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MS student, specializing in EV/HEV powertrain and automotive controls

Houghton, MI
April 20, 2021

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906-***-**** LinkedIn ID: Abhishek Wadaskar Houghton, MI


Michigan Technological University GPA: 3.6 Jan 20 – Dec 21 MS Mechanical Engineering

Coursework: Model Based Embedded Control System Design, Automotive Control Systems, Advanced Propulsion for Hybrid and Electric Vehicles, Automotive Systems, Vehicle Dynamics, Energy Storage Systems St. Vincent Pallotti College of Engineering and Technology GPA: 3.0 June 13 – June 17 Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering


MATLAB, Simulink, Stateflow, MotoTron(MotoHawk and MotoTune), Ricardo tools(IGNITE, WAVE, VECTIS), Python, Simulia ABAQUS, R(RStudio), MS Excel


Intern, Ricardo Mar 18 – Feb 19

Led and facilitated a training at Mahindra focusing on modeling and analyzing single cylinder bike engine using Ricardo tools like Wave and Vectis.

Supported and fast-tracked the business development of products with OEMs and university research labs.

Executed professional scoping of products for OEMs and university research labs.

Collaborated with international offices to provide technical support to OEMs. Lab Assistant, Advanced Power Systems Research Center, Michigan Tech Sept 20 – Dec 20

Supported Dr. Ezra Bar-Ziv and his research team with their experimentation and assemblies. Research Assistant, Michigan Technological University Apr 20 – May 20

Assisted Dr. Nancy Barr in the literature review of ‘Effect of coronavirus on engineering students’ and ‘Teaching graduate communication skills online.’


Controller development for Configurable Hybrid Electric Learning Module (CHELM)

Designed a control module (with 7 sub-level controllers) for CHELM applying model-based embedded control system design approach using Simulink and Stateflow.

The controller generates control signals for engine controller and the motor controller, such as engine and motor on/off, engine state control, and the amount of torque the engine and motor should provide. Remote Electronic Throttle Control via CAN

Developed a remote electronic throttle feedback position control system via CAN communication using two ECUs.

Performed real-time calibration of the accelerator pedal and throttle body along with the controller remotely via CAN

Supervised and examined the CAN data fields using CANKing and MotoTune. Intelligent Cruise Control Design

To maintain vehicle velocity and headway (distance to follow from the vehicle ahead), two controllers were designed.

An intelligent controller was developed for seamless transition from velocity control to headway control and vice-versa, depending on the speed and the distance of the vehicle ahead Performance claim validation and battery sizing for Tesla Roadster

Created and tested EV driveline model for Tesla Roadster in Simulink and verified 0-60 mph < 2 secs.

Performance analysis results – top speed: 246 mph, mile: 9.68 sec

Assumptions – target coefficients same as Ferrari GT488, gear ratio: 9.73 (Tesla Model X P100D) Active Suspension Design

Designed an active suspension system using LQR method for generating a state feedback controller.

An observer was modeled to estimate the unmeasurable states of the system for different inputs. EV powertrain performance analysis in accordance with regulatory drive cycles and regenerative braking test

Designed an EV model to analyze performance parameters in compliance with regulatory drive cycles in Simulink.

For regenerative braking test, formulated a downhill test and calculated the energy regenerated to be around 4%.

Other parameter studied – top speed, armature current, power loss, battery current, duty cycle and battery SOC. LEADERSHIP AND INVOLVEMENT

Led a cross functional team, organized technical and promotional events for Ricardo toolchain.

Served as Corporal at National Cadet Corps for two years.

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