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Editor French

Toronto, ON, Canada
April 30, 2021

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April **, ****

Dear Hiring Team:

As a professional proofreader and content editor, I have over 15 years of experience working in advertising, marketing, corporate communications and media. Managing projects across a diverse range of industries, I am proficient in proofreading English, French and Spanish.

Much of my work has involved editing and proofreading internal communications, marketing materials, with an emphasis on labels and packaging. In carrying out my mandates, my main responsibility is to spot inaccuracies, making sure they do not find their way into print or digital formats. I have expertly completed (mostly bilingual) projects for a long list of satisfied clients, including HOOPP, Bob’s Your Uncle, R R Donnelly, Havas*, CICA, HBK, Zig, Raining Creative, Word Check, Medicus*, Kardu*, IBEX, Plus Magazine, Evolution, Perennial, Quebecor and Armstrong Partnership, among others. While working for Dr. Ed Shane, I proofread and edited hundreds of pages of medical documents, and I have extensive experience with pharma clients.

*denotes a client specializing in pharma accounts.

My work experience has included preparing content, copy editing, proofreading and providing quality assurance to ensure accuracy in both text and graphics, in both English and French, while meeting deadlines for every project. I have liaised with designers, developers, copywriters and other stakeholders and clients, working in diverse fields, including pharma, finance and advertising. Although my work has often been performed independently, I have been an integral part of creative teams, where we used our individual and collective skills to achieve our goals as a cohesive unit. In addition, I have developed a keen understanding of quality assurance methodologies and editing standards.

I am equally comfortable with print layouts and on-screen work, as well as both on-site and off-site assignments. Although not a translator by trade, I have done translation work in many of my assignments. I have created and formatted style guides, established standards and quality assurance checklists for my clients as needed. I am detail oriented and fluently bilingual in English and French.

Telecommuting and flexibility combine to make me highly effective in meeting deadlines, as I am available to work days, nights or weekends, depending on scheduled turnaround time. These attributes make me an excellent candidate for either a contractual or full-time position.

Testing at Aquent, Kelly Services, Adecco, Pinstripe, Worth Personnel Inc., Prosource and JVS demonstrates that my proficiencies in editing, proofreading, grammar and command of the English language are unparalleled. In many of these exams, I achieved the highest ranking of all proofreaders and editors – reaffirming my ability to spot spelling or grammatical errors at a glance. My expertise is well suited for any organization where accuracy of information is essential. My work is meticulous and thorough, assuring error-free documents, copy and layouts.

To successfully complete assignments, I will also take the time to review related industry and competitive publications so that I am fully familiar with the terminology of the industry in which the mandate falls.

My language, computer and online skills are also excellent. I am currently working ENTIRELY in French as an interviewer for Decision Point Research. I am highly proficient in Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat, as well as other commonly used software programs. In addition, I have over six years’ experience in an inbound call-centre environment.

Kind regards,

Lou Israel


• 15+ years as multilingual proofreader (English, French, Spanish) combined with some translation

• Specializing in packaging, advertising copy, medical reports, newsletters, magazines and scripts

• Expertise in quality assurance of training, technical and financial documentation for Canadian and American clients

• Grader/Marker for Ontario Literacy Test & American university computer online course (learning content)

• Top-ranking proficiency scores for Kelly Services, Adecco, Pinstripe, Worth, Prosource


• Top-ranked proofreader, excellent editorial and superior writing talents

• Skilled in researching, gathering, organizing and matching storyboard information

• Process improver, problem solver and critical thinker

• Published columnist since 1994

• Bilingual customer service and administrative experience (6 years)

Technical skills

• Expert in Microsoft Word/Excel/Powerpoint/Windows, Adobe Acrobat and Internet research

• Creator and designer of functional and searchable databases using Excel, used by several clients

• Skilled in data collection and analysis

• Formatter of business documents for publication and distribution

• Programmer of macros to increase work proficiency and efficiency

• Typing speed 45-55 W.P.M.

Employment history

Bilingual Customer Service Agent 2021

Maximus Canada, Vancouver, BC

• Answered inbound calls from customers regarding Covid Recovery benefits

• Provided guidance, reference and excellent customer service, cited by superiors

• Worked approx. 40% of the time in French

Voice Actor 2020

LearnFormula, Markham, ON

• Provided audio voiceover for e-learning legal texts

French Interviewer 2019

Decision Point Research, Toronto, ON

• Conducted mock phone interviews with clients

• Worked 100% of the time in French

• Also trained new interviewers on technique

Quality Assurance Specialist 2010 – 2019

Jacor Marketing, Montreal, QC

• Edited marketing content for print and online resources

• Provided quality assurance for online learning modules and client sites

• Proofread for French and translation, inconsistencies and content, depending on client requirements

• Occasional transcription/audio services for information, research and training purposes

Editor/Business Writer 2019

Naz Dinkov, Toronto, ON

• Edited marketing content for online applications

• Corrected and wrote proposals for more accurate presentations

Bilingual proofreader 2017

HOOPP, Toronto, ON

• Edited marketing content for print and online resources

• Proofread against master version

• Proofread for inconsistencies and content, depending on the client

• Copy edited rough drafts as needed in preparation for print

Bilingual proofreader 2017

Bob’s Your Uncle, Toronto, ON

• Edited marketing content for print and online resources

• Proofread English or French texts against English master version

• Proofread for French and translation, inconsistencies and content, depending on the client

• Copy edited rough drafts as needed in preparation for print

Copy editor/proofreader (novel) 2015

François Desharnais, Sherbrooke, QC

• Proofread English novel for spelling, grammar, inconsistencies, flow and content

Quality Control Analyst/Bilingual proofreader October 2014 – December 2014

RR Donnelly and Sons, Toronto, ON

• Proofread English or French texts against English master version

• Worked on QA team to ensure accuracy of annual reports in English and French, working in print and online

• Proofread for French and translation, inconsistencies and content, depending on the client

• Clients include all major Canadian financial institutions

Scorer/Marker April 2002 – April 2014

EQAO, Toronto, ON

• Read through Ontario Grade 10 literacy tests for comprehension

• Rehired consistently due to excellence

Medical proofreader April 2002 – May 2014

Dr. Ed Shane, Toronto, ON

• Proofread English text for grammar, spelling, content and inconsistencies

Bilingual traffic information coordinator May 2002 – December 2012

IBI Group, Toronto, ON

• Translated text from English into French

• Analyzed content for quality assurance reviews

• Proofread for errors and inconsistencies

• Record live and taped reports for road conditions, on call for emergency situations

Other professional experience

• Producer, 25,000 QuatLou Pyramid

• Political columnist, Dialogue Magazine

• Editor’s Association of Canada, member/seminars/courses

• MS Office Certificate, DeVry Institute, Toronto, ON

Complete work portfolio and detailed list of freelance projects available on request

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