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Procurement Project

Silver Spring, MD
May 04, 2021

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**** ****** *******, #***-***, Silver Spring, MD, 20904-4769, Washington DC Skype ID: damiano-kaufa


Contact No: +1-240-***-****

Gender: Male

Country of Origin & Nationality: Malawi

With valid Work authorization for United States of America With G4 Visa for USA and SSN

Summary: An accomplished and achieved professional strategic leader with extensive expertise in a broad suite of operations especially in financial management, grants management, procurement, logistics, administration, fleet management, business development, proposal budgeting, cash management, risk and compliance, fraud investigations, development of policies and guidelines and institutional strategic planning.




Successfully formulated and implemented financial strategies in line with overall corporate strategies – this included cost reduction, risk management, operational, investment, capacity development, grants management, staff appraisal, staff Development-Leading a team of 8 to46 departmental staff. Risk and compliance

Undertook risk assessments identifying key risks which included fiduciary, financial, operational, noncompliance (donor, statutory) and outlined their mitigating factors;

Monitoring risk mitigation plans within the organization and with partners

Actioned all audit findings and recommendations to close them.

Introduced cashless transactions with sound controls to manage the ever increasing fraud and corrupt practices among staff, partners and vendors.

Implemented robust systems of internal controls including segregation of duties, thorough review of accounts for error, checking physical assets against records.

Administered close of sub-awards under different grants.

Managed fraud reporting and build capacity of staff to report fraud timely.

Internal audit experience. Established internal audit department. Financial Reporting and Budget Management

Ensured timely filing of quarterly and month financial reports and analyses to USAID, PEPFAR, DFID, UNICEF, private foundations, and other donors as well as management.

Managed budgets for different donors without any questionable over-expenditures.

Participated in financial and budget discussions with various donors at proposal and implementation stages.

Ensured costs are minimized by introducing cost cutting mechanisms fully supported by management and staff.

Cash management that led to long term investments in some instances, as well as efficiency.

Improved financial reporting by sub-recipients of grants.

Carried out cost/benefit analysis of project activities. name, page 2


Excellent interpersonal and teamwork skills with the ability to communicate effectively with diverse range of people; establishing and maintaining effective working relationships.

Good communication skills with full understanding varying audiences. Being a good listener, logic, persuasion and uncovering win-win solution from everyone has been key.

Information Technology (IT) skills: Advance excellent Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint presentation skills, sun systems/Vision Sage/Pastel, QuickBooks, Sage.

Problem-solving: Ability to identify and use appropriate method or technique to arrive at a solution. Logical and critical thinking to evaluate situations, solve problems, and decisions, help me to understand and solve problems as leader.

Ability to prioritize and able to decide priorities for achieving results.

Good working relationship with technical/program and management staff

Quick understanding of programs/technical matters to achieve objectives.

Flexible working time and style to fit into required work demands EDUCATION:

Master of Business Administration – Accounting, Almeda University, (10400 W. Overland Road No. 224, Boise, ID 83709).

Bachelor of Business Administration – Accounting, Almeida University, (10400 W. Overland Road No. 224, Boise, ID 83709).

Diploma in Business Studies, University of Malawi – The Polytechnic, Chichiri, Blantyre 3, Malawi. TRAINING AND PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT:

July 2019 Attended Humentum (ex-Inside NGO) International Conference, Washington DC, USA Apr 2016 Sub-Award Management (Kampala, Uganda)

Jun 2015 Finance Directors Academy Workshop (Washington DC, USA) Jan 2015 USAID Rules & Regulations, (Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania) Jan 2013 Grants Management & Administration (Nairobi, Kenya) Apr 2012 Financial Management for USAID Recipients (Lilongwe, Malawi) Apr 2011 Advanced Financial Concepts (Nairobi, Kenya) Nov 2010 Contemporary Management Practices (Baltimore, Washington DC, USA) Jan 2010 USG Compliance & Cash Management (Lusaka, Zambia PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE:

I N T R A H E A L T H I N T E R N A T I O N A L (Washington DC, USA) 2020 – Present Finance Director/Deputy Project Director (Reporting to Project Director) Key Roles

Managing a 3-year $38m capacity USAID funded capacity building project. Working with local partners in Ethiopia, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Mozambique, Cameroon, Cote D’Voire, Nigeria, Namibia, and government departments in Malawi, South Africa, Namibia. Planning, Budgeting and Reporting

• Leading the development, monitoring, and review of the project budget and ensure effective development of monthly projections and cash advance forecasts

• Ensuring compliance with donors’ agreements and that all activities are implemented as per the approved agreement and budget.

name, page 3

• Overseeing the preparation of high-quality USAID quarterly and annually financial reports as well as the PEPFAR expenditure analysis report.

• In coordination with country and Chapel Hill Finance staff, monitor grant spending to ensure timely expenditure of donor funds and project closure and adherence with IntraHealth and donor regulations.

• Providing direct mentoring and oversight to project staff performing financial and administrative functions

• Advise senior leadership regularly on financial and operations-related matters Financial Management

• Ensuring accurate financial forecasts and secure adequate and timely financing for activities and procurements with close consultation with the Finance and Program units

• Ensuring that financial management systems provide accurate, current and complete disclosure of financial transactions, aligned with IntraHealth’s policies and procedures

• Monitoring proper management of cash flow and assures that budgets are followed, and the project does not overspend

• Designing and implements sound internal control systems to safeguard assets, financial records and documents of the organization

• Reviewing disbursements and payroll costs for authenticity and accuracy

• Providing financial performance feedback to the project leadership team and IntraHealth Headquarters program and finance support staff

• Facilitating and follows-up change of bank signatories and bank procedures.

• Conducting pre-qualification reviews and selection of potential sub-contractors/grantees and vendors to ensure value for money and compliance with IntraHealth and donor requirements

• Developing consultant contracts, agreements, and work orders-including scopes of work, deliverables, and payment schedules, ensuring competitive processes and compliance with local, IntraHealth and donor policies and guidelines

• Providing technical assistance, as needed, to local partners on financial compliance and reporting

• Reviewing financial reports of sub-grantees, whenever applicable, and ensure that expenditures are in line with the budget and in compliance with donor regulations Auditing

• Serving as liaison with external auditors, facilitates internal and external audit undertakings.

• Preparing responses to audit findings and follows-up on the implementation of audit recommendations.

• Monitoring implementation of action/corrective action plans relative to both internal and external audits and report back to the Project Director and IntraHealth Headquarters W O R L D E D U C A T I ON (Kampala, Uganda) 2015 – 2020 Chief of Finance & Operations (Reporting to Chief of Party and Home Office) Key Role

Managed a 5-year $41.2m USAID funded project working with local and international partners for 5 years.

Key Achievements

Managed recruitment of sub-grantees under the project Under Better Outcomes for Children and Youth (BOCY) in Eastern and Northern Uganda, with target group of 367,187 active beneficiaries and 60,800 households. Goal: improve the wellbeing of children and youth orphaned and made vulnerable by HIV and other adversities. By Year 4 the project had 4 international partners and 3 local partners. Initially started with 2 international and 11 local partners.

name, page 4

Designed and implemented internal control systems. Updating risk mitigation plans, payment checklists, procedures on engagement of consultants, mobile money controls, segregation of responsibilities, access controls to assets, online bank and petty cash reconciliations, electronic fleet management system, partner financial review checklist, quarterly asset reconciliations, submission of original vouchers by partners, monthly reporting by partners,

Developed contracts and modifications for various local and international partners.

Prepared, reviewed and rolled out policies. These include Finance & Operations, Procurement, Fleet Management, Travel, Information Technology, Petty Cash, Administration and Grants Management policies.

Rolled out the cashless transaction systems successfully. This resulted in reduction of cash transactions to less than 0.01% across the project. Fraud occurrences reduced, reduced security risk since cash was no longer carried and staff lives were secured, avoided costs on cash escorts.

Managed sub-awards and contracts. Currently they are seven sub-awards and three contracts.

Managed a 5-year $3.3m USDOL Adolescent Youth & Empowerment Development Youth Initiative project with local partners and sub-contractors to June 30th 2018. Up to close out. The four-year project funded by the US Department of Labor, aimed to reduce hazardous labor and increase decent work among 4,277 out-of-school adolescents living in rural areas in four districts of northern and east-central Uganda.

Managed a 5-year private foundation $1.5m project.. The project targeted teachers (40 schools), districts (local government), Case Care Workers (CCWs) and children (schools) in 2 districts to test a range of interventions aimed towards creating schools and communities that are free of violence and are safe places for children to learn and grow without fear of harm

Managed a 5-year USAID $1.9m Strengthening Tuberculosis and HIV & AIDS Responses in East Central Uganda (STAR-EC) Project to close out in September 30th 2016. Project aimed to increase access to, coverage of and utilization of quality and comprehensive HIV&AIDS and TB prevention, care and treatment services with in Health facilities and their respective communities. Project was implemented by a consortium of partners including JSI, World Education Inc., Uganda Cares and Mentor mothers. The project operated in 9 districts and was implemented directly.

Developed and monitored budgets through monthly variance reports. Compliance was more evident in international partners than local. Capacity building for local partners was on-going. On average compliance rate was about 85% due to gaps with local partners.

Took lead in fraud investigations. Carried out orientation of fraud awareness, reporting and prevention in all 3 regions of Uganda. Whistleblowing policy worked well. Fraud awareness was a standing agenda in all quarterly staff meetings. Partners were trained in fraud awareness, detection and prevention. Reported to Office of Inspector General at both fraud identification and final stages.

Monitored direct procurements plans for assets, materials worth USD1.5m and sub-grants worth USD17m for past 4 years.

Drew contracts for service providers and other framework contracts. P A C T I N C . ( Lilongwe, Malawi) Oct’2014-Sept’2015 Deputy Chief of Party-Finance, Administration, Compliance (Reporting to Chief of Party and Home Office)

Key Achievements

Managed the 5-year $14m USAID funded project Fisheries Integration for Society and Habitats

(FISH) project with local and international partners from inception. Managed the recruitment of sub-grantees.

name, page 5

Developed contracts and modifications for various local and international partners

Prepared monthly cash forecast and quarterly projections.

Conducted capacity building programs for local partners.

Developed budgets for both the prime and sub-awardees for donor approval.

Developed program budgets with teams and monitor budget pipelines.

Managed internal and external financial audits of the program.

Developed and monitored budgets through monthly variance reports.

Designed and monitored quarterly procurement plans. F H I 3 6 0 (Lilongwe, Malawi) July’ 2011 – Sept’ 2014 Finance & Grants Manager (Reporting to Chief of Party and Home Office) Key Achievements

Managed the 3-year $3m USAID funded project Mobile Money Accelerator Project (MMAP). This was a mobile money advocacy project aimed at mobilizing the country to usage of mobile money as a means of payments and sending/receiving money.

Developed contracts and modifications for various local and international partners, totaling 6

Prepared monthly cash forecast and quarterly projections.

Conducted capacity building programs for four local partners’ finance and grants staff on annual basis. Approximately 16 staff were trained per year.

Developed budgets for both the prime and sub-awardees for donor approval

Developed program budgets with teams and monitor budget pipelines at both prime and partner levels. Overall performance was at 8% under expenditure.

Managed internal and external financial audits of the program by both external auditors and USAID finance evaluators. Findings were resolved and obtained unqualified reports.

Developed and monitored budgets through monthly variance reports.

Designed and monitored quarterly procurement plans, totaling about USD1.3m during inception phase.

C A T H O L I C R E L I E F S E R V I C E S ( C R S ) (Lilongwe, Malawi) Aug’ 2007 – July’ 2011)

Finance Manager (Reporting to Head of Management Quality, Country Representative and Home Office) Key Achievements

Managed two major USAID cooperative agreements of $84m and $85m with local and international partners.

Managed projects funded by private resources, UNICEF and foundations.

Developed budgets and reports for management decisions.

Managed and took lead in closing out 5-year USAID funded I-LIFE to June 2008, with both local and international partners.

Managed USAID funded $85m WALA project as a follow on project of I-LIFE. WALA had monetization component.

Managed USAID funded $84m IMPACT project.

Addressed audit recommendations and closed audit findings.

Trained finance and grants staff at both CRS and partner levels.

Managed both cash and monetization processes including drawing contracts for contractors name, page 6

C H I T A K A L E T E A & C O F F E E L T D (Mulanje, Malawi) March’ 2000 – Oct’ 2006

Company Accountant/Secretary (Reporting to General Manager and Board Chairman) Key Achievements

Set up Pastel accounting systems, recruiting staff and designing internal controls.

Prepared periodic financial reports and coordinated the preparation of budgets;

Handled all external audits and addressed audit findings before deadline;

Superved accounting functions including general ledger reconciliations, payables, receivables;

Prepared Cash flow forecasts for submission to head office;

As Company Secretary managed board’s administrative matters and other corporate functions, e.g. taking and distribution of minutes, notices, etc. O T H E R W O R K / C O N S U L T A N C Y E X P E R I E N C E SAVE THE CHILDREN ( Lilongwe, Malawi) Feb’ 2015 – April’ 2015 Procurement Specialist/Consultant (USD3, 625,593)

Purpose of assignment: to manage the procurement process for the payment mechanism service provider for the Keeping Girls in School (KGIS) and work closely with the KGIS program management team, technical staff, SCI Malawi Program Operations department and partner, Oxford Policy Management


UNITED NATIONS VOLUNTEERS (UNVs-Germany) – UNDP, Lilongwe, Malawi (Sept 2005) Project Financial Advisor

Assisted district/town assemblies in preparation of monthly work plans and budgets derived from annual work plans; Ensured funds for decentralization program in assemblies were properly utilized.. CONTINENTAL MOTORS Ltd (Mwanza, Tanzania) Nov’ 2004 – Dec’ 2004 Financial Consultant

• Successfully installed Sage Line 50 Version 9 Accounting package

• Successfully transferring data from Tally Accounting package to Sage; Updating accounting records; Reviewing costing systems


Accountant (Reporting to Executive Director)

• Managed USAID grant funds to ensure compliance with donor requirements and guidelines.

• Periodic updating of strategic plan and cash flow forecasting.

• Prepared variance analyses for various projects for budgetary control purposes. COLD STORAGE LTD – Blantyre, Malawi (1994-1998)

Chief Internal Auditor (Reporting to Board)

• Managed internal audit department by planning, organizing, directing and controlling.

• Developed and recommending implementation of accounting systems and other related internal controls

name, page 7

• Carried out special investigations of fraud and other irregularities.

• Provided overall assurance to management team with policy implementation involvement. UNIQUE COLLEGE OF ACCOUNTANCY & BUSINESS STUDIES– Lilongwe, Malawi (1990-1994) Academic Registrar/Senior Lecturer (Reporting to Principal)

• Lecturing Financial Accounting, Cost Accounting, Auditing and Economics to full and part time students.

Student administration; Course design and promotion; Liaising with examining bodies; Student performance analyses; Supervision of junior lecturers LANGUAGES: (List all of the languages in which you are competent to perform professional services and give your level of competency).


Malawi, Tanzania, Uganda, United States of America PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS:

Certified Forensic Investigation Professional

I am a certified forensic investigator with the International Institute of Certified Forensic Investigation Professionals Inc. I am able to investigate, record, analyze, and gather clues and evidence related to financial transactions.

Professional Membership

Institute of Chartered Accountants in Malawi (ICAM), Malawi Accountants Board (MAB) HONORS/AWARDS:

Honorary Convocation

Received honorary PhD in Financial Management by Ecole Robert De Sorbon in August 2016 at a convocation ceremony that took place in New Delhi, India. PUBLICATIONS:

Writing book on ‘’Financial Sustainability of Local Non-Governmental Organizations-African Perspective’’


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