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Sales Customer

Rochester, NY
March 29, 2021

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Marissa Wells

** ******* **

Rochester, NY *****



Champs sports, 170 Miracle Mile Drive — sales associate August 2018 - April 2019

My responsibilities that i obtained

● Assisting customers

● Restocking

● Performing shipping & handling

● POS transactions

● Overseeing the sales floor

Having these responsibilities have allowed me to communicate and connect with customer, coworkers, and the job itself Marshalls, 480 Greece Ridge Center Dr — sales associate June 2017 - september 2018

● Cashier

● Shoes associate

● Woman associate

● Mens associate

● Home associate

● Fitting room

My exceeding abilities allowed me to become cross trained in every department, this allowed me to flourish with my customers & become educated in these departments to allow me to assist them with the most potential within.

Sprint Archtelecom, Eastview Mall — sales rep

December 2018- present

My duties

● Promote connectivity

● Sell what customer need and want

● Billing issues

● POS transactions

● Customer service

● Training new employees

Building a life- long repore with customer and employees’ have allowed me to make a positive impact around me. Not only has this impact bettered me as a person but the lucky people who have been involved in these conversations. These interactions have allowed for better form of conversation and understanding.


● Self-motivation

● Adaptability

● communication

● Ability to work under


● time-management


● In my spare time i

enjoy the beauty of

art such as

sculptures, paintings,

& photos- favorite

painting starry night

by Vincent van Gogh

● I love listening to

music! I will listen to

just about anything.

● Reading is another

passion of mine. This

allows for relaxation

and stimulation,

motivation is a key

part in reading,

makes you want to

become something

more and try things

you’ve never done

before or even

thought you might

not be capable of!

● Planet fitness is also a

great place for peace

of mind! Being in

shape and taking care

of your physical and

mental standpoint.

Verizon Victra, Greece Ridge Mall- sales


September 2019 - 2020 current


● POS system

● Consumer service rep

● Analyzing consumers accounts

● Salesforce calling

● Discovering what benefits the customer to have

them leaving satisfied with what they need and


Learning so much from these qualities has allowed me to progress as a person and obtain many computer skills. I've allowed myself the time to become comfortable with myself, allowing for the best care and advice I can provide to my customers. Fast computer skills allowed me to concentrate on many things at once and have the

customer in and out without feeling like coming into the store had to be an all day project!


Gates Chili High School, 1 Spartan Way — GED

September 2015 - June 2018

During my high school years i was active in both academics and sports

● Cheerleading was a great experience

● I pursued many dual enrollment credits through Monroe Community College

● I worked great with others and managed to keep my academics on point causing me to achieve high honor roll in year of 2016 Monroe Community College, East henrietta Rd— business major

September 2016 - present

I have began to continue my studies from high school and have utilized that to find my major in business, i also minor in psychology. I have found both go hand in hand with each other. These subjects have become a huge importance in my life and have allowed me to find my path in life, due too these subjects i found myself getting involved in real estate. PROJECTS

Real estate — workshop

I have attended a seminar and workshop with fortune builders! In this workshop we used zoning maps and MLS reports to find properties. My project was finding a rehab property to fix up and flip. I went to home depot to find all the supplies and create an outline on how much it would cost me in supplies and labor. I also went and spoke with many contactors to meet my price range. I created outlines for liability reasons and for myself.

I took a lot from this project, i did not buy the property but it showed me the true value of money and allowed me to realize real estate will be my future career after i finish school.

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