.

Duties include but were not limited to: Stock taking and handling customers’ bills, running errands on behalf of management e.g.: Buy and order of stock, stock keeping, managing the waiters and provide training to the waiters. Overseeing the restaurant processes while the owner is not there and handling customer complaints. As proof of my dedication to the position I did wall art for the restaurant and this is still on the walls.

S K I L L S & A B I L I T I E S

Computer Skills:

• Word

• Outlook

• Power point

• Excel

Lezanne Agenbag

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A B I L I T I E S :

Emails: Work with single emails; emails with attachments; email within an email New case matters (when receiving a new case regarding a specific legal matter Search for the members’ detail; search for panel of attorney’s details. Completing details:

1. Clinical classification: such as the

doctor’s clinical classification and

where they reside.

2. The date of involvement: when and

what time the doctor was involved in

the matter.

3. Members email address: Finding

and placing their email address in the

correct folders on our systems.

4. Adding new detail: such as patient

information and attorney’s

information in the new case matter

5. Inserting panel: The specific

attorneys that we use for the case.

6. Request for more information from

the member and panel (attorneys):

When the information is not specific

and or vague, I requested further

information where we would state

what information is required with the

first response.

On dashboard:

Complete a task: a task is when we

must do a certain activity on the


Create a task: Create an activity for

the case managers to do regarding the


Merging of a file: when two files are

similar or a case has the exact same

members, patients and or

circumstances I merged these files to

make them as one file or case.

J O B S H A D O W I N G A T T H E F O L L O W I N G C O M P A N I E S :

• Curo health – Nursing services Company – shadowing the Human Resources Lawyer

• Bestmed - Medical aid – organize files.

• MyCare solutions – Claims switching house – organize files.

• Scriptwise/ Sbuys Group – Specialized Pharmaceutical services – accompany visits to patients for training on self-injection treatment sessions. P R E V I O U S V O L U N T E E R I N G E X P E R I E N C E S :

• Volunteering project to help clean bathrooms at a Retirement Centre.

• Started food collecting project for the poor.

• Tygerberg High Schools recycle project.

• Worked in Waterkloof High school’s library for 6 months.

• Worked in a garden nursery in Parys, Free State

• Volunteered at Roanworks/Limatron Company –Holiday work I designed. the company logo as well as doing other ad hoc secretarial work, e.g.

• Answering phones set up appointments and assist with plant inspections. Lezanne Agenbag

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A C C O M P L I S H M E N T S :

• Chairperson of the social committee and duties included but were not limited to:

o Birthday planning for United Kingdom and South African colleagues. o Social committee funds: Managing and planning what and how we will use the funds.

o Created a social committee idea list.

o Managed the agendas in the social committee meetings.

• Got the highest scores in MPS’s International Academy: where we learn and do courses for the company internationally.

• I identified and fixed gaps between the training of a case manager assistant and Administrative services coordinator.

• I trained administrative team members on the gaps presented between the two departments.

• Managed the slide shows for the company on various aspects such as but not limited to resignations, etc.

• Worked closely with the chairman of our volunteering committee and our Human Resources team

• Created the case managers first communication and the social committee groups.

• Won the price for the idea for the company’s cafeteria name. T E A M P L A Y E R

Assist with workload of colleague who needs help and worked both as a Case Manager Assistant and Administration services coordinator. Priorities no matter what - Would work after hours to help with any important urgent matters that might get through to deal with urgent matters immediately. Works very closely with all the teams across various departments Eager to help wherever help is needed: As Case manager assistant I am well known in the United Kingdom offices as part of my team in South Africa. R E F E R E N C E S

Agness Ganje, Human Resources at MPS


R i ette Joubert, L ine Manager at MPS


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