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Ios Developer

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
April 28, 2021

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JLT, Dubai

UAE. PIN - ******



* ***** *** * ****** EXPERIENCE


Company Type

(E-Commerce) Swan.Inc, Dubai November 2020 - Present Stack: SwiK, Realm, Firebase, Clever tap,, Bitrise, Git, Jira, Slack, Postman, Cocoapods, EPG

• Understanding the architectural vision and how it helps meet business objecYves.

• Responsible for all aspects of soKware engineering, from design to implementaYon, QA and maintenance

• Develop, deploy and maintain the consumer-facing features of the Swan naYve iOS App

• Communicate status and provide Ymely escalaYon of issues to ensure project objecYves are met

• Verified, Merged pull requests, and ensured that the development is following best pracYces.

(E-Commerce) Purple Panda Fashion Pvt Lt, India June 2017 - November 2020 Stack: SwiK, SQLite, QGraph, Firebase, FirAnalyYcs,, MulYple payment gateways(like PayU, PhonePe, Paytm), Facebook SDK, Google SDK, Git, Jira, Fabric, Cocoapods, etc.

• Built the app from scratch single-handedly and work closely with technical experts, project teams.

• Successfully increased the sales from Rs 25,000/day sale to Rs 2,00,000 /day sale over 3.5 years

• Providing mentorship and leadership for code consistency, good architecture pracYces.

• Thoughfulness when considering both our growth and our legacy users when implemenYng new features and updates, placing them as the priority.

• Developed the database wrapper funcYons for data staging and modeled the data objects relevant to the mobile applicaYon.

Service Based Company CanBrand & Services, India July 2015 - June 2017 Stack: SwiK, ObjecYve-C, Google maps IntegraYon, Sendbird Chat, SQLite, Core Data, PayU integraYon, Git, Fabric, Facebook SDK, Agile, SCRUM, APNS, AWS, Slack, Postman, Source Tree, Cocoapods

• Implemented, designed, and coded the Sehngs User Interface View with MVC design paiern according to the client's requirements

• UYlized tools like Fabric framework to analyze the app crashes and resolve them.

• Designed the features for the database interface relevant to the mobile applicaYon from the exisYng system.

• Redesigned mobile UI, and implemented dynamic image sizing and support for mulYple devices Project Handled:- Bolt The Rider, MindPlus, GrowthFile, RechargeItNow Languages and Technologies

• Programming Languages - SwiK, ObjecYve-C, C++ (basic)

• Design Paiers - MVP, MVVM, MVC, Decorator, Adapter, Singleton

• OperaYng System - Mac OS, iOS, Android, Windows

• Database - SQLite, Core Data, Realm

• Frameworks and tools - UIKit, UIFoundaYon, ARC, MapKit, URLSession, Alamofire, GCD, SDWebImage, Asynchronous Programming, Protocol Oriented Programming .

• Others - GitHub, Figma, Jira, Bitrise, CleverTap, Fastlane EDUCATION

Haryana, India Panipat Ins[tute of Engineering and Technology July 2011 - May 2015

•B.Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering.

• Main coursework: Data Structures, Design, and analysis of Algorithms, Computer Architecture, Database Systems, OperaYng Systems, SoKware Engineering.


• Strong iOS mobile applicaYon development skills with a proven record of creaYng commercial quality soKware

• A thorough understanding of OOP, design paierns, and enterprise in mobile applicaYon integraYon.

• Technical leadership role including architecYng end-end mobile applicaYons

• Strong analyYcal skills and experience with analyYcs programs like Google AnalyYcs, AppsFlyer

• Familiarly with MVC, MVVM, MVP architecture and Coordinator, Singleton, Factory design paiern

• Experience with offline storage, threading, and performance tuning

• Familiarity with RESTful APIs with JSON/XML to connect iOS applicaYons to back-end services

• Knowledge of Apple Human Interface Guidelines

• Familiarity with FCM and APNS

• Familiarity with conYnuous integraYon

• TroubleshooYng skills and experience with Xcode Instruments

• Strong analyYcal ability, debugging, and troubleshooYng skills

• Strong communicaYon and collaboraYon skills, team player, enjoy learning and teaching

• Strong oral and wriien communicaYon as well as analyYcal and problem-solving skills

• Excellent troubleshooYng skills and experience with Xcode Instruments

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