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Maintenance Tech, Warehouse Management, Inventory Control, Lifts, etc

Durham, NC
April 20, 2021

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Peter Vallario

*** ****** **

Durham, NC ***** 919-***-****

Work Experience

Dec 1979 to Dec 1980

Data Access Systems, Inc., Mt. Lakes, NJ

I worked in the accounting office and was put in charge of the company’s first full physical inventory. DASI was a computer sales, leasing and service company whose main client in NJ was Bell Telephone Laboratories in Holmdel. They had nine other locations including San Diego, CA, Alexandria, VA, and Detroit MI. I conducted the inventories for our office and the office in Alexandria. I was then responsible for the compilation of all the counts. I did all the costing of inventory and all of the follow-up accuracy checks. After a one year internship I returned to NC State. The headquarters was soon after moved to the Camden/Philadelphia area. My supervisor was the CFO Mr. Wayne Henry.

June 1980 to Aug 1982

Edwards & Broughton Printing Co., Raleigh, NC

I was responsible for the shipping of all printed material produced. Some of the material was boxed and stacked on palettes for shipment by freight line or local delivery by our own truck. Much of the materials were periodicals that were labeled, separated, and put into mailbags. The bags were then delivered to the Post Office using our truck. For most of the time I also did the delivery driving. My supervisor was Dave Nave.

Aug 1982 to Jan 1990

Door Systems, Inc., Raleigh, NC

I was responsible for installing and servicing all types of commercial sectional, rolling, sliding, and folding doors. I also installed and serviced dock equipment such as levelers, dock locks, seals, and security gates. After one year as the helper to a lead technician I was given my own truck and helper and made a lead technician. The last two years with this company I was supervisor to the commercial crews. My supervisor was Greg Snyder.

Jan 1990 to Feb 1997

Industrial Door Sales/Wayne Dalton of Raleigh, Raleigh, NC

My duties as a technician were to install and service all materials related to commercial garage doors and dock equipment. Some related products with which I had to be familiar were fire doors that are designed to close in the presence of heat or smoke or if an alarm goes off and security gates that guard storefronts in malls. All this work required the use of many types of heavy power tools and involved welding. I most often used a stick welder but, I have some experience with wire welders. Almost every job done required some welding and fabrication. We regularly had to work at great heights or under hazardous conditions. I was a lead technician for five years until I was promoted to manager.

As installation and service manager for the commercial division my duties included scheduling the work for the crews, ordering, receiving, and warehousing of all parts, tools, supplies, customer orders, factory shipments, and customer returns. I answered all phone calls regarding the need for service work and regarding any contracted installation work. This involved dealing directly with jobsite supervisors or factory owners. I did all the paperwork involving billing for service and I was responsible for the progress of large contract jobs for the purpose of billing. I had from six to eight two-man crews at any one time to keep productive. I was responsible for all the payroll paperwork also. After I was promoted to end-user salesman I continued to function as the service manager for three months while they had no one to replace me.

As End-User Salesman my job was to find work for our company at existing facilities. I made calls to all types of businesses to sell service work on their dock levelers or testing of their fire doors or replacement of their old, worn out, or damaged garage doors. I held this job for seven months all included. I was let go when Wayne-Dalton closed our commercial division and become a strictly residential location.

Feb 1997 to June 1998

Overhead Door of Durham, Durham, NC

This company was a division of Carolina Door Controls, Durham, NC. I did installation and service work for them until they closed this division and I was let go.

June 1998 to June 1999

Cannon Services, Concord, NC

This was an in-house installation and service company contracted to Cannon Dock and Door Company, Raleigh, NC. I did installation and service work for them until I left to take another position.

June 1999 to May 2002

TriProperties, Inc., Durham, NC

I was responsible for the upkeep of commercial office and warehouse real estate. This included lighting, elevators, heating and air conditioning, rest rooms, and anything involving the base building. I was the main contact for all contractor and tenant needs. I took care of from five to eight buildings. I received good reviews and more than one meritorious raises in my three years with this company.

May 2002 to Jan 2004

I worked for this period of time as subcontractor to garage door installers doing both commercial and residential service and installation. One of these was Superior Garage Door of Timberlake, NC. The owner is David Brown.

Jan 2004 to Jan 2005

Volt Services, Raleigh, NC

I worked as temporary worker at the John Deere Turf Care plant in Fuquay-Varina, NC. I worked as an assembly line worker where I did the “run-in” of completed commercial machines. This consisted of adding all the fluids, completion of the installation of several components, start-up of the engine, and setting up of all limits and stops.

Jan 2005 to Oct 2005

John Deere Turf Care, Fuquay-Varina, NC

I continued to perform the same duties as the Run-In Tech after being hired as a full time employee. While at this position our line set production records that far surpassed any before. During this time I was also involved as a member of the plant Safety Committee. Due to large cutbacks of personnel, I eventually was responsible for more and more duties on our line. My supervisor was Marcus Bowles. Due to the increase in gas prices I took a job with the Durham Herald to work closer to home. Oct 2005 to May 2006 I held the position of District Manager with the Durham Herald. My duties consisted of recruiting, training and placing carriers on delivery routes. I was responsible for all the activities of the carriers in my district and all of the customer service. I was also required to perform the delivery of routes without a carrier. Part of the customer service involves meeting with customers with problems and redelivery of customers that are missed. This job was seven days a week and started at 2:00 AM. My days were from nine to twelve hours long and sometimes as much as fourteen hours. My supervisor was Jim Purdon. Southern Industrial Constructors

Maintenance Tech

Aug 2006 – Apr 2014


In my 8.5 yrs. with Southern I did parts picking for a year before being given the task of building the supply room. They call it the IME room. I did all the ordering, storing, distributing, and accounting for all the supplies used at the facility. I was also responsible for all the paints, chemicals, oil, solvents, etc. At the same time, this is when I also became responsible for all the waste at the facility. This involved maintaining all the waste collection sites and shipping the waste out periodically. At the same time I managed and supplied the tools used by the techs. These duties were all done while keeping all the supply shelves and cabinets full. I had this post for three years. I then began working on the containers for the CFM line. I started, here, to also be responsible for the floor maintenance and the floor machines. When I maintained them, they functioned smoothly and were stocked with the proper supplies. I also began to work on the doors in the facility. My years of experience in the business and my personal familiarity with the equipment on site, allowed GE EHS to permit me to do the PM's and the repairs when need. I continued my waste management duties also and became Southern Industrial's representative the Star safety council. I took over for Mitchell Maynard. I went to the regional meetings and did presentations at the convention. I worked closely with the Southern safety rep in the drive to renew the Star that year. I did PM's and repairs on the BEW parts washers (we had four at the time) for about a year. I did these things and others until the contract went over to Mundy.

I have used, in these years at GE, all the skills I learned over the years of door work and maintenance. I can trouble-shoot control wiring issues and diagnose problems with most machinery. Organizational and Inventory control skills were also used Mundy Companies

Maintenance Tech

Apr 2014 - Apr 2018


As an employee of Mundy at the GEAE facility and I was responsible for the maintenance of all rolling doors, high speed fabric doors, personal pass doors, and dock equipment (levelers, truck dock locks, etc.)In the past I have been responsible for shipping container maintenance, dolly maintenance, and warehouse crew. I also continued a duty of eight years as the person responsible for all Haz and Non-Haz waste removal and transportation. For this I periodically was sent to class to be certified to ship Hazardous Waste.

Skills - skills I used every day are mechanical knowledge, use of control wiring, including trouble-shooting of mechanisms most associated with doors. Skills from door work will be listed in those entries. I use Maximo. I have been responsible for PO's before and wrote and managed WO's. AECOM 1999 Avenue of the Stars Suite 2600 Los Angeles, CA 90067 Apr 2018 – May 2020 I have been hired as a Millwright III by AECOM in the transition from Mundy. I continue to perform the duties of maintaining the metal roll up doors and the high-speed fabric doors. I also do miscellaneous tasks when needed and have the experience to fill in most areas. I have recently been added to the crane crew after taking training and perform PM’s and repairs on overhead cranes and hoists. In the year that followed I became an important part of the crane crew as well as all of the tasks for which I traditionally held responsibility. Recently, the company was reorganized and our new name became Amentum. Our team was laid off due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Full House Marketing 1005 Slater Rd. – Suite 220 Durham, NC 27701 I am contracted to work for our clients as an apartment maintenance technician. I work on residential plumbing, HVAC, electrical equipment and other facilities related assignments. Besides the technical aspect of this work are the relations skills that are needed in serving the public one on one. I have been assigned to several short jobs and my current position is with the City of Durham at the Durham Housing Authority. I work with the needs of seniors and low income individuals as relates to their home environments. This is my current position and I continue there today. My supervisors at Full House can be reached at 919-***-****.


June 1975

Morris Hills Regional High School, Rockaway, NJ

Graduated with honors

Sept 1975 to June 1980

North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC

Majored in Business Management and did not graduate. One year at DASI included.


Greg Davis Jay Combs

Greenwood GEAE 919-***-**** 919-***-****

Jackie Snodgras Champion Windows and Doors (formerly office manager at Wayne Dalton)


Dunford Okath Warren Knepp

GEAE Amentum

919-***-**** 704-***-****

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