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Manager Office

Hubli-Dharwad, Karnataka, India
March 31, 2021

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Preetham D. Phirangi


I am looking for a management oriented job, that will allow me to pursue other objectives of my life. I am looking forward to work at a firm which knows exactly what work it wants from me and has the professional infrastructure to get it done, while I can align my skills to reach organizational goals.

Exposure & Skills

Human resourcing, recruiting & orientation

Client services & client relationship management

Marketing & sales

Process improvement




Organising events

English-Kannada translation

Soft skills

Good communicator & listener

Handwriting & body language analysis



Computer Skills: MS Office, Kannada typing, designing in Inkscape etc.

Personal Details

Date of Birth: 04-12-1995 (Age: 25)

Gender: Male

Marital Status: Unmarried

Religious Background: Jehovahs Witness (Christian)

Ready to Relocate: Yes (Bangalore only)


Address: Basaveshwar Park, Stage 2,

Bengeri, Sulla Road,

Hubballi, Karnataka, India.-580023

Mobile Phone no.: +91-984**-*****

Email Address:

LinkedIn Profile: Link


Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Specialisation: Human Resources

Institute: KLES College of Business Administration, Hubballi

Percentage (Average): 58.5%

University: Karnatak University Dharwad

Year of Passing: 2017

2nd PUC (Science)

College: Adarsh Pre-University College, Hubballi

Percentage: 64%

Year of Passing: 2014


School: Nirmala K. Thakkar English Medium High School, Hubballi

Percentage: 83.84%

Year of Passing: 2012


Project Name: Effectiveness of Recruitment and Orientation

Role: Researcher and Analyst of HR practices

Team Size: 1

Project Duration: 4 weeks

Place of Project: Clarks group of hotels, Gokul Road, Hubballia reputed star hotels chain

Collegiate Achievements

I led my team to a win in the Intra-College Management Fest as The Best Manager.


I am a Jehovahs Witness and I love to read, study and participate in activities regarding my faith. I also avidly enjoy psychoanalysis.


I speak, read and write in English, Kannada, Hindi and can sign in Indian Sign Language.

Being a fluent speaker of English and Kannada, I participate regularly in giving presentations at meetings of worship. Having dedicated myself to my faith I share regularly in teaching others so as to touch their hearts to the effect of improving their quality of life. To do so requires a concentrated effort on the part of the speaker or teacher. Having love for the student is a mark of a true teacher.


I consider myself obedient to my superiors as long as it does not interfere with my conscience. I regularly help others regarding electronic things, and other menial tasks. I am organized for the most part. Hard work and honesty is a mark that I endeavour to leave in whatever I do. I endeavour to follow the Golden Rule in all aspects of my life and thus it has greatly affected my compassion for the ones I teach or train. It is true to say that I am very concerned about what I can do for those learning from me so that they may fully benefit from their association with me.

Professional Experience

1. Period: July-2018 to February-2019 Role: Full-time Translator (English to Kannada)

Being a Jehovahs Witness, I was approved to provide full-time volunteer work at the local Remote Translation Office for the Kannada language located in Bangalore, Karnataka, India.

My stay there helped me . . .

become a better communicator

become a better team player

become more sensible and tactful yet remain firm

understand how to prepare for meetings

understand what it means to keep the target audience in mind while making content

learn the principles behind translating material from one language to another

become spiritually enlightened furthermore

2. Period: April-2019 to October-2019 Role: Client Service Manager

From 08/04/19 up until 31/10/19, I was working at Signage Solutions (a company that is part of Aluprints Pvt. Ltd.).

My roles and work included:

Facilitating and coordinating clients and walking them through the process of getting a signage that meets their requirements.

Planning the design and getting an approved design from the designers.

Creating and adjusting quotations.

Making order acceptances; setting due dates.

Coordinating other documentation for commercial clients like warranties, work completion certificates, invoices, etc.

Following up with the production department for reaching due dates and payments.

Interviewing candidates for office and factory work, general hiring procedures and orientation for new joinees.

Troubleshooting other problems in the flow of workeven production and installation related ones.

Soft skills training for shop floor employees for a smooth installation process.

At times getting a solution to employee grievances.

3. Period: November-2019 to June-2020 Fell ill due to anxiety and insomnia

I had to take a break from my secular work because of various reasons, of which the most important was due to an anxiety disorder I developed after a few incidents in personal life which were having an impact on my day-to-day performance and emotional well-being. I had decided to quit my secular work for a while and my family was very supportive of my decision.

By the time I was feeling better with the help of medications the Corona Virus had changed the whole landscape of the job market. I wasnt able to find a suitable job.

4. Period: July-2020 onwards Role: Partner

Since July-2020, I am proud to say that I went down the entrepreneurial path and became a partner at a firm I formed with a close associate of mine. It is a small Limited Liability Partnership firm. It is currently just a two-man companymyself and my partner.

Name of firm: Resin Studio LLP

Nature of business: Manufacturing designer furniture using epoxy resin

Website: Welcome Epoxy Resin Enthusiasts! - Resin Studio

The following are the details of the tasks I undertook at the firm.

Research, development and implementation of systems and procedures to manufacture and deliver quality crafted epoxy resin tables.

Setup of firmrenting of premises for workshop, getting all the machinery, tools and raw materials.

Complete branding and designing of company logo, tag-line.

Complete design of our WordPress based website. (Do check out the website and go through the content which was completely written by me. Also, I had no knowledge whatsoever of website hosting or website designing before this. I think this will help the recruiter see my potential.)

Strategise and implement the marketing plan of the companys productsmainly by making cold calls and client visits throughout the district along with providing them with high grade samples.

Handling clients and making quotations and following-up on prospects.

Values Expressed in Professional Life

Ownership is when an employee is so dedicated to a company task that it seems as if he is the owner of the company.

Bias for hard work and getting things right the first time.

People skillsmanager art.

(Click here for narratives of values expressed while working at Signage Solutions.)


I hereby declare that all the details furnished here are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

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