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Production Support Engineer

Hempstead, NY
April 01, 2021

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** ******* **. 516-***-****

Hempstead, NY 11550 718-***-****


To obtain a challenging and responsible position in a growing and stable company.


Hardware: Sun O/S (Sparc stations), AS/400 510, Honeywell D.S. Level 6. Multi able array of Printers, IBM RS/6000’S 550L and 32H, HP Models D, K, L, N-Class, Storage Tek–L700e, EMC2 Symmetrix, EMC2 Celerra, HP Superdome, San Storage (Brocade Switches), Linux 2.4 to 2.6

Languages: Languages: Korn Shell, C Shell, and Perl Scripts.

Programs: Nagios, Peregrine, Geneos (Active console – ITRS), Dynasoft (Boks), Data Protector (Omniback) 2.55, 3.1 & 5.0, Legato, Bindview, SecureID Administrator (ACE-Admin), Epop, Microsoft Outlook, PC Tools, Excel 7.0, Lotus CC Mail, Co-Star, Rapid filer, Applix, Exchange, and many other Office Software Packages.

Software: Linux/REDHAT-ES4 (2.6), Sun O/S 4.1.3, 4.1.4 & 5.10, AIX UNIX {3.0 to 4.1}, H.P UX 10.20,11.0 &11.i, Solaris {2.85 & 2.86}, Oracle, Aceadm (V. 3.0.1), Dynasoft (Boks 4.2), Netscape, OS/400, DOS, NOVELL (NETWARE) 2.11 to 3.21, Sybase (ASE) 12.5.4 ESD 9.1 & 15.0.2 ESD 5, Pick OS, Windows NT 4.0, Windows for work Groups, Windows 95, 98, 2000 & XP, Mpe Bindview 7.0, JS Console – Tivoli (Maestro job scheduler) version 8.1 & Tivoli 8.2, FIX-Protocol, Market Center Gui, Core FTP Software, DATool, Tidal job scheduler, Heat & ITSM ticketing system.

Protocols: FIX 4.0 to 4.2, TCP/IP, IPX/ SPX, FTP, WS-FTP, NFS & NIS, Rlogin, RSH, and Telnet.


07/15 to Present Pragma Securities NY, NY

Production Engineer

Responsible for all Europe SOD and US SOD processing, work closely with the trading group and provide 2nd level support on customer’s request and or orders/Fix connections issues.

Work with the QA and Dev team on new releases (done by JIRA Ticketing system), as well as creating new JIRA tickets to track incidentsor production issues. Provide client support whenever necessary as far as new connection testing and or problems with connection sequence matching.

Monitor all of the overnight and start of day processing using Geneos (Active Console – ITRS) monitoring to ensure all of the client connections including the NYSE is live and accepting feeds. Work very close with outside data providers (like: MarketFactory, Bloomberg, Reuters, etc). Run SQL queries as requested by clients or internal departments to solve production request.

Work with the rest of the Production group on fixing any outstanding issues left from the day shift, including changing configuration parameters on new clients or existing clients. Perform file distribution to our farm base in order to have all of the clients the latest available security data for their trading day.

Monitor all file system space via Nagios and Geneos (process and monitoring tool) to ensure optimum system performance, work with various software which allows me to perform my duties better like: Cameron Dashboard, Management console, Panorama (company grown OMS), ensure all of our Fix routers, Persistence servers, Trade engines are up and accepting connections prior to the start of trading day, also review the logs whenever there is a situation that prevents any of these instances to go online and fix the problem.

Escalate to other team members whenever there is a major outage or situation that might compromise the system availability for US SOD processing.


04/07 to 6/15 ITG (Investment Technology Group) NY, NY

Sr. Systems/Application Support Analyst

Responsible for all EOD processing for USA, Euro, Canada, Latin & South America countries, this includes but not limited to Ticks, Analytics, Historical pricing data.

Create Shell (C) scripts to facilitate reports, help on our day to day operations and for trouble-shooting purposes. Work on a daily basis with Unix file systems, copying, ftp files between unix servers, download and decrypt files in order to process for End of day, also monitor all Unix space for optimal performance, work closely with Unix Admins in new software/hardware deployment. Assign and work on new ITSM tickets when new issues arises on the production server side.

Work very closely with all of our internal clients with their day to day operations (Level 2 support).

Closely work with the Market Data group to unsure quality control and prompt availability of files for all

of our customers, also maintain a close working relation with all of our DBA’s, Developers, QA group

Co-responsible of installing all the new Market Data releases regarding new applications for Traders/Middle office/Feeds group (usually 2 or 3 times per week). Provide global support for all of our internal clients for any Market Data (Operational) problems. Provide off hours, holidays and weekend support for all of our internal products and groups, work very closely with some of our Pricing and Ticks vendor providers, including Bloomberg, IDC, Reuters. Run SQL statements & queries for our internal clients, deploy data from QA to Production, provide a high standard of service and knowledge for our internal and overseas clients.

01/06 to 04/07 Tradeware Global NY, NY

Application Support/FIX Support

Provide global Fix support (London, Tokyo) for day to day traders. Troubleshoot connections between fix switches, market centers and customers, provide new FIX connections and routes on switches or execution servers (from 4.0 to 4.2) for new clients. Update the SQL database with new users, customers or FIX connections. Update the Market centers or FIX switches with newer versions whenever they are deploy by QA. Work closely with Account managers and Project managers on new projects. Responsible for fixing any rejections of OATS (Order Audit Trail System) reports to NASDAQ. Responsible for adding SuperDOT connections, new clients, Agencies, Mnemonics & Branches to the execution servers (SIAC) or NYSE (Trading Floor). Monitor all systems load, disks and alerts using Nagios service monitor

08/05 to 10/05 Pfizer, Inc. Morris Plains, NJ

Production Support Analyst/Maestro Scheduler (Consultant)

Provide global support for day to day applications, troubleshoot all related errors and problems from various programs and platforms such as Solaris, NT, Oracle using HP OpenView, also monitor all running jobs thru Tivoli 8.2 job scheduler, escalate all problems and abends in a timely manner to the appropriate teams such as DBA, Clients, Systems Administrators. Record all problems thru Service Center (Peregrine 5.0).

06/03 to 02/05 Symbol Technologies, Inc. Holtsville, NY

Systems Administrator I

Provide support for all local and international users on HP-UX 10.20, 11.0 & 11.i (Unix) and Windows (Novell), monitor all running jobs thru Maestro – Tivoli Job Console (JS Console), troubleshoot all schedule jobs and links when failed, maintain both MPE & Non-maestro (Unix & Network) books up to date. Monitor all system activities using Bindview (ver. 7.1), Install h/w on different Unix systems, including LTO drives for backups, share responsibilities on all backups that run globally, around 150 + a day, share responsibilities for physical installation of hardware as well as running fiber and SCII cables thru the data center. Installation of necessary patches for Unix & Maestro. Monitor System activities using Nagios. Prepare new documentation on new programs and new software once installed. Upgrade Maestro (work scheduler) to version 8.1 & 8.2. Travel to other sites in the nation to solve data center problems.


07/99 to 08/02 Sandata, Inc. Port Washington, NY

Systems Administrator

Omniback administrator, responsible for installing the new version of Omniback Software 3.1 thru SCSI & Fiber, responsible for all backups & restores using DLT7000 & DLT8000, 4mm, 8mm tapes on the Unix system, share responsibilities for Software patches and all other related system software, as well as monitoring the space on the system. Add users on the system using SAM. Revised and install necessary patches. Add

disk to Auto-Raid, Nike-boxes, XP-256. LVM files & disks extensions. UFOS database administrator. Prepare game plans for new hardware/software installations

03/98 to 06/99 Chase Manhattan Bank. New York, NY

Data Security Administrator.

Responsible for adding Sun users to the system using Dynasoft Security package (Boks) including local or NFS mounted auto_homes, AIX users (smit), Oracle users, globalnet users, using Netscape browser worlwide. Monitor the space on the NFS servers (including monthly cleanup of 8 supported servers), daily monitoring of all proxy servers, weekly monitoring of Boks reports, termination reports. Provide support to trading floor, including weekend and remote (home) support, provide support to users around the world for proxy

communication problems and related issues including passwords and id’s. Provide Emergency access to developers and other users in the bank. Support the Aceadm server (Shiva access) for remote home users, including adding users and troubleshooting. Create or update online documentation (via Lotus Notes) when new application or modification is applied.

11/97 to 01/98 AMBAC, INC. New York, NY


Help on setting up new Sun sparc stations, from sparc 2 to sparc 10, responsible for day to day backups on servers (using 8 mm tapes & DLT tapes), verifying all systems files for space and add additional space when required, trouble shooting and help users with Unix, and Sun loggings, printing and file problems. Restored and copy files for System Analyst and Administrators from tape and other servers. Boot all servers (when necessary) and make sure that the system is up and running for morning trading. Responsible for sending weekly pricing sheets (tradings) to 147 users all over the country using a fax server.

4/95 to 10/97 HEALTHFIRST New York, NY

Jr. Systems Administrator

Responsible for reports, request and troubleshooting on the main operating system (Universe). Setting up user accounts, Unix File Systems, Configuring all hardware (Terminals “tty’s “, Printers ”lp’s” and tty remote printers) and other apparel. Responsible for Unix System reporting and Tuning {sar, vmtune, etc.) Compress and uncompress transferred data, In charge of setting passwords, user ID’S and login account for new employees as well as maintaining security for the system. Responsible of 100 terminal and 120 PC’S company wide. Responsible for creating all diskettes and tapes for various vendors as well as all hospitals affiliated.

Transfer files between LAN Network (Novell - level 321) and the Unix system, as well as transfer between Unix to Unix systems using uucp & rcp. Restore and backup data from 9-track tape and from 8mm cartridge, setup the nightly backup on a crontab on the Unix level and then verify the backup next day. Maintain and install printers for the operating system and the LAN network. Maintain liaison between the IS department and various departments in the company, including: Claims, Finance, Marketing, etc. Setting tty’s on the Unix level, as well as keeping track of allocated space for the different accounts on the Unix level.

02/88 to 10/94 L.V. MYLES, INC. New York, NY

Computer Operator

Support and operate the Apparel system. Support users in the Accounting Departments with spreadsheet. Operate the EDI workstation and the EDI interface. Support and operate the Voice Mail System and Call Accounting System. Maintain ongoing liaison with plants in North Carolina, Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic for system operations, telecommunications and troubleshooting. Install and maintain PC’s and related software/hardware. Install and maintain printers. Install and maintain communications equipment. Receive and upload data from PC’s and Main operating system (PICK), sending and receiving electronic data, keeping track of data in an organize way, backing up files from PC’s and main operating system. Restore data from 9-track tape. Support the AT&T system 25 Phone System.

LANGUAGES: Bilingual (English and Spanish)

EDUCATION: S.C.S Technical and Business Institute

Brooklyn, New York 11201

Computer Operations Technician 1986-1988

National University Pedro Henriquez Urena

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Business Administration. 1983-1985

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