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Engineer Chemical Engineering

Asheville, NC, 28801
March 30, 2021

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Robert J. Cousins



Evergreen Packaging - Canton, NC March 2018- November 2019

Recovery Manager

Improved safety and reliability through implementation of behavior based systems

Achieved 1 million safe man hours on August 3rd, 2018

Improved communication between 10 salaried and 85 employees working in nine departments

Improved digester lost blows by 3 percent from 2018 via improvements in evaporators reducing lost blows to weak liquor and improvements to white liquor through capital improvements on evaporator and white liquor analyzer.

Almatis - Burnside, La May 2017-March 2018

Superintendent Precipitation / Powerhouse Superintendent

Lead the Precipitation department to recover after the big crash of April 2017

Used Lean systems to improve reliability, safety and cost KPI’s in department

Improved production throughput from 2400gpm to 4200gpm

Reduced cost by converting 12 contract maintenance employees to 4 Almatis maintenance employees, eliminated 20 contract clean up employees, and reduced hydro-blasting companies from 2 companies working 7 days a week to one company working 40 hrs/week with shared duties with rest of plant

Implemented systems to reduce downtime by use of turnaround schedules and project timelines

International Paper - Rome, Ga Oct 2014-Mar 2017

Assistant Process Manager

Improved safety, reliability, cost and production operations for: Recovery, Evaporator, Turbine, Water, and Power departments by implementing lean systems

Lead a WIG team that increased throughput on recovery and evaporator departments to 202K#/hr BLS, which was 2nd best throughput ever

Lead team that improved housekeeping standards for the entire department

Lead weekend duty team for entire mill from January 2015 to March 2017

Glatfelter Paper Company - Spring Grove, Pa Dec 2013-Oct 2014

Pulp Mill Superintendent-Continuous Improvement

Used lean techniques to improve safety, reliability, quality and production operations for pulp mill which included a continuous digester and 9 each batch digesters, Bleach Plant, Woodyard, Recovery, Recaust, Kiln and Evaporator departments

From June 2014, improved Kamyr digester production by adding a crystal modifier which reduced downtime caused by acid cleaning grown up white liquor lines

To meet new BMACT requirements, lead team to decommission 3 coal boilers and install new package boilers and water system, a 100MM project installed after I left

Led team which improved chemistry/production at sister mill, the evaporation department was the bottleneck and causing mill to purchase 300 tons of purchased pulp/day for 6 months

Weyerhaeuser Paper - Flint River, Ga August 2005-Nov 2013

Utilities Assistant Manager / Utilities Superintendent

Lead and supported the operations of the evaporator, kiln/ recaust & waste/water departments and assisted in the recovery and power departments.

Operated in a safe and environmentally compliant manner, went 300 days without a recordable, and two years without a NOV

Supported an increased production of 40tpd while reducing costs $10/admt, I.e. purchased lime went from 40lb/admt to 20lb/admt

Accountable for the daily operations of the evaporator, kiln/ recaust and waste/water departments, which were operated in a safe and environmentally compliant manner

As Superintendent led a team for chemical loss

The chemical loss was reduced by reclaiming lime mud that was routinely sent to the landfill

In the short time in the department, was instrumental in reducing number of environmental incidents from 660/month down to 23/month by developing/implementing tools and communicating standards to team while lowering liquor loss for the plant

We increased evaporation rate from 905,000 lbm/hr to 930,000 lbm/hr

Process improvement projects included installation of Metso Recaust/Kiln automation, installation of vfd id fan, replacement of water treatment with hypo vs co2 gas, and installation of a mud reclaim pit

Georgia Pacific - Brunswick Operations/Koch Cellulose August 1996-August 2005

Utilities Process Engineer / Relief Supervisor

As a Process Engineer and Line Supervisor reduced cost by generate low cost energy by increasing bark burnings and black liquor burnings and/or optimizing purchase electricity as required.

Had responsibility to coordinate lockouts in a safe and timely manner for day maintenance.

Worked in concert with the other supervisors we have reduced opacity violations on the power boiler from over 1000/yr in 1992 to 200/yr in 2004.

Opacity violations were reduced to just 2 in the most recent 4-month period.

Responsible for and supervised and coordinated with:

o20 operational personnel and 6 shift maintenance personnel

o2 Recovery Boilers rated at 9.2 MM pounds of black liquor solids/day

o3 sets of evaporators, 2 sets of concentrators, blow heat system

oLime Kiln generating 650 tons of lime/day and Recaust department

oPower boiler burning bark, tires, sludge to maintain the 1250 header

oReverse osmosis and demineralizer water treatment department

o3 turbines generating 65 MW/day

oIn charge of PEO (plant emergency organization) Team

Georgia Pacific - Brunswick, Georgia July 1992-August 1996

Utility Process Engineer

During initial assignment as a process engineer spearheaded a program to reduce fossil fuel usage by burning tire chips in the power boiler, saving the company $280,000/year.

Awarded the 1995 Georgia Pacific Chairman’s Award of $3,000 for this project.

In addition:

oDeveloped an air firing strategy for Recovery Boilers

oIn charge of unit shut downs for Utility Department at night

oAudited other GP locations for Safety on Corporate Safety

oFilled in for Supervisors and for Superintendents in their absence

oLed a team to maximize soap production saving the company $180,000/year


Assistant Operations Officer/Chemical Staff Officer

Captain, 1st Battalion 39thAirborne Field Artillery Regiment at Fort Bragg, NC.

Planned and executed the deployment, by land, sea and air of entire airborne 155mm artillery battalion to the Kuwaiti Theater of Operations, encompassing 680 personnel with weapons, 150 wheeled vehicles and related equipment

Awarded the Department of Army Bronze Star and Department of Army Commendation Medal for meritorious service during combat operations in the Persian Gulf

Chemical Platoon Leader February 1989-March 1990

Battalion Chemical Officer January 1988-February 1989

Airborne School at Ft Benning, Ga 1985


University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa, Alabama Aug 1982-May 1987

Bachelor of Science, Chemical Engineering

Distinguished Military Graduate (ROTC) Reserve Officers Training Corps

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