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Manager Security

Manhattan, NY, 10023
April 07, 2021

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Sean H. Chen

917-***-****(mobile) NY, NY10023 Salary: Open

Professional Summary

A seasoned Windows/Mac/Mobility/RMM Specialist in NetWork/SYSTEM/APPs/HelpDesk/Pharmaceuticals/DBs.

Extensive Experience in MTAIT, Columbia University IT, REGENERON Pharmaceuticals, trained in CableVision Call Center HelpDesk, solid expertise in ServiceNow Creating Assigning Ticketing, ITIL/SLAs, Documenting, Prioritizing and Resolutions.

Level 2/3 in-depth Support Resolution Provisioning: Based on thorough knowledge of Server/Networking/DB.

Google Apps mail Drive Persistent Access Failure from EU: Resolved by raising WiFi encryption levels.

VoIP Outage: Analyzed ABR/CBR/Bandwidth Depletion. Discovered regular IP Network, VoIP 10.10.x.x Packet Collision.

DataCenter Power Loss/Flooding: Re-balanced power distribution. PostScript Print Failure: Replaced dedicated color RIPs.

HP Server Raid Controller Failure: Installed a new controller. RAID L5 Rebuilt. Restored files from Tape Library.

Data Loss due to Laptop Failure: Restore data, by culling backup files from local archives and various cloud storages.

Windows: Hardware IMACD Install*Move*Add*Change*De-install, bi-lingual, proficient in Level I/II/III detail-oriented local/remote/phone support for Windows XP/7/8/10, Server2003/2008/2012/2016, Linux/Solaris, ActiveDirectory, PowerShell, Registry/EventViewer/System Services, ServiceNow/Remedy/SpiceWorks, SCCM/RIS/WDS/MDT/VDI, Ghost/Altiris Image Package Patch HotFixes, LAN/WAN/WLAN, TCP/IP/DNS/DHCP/VPN, MDM/InTune/AirWatch, BitLocker/PGP Enterprise Encryptions, FireWalls, Cisco Router Switches, Meraki, SymantecEPP, SCCMDPM/BackUpExec, VoIP, Office365/Word/Excel, MSSQL, Exchange/OutLook, RDP/VNC/Zoom/Bomgar/ScreenSharing, A/V Conferencing, Lenovo/Dell/HP, Desktops/Laptops/Printers.

Mac OS9X/10.15, FileVault2 Encryption, JAMFpro/Casper/MDM Image, Mac-iOS integration, iPhone/iPad, InTune MDM, Multi-Factor Authentication, VmWare AirWatch MDM/WorkSpaceOne, AndroidOS, Samsung, Bloomberg News, iManage, GoogleAppsSuite, Azure/OneDrive, AWS, Adobe Creative Cloud and hands-on experience in imaging/interactive/web, video, Policy Conforming, Regulation Compliance, Trainings, App Licensing, Technical Writings, Asset DB and Customer Services.

Migration: Win9x to XP/7/10, NT to 2008/2012/2016. Exchange. SCSi to iSCSi. OS400 BookMasterERP to SQL Acumen. Virtualized Servers. MacOS9 to X/ElCapitan/HiSierra/Mojave. PageMaker to Quark to InDesign. FileMaker to Biblio.

Upgrade Assessment: Pharmaceutical Lab Computer Upgrade from Windows XP/Vista/7/8 to 10. GE AKTA, Agilent, Waters.

Office365: Ubiquitous Secure File Access: Features reckon with: integration of AD/AAD/ADFS, Azure, OneDrive.

Security: Harness the power of SSO/Certificates. Exchange Secure Messaging: Outlook mail/calendar/OWA/meeting. Skype Messaging/Conferencing/VoIP. SharePoint Document Sharing. AdminCenter User Management: Onboarding and Offboarding.

Citrix ICA Independent Computing Architecture:

AppSense: Create/copy profiles to shared folders. Assign profiles to users. Redirect Folders. Manipulate Registry. Registry Hiving.

WDM: Install. Comprehensive Asset Management. Use Existing Network Infrastructure. Centralized Device Discovery. Imaging.

WMS Portal Admin: Group/Configurations/Policies. Devices. Apps Data. Rules. Jobs. Events. Users.

Director: Assist Users in Accessing 20+ Win10 Desktops in TransitAgency. 5 Different Shared Desktops in 5 Domains.

NetScaler: Assist Users in accessing Specialized Engineering Bus Track/Train Control Apps and RDC to Office PCs and Servers.

ThinClient Upgrade: Wyse3040, 5020, 5070, D90, from Win7 ThinOS to Win10. Refresh User Profiles and Update Printing.

Extensive Experience: Sprint Mobile. Verizon Wireless. AT&T MiFi. Handsets Tablets: iPhone/iPad, BlackBerry, Motorola, Nokia, Palm.

Advice against accessing Unknown URLs/Insecure WiFi, MultiFactor Secure Password. Email Safe Best Practice.

Support/Solutions: Not a cruise missile. Can not “Fire and Forget”. Follow-up care is essential.

Preventive Checkup, Regular Maintenance, In-time Repair and Quality Assurance! Mission Accomplished!

Troubleshooting Expertise: Inner Workings/Interconnect of OS/Apps/Network/Hardware.

Teamwork oriented. Willing to Work Late. Lift 60 lbs.

Professional Experience

METROPOLITAN TRANSPORTATION AUTHORITY, NY, Citrix, Remote Access, Win10 Upgrade, HelpDesk 2019-Now

Accomplishments: Citrix ADC Director, StoreFront, NetScaler, Wyse Management Suite, Wyse Device Manager, AppSense.

Win10 Apps Upgrades: IBM Doors DB, VisualStudio-CrystalReport, Oracle NetSuite, PeopleSoft, Cartography, Imaging, etc.

Remote Access Security Analysis: Citrix StoreFront/NetScaler, Azure Windows Virtual Device Services RDP, Pulse Secure VPN.

ServiceNow: ITIL. PortFolio/Cloud/Asset/Change, Config/Connect, Contract/Cost/Discovery, Incident, Inventory, Reports, ServiceDesk.

Upgrade Assessment: Backward Compatibility. Driver Versioning. Licensing Cost. Multiple App Edition Evaluation. User Tutorial.

WINDOWS10 1803~1909 APPS DataBase Upgrades:

IBM Doors Relational DB: from v.9.5 on Server2008r2 to v.9.6.1 on Server2016. ATS-AS400.

MS VisualStudio-SAP CrystalReport-VSShell: from VS2010.v.10.0 to VS2019.v.16.6.0; CR2008.v.12 to CR2016.v.14.2.

MS Access: from Access97.v.8.0 to Access2013.v.15.0 to Access2019.v.16.0. Upsizing/SSMA migrate to MsSQL DB.

CAD Upgrade: Bentley Connection/ProjectWise/OpenBuilding; AutoCAD. From HP z420/z440 to Dell Precision 3650.

Oracle NetSuite: Analytics, BI, CRM, EmailMarketing, ERP, GBM, HCM, OmniChannel Commerce, PSA; SQLDeveloperToad.

PeopleSoft provides HR ERP CRM FSCM EPM.

GeoSpetial-Xexagon-GIS-ArcGIS DB: Upgrade from Win7 to 10: GeoSpatial Technology includes GIS, Remote Sensing and GPS.

HP TeleForm TimeSheet Scan DB-Oracle12c: Evaluate and offer insights: 32bit vs 64bit; 11g r1 vs 11g r2 vs 12c r1 vs 12c r2.

Hastus Transit, CPCIS-PSR, PSR-CAM, Sheridan, Bluebeam, ActiveReports, Karama, VisualStudio, CrystalReports, PLSQLD.

Hyperion Pillar: . Cost Center. Activity-based budgeting . Project capital planning . Sales forecast, compensation, report, analysis.

WorlDox, WorkShare, Imagic: Law Library Documentation, Database Sharing and coordination with Vendors in certifying Win10.

Citrix ICA Independent Computing Architecture:

AppSense: Migrate settings from Roaming Profiles to the Environment Manager solution. Redirect Folders.

WDM 5.7.2 Upgrade to WMS 1.3: Use Existing Network Infrastructure. Resolve Wyse Device Pre-upgrade Reboot failures.

Director: Assist Users in Accessing 20+ Win10 Desktops in TransitAgency. 5 Different Shared Desktops in 5 Windows Domains.

ConnectionCenter: RTT RoundTrip Time/Latency/Packet Loss Alert and RCA Root Cause Analysis. Advisory for Mitigation.

NetScaler: Assist Users in accessing Specialized Engineering Bus Track/Train Control Apps and RDC to Office PCs and Servers.

Gateway/StoreFront: UnExpected Disconnect Analysis. WireShark and NetMon Trace. UDP/TCP ABT/CBT Stability Findings.

ThinClient Upgrade: Wyse3040, 5020, 5070, D90, from Win7 ThinOS to Win10. Refresh User Profiles and Update Printing.

Office365: Integrate with the Efforts to Convert Local Track Control and Bus Depot Databases to Web Interfaces:

. Secure User Home Laptops with MicroSoft COM Controls and Security Certificates. . Assist Users install Office365 apps.

. Enable Users to access LIRR, MNR, Bus Depot secure DBs, without resorting to conventional VPN and/or RemoteDesktop.

. Instruct users to activate MTA-issued laptops, with or without encryptions.

Remote Access Security Analysis: Redundancy. Stability. Speed. Security.

Azure WVD Remote Desktop Connection: Improving Secure Scores provides best practices for enhanced security. Require MFA to boost the security of deployment. RemoteApps: Allow remote users access to selected virtual desktops, to work with a subset of the remote PC exposed by the app. Security on Session Hosts: WVD overall deployments depends on the security controls. Evaluate the Pros and Cons of WVD RDP vs those of Citrix RDP, to optimize uptime and to minimize downtime. Improve Office Pro Plus security: Secure session hosts and apps inside. Assess impacts on productivity.

Citrix Director Desktop-Win10 Remote Desktop Connection: Protect User Credentials. Prevent Session Breakouts. Reduce the Attack Surface. Embrace Segmentations of different trust levels of risks associated with email and Web Browsing.

Citrix NetScaler: 6-Domain Apps Provisioning Licensing and Secure RDC to Office PCs, for 30+ Agencies.

Win10 Laptop-MacAfee Device Encryption Testing and Rollout, coupled with PulseSecure ZeroTrust NetWork SecurityVPN.

ServiceNow HelpDesk PowerBI: Study thoroughly. Use extensively. Wade Through Architecture and FrameWork.

Asset Track: Use the CI Class Manager to centrally view, create, or edit basic class definitions, and class settings for identification, reconciliation, and CMDB Health, Asset Name, Asset Tag, Serial Number, FQDN, Asset, Class, SysId, etc.

Asset DB Amalgam:

SCCM-centric DB: The central repository of data, pertaining to managing a large number of PCs with remote control.

ARS OneIdentity Manager tracks hardware, apps, devices and user attributes with Asset Tags and Change Control, Audit and detailed logging. Extends AD/AAD account admin actions to non-Windows OSs and SaaS. Optimized Hybrid AD Active Roles.

Secure Access provides privileged account management. Enforces access rules with OAUTH, Control Access thru delegation.

Populates groups across AD/AAD. User’s Access Updates are made across all relevant systems and Exchange.

Extends Admin Scope to support SCIM standards to allows SaaS to be embraced in the AD-based account and group admin.

ARS enables user management to hosted domains. Utilize connectors to synchronize on-premises AD accounts to Office365/SharePoint.

Conferencing Support: WebEx: Configure the Conference and invites.

Teams: Chat extension to SkyPe. File Sharings with OneDrive/SharePoint. ScreenSharing as VNC, QuickAssist, RemoteAssistance.

Zoom: Advise Users of refraining from the breach-prone App, cases in point: users’ privacy violations, spyware-contained zip files.

REGENERON Pharmaceuticals, Perkin Elmer, N.Y. Field Engineer/HelpDesk/Lab 2018-2019

Accomplishments: Windows 10/MacOS10.14 upgrades: Testing, Debugging, Imaging, Encryption, Rollout and App Tutorials.

Ubuntu Linux LTS 16.04/18.04: Prepared Desktops/Servers imaging on Lenovo ThinkCentre/IdeaCentre/ThinkStation.

PC, Mac, Mobility Convergence: Exchange-centric Enterprise Secure Messaging. MDM: SCCM-CB, JAMF, VmWare AirWatch.

ServiceNow HelpDesk Ticketing Integrated SCCMCB, ADUC, AMIAssetTrack, InTune/JAMF/AirWatch MDM WorkSpaceOne.

Upgrade Assessment: Pharmaceutical Lab Computer Upgrade from Windows XP/Vista/7/8 to 10. GE AKTA, Agilent, Waters, etc.

Mobility: InTune. Manage iPhone, iPad and iPadPro Enrollment, initialization, distribution, monitoring and remote wipes.

VPN-RSA ID: Use PulseSecure VPN Tunneling and RSA Virtual Token Provisioning to ensure secure remote connectivity.

AWDMD: AirWatch Mobile Device Management of VmWare. WorkSpaceOne: Collaboration and Self-Service mobile apps.

Configure Active Directory Users Computer WorkSpace Group Membership, to ensure the enrollment of WorkSpaceOne.

Install User/Device Profiles on mobile smart devices. Apps Push and Updates. Cyber-attack detection and counter measures.

Exchange-Outlook-SkyPe-IP Phone: Integration: Seamless Convergence: Outlook, iOS, OWA, SkyPe. Conferencing: Plan. Invite. Notify. Reserve rooms. Propagate Exchange Messaging across platforms: Mac, Windows, iPhones, iPads, Android devices, etc.

EndPointProtection: Intel McAfee Enterprise Edition. Malware Detection, Scan and Quarantines.

JAMF: Casper Suite. DEP, Device Enroll Program: Apple Desktops, Laptops and Mobile Devices Management.

•Enrollment. Profiles generation for users and devices. Device discovery and locationing. FileVault2 recovery key safekeeping.

•Recon. Push Certificates. Lock & Unlock user accounts. Apple VPP. NetBoot Server. Health Check Page. Distribution Points.

•iOS/Mojave: Secure Sync/BackUp: OneDrive/Azure/GDrive/iCloud/PrimeCloud/AWS VPN. Train GoogleApps.

•OS10.14 Upgrade: Package OS/Apps Images. Transfer user files. Test HFS+ to APFS, 32 to 64bit Compatibility.

•Train Adobe Cloud: Share File. Collaborate. Web Design: DreamWeaver, Animate, Muse. Video: Premier with FCP.

•Office Security: Upgrade Gb Ethernet. Fortify Router Encryption. WAP extended. Stop WiFi Data Theft/Ransomware.

•MalWare-free: Clean up StartUp Items. Mail Safe Practice. User Folder Cloud Replica. Anti-Spam awareness Trainings.

ServiceNow ITIL: I have learned from.

•CMDB, drawing data from SCCM-CB and ADUC, is used to master service impact analysis, asset management, compliance and configuration management. A single system of IT records: all information about the hardware and software components.

•The CMS app enables users to create a custom interface for the platform. ServiceNow® Connect is a real-time messaging app.

•ITSM transforms the cloud service management: 1. Deliver services. 2. Improve customer experience. 3. Help regulate deliveries.

•ITAM joins financial, contractual and inventory logistics functions to manage life cycles and strategic decision.

Service Task, Incident, Request, Routing: IMAC: Install, Move, Add, Change, repair, upgrade, onboarding, offboarding, SelfServices.

•ITIL Service Task: Reference Numbering registers effected users, assigned engineers, open close dates, SLA, work notes, etc.

•Incident: It tallies the service provisioning for incidents and/or failures and/or outages.

•Request/Item Management tracks User Requests, Review/Approval, Cost, Asset Management, logistics and fulfilment.

AMIAssetTrack: draws the real-time Asset DB from and writes back to SCCM-CB: The status, location, usage, ownership, etc.

SCCM-centric DB: The central repository of data, pertaining to managing a large number of Windows computers. It features remote control, patch management, OS deployment, network protection, etc.

AD-centric Domain Directory Services: based on LDAP, Kerberos and DNS.

•ADUC Users: Unlock users’ accounts. Grant Mac Users’ Group Membership for App Push down to JAMF SelfServices.

•ADUC Computers: Grant Windows Computers’ Group Membership for App Push down to AppCatalog.

•OU: Combine with SCCM Imaging Group assignment to facilitate Windows 7 and 10 test imaging.

•Study the Event Logs to resolve persistent user account lockout and password change failures, triggered by interconnected devices.

•Use centralized domain management to authenticate and authorize users and computers in a Windows domain network.

•Assign and enforce security policies for computers, users. Roll out identity services: Certificates, AD Federation, LDAP, Rights Management, etc.

Windows 7 and 10 Imaging, Windows Deployment Services and Task Sequence:

•Create USB sticks to boot the target PCs to access the images in the WDS Server. Finetune ADUC and SCCM to resolve persistent Task Sequence Errors.MDT scripting troubleshooting: 1. BDD.log. 2. OSDLOGS 3. SMSOSD. 4. DeploymentLogs

Windows10: Test 1507,1511,1607,1703,1709,1803,1809 versions/builds and Apps interoperability/optimizations.

•Fix v.7,8,10 Update Corruptions. Health CheckUp/Rebuild: DiSM.exe, SFC.exe and TroubleShooting ControlPanel.

•Reset “SoftwareDistributions” Fix Component Store DB. Decode driver issues. Incorporate Office365 with Azure and BitLocker.

Integrated Mac-Windows Virtual Machines: Parallels Desktop and VmWare Fusion. Allow the scientists to optimize secure cross-platform file sharing and run Windows scientific analytical apps on the Mac. Enable Linux Ubuntu on Lenovo’s.

Encryptions: BitLocker and PGP on Windows. FileVault2+APFS+T2chip on Mac. Recover Key loss mitigation.

Security Lockdown-Data Theft Prevention: Group Policies prevent the loading of USB device drivers on PCs and Macs.

Print: HTTP-based issue resolutions. Protocol analysis and debugging: LPR/LPD, Raw TCP/IP, WSD, HP and AirPrint-Bonjour.

Single Sign-On SSO, Secure HTTPS access SharePoint sites, Oracle DB and iManage.

Biotech Scientific App Optimization/Packaging/Install/Licensing: FlowJo, ChemDraw, SAS, JmpPro, WorkBench, etc.

TalentHubTrainings: IT SOP Standard Operating Procedures, Access/Change Management, Code of Conduct/Compliance.

Perkin Elmer MyLearning: EHS Facilities, Security Orientation, Ergonomics, One Time Admin, General Mgmt, Sales Curricula.

COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY PRESS IT, N.Y., N.Y. System Support Specialist/HelpDesk 2005-2017

•Accomplishments: Integrations: Connect iOS devices to A/V Conferencing via AppleTV; Link Samsung AllShare/GoogleDrive.

•OS Quantum Leaps. PC: 16 to 32 to Windows 10 64 bit. Mac: Classic 7,8,9 OS to PowerPc Emulation to IntelMacPro Native OSX.

•Cross-platform Interdisciplinary Success: Linux, PC, Mac, OS400, Solaris. Desktops, Laptops, PDAs and Remote Desktops.

•Facilitated App Evolutions: From PageMaker to Quark to InDesign-XML-eBook-Cloud DB-WEB-centric Publishing Revolutions.

•Groundbreaking: IBM OS400 BM ERP to Acumen on Win2012r2. FileMaker, on Win2003r2, to Biblio on Amazon Cloud AWS.

•Transformation: Solaris-Apache IMAP Mail to Exchange-OutLook-centric Messaging and Google Mail/Calendaring/Cloud Apps.

•Cisco Router Bridge Mode: Connect Remote WareHouse Router to the Corporate DataCenter Router ACL and DB FireWall.

** Mitigated Outage: Routed Windows DomainControllers, via different Pipelines: EVPL, T1, ISDN and/or Coaxial Cable.

** Network Bandwidth Optimization: Separated IP Packet Traffic: Public: 128.x.x.x; NAT: 192.x.x.x; VoIP:10.x.x.x; ISDN:176.x.x.x.

MIGRATION/UPGRADE: NT Domain to AD, DSL to EVPL, ROLM Phone to Jive IpPhone, CubMail POP to LionMail Exchange-ActiveSync-m.Google, Win9x to XP/7/10, MacOS9 to X, Quark to InDesign, “PhotoShop-Illustrator-InDesign-Acrobat” to CreativeSuiteCloud, ATMD/SuitCase to FontExplorer, BlackBerry to iOS, WinME to Android6, FileMaker7 to 11, FileMakerDB-OS400BookMasterERP to 4D Biblio/AWS VPN and CumulusDB Upgrade with Directory Snapshots.

SYSTEM/NETWORK: Spring Mobile, AT&T Verizon Wireless. Upgraded Ethernet cablings and patch panels to Cat6 and Fiber.

•Managed SharePoint-IIS IntraNet. Enable File Sharing and Group Collaborations. Managed Google Calendaring.

Mail: Archived LocalFolders to WebMail; Transferred SMTP DBs among various accounts. Advocated MF Authentications.

•Deployed Azure, OneDrive, iCloud, AWS VPN, GDrive, Adobe Cloud, iLO. Upgraded Server Storage to iSCSi and DSL to EVPL.

•Used VMware to virtualize 2003Servers. SystemCenter2008/2012 Hyper-V and Cluster to consolidate disparate Servers.

•Managed users: ActiveDirectory, GoogleAdminConsole, OpenDirectory. Datacenter: Installed leak-proof pans, backup AC.

•Installed FFE/OnBase/CitrixReceiver for PayRoll/CreditCard Processing. Managed Devices with SpiceWorks/R*U*On Alerts.

•Set up Symbol scanner gun to read Book Warehousing barcodes. Set up CardScan to digitize business cards and Rolodexes.

•Monitored FireWall Logs to exclude intruders. Used OpenDNS to restrict users’ access of inappropriate Sites.

•Used CarbonCopyCloner/RSync/RoboCopy/SystemCenterDPM to capture System States and Multiple SnapShots.

•Deployed WDS/RIS/PXE and NetBoot to roll out OS Images to Windows and Mac. Monitored SymantecEP Protection Portal.

•Used SystemCenter 2012r2 DPM and BackupExec to migrate from Disk-to-Tape to Disk-to-Disk BackUps.

•WAPs: Enhanced Signal Strength. QOS BandWidth Monitor. SQL DB XML Imports/Exports: Debugged. Tracked changes.


HelpDesk ITIL: Administered SpiceWorks Ticketing, Scheduling, Prioritizing, Escalating and Expedited Issue Resolutions.

•Seamless and Intimate Remote User Support: VNC, ScreenSharing and AppleRemoteDesktop.

•Used HP XP Terminals, Wyse and MicroSoft TerminalServer to consolidate User Desktops and Roaming Profiles.

•Educated users: ID Thefts, RansomWares, advanced password generation and home computing devices safeguard.

•Conferencing: Integrated LogMeIn, GoToMeeting, HangOuts, SkyPe. Implemented snapshots to guard against accidental DB loss.

DB: Tracked shipping costs with UPS WorldShip and MS Access. Configured secure remote accesses to ADP and PayChex DB.

•Trained users to manage OS400 BookMaster ERP Business Intelligence Reports and annual Royalty payouts.

Graphics/Publishing: Upgraded Type1/TruType to OpenType. XML Publishing WorkFlow: Integrated Word Macros, FileMaker AllBooks and XML Preps. InDesign-centric Editorial-Design-Productions: Trained users to enhance productivity.

HARDWARE: Managed Dell/HP/Lenovo/Apple desktops/laptops/peripherals upgrades. Serviced HP/Epson/Ricoh printers/copiers.

OmniCom, SERINO COYNE ADVERTISING, N.Y., N.Y. IT Specialist/HelpDesk 2004-2005

Accomplishments: Mac Classic Emulations Apps OS to OSX Mach Kernel Darwin Architecture and Native Code Base.

Groundbreaking Migrations: The legacy Windows NT vestiges to the cutting-edge enterprise-class 2003 ActiveDirectory.

Exchange Enterprise Services propagated throughout Windows-based HR Finance operations and Mac-based Graphics Productions.

Consulting for the Configurations and Trainings for the Integration of System/Network/Digital Imaging/DB/WorkFlow.

Transformation of Conventional Photo Studios and Dark Rooms into Digital Image-Making: CCD ingest and inkjet printing.

Cross-platform OS Integrations: Mac Classic/X OS, AUX, DOS, Windows, Solaris, IRIX, AIX and Linux.

Interdisciplinary Synthesis: Computer Graphics, IT, Design and Conventional Fine Art Foundations.

Ushered in Desktop Publishing Revolution: Apple, Aldus, Adobe, MicroSoft, MacroMedia Apps ran on the souped-up MACs.

Promoted Desktop Digital Audio/Video: From Linear Analog Edit to Digital Nonlinear Random-access Solutions.

File Sharing/WorkFlow: Meshed Video Broadcast/Edit Signaling Workflow with SCSI Storage and FiberSAN and IP Networking.

HELPDESK ITIL: Administered Ticketing, Prioritizing, Issue Escalation. Diagnostics Matrix for Mac and Windows.

•Standardized Ghost/Alcohol/ASR/NetBoot Imaging to roll out Mac and PC. Set up Network Drive/Bootable CD.

•Trained users to access FileMaker, Cumulus, Exchange 5.5/2003, SQL 2000, OSX/Win 2003 File Servers. Managed Print Services.

System/Network: Managed Users with OSX WG Manager, AD, DomainUserManager, SQLEnterpriseManager.

•Managed OWA/Calendar Fax. Sync Palm/BlackBerry/PocketPC/Exchange. Used Ghost/ASR/CCC to deploy OS.

•Monitored LAN/WAN, remote hosts, screen sharing. Software update with ARD, Timbuktu, VNC and RDP.

•Login Troubleshooting: AFP, SFM, MS UAM, “Directory Access” bind/authentication with Active Directory.

•Detected Mac/Win virus with Symantec. BackupExec with Robotic barcoded Tape Library: Full/Incremental Backup. IDR Retrieval.

Migration/Upgrade: NT Domain to AD2003, Win9x to XP, Exchange, OutLook, Entourage, “PST” Export/Import. MacOSX, Quark, Adobe CS, ATM, SuitCase, FontAgent, Palm, FileMaker, Cumulus, MySQL. TCP/IP, LocalTalk, EtherTalk, AppleTalk, OpenTransport, AppleShare IP and WINS. Connected Mac/PC: SFM, Windows Service, VPC, Timbuktu, PCMacLAN, Dave, copsTALK, Samba, RDP, VNC, etc. Upgraded PC/Mac desktops/laptops and HP/Epson/Xerox/Ricoh printer. Calibrated scanners.

Graphics/Video: Managed PS/OpenType. FlightCheck on ATM, FontReserve. Converted Quark to PDF. Fixed Fiery. Resolved Distiller OS9/X conflicts. Trained AdobeCS. Updated CUPS/IPP/LPD/ATalk Driver. Supported Avid, FiberChannel SAN Switch.


•MCP, A+, Network+, ACTC, ACHDS. MCSA, ACDT, ACPT in progress. Study MCSE/CCNA in XinCon.

•Trainings: HelpDesk in CableVision; Imaging in Imacon. Attend in Cloud Seminars in MicroSoft Center in NYC.

•Master Major in Photography, study in Computer Graphics and Science, Pratt Institute, N.Y., N.Y.

Proficiencies And Special Skills:

•Remote Access: Citrix NetScaler, Director, StoreFront. MS Azure WVD RDP. VPN. RMM Remote Management Monitor.

•OS/Script: Win 9x/ME/2000/XP/7/8/10/2003/2008/2012/2016/AD, Mac7/8/9/X/OD, Solaris/Irix/Linux. C/Kshell, AppleScript.

Java, HTML, XML, Macros, HostScripts and PowerShell. “ChkDsk””Sfc” and “FsCk” repairs.

•Protocols: TCP/IP, NetBIOS, SMB, HTTP, FTP, DHCP, RIP, STP, IPX/SPX, NwLink, PPTP/L2TP, AppleTalk.

•Services: LAN/WLAN/WAN, TerminalServer, RRAS, DNS/WINS, iOS/Android/WinME/BlackBerry, VPN, NFS, AFP/NI, CUPS.

•Firewall: AdTran, CheckPoint, SonicWall, ICE, Windows FireWall, NetGear, OsX IPFW. Router: Cisco, AdTran, NetGear, etc.

•Software: Office365, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Visio, MSSQL, Exchange/OutLook, Citrix, Adobe CS, PhotoShop, Acrobat, InDesign, Illustrator, Premier, iCloud, FinalCutPro, GarageBand, KeyNote, Page and Timbuktu.

•Hardware: PC and Mac: HDD’s, SSD’s, Flat Screens, Batteries, Fans, PSU’s, etc. Router, Sniffer, Power Over Ethernet, WebCam, WAP, scanner/fax/printer/copier, iPhone/iPad/Watch, Palm, BlackBerry, WinME and GPS.

•Virus Detection: SEP, NAV, McAfee, TrendMicro, MalWareByte, AVG, PcCillin, Virex and VirusScan.

•Archive: SCDPM, NetBackUp/BackupExec, NetWorker, ARCserve, Retrospect, RoboCopy, RSync and Ghost.

•Print: CUPS/AirPrint, GIMP, lpadmin, JetAdmin, Fiery CWS. OS9 over AppleTalk/IP, OSX over AT/IPP/lpd/HPJD/smb, WSD.

•OPI/DCS/TIFF-it/PDF File/Print Service: XiNet FullPress/WebNative, Helios EtherShare, Scitex and Agfa.

•Camera/Scan: Phase One, iMacon, Nikon, Leaf, Canon, Kodak. Crosfield, Linotype, Scitex, Agfa, HP, ScanSoft.

•Design/Page Layout: QuarkXPress, InDesign, PageMaker, Illustrator, Acrobat, WordPress and FreeHand.

•Imaging/ColorSync/Calibration: Photoshop, Image Ready, DeBabelizer, Monaco, HutchColor and basICColor.

•WorkFlow DB: Acumen, AS400BookMasterERP, Biblio, Remedy, FileMaker, WebNative, AdVantage, Cumulus.

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