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Intern Gis

Los Angeles, CA
April 29, 2021

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Kailei Lin

EDUCATION Los Angeles +1-513-***-**** LinkedIn: SKILLS University Miami Bachelor’s Urban/Master University, Regional of Science, Degree, of Southern Planning, Spatial Oxford, Geographic California, Data OH Interactive Information Science Viterbi Media Sciences Production School and of Engineering, Cartography Los Angeles, CA Aug Aug 2014-2018-GPA:May Dec 3.6/2020 2018 4.0 Programming Languages: Python, SQL, JavaScript, Golang Web Tools&INTERNSHIP Databases: Tusimple, Map Development: Production Environment: San MySQL,EXPERIENCE Diego, Software PostgreSQL,Node.CA R studio, Engineer js/npm MongoDB, Alteryx,, Intern HTML/ArcGIS, – Firebase, CSS,Map Vue.production QGIS, js, Elasticsearch, D3.GDAL,js, JQuery, team Tableau, BigQuery,Bootstrap AutoCAD, Hadoop AWS, MapReduce, Linux/Unix, Spark, Git,Tensorflow July Scala 2020-Nov 2020

• • • • Guangzhou Supported Data Applied manual Investigated process; Tested end-Designed Engineer user map QA curation Autonomous Troubleshot Urban interactions; novel tests infrastructure Intern edge documentation Planning and techniques cases – Department fixed Freight and with responded root & tools Network Design to algorithm causes to build performance of build GIS Survey to high-on referencing and map interior HD team definition remote mapped requests Research and and issue identified error sensing designed routes AV pool;from Institute, log maps Profiled the opportunities case from Engineering Guangzhou, by user 3D case sensor friction for annotation and China improvement data; Operations utilizing Gained method QC teams tool 5% based to map to enable on facilitate accuracy May domain rapid 2018-product knowledge by map Aug conducting delivery iteration 2018 and

• • • • University PROJECTS MS Cloud-Wrote based Automated Utilized to Dynamically inspection SQL/classify based Spatial environment python network of keyword potential time Southern transformation tracked database scripts by installation 70% search wireless GIS to administration, California, execute assets interface of structures analysis data utilizing ETL from Los to tools search/techniques spatial Angeles, from sql KPIs on server aerial dashboard ML filter database CA project such and University imagery enterprise as instances research as k-central means, including assistance gis repository k-portal medoids backups to to postgreSQL clustering provide and testing inventory algorithm preserving within visibility; with geometry Azure Jan intelligence 2020-Reduced SQL value May server- team 2020 on-site

• • • International 2019-Developed remote Employed Enabled nCoV in keyword JSON server-Data python Medical format Mining, side facet web Corps, backend for search crawler Spatial easier Los to (Node.Analysis to display extraction; Angeles, collect js,firebase) linked & web CA Virtual Outlined content university for Dashboard logical RESTful in multithreaded record constraints API; https:details Optimized // for process; build users query internationalmedicalcorps.relationship to Parsed speed easily and using browse among stored inverted recommendations datasets data indexing both org/ Spring on disk technique in 2020 and UI

• • Spatial Modeling Constructed Parametrized facilities Sciences and Walkability time-implemented CurveFit Institute, series Index: forecasting analysis University projected Apartment of model change peak-of rental Southern in time in python mobility prices death California, to assessment estimations by stimulate calculating Los reproduction to present variance Angeles, operation using transmission CA Gaussian recommendations rate; process Evaluated regression Sep IMC 2019-at-Dec risk 2019 health

• LEADERSHIP Complied performed and multi-AND aggregated INVOLVEMENT variant testing large-using scale R data (proprietary,demographic,price);Defined walkability weighted metrics and USC Asian Expanded Involved Developer American in sponsorship mentorship Student Association, and program, Clubs, applied Service Active weekly for funding Director, member, coding by challenges Miami University meeting University the and of deadline Southern 2020 Google for California ASG Developers funding cycle Solution Challenge Feb Feb 2017-2019-Apr Present 2018 Engaged members by developing creative events that generate Asian Cultural awareness

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