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Cement Sap

Chandigarh, Chandigarh capital, India
April 30, 2021

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I am a highly driven recent business school graduate seeking a

full-time position in finance where I can lend my knowledge of market analytics to help your organization improve profitability.


ACC cement plant Kiratpur Sahib

2018 - 2019

Working with SAP system

1.Acc Plant : ACC Cement launched connect India Plus, which has proved to be one of the most significant, large scale IT deployment within the company so far.Within few years ago, ACC company rolled out Connect India Plus that was conceived as an ERP implementation program for Installation SAP with modules at many locations across India and many user with a single instance on a server in Mumbai.

My Role: My Role to check SAP application code on different platforms of Computer system.

Digital System ind Baddi

2013 - 2017


Digital System ind. Baddi. 1.Quality Analysis from 2012, 2017 to till date.

1.A.I deptt.: Auto insertion department is New P.C.B assembly by Command Prompt system . Work-order contains all the requirements and specifications of the project.We setup the automation process on the basis of the giving requirement in work-order.

My Role: My role is to verify the entire requirement provided in the work order file should be completed. My job is to check and verify the database entries of A.I process.Maintain the all documentation in the Command Prompt.


Rayat Polytechnic College Ropar


1.Electronics and Communication Engineering

Up to 70%

Oxford college Kiratpur Sahib


Computer and Application



Full Stack Software Developed in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I have previously mentioned in practice in Vss operation HTML files in website.


Reading books

Listening music, Surfing the net and travel



Vill.Jeowal, P.O Kiratpur

Sahib,Teh.Anandpur Sahib,

Distt.Ropar, State. Punjab (140115).



Computer proficiency in Microsoft

Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and

Outlook. Knowledge of Full Stack

Software Developer programming in

HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

1.Problem Solving No matter what

the job is, eventually something will

go wrong and employers want to

know that you’re capable of coming

up with a quick and effective

solution. In fact, there are jobs that

are essentially nothing but solving

problems for the company, the

clients, or both.

2.Critical Thinking Being able to

think rationally and thoughtfully is

the basis of critical thinking.

Employers want workers who can

think through a problem or a project

and determine the best steps

needed. Critical thinkers come up

with new and better ways to work,

making it an invaluable skill to put

on a resume.

3.Communication Whether it’s

written or verbal, being able to

communicate with your boss,

coworkers, and clients/customers

in all situations is very valuable. The

better you are at it, the better results

you will generate.

4.Teamwork Most jobs will

sometimes require you to work with

other people at some point, and

employers want to know that you

can succeed in a team

environment. Some jobs will prize

this skill more than others.

5.Organization This is not just about

having a neat desk, but organizing

tasks and projects for your

coworkers, management, and at the

very least, yourself! If you want to

show off your organization skills,

having a tightly structured resume

certainly helps.

Free time running to out side with friends

See the all movies Hollywood and bollywood


6.Responsibility Part of being a

good employee is taking

responsibility for your duties and

even owning up to mistakes. Most

managers don’t want to have to

check in on their employees to

ensure every part of their job is

getting done. Responsibility means

doing what you need to do to

complete your tasks.


English, Punjabi, Hindi


Leadership roles in clubs and

organizations (i.e., Student Council

or leadership of club) National

society or organization membership

(i.e., National Honor Society)

Summer camps that stress

academics, teach skills, or show

team-building (i.e., Computer Camp,

etc.) Activities with national

organizations (i.e., Big Brother or a

Big Sister) Participation in charity

events (i.e., 10-K run for cancer

research) Athletics or other

competitive sport

1.Technical skills: tinkering with

hardware, writing code, web

development, robotics.

2.Communication skills: teaching

classes, learning

languages2Communication skills:

teaching classes, learning .

3.Leadership skills: mentoring,

tutoring, organizing events.

4.Creativity: photography, playing an

instrument, videography

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