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Analyst Programmer

Central and Western District, Hong Kong
May 06, 2021

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Personal Details

Name : Shum Po Cheung

Sex : Male

Address : */*, **** *, ******** Building, 34 Victory Avenue, Homantin, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Contact No : 92224489 (Mobile)

E-mail address :

Academic Qualification

Master of Science in Mathematics in Finance and Actuarial Science – The University of Paris-Dauphine - 2007-2009

Recent Working Experiences

Permanent position

Jan 2021 to now

Analyst Programmer Vtech Corporate Services Ltd

Data Warehouse responsibility: ETL job maintenance and support by in-house app with Oracle Db/Talend;

Business Intelligence tasks: Sales management reports by pivot analysis having assumed DW configuration completed;

Uploaded template design and built for further job execution.

Agency/temp contracts

June 2019 to Jul 2020

Senior Associate (Full-stack Developer) Hong Kong Mortgage Corporation


oKey Technology: backend->J2EE, Struts Framework, Oracle PLSQL stored procedures/packages/triggers/functions; front-end->Javascript, Jquery, Html5, CSS

Line responsibilities: With founded flexibility on full stack experience gained through applications developed for initial CR building loan repayment schedule in infrastructure finance and securitisation division, I work for related enhancement projects to drive the user deployment on tailored-made products provided to financial institutions.

The enhancement is about signing off certain approver-triggered dayend process by re-engineering limited source code changes first of all. By then, implementation support on online approval provided to user communicating in terms of stored procedure (i.e. for calculating fields according to various sets of conditions) on Oracle over the re-engineered web platform developed using Java and Struts framework. In general terms, it is accomplished by: 1) Regular troubleshooting over transition versions controlling on my newly developed features during UAT before production launched; 2) In-depth fine-tuning functions and packages script both from the perspective of approver and that of maker and 3) Continuous improvement in line with version control system regularly to comply with business rules elicited with user during UAT phase.

Jasperreports BI application development on OracleDb about Aging schedule before publishing and progressively pushing online mode, making use of stored procedure call, subdataset, crosstab and table filter features.

oProof-of-concept prototype application testing with Nodejs, Django web and React

March 2017 to Mar 2019(government-related contracts)

Senior Analyst Programmer Chong Hing Bank limited s/b Robert Walters (HK) Ltd


oKey Technology: Linux shell scripting; Oracle SQL/Pro*C; Websphere Application server administration

Line responsibilities: With Linux servers Oracle database is free to connect for the testing and development of modern products (i.e. Trade Finance/Bills of Lading) in order to compromise with client’s user team implementations. Wholly join testing team for supporting deployment onto SIT, UAT and QA servers, by coordinating with spectacular financial software vender.

Interim implementation on legacy client software written in C/C++ compiler and subsequently utilizing Pro*C to code for request and respond in between new testing solutions and Linux server, and enhancing extraction and loading of both structured and unstructured data.

Data massage and manipulation on migration project by stored procedures in Oracle PL/SQL/MongoDB/Libreoffice Calc/JDBC on weblogic

Senior Programmer to Analyst Programmer Computer and Technologies (Hong Kong) Holding limited

oKey Technology: Power BI; Spring framework; Oracle PLSQL; Weblogic Application server configuration

Line responsibilities: Work as contractor providing IT application support and user requirement eliciting for revamp project on Water Department generally

Benefited by adequate infrastructure with client its corresponding Oracle database is free to connect for the testing and development of Spring MVC application secured by Spring Security using an Ldap authentication in order to compromise with client’s user team implementations.

Business Process implementation with regular discussion notes supporting and subsequently turning into UML preparation for building solutions

Proof-of-concept models development for demonstration purpose utilising J2EE frameworks/javascript/jquery/html5/jsp/java on application server Weblogic/Tomcat

Data management and manipulation from web via Power Query/BI with further exploration on OBIEE/ODI on Oracle Solaris 11

Data conversion project involvement on producing new mapping for transition using Power Query, SQL and PL/SQL in accord with certain metadata provided by Oracle, to act along with ETL methodology

Manipulating data under Excel Object Model via VBA importing tables from Oracle database.

July 2016 to Feb 2017 (Contract end)

Programmer Infotech secondment – Education Department Bureau

oKey Technology: Web framework; MSSQL; Apache Tomcat Application server configuration

Project routines ~ Application development supporting to financial budgeting users mainly with huge data reporting needs primarily on web server on Windows in order for our team to plug it into three-tier approach utilizing both open source application server closely adhered to Java EE on IDEs like NetBeans, and MSSQL to allow rooms for further layers to be deployed therewith. Continuously fine-tuning developing projects on SSRS under business logic according to documented functional requirements with corresponding configurations. Primary programing languages written are Java and SQL.

Potential changes contemplating with System Analyst ~ considering probable changes around more advanced UIs (e.g. JSF2) and backend tools (e.g. Hibernate/JPA) to well-equip ourselves in order to prepare for likely changes on functional requirements according to maintained flexibility gained through flexible environment offered. Testing functionality of the prospective environment consisted of agreed UIs and backend tools vigorously through integrated examples reflecting practical scenarios. Interim solution would be an expected integration among Spring MVC and JPA(with eclipselink) after trying out a spectrum of possible components mix through unit and integration testing with well-selected samples. Utilizing Maven/Gradle/Git on Eclipse to build model and exert versioning control being focused on comparing with previous versions respectively.

Institutional temp experience

November 2015 to July 2016 (Contract end)

Research Assistant

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University – Department of Accounting and Finance

Assisting the projects relating to accounting and finance issue both practical in market terms and academic in nature. Database management for multiple journals on SAS and statistical analysis after cleaning up data sourced from Datastream such as multivariates, for textual analysis. Design tight hypothesis testing correspondingly. Utilizing survey methodology for corresponding statistical modeling and coding in more complicated algorithms utilizing Python, Java, Scala & R particularly for statistical computing such as performing simulations for sampling. Particularly deal with Big Data via exploring Hadoop and Oracle on Linux.

August 2015 to October 2015

Analytic Programmer

ITCS (temporary secondment)

Application Tool development building on .Net Framework with VB

Discussion of functional and non-functional requirements with users through regular meetings and seeking sign-off to build and deploy solution ahead

Design solution closely related to user requirements using Visio

May 2014 to Mar 2015

Research Assistant

The Chinese University of Hong Kong – Institute of Digestive Disease

Participation in issuing Manuscripts through serious drafting and editing.

Database management for multiple journals on Access and statistical analysis after cleaning up such as crosstabulation, simple and logistics regression for epidemiological variables. Design tight hypothesis testing correspondingly. Utilizing survey methodology for corresponding statistical modeling and exploring multiple imputation.

Questionnaire design and validation to smooth data cleaning qualitatively.

Regular meeting and talk participation to get thorough understanding of operation model.

November 2013 to April 2014 (Contract end)

Research Assistant

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Data collection and management for the utilization of future analysis, particularly for the development of database. Discussion with professor to tune the performance for the overall project, both in light of qualitative and quantitative aspects. Fulfill the requirement of short deadline with large sets of raw data. Utilise Excel formula to set logical rules in order to properly code certain categories composed by text. Manipulate comment box to facilitate quality checking.

Programming & debug for open source codes to extract strings/text by Perl modules. ~ Focus on fetching online information and the interaction between modules to create new workflow.

~ Database management with DBM and further development with MySQL for large sets of prepared statements well designed after parsing whole html into a string.

~ Ongoing implementation for streamlining the fetching process then applying regex for text extraction purpose to pursue efficiency by narrowing the scope.

~ Learn and use low-level programming techniques (from C/C++) which could be utilized to develop more automation algorithms, efficiently accomplished with thorough understanding and triggering the use in relevant modules or libraries.

~ To explore into Linux system and command line for more functionalities of Perl

March 2013 to August 2013

Research Assistant Trainee

Policy 21 Ltd

Qualitative research with broad coverage over duties like outdoor data collection, phone interview, literature research and focus group discussion, under supervision of segregated divisions which are project team, field team and quality control team. Training provided on quantitative research methods such as corresponding multiple regressions for observed data supplemented with relevant tests by utilizing SPSS. Certain levels of experimental design are contemplated in a few projects, corresponding to various types of independent variables and experimental manipulations.

Data management and manipulation prior to transfer to SPSS, by using Excel for survey sample results under various attribute columns specialized in COUNTIFS and SUMIFS with logical evaluators. Segmental information can then be analyzed in parallel alongside the manual auto-filter. Utilizing VLOOKUP for building up clean data for other projects. Setting up data validation rules in viewpoints of value types and logical questioning loops for control of outsourcers input error minimization. Algorithmic issue becomes one of the challenging duties I have ever encountered.

Commercial experience

November, 2006 to Feb, 2012

Statistical Analyst

Moody’s Investors Service Hong Kong Limited

Assist Analyst for generation of scorecard and making adjustment into the as-reported data, and on the due course phase-by-phase developing web-based data application under .Net Framework by utilizing ASP.Net deployment along with Access programming and VBA to provide debugging on event procedure.

On behalf of Financial Institution Group of Asia involving in the development of the system of gathering and processing of financial data, and performing quality control upon the output produced by outsourcers with collaboration of Headquarter in New York

Giving advices during review of spreading data on the comprehensive banking chart of accounts to increase efficiency for covering several countries across Asia, exploring into the development of Banking & Insurance FM.

Assisting product team for the presentation of structured products and model calibration.

Professional Qualification

Progression in Graduate Diploma in Statistics (Paper I & II)

Course P, FM of SOA Exam

Relevant skills

Language Skills : Cantonese, English, Putonghua

Computer Skills : STATA, C++/C#, SPSS, MATLAB, Winword, Perl, Excel,

Java EE, VBA, Access, MSSQL Server, SAS, Datastream, Hadoop/TOAD/Docker/Vagrant for VM combo, Python, JSF2/Spring, Eclipse/NetBeans/Aptana; Git, MySQL/OracleDatabase, JPA/Hibernate, Javascript and Node.js, Weblogic configuration/ActiveMQ, Gradle, Ant, Maven, Groovy, Spark/Hive/Pig/Impala/Kafka

Typing Speed : 30wpm


Dr. Martin C.S.Wong – Associate Professor – School of Public Health and Primary Care, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Dr. Leung Wing-Yin – Assistant Professor - School of Accounting and Finance of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

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