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Teacher Dance

Middle East, MD
10000sar monthly
March 30, 2021

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Elisabete da Costa Reis

Rua 17 nº 1300 4ºesq. 4500-178, Espinho Portugal

+351-********* Portugal +966-********* Saudi Arabia

Sex Female Date of birth 26/10/1981 Nationality Portuguese



Dance Teacher

Hip-Hop Dance

House Dance

Ragga and Dancehall Dance

Fitness Instructor

Easy going and inspirational person.

Enthusiastic fitness and dance instructor.

I enjoy teaching and meeting people from all around the world.

I love the beach and I enjoy meditation.


2016 to 2020: Fitness instructor, private fitness instructor and dance instructor in Almanahil(Saudi Arabia, Riyadh)

2017: Les Mills Instructor for Body Attack

2016: Les Mills Instructor for Body Step

2016: Teacher for Teens and adults – Urban Dance

2015: Teacher for Teens and adults – Urban Dance

2013: School Teacher for Teens and Kids – Urban Dance

2012: Choreographer and Teacher of Dance4You Group

2011: School Teacher for Kids – Urban Dance

2009: Choreographer and Teacher of Wave Squad Gorup

2006: Teacher of Urban Dance in College

2004: Choreographer for Ragga Soul Group

2004: Choreographer and Artistic Director of Future Shock Dance Troupe Portugal

2003: Professional Dancer for Ragga Soul Group

2002: Ragga Jam Team Dancer

2001: Professional Dancer for Lock da Move with Max Oliveira e Carla Teixeira

2001: Professional Dancer of Culture Shock Dance Troupe

2001: Professional Dancer for Latino Squad Group

1998: Professional dancer for Marcio Conforti Group

Fitness academies that I worked in since 2004:

“Academia Impacto”” (Maia, Portugal);

“Razões do Corpo” (Guimarães, Portugal);

“Reebook Center” (Porto, Portugal);

“Academia In Action” (Ermesinde, Portugal);

“Ideal Korpus” (Paredes, Portugal);

“Ginesp” (Espinho, Portugal);

“Health Club Foz” (Porto, Portugal);

“Fitness Factory” (Porto, Portugal);

“Colégio dos Ratinhos” (Maia, Portugal);

“Casa do Alto” (Porto, Portugal);

“OTL de Esmoriz” (Esmoriz, Portugal);

“Complexo de Lamas” (Santa Maria de Lamas, Portugal);

“Associação Recreativa da Vergada” (Grijó, Portugal);

“Camilo’s” (Vila Nova Gaia, Portugal);

“Maia Club” (Maia, Portugal);

“Central Health Club” (Porto, Portugal);

“Colégio Novo da Maia” (Ermesinde, Portugal);

“Gimnofísico” (São João da Madeira, Portugal);

“Body Ocean” (Grijó, Portugal);

“Dance4kids” (Porto, Portugal);

“Centro do Corpo” (Póvoa de Varzim, Portugal);

“Academia de Dança Gimno-arte” (Póvoa de Varzim, Portugal);

“Activa” (Espinho, Portugal);

“ Meia Ponta” (Oliveira de Azeméis, Portugal);

“Shape I” (Matosinhos, Portugal);

“Fashion club” (Porto, Portugal);

“Breyner” (Porto, Portugal);

“Ondafit” (Vila-Nova-de-Gaia, Portugal);

“Pepe Gym” (Vila-Nova-de-Gaia, Portugal)

“Trevo do sucesso” (Santo Tirso, Portugal)

“Gaya Dance Factory” (Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal)

“Escola Adriana Domingues” (Espinho, Portugal)


Presence in Conventions:

June 2012: II Convention of Espinho (Ragga/Dancehall),

May 2012: Teacher in the workshop of Dance (Ragga/Dancehall) in Santa Maria de Lamas,

June 2011: I Convention of Espinho ( Ragga/Dancehall)

September 2010: 17ª Convention de São João da Madeira

July 2010: I Convention Dance AECA (Amares)

September 2009: Teacher in workshop of dance (Ragga) in Convention of São João da Madeira -

March 2009: 16ª Convention of São João da Madeira -

January 2009: Teacher in workshop of Dance (Ragga) organized by “Atitude Dance School”

(Leça da Palmeira) -

September 2008: 15ª Convention of São João da Madeira

October 2007: Euro Convention (Almada)

September 2007: 14ª Convention of São João da Madeira

July 2007: III Convention Dancelife (Arruda dos Vinhos)

December 2006: Teacher in workshop of Dance (Ragga) “Danceconnection” organized by Just Dance School (Leça da Palmeira)

March 2006: 2ª Maraton of Fitness and Dance of Algarve (Albufeira)

March 2006: 13ª Convention of São João da Madeira

September 2005: Teacher in Workshop of Dance (Ragga) in São João da Madeira- Gimnofísico

June 2004: Convention Compal Figueira da Foz

March 2004: 7ª Convention International PJC (Lisboa)

June 2003: 1ª Master Class Fitness Figueira da Foz

October 2003: 6ª Convention International PJC (Lisboa)

March 2003: Convention International Hip-Hop (Azambuja)

October 2002: 5ª Convention International PJC (Lisboa)


2017: 2st Groovylish Dance Workshop in Santa Luzia Spain

2017: Dare to Dancehall in Paris

2015: 1st Groovylish Dance Workshop in Mont-Ras Spain, With Workshops of Hip-Hop Dance, House Dance,

Afrohouse and Dancehall

2015: 3th Urban Dance Encounter in Vigo- Spain, Master Class of Laure Courtellemont

2014: 10 Days of formation of Hip-Hop Dance, House Dance, Ragga/Dancehall in Just Debout School, Studio MRG,and

Studio Blue.

2014: Worckshop of Dancehall With Sonia Soupha, in New Era School –Vigo,Spain

2014: 1st Dancehall And Ragga Jam world Convention in Paris

2014: Danse Cours in Paris during 1 month in Dance Schools: Juste Debout School, MRG Studio, Latino Caribailes,Studio

Harmonic with teachers: Kapela, Malcom e Babson (Serial Steppers (House Dance and Top Rock); Didier Firmin

(House Dance); Fatou Terra, Audrey Bosc (Ragga Jam); Agnès Coppey (Ragga Jam Salsa); Physs (Hip-hop);

2012: Ragga Jam (Fatou Tera)

September 2011: Boot Dance Camp (Saídia, Marrocos), With Teachers: Kapela, Mamson, Babson and Mogway

(House Dance); Physs, Ange and Tip (Hip-Hop) and Foued, Malkom, Karlos and Serge Lopez (solo Worck),

Marvin (Hip-Hop) and Laure Courtellemont (Ragga Jam);

March 2011: Ragga Jam (Laure Courtellemont)

March 2011: House Dance (Edson Guiu),

February 2011: Ragga Jam (Laure Courtellemont),

September 2010: Stage of danse Who iz Who (Paris), with Teachers (Benny Ninja “House of Ninja” - Voguing,

Suga Pop – Locking and Popping, Yaman Okur “Wanted Posse” – B-Boying, Didier Firmin – House)

September 2010: Extra Curricular Classes in Paris, Clara Bajado (House), Laure Courtellemont (Dancehall),

Audrey Bosc (Dancehall), Babson (House), Fatou Terra ( Dancehall), Meech (House), Kapela (House)

September 2010: Hip-Hop (Lando Wilkins )

August 2010: Afrolatin- Kizomba Dance, Semba, Salsa ON1 and ON2, Kizalsa and Samba of Gafieira

(Ricardo Sousa e Paula Loureiro, Eduardo Holanda) and Ballet Ernesto Costa)

July 2010: Waacking (Sonya Soulshine)

March 2010: House Dance (Edson Guiu)

February 2009: Ragga Jam (Laure Courtellemont)

March and September 2008: Hip-Hop and House Dance (Betty Style)

March 2008: Ragga Jam (Laure Courtellemont);

February 2007: House Dance (Clara Bajado);

February 2005: Ragga Jam (Laure Courtellemont);

October 2004: Ragga Jam (Laure Courtellemont);

April 2003: Ragga Jam (Laure Courtellemont);

February 2003: Hip-Hop Dance Course (Patrick Chen);

May 2002: Hip-Hop (Culture Shock Dance Troupe Angie Bunchande Gabriel Francisco);

February 2002: Hip-Hop (Raul Pereira and Júlio Lisboa);

January 2002: Ragga Jam (Laure Courtellemont);

2001: Hip-Hop and Ragga Jam (Laure Courtellemont);

March 2001: Hip-Hop (Milo Levell);

June 2001: Hip-Hop (Culture Shock Angie Bunch);

May 2000: Hip-Hop (Milo Levell and Tony Stone);

May 2000: May 2001:Hip-Hop (Madonna Grimes);

February 2000: Hip-Hop ( Fidel Buika);

April 1999: Hip-Hop (Tony Stone)

March and October 1998: Swing Baiano (Luiz Henrique, Lico)


2000: Dancer for Latino Squad Group

2000: Professional Dancer of Culture Shock Dance Troupe

2001: Instructor of Hip-Hop certified by Culture Shock Dance Troupe (by Angie Bunch)

2001: Professional Dancer for Lock da Move with Max Oliveira e Carla Teixeira

2002: Master Trainer Instructor Ragga Jam Portugal

2002: Ragga Jam Team Dancer

2003: Coreographer and artistic director of Future Shock Dance Troupe Portugal

2003: Professional Dancer for Ragga Soul Group

2003: Coreographer for Ragga Soul Group

2002: PJC Fitness Total Fitness Education

2001: Culture Shock Hip-Hop Instructor


Mother tongue(s)


Other language(s)






Spoken interaction

Spoken production



















Levels: A1/2: Basic user - B1/2: Independent user - C1/2 Proficient user

Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

Communication skills

Good communication skills gained through my experience as a dance student with all kind of teachers, in various languages.

Good communication skills gained through my period in France with certified formations and workshops

Organisational / managerial skills

Leadership ( responsible for a team of 6 elements of the Ragga Soul Group)

Responsible for several Teams at the Summer and Winter Camps with children at Al Manahil Riyadh

4 years at Al Manahil in KSA as PT, Fitness Instructor and Dance teacher (last job)

Job-related skills

Good command of quality control processes

Fast learner of other skills

Computer skills

Good - Microsoft Office™ tools

Other skills



Driving licence



Open to new experiences

Here is the link of some few Videos of my work as a dancer:

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