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Chemical Engineering Plant

Greater Sudbury, ON, P0M 1L0, Canada
April 20, 2021

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Tara Amber Mainville

** ********, ********** *******

P0M 1L0

Cell Number 705-***-****



**** *** ******* **** ******* Laboratory Sudbury ON

Environmental Department

Daily quality control checks around the laboratory, pH, temperature, ORP DPG, Fe(II), conductivity, balance and turbidity

Total suspended solids, on process samples from the mill and environmental grab samples

pH distinguishing whether the sample is acidic or basic, also dependant on the suspended solids in the sample

Oxidation-reduction potential (ORP)

Iron test F(II) by uv-vis and DPG

Sample preparation for the ICP-OES (dilution) and data revision and entry

Electro Winning Department

Sample preparation and dilutions that can differ and will need additional dilutions

Digest cathode and prepare samples and dilute according to what is requested

Analyse samples on the GFAAS verify the QC’s and calibrations are within limits and report accordingly on LIMS

Digest and prepare electro winning samples and dilute according to what’s requested

Analyse samples on the ICP-OES and verify QC’s, CRM’s calibrations are within limits are linear and not extraculated (MDL)and report accordingly on LIMS

Specific gravity test

Moisture test

Solution preparation for the plant when requested

Trace Lab Department

Calibrate the Gas chromatography (GC) with regulated standards (N2O, CO2 and hydrocarbons)

Verifying injections are similar and areas are within reason

Take Oxygen Plant samples and analyse and report accordingly on LIMS

2020 Mineral Processing Technician

XPS Glencore Company Sudbury ON

Pre-cyclone material, separating the underflow from Cs7 (very fine particles)

Cyclone sizing material from Cs1 to Cs6

Milling material, as well as checking the particle size distribution with the Horiba, percent passing and mesh screens

Updating inventory with different locations of samples, cleaning and organizing

Making reagents for flotations (CFM)

2020 Metallurgical Technician

Lake Shore Gold Corp – Porcupine ON

Troubleshoot cyanide analyzer

Maintenance on cyanide analyzer and samplers around the plant and keenix screens

Change cyanide filter with proper PPE and precautions

Obtain adequate grab samples around the plant: month end, leach tails and leach tanks, moisture, water and carbon.

Dry samples to prepare them to be assayed with labels, hazards/risks and dates

Operate shake table and clean gold bars (on occasion)

Prepare reagents for operators

Order reagents as well as inventory: cyanide, hydrogen peroxide, lime, grinding media, ferric and CO2

Replace water coupons monthly

Check and replenish bleach for potable water

Analyze data, and assure the mill is running properly as well as metallurgical accounting

Kinetic and cyanide as well as lead nitrate testing for improvements in the mill

Proactive in maintain the effluent treatment plant

Summer 2019 Wastewater Treatment Plant

Milman Industries Inc/Cambrian College Research Department – Sudbury ON

Provide intel and suggestions on operations

Assist in operating procedures: mixing, adding polymer and calculating flowrates

Obtain adequate grab samples of wastewater and analyze to improve operations

Research laboratory procedures and wastewater treatment plants

Create SOP’s and reports

Summer 2019 Lab Technician

Sudbury Lime Project/ Cambrian College Research Department- Sudbury ON

Agitate samples to get a representable sub sample to further analyze

Total suspended solid test

Moisture content testing

Conduct SOP’s and reports

Summer 2019 Assisted Plant Operator

Chemiqa/Cambrian College Research Department – Sudbury ON

Assisted the main operator mix solid Xanthate with water in the steel tank while agitating forming a solution

Assisted the main operator mix solid Sodium sulfide into totes with water while agitating forming a solution


2017-2020 Cambrian College – Sudbury ON

Diploma- Chemical Engineering Technology Lab and Process Control

2013-2017 Ecole secondaire catholique Champlain- Sudbury ON

Diploma – grade 12

Co-op at HSN

Professional Skill

Highly effective at anticipating and accommodating customer needs

Friendly, punctual and enthusiastic

Customer oriented with excellent interpersonal and communication skills

Bilingual speaking French & English

Very organized and efficient

Thrive in fast-paced environment

Work well independently and as a team player


Working at heights

Confined space entry and confined space awareness

Common core for the Mill

G license

Tara Amber Mainville

40 Sycamore, Chelmsford Ontario

P0M 1L0

Cell Number 705-***-****


Thank you for the opportunity to apply for the possible job opportunity. I am a great candidate that is extremely familiar with the responsibilities and safety associated with the roles (OSHA) and can perform them confidently. Given these requirements, I am certain that I have the necessary skills to successfully do the job adeptly and perform above expectations. I have experience in the laboratory making different concentrated solutions either by dilutions or other strategic ways. In addition to analyzing them by various analytical instruments such as: Spectrometry, Flame AA, ICP-OES, GC and GFAA.As well as maintaining proper maintenance and housekeeping and changing parts when required. As well as cleaning the instrument on a daily basis and cleansing the tubing and doing additional rinses when method blanks are showing contaminants (5% HNO3).

For mineral processing, dealing with jaw crushers and refining minerals and excluding the minerals from tailings by different flotations for the separation of minerals.

My technical report was on mineral processing, the separation of Nickel and Copper by various processes such as: Jaw crusher, pulverize, ball mill, flotations (primary, scavenger, scalp, depressant) digestions and analyzation on the flame AA (can provide the document if requested).

During the course of my academic career, I also managed to gain nearly six years of work experience in part time employments. I had the privilege of working for Milman Industries where I’ve learned valuable professional skills such as, thinking outside the box, being a team player and productivity improvements. Also, at Lake Shore Gold where I was able to do consistent maintenance, taking and analyzing samples and providing Intel with confidence. I have been praised to be considered a very hard worker from my professors and peers. Whether working on academic, extracurricular, or professional projects, I apply proven analytical, instrumentation and technical skills, which I hope to leverage my knowledge in this direction in your workplace. I also waitressed for over three years where I’ve gained valuable costumer service expertise. While working in fast passed environments and always thinking ahead as well as prioritising and being a team player, always lending out a helping hand.

After reviewing my resume, I hope you will agree that I am the type of competent and competitive candidate you are looking for. I look forward to elaborating on how my specific skills and abilities will benefit your company.

Please contact me at 705-***-****) or by email for further questioning or to arrange a convenient meeting time,

Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Sincerely, Tara Mainville

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