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Plant Process Engineer

Atlanta, GA
April 29, 2021

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David Mauterer

***- ***-****

Process Chemical Engineer

Engineering Design: ASME Heat Exchanger and Piping Design, HVAC_NH3 refrigeration, adsorption Gas

Purification, absorption and distillation column applications, solid, liquid, gas-liquid separation equipment.

Project Documentation and Marketing: Extensive proposal preparations with scope for DOD, DOE, NSF, industrial

Power and Chemical systems, operation manuals, systems manuals, and SOPs.

Plant Operations, Pilot Plant, Process Development, Extensive field mechanical experience; Wide array of

organic batch synthesis, Juice_ Beverage Terpene Flavor Separations, petro gas plants, MW fuel cells, NH3

plant environmental compliance projects, process development success in solids, reforming catalysts.

Plant Design: P&ID & PFDs, Utilities; Flow Circuit Design with PSV Sizing Aspen Safety relief valve calculations,

PSM, PSSR and Hazop reviews. Process Simulation Software Expertise: Aspen, Hysis, ChemCad and Matlab,

AutoCad, P&ID creation, AFT Arrow, Fathom, Excel spreadsheets, Project Office, Plate-Fin Design programs, PLC

ladder logic; extensive excel fluid flow calculations linked to process simulations.

Strengths and Qualifications:

Extensive engineering design, vessel and pipe fabrication, PID improvements, Control loops, analyzed safety NFPA and API safety issues, Hazop lead for hazardous gas and liquid systems.

Participated in team startup of complex hydrocarbon and chemical processes, written and reviewed SOPs, and startup procedures. PSSR Teams

Advanced Knowledge: Batch Organic Synthesis Processes, API vessel, heat exchanger designs, use of alloys, catalysts, control valves, PSV sizing and applications expertise.

Consulting Process Engineer

Confidential Flavor Processing Client

03.02 to Present

Complex Distillation Column Design using Aspen and Chemcad; Development of comprehensive package for Physical property database for unknown large molecule Terpinoids, rigorous design of column with sidecuts and pure products.

EXP Engineering _Consulting Process Lead Engineer

Knoxville, TN and Houston, TX

Feb 1st 2020 to 02.01.2021

Developed a FEL I project for Pyrolysis of Recycle Plastics Project Grass Roots Plant; Aspen Modeling with Access Program. Development of estimates, PFD and PIDs. Specialized Indirect Fired Kiln techniques. Modeled the pyrolysis of HDPE to SynCrude alkenes for hydrogenation diesel fuel components

Acetic Anhydride Process Plant Design; Chemcad, Aspen modeling and project process documentation. US Army Acetic Anhydride Process Plant Design. A key engineer in critical new design of Army munitions plant for Acetic Anhydride plant and Acetic acid Synthesis and recovery utilizing Azeotropic Distillation techniques.

Lead Process Engr in Alberta Canadian Plant for Wheat to Ethanol Plant, including Pipeline Ethanol, CO2 Recovery, Anerobic Digesters, Digester Gas treating, CO2 to Pipeline operations. Lead for Process team using Aspen Plus Modeling and Hysis

Anheuser-Busch Brewery Plant _ Chemical Project_Process Engineer

Cartersville, GA _Short Contract

June 2019 to Feb 2020

Redesign of BioGas Vapor and drying transfer Flow to Boilers and Fuel Clean-up, Documented Flow calculations and contaminants, led team to clean underground pipeline

Project team Leader for Brew-Kettle H2O Heat Recovery requiring redesign of Plate Frame HEX, organics removal with Activated Carbon, analyzed Terpene flavor losses for Brewery.

Team lead for new Selzer beverage fermentation process within existing plant. Complex syrup and CIP valve and flow application design. Integrated large flow sucrose solutions into existing Fermentation systems

BAE Systems Inc_ Contract Process Design and Project Engineer

Kingsport, TN _DOD US Army Munitions Chemical Synthesis Plant

March 2018 to April 2019

Batch Organic Chemical Synthesis Operations: Complex systems with batch reactor steps, cooling, required Solvents and alcohol injections, design of new higher capacity production of acetic acid and derivative chemicals. Created detailed Fathom flow and piping models for cooling water, glycol, steam and utility systems to support a new process. Supported Project team with all process designs

Chemcad Design of complex Azeotropic Distillation Columns and Shell and Tube Condensers, Rating modes. Design of all condensers and precoolers using Aspen tools. Extensive creation of HMB tables and properties for documentation and purchase for correcting older units with poor performance.

Created complex Aspen Gasification System systems for High Quality HyCO SynGas product. Autocad P&ID development and Project engr.

Amvac Chemical Plant Contract Process Engineer_Sirius Technical

Mobile_Axis, AL Plant Operations _Batch Chemical Synthesis Operations for Organophosphates

Nov 2016 to Dec 2017

Batch Organic Chemical Synthesis Operations: Created detailed ASPEN Plus Process Simulation models for new organic product syntheses; checked sizing of all unit operations utilizing multi-phase reactants and solvents; required documentation and analysis of all mechanical process equipment. Synthesis processes required complex distillations, solvent recovery strippers, phase separators, overhead condensers, heat exchangers, utility refrigeration, vacuum systems for columns, detailed fluid flow and Control valve circuit redesigns, pumping applications and sensitivity of impurity removal at many steps.

Calculations yielded API 521 sizing for all PSVs, improved SOPs, reduced product rework, better yields, more solvent recovery and improved control valve performance. Required intensive understanding of organic and hydrocarbon-water solubilities and EOS’s. Executed thermodynamic property predictions for complex and dangerous organic compounds. Generated HMB spreadsheets supporting Aspen models.

Aspen Model with Access Program Results support PSV sizing and fault analysis, hand calcs and final Documentation of organic Synthesis operations. Supporting equipment design calcs, Advanced Aspen Electrolyte and Organic chemical batch and continuous production. Required detailed fluid flow dP circuit analysis including control valve sizing with recommended changes to managers. Final PSV capacities showed many existing valves too large and too small. Resulting MOCs written.

Southern Company_ SCS Engineering Gastech Group_Sirius _Contract Process Engineer, Mississippi

Kemper County_MPC IGCC Plant GasTech Team Startup and Commissioning Team

Aug 2015 to Oct 2016

Critical Process Design Team Lead: Required the creation of Aspen Process Simulation models for new complex Sour H2O processes, with final models revealing serious design errors and recommended changes. Process models allowed flexible feed stream profiles. All Critical control loops were identified and analyzed for changes. Executed field checkouts, system Purging, commissioning procedures for Sour Water Stripping, H2SO4 Acid recovery units, NH3 recovery, column purification and storage vessels. Team member for Large Selexol system startup for CO2 Extraction. Catalytic testing for reforming, Syngas water gas shift, and sulfuric acid.

Stripper and Distillation column complex re-designs using EOS Simulation skills, hydraulic-mechanical Piping dP and fluid flow for Ammonia purification, safety start-up and anhydrous NH3 tank delivery systems, Control system redesigns and startup. Detail fluid flow loop checkouts and analysis. Heat exchanger detail thermal capacity calculations for utilities, aqueous and organic chemicals.

Critical PSM and PSSR team lead for hazardous chemicals and operator safety. ASME tank and vessel designs. Calculations of PSV sizing for all Sour H2O and NH3 systems.

Weatherly Inc _Chematur: Contract Process Design Engineer, Atlanta, GA

Complete and Proprietary Nitric Acid, Ammonium Nitrate, Urea Plant Designs

Nov 2012 to July 2015

Process Plant Detailed Mechanical_process design: for new grass-roots complex NH3 Synthesis, HNO3, ANsol plant, extensive utilities plus fuel gas trains, boilers, Cooling H2O utilities, BFW and waste water designs, NH3, ANSOL and HNO3 storage designs. Process safety logic development. Heat Exchanger Sizing.

PID Development & HMBs: Complete OSBL designs, Extensive Hydraulic Pipe flow calcs, plant-wide PSV and Control valve sizing and HAZOP logic, equipment detailed design reviews. Created meachanical specifications for all instrumentation and control valve sizing. Cooling H2O utilities, BFW and waste water designs, NH3, ANSOL and HNO3 storage designs. Overall Plant Process safety analysis with sizing for all PSVs.

Fuel Cell Energy: Contract Process Engineer DOE NETL CO2 Recovery Project Engineer, Danbury, CT

Commercial Stationary MW Size Power Fuel Cells; DOE Contract for Carbon Capture Sequestration

Dec 2011 to Oct 2012

Application of MW Molten Carbonate Fuel Cells to Coal Plant Exhaust CO2 Recovery: Process development of design Pkg for integration of large scale MW fuel cell stacks into CO2 recovery via Refrigeration and condensation recovery. Project cost estimation; large scale process equipment evaluation and sub-contractor management. ChemCad simulation of SynGas-CO2 distillation processes and AAR chilling integration.

Gas Equipment Engineering Corporation and Avalence, LLC: Project Engineer, Milford, CT

Electrochemical Specialist, Cryogenic, VSA N2 and O2 Separation and 10000psi Hydrogen Electrolytic Systems

Mar 2010 to May 2012

High Pressure Electrolyzer Hydrogen Generation System Development and Fabrication: Intense process development of high-pressure alkaline electrolyzers utilizing cylindrical electrode cells for generating high purity H2 and O2 product gases. Field operations and servicing of units. Novel transitional metal designs for electrodes. ASME high pressure design for vessels and tubing. Technical Proposals and designs for DOD gas generation systems.

Commercial Product Fabrication and Field Maintenance, Customized hydrogen generation units & scale-up of technology via water splitting electrolysis. Transition Metal catalyst applications, high flow recirc electrode designs; polymer ionic membrane testing; high pressure level controls evaluation. R&D system operations. Hydrogen Industry fueling and cascade storage; composite storage systems for Bus and Fuel Cell vehicles. Hydrogen compressor integrations from 6000. to 10,000.psig; EN ISO standard process vessel design for high pressure

Naval and Military N2 -O2 gas Separation Purification Systems: Engineering design of vapor swing adsorption (VSA); membrane and cryogenic air separation gas generation systems for Naval Aircraft carriers and military stationary systems. Field Service for all client units in field; including DOE and unique. liquid CO2 products. Applications of complex thermodynamic cycles utilizing refrigeration; diaphragm compression; JT valves; expanders and pulsating Q-drive liquefiers; HP and LP distillation techniques and liquid pumping.

Contaminant Separations Inc: Principal Process Engineer and Project Manager, Atlanta, GA

CO2 Syngas_Hydrogen Reformers and Methane Recovery Systems

Jan 2004 to Mar 2010

Process Development and Startup Operations; Lipids and protein recovery and Separation; Petroalgae 2008 to 2010:

Sanitary processing operations utilizing: Tetrapak Pasteurizers, Tranter Plate and Frame Heat exchangers, Alfa-Laval and Westfalia Centrifuges, Tetrapak and Alfalaval Homogenizers. Rapid track system designs and installations into excellent performing process using refurbished equipment.

Project Management: Managed all engineering and construction of gas separation units with emphasis on recovery of CO2 and VOC emissions from combustion and waste gas sources. Process and mechanical design, equipment-vessel customization, fabrication shop management, cost estimates, purchasing, expediting, start-up duties, field modifications, test data collection. Successfully managed multi- million budgets for gas processing unit construction, performed plant testing, and start-ups. Performed engineering control panel designs and field checkouts.

Gas Separation Process Development: Created a gas treating and separation method incorporating the successful application of brazed alloy plate-fin compact heat exchanger assemblies as multi-component gas absorbers capable of isobaric condensing with predictable dew-point temperatures. Successful development of terpene-flavor solvent formulations for CO2 absorption. Capacity to clean waste gas to ppb levels, utilized Gas Chromatograph Mass Spec Gas analyzers. Developed terpene vacuum distillation-strippers on-site for exact terpene levels.. Acquired USPTO patents.

Desulfurization, NOx, Organic Sulfur and VOC Organic Absorption Removal: to ppb ranges utilizing unique regenerable terpene-based solvent formulations for wide array of syngas streams: exhaust gas feedstocks, natural gases, high CO2 content streams. Turbine and reciprocating engine exhaust contaminant removal. Selective converters and gas flaring units meeting southern California air emission limits.

Plant Operations: R&D and Power Generation Site Operations: Five years of gas plant operations at waste gas collection sites (LFG), evaluating coolant and plate-fin tower thermal and mass transfer performances. Evaluated gas driven compressors for various fuel compositions.

Aspen Process Simulation Design for Commercial SOFC unit: Ultra high temperature gas processing with inconel brazed plate-fin heat exchangers (HEX) and catalytic fuel reforming unit operations. Multi-fuel, front-end reforming/processing designs. MUSE plate-fin designs and patented fuel humidification.

Catalytic Operations: Co-development, design and testing of catalytic converters and tail gas oxidizer reactors with small Catalyst Firm: CPOX, ATR and internal reforming reactor designs over broad operating regimes. Testing of Nickel and Precious metal converters.

Co-Venture Process Development of MW Molten Carbonate Fuel Cells: Process development of molten carbonate fuel cells. Responsible for (PIDs), HMBs, and designs for HEXs, cat converters and vessels. Developed complex ChemCad & Aspen process simulation models for entire power plant including syngas, fuel/water ratio controls, process heat exchangers, gas flow distribution, control valve sizing and optimization.

Education: Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering, University of South Carolina

Completed Masters Courses in ChemE and Mechanical System_Controls

Masters Courses: Western New England College 2004 3.5 GPA

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