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Safety Officer Hse

United States
April 28, 2021

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Romulo F. Guardia

Houston, TX



Dynamic multilingual HSSE Leader with extensive experience and success in planning, developing, and executing strategic and tactical initiatives that drive top-line performance and bottom-line results within the oil, gas, and chemical industries. Technically proficient in HSE and Security functions. Serve as subject- matter expert for solutions in offshore-Deepwater and inland, refining, gas, oil products, chemicals, LNG, unconventional oil, research, and technology development. Characterized as an originator of bold, innovative business strategies and valuable contributor to corporate executive teams. Corporate ambassador to customers, industry groups, regulatory bodies, board members, and international representatives. MANAGEMENT QUALIFICATIONS

Strategy, Vision, & Leadership

Staff Development & Career Planning

Program & Project Management

Diversity and Inclusion

Budget Planning, Analysis &

Control. Ethics & Compliance

Staff Supervision, Diversity & Inclusion Process Design/Improvement Performance Management & Metrics Communication & Public Relations Change Management & Restructures Multicultural-New Market Entries AREAS OF EXPERTISE

Lean Six Sigma Continuous

Improvement Champion

Behavior Safety Programs & Assessments

Safety Culture Evaluations & Programs

OSHA VPP Programs Implementation

On the Job Observation Programs

HSSE Operations & Management


Process Safety Management -


ISO 14001/OSHAS 18001/45001


OMS Management Systems

Occupational Health Management

ANSI, NFPA Global Contractor Safety

Management Offshore-Inland

Construction Safety

Crane Operations in Construction Projects

Wellness Programs – Ergonomics

COVID-19 Safety Programs

Design and Implementation

Global Regulatory Compliance

Offshore-Deep Water Operation

NIOSH OSHA CFR 1910, 1926


Road Transport Safety Framework

Environmental Management

Procurement & Supply Chain

ISNetworld & Avetta

HSSE Awareness Campaigns

Training Programs Design and


Security Management

Food Safety & Hygiene

Travel Safety Management


Incident Investigation Methodologies:

Tap Root-Oxy, Tripod Beta-Shell,

Logic-Tree BP – WHY Analyses

HSSE MS & OPS Technical Audits

HSSE Assurance Reviews, MOCs

Maritime/Land Transport Bowties


LOPA, SIL studies, PHSSER &


Sustainable Development Programs

Homeland Security Emergency

Preparedness - Terrorism / Business

Business Continuity Plans

Crisis Management Programs

Technical Auditing – Industrial Hygiene.


Independent Global HSSE Consultant – Houston, TX 2015 – Present

• Conduct surveys, evaluations, and audits in cross-cultural environment resulting in successfully identifying and evaluating potential occupational safety and health, including Gap Analyses of workplaces and development of programs for implementations. Industries served include chemical manufacturing, upstream/downstream oil & gas HSE Management Systems Resume: ROMULO F. GUARDIA

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• Survey, assess, understand, and investigate health and safety problems; resulting in authoring and completing detailed technical reports supported with sampling, analysis, and/or evaluation data; led to successful citation of applicable references and recommendations for any necessary abatement

• Oversee High-Level Performing Safety Inspections, Field Oversight, Incident Investigations, and Health and Safety Plans. Often required the use on my bilingual skills English Spanish

• Provide sound technical advice in development of HSSE and Operational Management Systems and HSSE Cases by adapting to U.S. OSHA

• Leverage multilingual skills by facilitating in environments as liaison on HSSE issues leading to successful resolution of “on the job matters,” audit follow-up actions, incident investigations, and culture analyses

• Assisting companies in maintaining an up-to-date incident reporting system, implementation of the HSE Pillar team/safety committee and driving the completion of corrective actions to eliminate root causes/reoccurrence in line with IL6S Continuous Improvement System and Global Standards, formation of HSE Management Steering Committees and Contractors Safety Programs. Occidental (Oxy) Chemical Corporation - Contracted full-time under System-One, Deer Park, TX 2016-2018

Senior Corporate Project Safety Engineer

(Major Chemical Manufacturer)

Served as functional HESS Leader working directly with staff and contract construction personnel for OxyChem Capital Projects for Houston Operations and U.S (12 plants - One in Canada, One in Chile. Responsible for 10 indirect functional reports)

• Championed enforcement of OxyChem and OSHA Rules and Regulations and facility safety rules; interfaced with local and corporate Senior Management, resulting in no citations or serious violations reported at sites during tenure

• Oversaw “On the Job Safety Program”; increased participation by 55% in 2018 provided proactive approach in event, unsafe acts and conditions reporting within capital and construction projects for staff and contractors

• Increased level of awareness of staff and contractors by promoting safety and health by using communications methods such as lessons learned, information bulletins, circulars, prevention metrics and Core 4 Safety Campaigns

• Led Major Incident Investigation using Oxy Modified Tap Root – “Why Methodology” at all sites; led to findings to prevent reoccurrences used to develop procedures, guides, and variances in capital projects and construction

• Created ‘Onsite Safety Visits’ together with the Capital Projects Department, the Construction Supervisor, and contractors; resulted in enhancing involvement of line, support staff and contractors in correcting problems affecting onsite daily routines such as housekeeping, scaffolding erection, and barricades management

• Bolstered: events reporting, incident prevention campaigns in outages and coordination in OSHA VPP Site Continuous Recertification Programs; saving substantial time and efforts.

• Served as the architecture and organizer of the monthly Corporate Engineering and Capital Projects Safety Meeting. Planned the Agenda, Content, Discussion, and Metrics Info for the event. This kept the organization better informed on HES performance and allowed for follow-up on important safety events in both Corporate HES and Corporate Engineering & Capital Projects

• Led the updating and simplification of the Incident Reporting and Action Tracking System “Enablon” for the Capital Projects – Engineering Division”


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BP Corporation North America – Houston, TX 2012 – 2015

(Major Oil & Gas Producer)

Global Contractor Technical Safety Authority

Served as subject matter expert and process owner working with contractors refining & marketing: air BP, refining, petrochemicals, and lubricants. (Individual contributor with 11 functional indirect reports globally)

• Developed a contractor oversight guide; successfully outlined best practices in accordance with BP OMS procedures for working with contractors for BP Downstream segment

• Led Contractor Safety Continuous Improvement projects achieving positive result in the implement of MOCs.

• Transformed HSSE culture by building coalitions with HSSE contractor managers/subject matter experts; resulted in creating the Contractor HSSE Forum and assisting the Lifting Operating Safety Forum; created HSSE portals

• Pioneered comprehensive evaluation and assessment process for Pre-Qualified HSSE Companies (Avetta

& ISNetworld) teamed with PSCM, resulting in cost savings and performance improvement

• Appointed Representative of HSSE Function for the BP Legislation & Compliance Network Group in Washington D.C.

• Served as ambassador and advisor for critical HSSE and business compliance reviews at sites where a multilingual HSSE expert was required; conducted an important regulatory and compliance review at BP Aviation in Puerto Rico

• Developed a blueprint for the Road Transport Safety Framework for Downstream Road Transport. General Framework Project

• Championed HSSE Culture by interfacing with other segments including Central, Upstream, and Corporate for all HSSE programs and activities; evolved into positive changes in the Operation Management System

• Led HSSE quality assurance studies and reviews; identified trends improving performance in downstream division

• Appointed subject matter expert for updates on BP’s Operation Management System Standards and Guides updates related to contractors and Road Transport; involved in reviews for forming networks of technical authorities

• Successfully led HSE continuous improvement projects related to incident prevention i.e. BP “what good looks like” Project Format.

Fluor USA Corporation, Inc. – Houston, TX 2010 – 2012

(Major multinational EPC Company in the Oil, Chemical, Civil, Power, & Gas sectors) HSSE Director I

• Led successful completion of HSSE activities; served as multifunctional Project Manager by leveraging bilingual skills with the Petro-Independecia Project of Chevron and working on brownfield Sasol petrochemical project in Louisiana. Seven (7 direct reports plus consultants)

• Managed overall direction and coordination of HSSE projects with scope and total installed cost of over

$1 billion (USD) (Fluor portion of project) on capital projects from $3 to $7 billion in total value Resume: ROMULO F. GUARDIA

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• Served as Project Manager establishing interaction and technical reporting to different clients such as EXXON, CHEVRON, BP, SASOL, ADMA-Abu Dhabi, BG, and PDVSA; successfully oversaw a group of HSSE engineers and technicians with on small-to-large capital budget projects

• Led HSSE control and management deliverables for several domestic and global projects including development of business proposals, HSSE feasibility packages, client relations, and vendor management

• Appointed as the representative from the Project Division to interface with Construction Division on all related safety matters for new projects: LNG, Offshore, FPSO, and Refinery Upgrades

• Identified and approved HSSE project plans, contractual agreements, schedules, activities, and milestones to ensure balance between productivity and safety of the team

• Directed project team in loss-prevention, model reviews, HSSE management systems, inland and offshore HSSE case studies, PHA, HSSEIA, HAZID, HAZOP, QRA, LOPA, and Safety Integrity Level studies Royal Dutch SHELL PLC 1994 – 2010

(Major Multinational Oil & Gas Company)

E&P Head US Sites HSSE & SD Services - Shell International – Houston, TX (Oct 2003 – Mar 2010) Led HSSE technical and engineering support for several projects in North America (Canada), China, Jordan, and Nigeria

• Awarded with the Unconventional Oil Department bonus given to team members that stand out for their cooperation and support during their technical support. This was achieved at the Canadian field during the drilling campaign and the Heating Plant Complex Project with [0] incidents and recordable. (Eight 8 direct report plus contractors)

• Spearheaded implementation of Goal Zero and Safety Days Campaigns assisting senior managers, operations, and project leaders in inculcating “Zero Harm Policy” among sites; this effort was recognized as key component to implement a proactive approach to HSSE

• For Shell E & P, championed development of Shell’s European “Road Transport Safety Cases” by including DOT regulations, resulting in the successful completion and implementation of Gulf of Mexico

(GOM) Offshore Product Standards; developed all documents to standardize different contractors’ HSE programs to the Shell Deepwater HSSE Management System for the GOM Division

• Recognized internally for excellence in road transport, contractor management, and personnel HSSE competencies standards

• Restructured HSSE department and all site clinics, which dramatically improved health quality and participation in health monitoring. Activities and overall customer experience (7 direct reports)

• Achieved significant performance improvements by implementing hands-on HSSE Management systems for staff and contractors to ensure efficient communications regarding (HEMP) hazard and effects management process, HSSE cases, and hazard assessments

• Led site ISO 14001certification for Bellaire Technology Centre, which became the first E&P Technology Centre certified for Shell in Houston and served as a model to other divisions within the organization.

• Implemented safe “preventive” approach with designing of the Shell Wellness Program for R&D Staff; achieved an 85% reduction in Repetitive Strain Injury cases and an improvement in employees’ work–life balance and work motivation

• Designed the SAP HSE System to report Incidents and Data “Fountain Insight. As a systematic approach, this was accessible via electronically by each supervisor in his or her pc portals. HSSE MS & Risk Management Coordinator (Shell International E& P, Inc.) - Houston, TX (Oct 2002 – Oct 2003)


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Collaborated and advised Line Management with the developments and modifications of the HSSE and Security Management Systems and the integration of HSSE Sites with E&P Technical Projects Division

• Designed and implemented Business Continuity Plans and Crisis Management Procedures which brought integration with European colleagues. Six (6 direct reports plus contractors)

• Successfully achieved the development and implementation of Competence Development profile program for the Shell Deep Water Organization, providing a tool to assign competencies based on critical activities and exposure of operational hazards. Supported the FEED studies for LNG and Pipeline projects.

HSSE Regional Manager – Shell Exploration and Production / Shell Oil Products and Chemicals - South America. Central America locations (Jan 1998 - Oct 2002) Managed Region HSSE Managers including Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, and Venezuela interfacing with South Cone and Central America – 15 direct reports

• Championed implementation of Shell Group Oil Products (Lubricants & Retail Gasoline) HSSE programs and Management Systems in region which obtained significant reductions in safety and security incident rates

• Transformed the safety culture for Shell E & P from ‘Pathological’ to ‘Proactive’ in the 5-stage Safety Culture Ladder by leading strategic incident prevention projects, while fully implementing the Global Shell Group HSSE Management System. Reduced Total Recordable Case Frequencies (TRCFs) per million-man hour’s exposure by 33% over 2-year period

• Implemented and adapted the H2S Training program together with MAERSK international for the drilling construction operations at the Lake Maracaibo. (0) H2S related casualties/incidents were registered during the 2 years construction – pre-commission/startup of the Offshore plant

• Designed and implemented Road Transport HSSE contractor cases; served as ambassador for new market entry. Standardized the HSE Road Transport standards for contractors. This was achieved by lobbying with other Multinationals e.g., Exxon, BP, thus saving a total of $30MM (USD) of upgrading cost

• Successfully led and managed a major asphalt spill and clean-up at an exotic animal sanctuary lagoon at the tourist city of Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela; achieved sustainable success dealing with communities, environment, and media offshore operations and the Construction operations

• Chaired regional Government HSSE Forum in Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico, and Peru; and substantially enhancing Shell’s reputation as a leader in HSSE in the region

• Designed the HSSE training program for all the Region staff and Contractors, Onboarding and Operational Safety Training for the Exploration and Production, Chemicals Gas, Mining and EP Head of Operational Safety & Health - Shell Venezuela E & P - Venezuela (Mar 1995 - Jan 1998) Developed and implemented the HSSE Management System and HSSE program for both Onshore & Offshore Drilling and Production Operations after the successful commissioning of the Offshore Operations at Lake Maracaibo and the associated Onshore Tank Farm storage facilities

• Pioneered the introduction of Shell Global HSSE standards into a nationalized oil field industry, influencing local labor and national contractors in adopting recognized international HSSE Standards e.g., the HSSE Contractor Program for 3000 on-site contractors at major construction projects in the E&P Offshore, Retail, and Supply Chain & Distribution sectors of the Company

• Led severe-incident investigations, fatalities, and fires. Advised Line Management of proper corrective measures and oversaw their successful implementation

• Led strategic incident prevention projects that reduced the Total Recordable Cases Frequencies (TRCFs) per million-man hours’ exposure by 45% in Oil Products and 33% in Exploration-Production in Latin America.’


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Head of Operational Safety & Security - Shell Venezuela E & P - Venezuela (Sep 1994 – Mar 1995) Created and assembled the HSSE Department of Shell Venezuela SA after a 25-year absence.

• Integrated the initial technical team to support the Shell E&P re-entry strategy in Venezuela by implementing the Shell HSSE Management System

• Offshore HSSE Team Lead for the Offshore Construction and Operations of Shell in Lake Maracaibo, a

$1.2B (USD) project, and an associated onshore tank farm. A total of 3,000 construction workers and a fleet of 42 boats were employed in the construction of an Offshore Main Production Platform, completed in 2 years, as scheduled, with (0) Fatalities

• Interacted with Shell HSSE Staff from other Shell Offshore operation companies around the world. To successfully implement the Hearts and Mind, STOP, and Behavioral Safety Programs for staff and contractors

United States Department of Labor (OSHA) – Peoria Area Office, Illinois May 1993 – Dec 1993 Professional and Technical Compliance Internship- CFR 1910, and CFR 1926 Under the direction of the OSHA Director.

Compliance Safety Officer Training


Bachelor of Science, Occupational Safety, and Health May 1993 Minor in Environmental Health

Illinois State University – Bloomington, IL

Associate of Applied Science, Occupational Safety, and Industrial Hygiene May 1985 Texas State Technical College, Waco, Texas


• American Society of Safety Professionals (now the ASSP) – Professional Member: Awarded Loyalty & Dedication Award for 25 Years of Service.

• Certified Safety Specialist (No 339), World Safety Organization.

• Member of:

-American Society of Safety Professionals

-American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA)

-National Safety Council (NSC)

-Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE)


Spanish, English, Portuguese, Papiamento, and working Knowledge of Dutch.

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