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Civil Engineering Test

Silver Spring, MD
April 07, 2021

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Professional Summary

●Over * years of experience in end to end performance testing, defining testing methodologies, designing test plans and test cases, verifying and validating application software and documentation based on standards for software development, and effective QA implementation in all phases of software development life cycle (SDLC).

●Successfully completed Azure migration for load and stress tests using different testing and monitoring tools i.e using HP Loadrunner,Performance Center and JMeter, Dynatrace, App-insights.

●Strong experience in agile methodologies.

●Created an e-commerce test strategy and test plan for performance testing.

●Expert in planning, designing, coding, executing, monitoring, analyzing results, identifying the potential bottleneck, and suggesting to customers a complete step to improve application performance.

●Expertise in creating workload models based on the production peak load analysis and design different types of scenarios in the performance center.

●Create several POC as per the client’s request to support the team and validate.

●Outstanding ability in writing advanced LoadRunner scripting on Web (HTTP/HTML), True Client, Web Services using Parameterizations, Correlations, Randomization, Rendezvous Points, Custom request, atoi, itoa, Strcmp, CheckPoints, If-Else and other LR and C functions.

●Involved in preparing performance test plans, performance test strategy, according to the functional requirement.

●Create performance test analysis reports and documentation after test execution.

●Hands-on experience in analyzing a pure path and end-to-end transaction flow, using Dynatrace monitoring tool.

●Experience in API testing (REST/SOAP) using LR Web service protocol.

●Excellent hands-on experience in Splunk tool, creating the dashboard, creating analytics reports using Splunk, alerts, and reports.

●Expertise in writing SQL queries and database performance analysis using SQL profiler.

●Expert in developing Industry Standard VSTS, JMeter Scripts over web protocol, web services protocol, executed the load tests using HP Controller, Performance Center, Storm Runner, and analyzed the results.

●Experienced in consulting with Architects, DevOps, Project Managers, and Product owners to proactively analyze system performance and creating a solution plan.

●Experienced in APM Tools: Dynatrace, Appinsights, and Splunk to monitor infrastructure resources and applications which includes servers, operating systems, network services, network virtualization, JVM, GC, pure path and log analysis for different application components.

●Experienced in monitoring system resources such as CPU usage, Memory usage, VM State, Network I/O State, Garbage collection.

●Involved in analyzing, interpreting, and summarizing meaningful and relevant results in a complete performance test report.

●Hands-on experience with functionality testing, integration testing, system testing, GUI testing, regression testing, performance testing, stress testing, load testing, volume testing, user acceptance testing, database testing, smoke testing, and sanity testing.

●Involved in setting up a performance testing environment, code migration, middleware support.

●Proficient in working with Loadrunner, Performance center, HP Sitescope, and JMeter.

●Worked on Web and Mobile applications hosted in On-Prem and Azure Cloud Solutions.

●Worked on Desktop application performance testing.

●Involved in all the Phases of performance test life cycle.

●Possess good interpersonal and leadership skills.


Programing language: C, Core Java

Performance testing tools: HP Loadrunner 12.x/ 11.x, VSTS, JMeter, HP Performance Center, Storm Runner, HP Sitescope, JMeter 5.0, Microservises

Monitoring tools: Dynatrace(Onprem/saas), Application Insights, Splunk, Perfmon

Database: Oracle, SQL

Protocols: Web-HTTP/HTML, Web services

Systems: Window operating System, Microsoft Azure

Professional Experience

Client:24/7 AI

Role: Performance Engineer March 2017 – Present

Location: Richmond, VA


●Gathered Non-functional requirements, identifying key business scenarios and SLA’s with technical and development team.

●Developed Test Strategy/Test Plan for multiple projects.

●Develop an ecommerce test strategy and test plan for performance testing.

●Developed Workload modeling and involved in setting up the Performance test environment.

●Gathered past application response time metrics and business transactions from the production support team for developing realistic test scenarios and load models.

●Analyzed and triaged poor performance using Dynatrace and Splunk.

●Analyzed performance and live monitored using App insights for Microsoft Azure migrated services.

●Created correlation as well as parameterization using LoadRunner VuGen.

●Executed scenarios using the performance center and analyzed the results using Loadrunner Analysis.

●Conducted performance testing using Load Runner for the entire applications using various scenarios specifically that are designed for testing real-world scenarios.

●Generated management defects and test execution progress report for multiple testing cycles.

●Developed scripts Web services, HTML protocol using JMeter.

●Developed and enhanced scripts using VuGen and designed scenarios using Performance Center and Storm Runner to generate realistic load on application under test.

●Wrote acceptance and implementation test cases. Interacted with business analysts to write the acceptance test cases based on functionality.

●Set up a test environment for testing applications.

●Worked on mobile and desktop applications testing.

Environment: Windows operating system, Linux, Microsoft Azure, HP LoadRunner 12.x, JMeter, HP Performance Center, Storm Runner, Web services(soap & API), HTTP/HTML, HP Controller, Office, Excel, Outlook, Load generator,AWR, SQL, Dynatrace, Splunk, App-Insights.

Client: US Aid

Role: Performance Tester

Location: Washington DC June 2012 - January 2017


●Participated in requirement gathering from business analysts and technical architects.

●Identify key business scenarios from application specialists and business analysts.

●Gathered test data, application response time metrics i.e. SLA and critical business transactions for developing realistic test scenarios and load models.

●Worked closely with the development team and customer to understand the application development components and created a test approach document for NFR proposal.

●Planned and designed performance tests, identify the test environment and the performance acceptance criteria.

●Record scripts using different protocols (web HTTP/HTML, web services).

●Excluded unwanted requests in the script before recording with traffic filtering option and by regenerating the script in the recording summary after recording.

●Determine whether the test is recorded correctly using TextCheck and Imagecheck.

●Enhanced and developed scripts using LoadRunner functions VuGen.

●Perform Parameterization and Correlation on the static and dynamic values of the script.

●Worked on WSDL files, JSON/XML requests for Web services.

●Executed Load test, Scalability test, Failover test in the Loadrunner Controller/ ALM.

●Endurance test for multiple Applications.

●Executed multiple Performance tests to validate the Application under test to assess the metrics utilized in capacity planning and also by graphs of LR Analysis.

●Analyzed various graphs generated by Loadrunner Analysis and communicated bottlenecks to the System Administrators and the Developers.

●Identifying the bottlenecks of components while executing the tests for an application.

●Used monitoring tools like Dynatrace, HP Sitescope, and Perfmon to detect, isolate and resolve issues proactively.

●Assisted Application Developers and technical support staff in identifying and resolving defects.

Environments: Windows operating system, HP LoadRunner 11.x/ 12.x, HP Performance Center,HP Sitescope JMetre 3.0, web http/html, Perfmon, Dynatrace, C Programming knowledge and Java.


Bachelors’ degree in Civil Engineering

Mekelle University, Mekelle, Ethiopia

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