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Electrical Engineer

Muscat, Oman
April 28, 2021

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I POSITION Electrical, Control and Instruments Engineer II NAME / ID: Marwan Najem


I am joying my career which is mixing of meeting new people and getting fun, also gaining and exchanging vast range of proven expertise with ongoing professional development, I am more than happy and proud to challenge, meet and exceed all objectives put before me and my working team. I am willing to achieve even more!

As a professional with over 18 years of experience in E, I&C Engineering, and significant contributions as an Electrical / Automation Engineer / Trainer – Assessor with some of the world class of professional working teams; I am well positioned to support my team in OG&C, Utilities, Energy and Transition sectors to bring the future now!. IV EDUCATION ( from – to / institution / majoring in )

● Master Degree 2009-2011 / Osmania University - HyderAbad - India Electrical Electronics Engineering / Industrial Control Systems

● Bachelor’s 1998-2002 / University of Technology - Baghdad - Iraq Control Systems Engineering


● OJT Assessor / Pearson Certified.

• L&D Specialist by AIHR

• Ability to communicate with personnel of different job descriptions and personality types

• Personal integrity, confidence, and leadership

• Ability to focus on tasks at hand

• Sense of order, planning ability

• Strong personality, thick skinned, strong backbone

• Technical curiosity, skepticism

• Detail oriented

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VII I AM GOOD IN (but not limited to):

• Adhere, support and perform a strategic plan of action for the Electrical Engineering Services department to help achieve the goal of zero incidents at the site, including preventive maintenance schedules, adoption of best practices from the industry and budget allocations.

• Implementation of appropriate maintenance techniques to establish the required preventive maintenance

(PM) for all electrical equipment to ensure non overdue status.

• Coordinate with operations and reliability & integrity departments to conduct, and document, the electrical equipment long-term review that updates the Asset Reference Plan (ARP).

• Ensuring that all electrical personnel are aware of and fully conversant with the company electrical safety rules and safe systems of work.

• The ongoing coaching and assessment of Electrical technicians to attain increasing levels of responsibility


• Identifying the training requirements for the Electrical Technicians to achieve the required authorization levels.

• Safe Isolation and de-isolation of all HV / LV electrical plant and switchgear, and development and review of Electrical Procedures.

• The scrutiny of all Electrical work permits, Isolation certificates, supplementary certificates and switching procedures.

• Look after business need and work towards reducing unplanned downtime.

• Ensuring that all electrical and instrument personnel are trained and experienced in the installation, inspection and maintenance of electrical and instrumentation equipment installed in hazardous areas.

• Ensuring the preventive maintenance of electricals as per schedule.

• Carrying out the trouble shooting of control systems, MCC, Feeders Systems etc..

• Monitoring the Electrical and control system performance and report abnormalities, provide solutions.

• Electrical switch gears, PMCC, Motors and all plant electrical Equipment’s.

• DG electrical Control panels, breakers, Synchronization panels, etc.

• LV,HV Motors, PMCC, Distribution Boards,

• Monitoring the performance of Generators, Motors, including all other electrical equipment and report abnormalities before failures occur.

• Diagnoses, (reports findings to Maintenance Supervisor) and rectifies faults on:

• Electrical equipment and associated DG, Control gear, HT & LT switchgear including ancillary equipment.

• Electrical problems in Plant and facilities.

• High Voltage & Low Voltage Switchboards

• VCB, ACB, protection systems, 6.6KV Motors.

• VFD and Thyristor panels

HV/LV Switchgear & Protection Variable Speed Drives (VSD/VFD) Cables and Busbars Looping and Troubleshooting Transformers, Turbines/Generator HV/LV motors Calibration and Programing Test and Commissioning Instrumentation Hazardous Area - ATEX P&ID Single Line and Schematic Page 3 of 8


From – to : Jan 2020 – Up to now

Location : Oman

Project and


: NTI Oman for CC Energy Development

Position : TA / OJT Instructor – Assessor E&I

Work Description : National Training Institute Oman is providing a complete IVQ Enjoying being part of my trainees’ career and support them to the correct direction and better future.

As E&I Trainer and IVQ Competency Assessor, every day we together my trainees and myself are making new steps in the life to guaranty better quality of our times and career. I am watching this and paying best attention to insure it is as per the standards!

Generate and deliver condensate technical knowledge and skills for Electrical and Instrumentation staff on site considering all related HSE regulations, in order to achieve the level of competency required to run the oil and gas filed system as per the standards in efficient manner. Follow up and assess the trainee progress to fulfil IVQ Level 3 Oil and Gas Diploma

From – to : Jan - 2017 – Jan 2020

Location : Baghdad - Iraq

Project and



Position : Training Expert / E&I

Work Description :

EJADA is a project funded by EU. With respect to OPITO, this project will develop a Competency Based Training model for staff development in the Oil and Gas sector in Iraq. It will pilot and refine this model both in Training Institutes and On the Job in the workplace. It will act as a template for the development of similar competency based models for other industrial sectors for Iraq.

I am supporting the Technical, Electrical and Instrumentations paths in this project.

From – to : May 2018 – Jan 2020

Location : Basra - Iraq

Project and


: WQ-2 / belong to Lukoil

Position : OJT Supervisor

Work Description :

Lukoil is running the WQ-2 oilfield in Iraq to reach 1.200.000 BbD on 2019 by constructing 3 CPF’s, PGGT, Pipeline, Well pads and water injection facilities. In same time, BONATTI is running the site for O&M more over is performing a project to train and maintain all the staff and crew with full International standards and policies for technical and HSE regulations, (May 2018-Feb 2019 with Antonoil). I directly supervises the On Job Training team in WQ2. Carries out supervisory responsibilities in accordance with the LUKOIL policies and applicable laws. Responsibilities include assist OJT team members, planning, assigning, and directing work, appraising performance, addressing complaints and resolving problems.

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From – to : June 2017 – June 2018

Location : Basra - Iraq

Project and


: BWSIP / Hitachi – Veolia JV

Position : E&I QA-QC Engineer / TA

Work Description : Handle the complete responsibility for assuring the quality and schedule performance of the E&I task’s at BWSIP (GIS 132 KV, Substation (132/33/11/6.6/0.4 KV), 30M Generators, RO & UF Electrical / Process Buildings).

• Participate in identifying and evaluating the organization’s audit risk areas and provide input to the instructions, documents, technical specifications and details regarding E&I equipment.

• Study, analyze and establish inspection requirements as well as create and implement test forms and procedures.

• Follow inspection and test plan for the electrical and instrumentation works and carry out the inspections and tests, record findings and prepare various reports.

• Carry-out inspection of works, as directed by ITP’s.

• Investigate / anticipate work problems and take/recommend suitable action to correct deficiencies.

• Ensure that all paper work required (i.e. test and inspection reports, material inspection reports, etc.) has been completed accurately and in a timely manner

Coordinate the site activities of the vendors and subcontractors. From – to : Sep 2018 – August 2019

Location : Marmul - Oman

Project and


: Tyseer LNG Filed / Exterran

Position : Electrical Engineer / OJT Instructor

Work Description :

Exterran is running the Tyseer LNG field in Oman. My duty was:

• Join and direct the electrical personal to the site to confirm their proficiency level and perform OJT assessment to cover the knowing gaps and support their grade promotion.

• Perform instructions/assessments duties for the electrical and non-electrical personals to ensure the full ability and confidently on site to perform the call duties in safe and as per the code of practices for the company.

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From – to : July 2016 – Dec 2016

Location : Basra - Iraq

Project and


: MOD 300 / Saipem

Position : E&l Engineer / OJT Instructor

Work Description :

Saipem is working on behalf of ExxonMobil in order to construct a big water injection facility in the WQ1 oil field and to start and operate this project both are working to train the O&M staff with the latest technology in order to guarantee the full utilization with efficient and safe manner. My duty was corresponding but not limited to:

• Providing classroom and on the job training for operation and maintenance of Electrical & Instrumentation systems.

• Providing administration support for the training center. From – to : 2012 – 2016

Location : Baghdad - Iraq

Project and


: Ozon Water Treatment / Degroment

Position : I&C – Project / Commissioning Engineer

Work Description : An EP contract for million cubics of treated water / a day project in Baghdad was awarded to Degroment / France. 11 Units and substations were controlled and monitored by a very accurate Automation (SCADA, RTU, MB+, C&I) system to fill the high performance and safety requirements during the production phases. My duty was corresponded but limited to:

• Produces and review the project documentation for installation, design changes and commissioning plans for the automation / ICS.

• Define along with the project manager the right solution

(instrumentation and automation) for each treatment unit whilst dealing with the clients/third parties demands.

• Supervision and Perform the I&C installation, Test & commissioning site works.

• Provide and perform a technical training for the customer (I&C and HSE Items), for installation, test, and commissioning.

• Follow up all related standards and method of statement and issue FIR and NCR if required.

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From – to : 2013

Location : Basra - Iraq

Project and


: ZFOD / ENI Corporate University

Position : E&I Engineer / Instructor OJT

Work Description : ENI corporate university has established its training center in Zubair oil field in Basra; in order to guarantee the high international standards and skills for the crew on the field. I worked there during the first batch. My duty including:

- Classroom: Delivering Specialized Course tailor-made for operation and maintenance of electrical and protection systems in the plant including vendor documents.

- OJT on Site: Explanation, Simulation, and Performance of Task cards designed to provide the trainees with competence to work in the plants.

From – to : 2011 – 2012

Location : Iraq, UAE


Position : Service / Applications E&I Engineer

Work Description : As part of Emerson service plan to deliver the high level of technical support and site service for their clients in Iraq, I was part of the Iraqi service team to support Emerson products on the site and develop the relations with key clients in many OG&C plants. the duties were mainly around the following:

• Spearheaded technical support and site management for OIL AND GAS METERING SKIDS (EC&I), (MicroMotions &

Rosemount), installation, commissioning, test performance, and analysis for flow units and analyzers over many oil fields and refineries in the south of Iraq and around countries.

• Manage and perform site visits for the clients, deliver the full view of our services and lifecycle support which can cover their equipment's.

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From – to : 2005 – 2007

Location : Iraq

Company : TDS // Washington Group

Position : EI&C / Test & Commissioning

Work Description : One of the biggest power distribution projects in Iraq, 53 substations with various levels Alstom 132 KV, ABB 33/11 KV.

• Guide and inspect all subcontractors’ works on different sites.

• Apply all test and commissioning procedures for the electrical and Protection Relay and system of the substation and transformers.

• Apply all test and commissioning procedures for the RTU and SCADA communication/data flow with the main control center.

• Conducted many of training and education courses, in order to support the technical skills for the site crews.

From – to : 2007 – 2009

Location : Tengiz, Kazakhstan.

Project and


: SGP/SGI – Bechtel

Position : Field / Commissioning E&I Engineer

Work Description : SGP is one of the mega projects belong to Chevron. Sure gas was separated and re-injected to the oil field in order to improve the daily production rate that was designed and constructed with high standards of technology and safety regulations. Especially with the harsh environment. My duty over there was to handle the day to day basis of site activities and arrangements.

• GT - Substation - MCC - PSB - Heat Tracing - Instrumentation

• Inspected all installations in progress and completed the final check of electrical & instrumentation systems according to designs and standards in order to ensure the quality level and confirm the competition to the client turnover.

• Flow up the QA/QC site activities and fill up QVD's in regard to electrical systems in varies areas of Sulphur, Crude and Gas facilities. And support to maintain the soft completion works in SGP, also arrange the ongoing duties with other disciplines on site.

• Conducted many of training and education courses, in order to support the technical skills of site crew.

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From – to : 2004 – 2005

Location : Baghdad -Iraq

Project and


: Al Dura / Bechtel

Position : I&C / Field Engineer

Work Description : Carry on the site activities for the rehabilitation project for 600M Al-Dura thermal power stations by performing flow up with the DCS ‘Ovation' and SIS as well as reconfiguration, upgrading, testing, and commissioning the field instruments and their activity. Completed the cold and hot loop's tes t for all field instrumentations to Ovation DCS and supported field crew running new systems etc.


1. L&D specialist by AIHR (on going)

2. Pearson \ Level 3 assessing competence in the work environment. 3. Project Management Diploma by ALISON.

4. Bechtel Project Management and 6-sigma basics.

5. Project Engineering and I&C System Commissioning, Degremont, China. (Schneider: Modicon M340; Modicon Premium; Modicon X80 IOs; Modicon Quantum; Unity Pro; Wonderware, InTouch 10.2 software; Modbus +; SEPAM)

6. Certified Automation Engineer, PROLIFIC Training Centre, India. 7. Test & Commissioning for Alstom 132 KV, ABB 33/11 KV, TDS Technical Training Institute, Iraq. 8. PFD Leadership of Multi-Nationalities and Safety Work in Oil, Gas, and Chemical (OG&C) Training. 9. Bechtel Safety Task Analysis & Risk Reduction Talk (STAART) and Job Hazard Analysis Training. 10. Bechtel Environmental Safety and Health Plan Development for OG&C Training. 11. Bechtel Hazard Identification and Environmental Impact Identification (HAZID/ENVID).

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