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Cadet Instructor

Vasant Nagar, Karnataka, India
April 29, 2021

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Certified fitness trainer in yoga, martial arts and games including Volleyball and Badminton, with 24 years of experience in sports and games training, physical education, and coordinating athletic events including district, state and national level tournaments, and workshops, and demonstrations of yoga and martial arts (Karate).

Expertise in leading, instructing and motivating students and trainees in exercise activities such as cardiovascular exercises, strength training and stretching.

Proficient in Yoga Science and Naturopathy with comprehensive experience in designing and leading safe and comprehensive yoga workshops, demonstrations and yoga programs for diverse student groups.

Competence in Montessori Method of sports and games training for kindergarten level, and digital methods of yoga, and fitness training.

Profound experience in facilitating workshops for martial arts (Karate), sports and games and umpiring games including Table Tennis, Basketball, Volleyball, Shuttle, and Badminton.

Adept in developing and improving the social and physical skills/capabilities of students by engaging them in community activities and fitness oriented games and sports.

Deft in preparing lesson plans based on the functional abilities and needs of students, monitoring fitness levels and requirements, and design classes to suit individual needs, organizing space and equipments, interacting with co-facilitators to prepare interdisciplinary lessons, and facilitating student behaviour management.

Ability to develop students’ and parents’ awareness in health and nutrition, engage in maintaining general discipline and health of the student community to ensure healthy body and mind, and incorporate psychomotor learning strategies into the curriculum.


Physical Education/Instruction

Sports and Games

Digital Teaching Method

Yoga Science and Naturopathy

Martial Arts

Athletic Event Coordination

Montessori Method

Table Tennis/ Volleyball/Shuttle/Badminton

Psychomotor learning





June 2007 – Till date

January 2000 – June 2007

June 1998 – October 1998

June 1997 – April 1998

Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan Senior Secondary School

Vidyodaya Matriculation Higher Secondary School

D A V Girls Senior Secondary School

Lady Andal Venkata Subba Rao Matriculation Higher Secondary School

Fitness and Yoga Instructor

Physical education and Yoga instructor

Physical education trainer

Fitness and Yoga instructor

Responsible for monitoring fitness level and requirements of all students and designing classes suitable for their individual needs, performing and demonstrating all yoga exercises complying to safety and health standards. Performing evaluations of exercises performed and recommend corrections in poses, diets and general lifestyle for improving health of the body and mind.

Ensuring physical activity and fitness in students by planning, organizing and coordinating various sports and games events, health and nutrition awareness programs, sessions for improving the physical and motor skills of students of all age groups.

Facilitating behaviour management in students and developing their social skills with community activities and games.

Coordinating various athletic events in the district, national and international levels, organizing national level workshops and demonstrations of martial arts (Karate) and yoga, and coordinating international karate tournaments.

Preparing lesson plans based on individual abilities and needs of students, and associating with co-facilitators and academicians to organize interdisciplinary sessions for overall behavioural development.

Providing training in various games including Volleyball, Basketball, Shuttle, Badminton and Table Tennis for preparing students for state and national level tournaments.

Engaging kindergarten level students in various community and physical activities based on Montessori Methods and thereby developing their motor skills.

Maintaining general discipline amongst students, organizing space and equipments prior to training sessions, and interacting with guardians if required, to induce an awareness of child health and nutrition.


Received training and certification in Table Tennis umpiring for state level tournaments.

Coordinated World Record Karate Tournament, and participated in national level Karate tournament.

Attended workshop on Cooperative and Peace games for teachers.

Attended Annual training camps through National Cadet Corps (NCC).

NCC 'B' certificate cleared in 1993 conducted by authority of Ministry of Defence Government of India.

NCC 'C' Certificate cleared in 1994 conducted by authority of Ministry of Defence Government of India.


Bachelor of Education from Tamil Nadu Teachers Education University, 2010

Diploma in Yoga Science and Naturopathy from Manonmanim Sundranar University, 2008

Master of Arts in History from Annamalai University, 2003

Bachelor of Physical Education from Y M C A College of Physical Education, 1997

Bachelor of Arts in History from Madras University, 1994

Montessori Teacher Training, 1990

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