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Data Ssis

Woodbridge, VA
March 28, 2021

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Endalk.w Adem

Phone: 202-***-****


Over 7 years of professional experience in SQL Server Suite of products (SSIS/SSRS/SSAS) and involved in all phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) from requirement gathering, development, implementation, testing and support.

Experienced in managing SQL Server and writing T-SQL (DDL, DML, DCL and TCL) statements; and in creating and maintaining SQL Server database objects such as tables, stored procedures, joins, triggers, indexes, user-defined functions, views, and cursors.

Experienced in developing complex SQL queries, and performed optimization of databases and tuning of long running SQL Queries by using SQL Server Profiler and SQL Tuning Advisor.

Hands on experience in database normalization, de-normalization, optimization, Tuning, Back-up, migration, conversion, and document processing using data modeling tools.

Experienced in creating Sub-Queries and Joins for complex queries involving multiple tables and Exception Handlers.

Experience in High Level Design of ETL Packages for integrating data using OLE DB connection from heterogeneous sources (Excel, CSV, Oracle, flat file, Text Format Data) by using multiple transformations.

Clear cut idea about data warehouse, dimensional modelling, OLAP, OTAP, RDBMS and schemas.

Proficient in creating dynamic packages for Incremental loads and data cleansing in data warehouse using SSIS.

Develop DataStage jobs to do ETL (load collection of data from multiple sources to different destination with required business transformation).

Experience in maintaining Batch Logging, Error Logging with Event Handlers and Configuring Connection Managers using SSIS.

Created user interfaces using Resource Layout and publishes reports with Report Caster. Proficient in Data migration between homogeneous/heterogeneous systems and SQL Server using Integration Service (SSIS), BULK INSERT, DTS Import/Export utility and Bulk Copy Program (BCP Accomplished in creating Packages, scheduling Jobs, and sending Alerts using SQL Mail.

Ability to build data marts and cube by analysis tool SSAS. Easy to build and deploy analytic solutions for decision support systems.

Ability to measure, edit and compare business data with different queries. Good experience on KPI (Key Performance Indicators) areas.

Extensive experience in Capacity Planning, Disaster Recovery, Troubleshooting, Backup and Restore procedures.

Experience in Application systems and understanding how the data resides in the source system to effectively create OLAP Structures to support reporting.

Excellent experience in developing drill down, cascading, parameterized, Drill through, Sub reports and Charts using Global variables, Expressions and Functions for the business users.

Experienced with visualization tools like Power BI and Tableau.

Experienced in creating Ad hoc reports with complex design to query the database for Business Intelligence.

Experience with AGILE methodologies like Scrum, Extreme Programming (XP) and Unified Process (USDP).

A well-organized, goal-oriented, highly motivated effective team member.

Technical skills and tools

Databases: SQL Server 2017/2016/2014/2012/2010

Reporting Tool: SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), Tableau, Power BI

Integration Tool: SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), Talend.

Analysis Tool: SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS)

Database Tools: MS SQL Server Enterprise Manager, SQL Profiler, Query Analyzer, DTA

Other Tools: Microsoft Office 2003/2007/2010


Work Experience

BB & T Bank, Charlotte NC 12/2017 – Present

SQL/ ETL Developer


Requirements gathering, Analysis and Design of all the client requirements.

Performed Data Modeling and Developed logical and physical model using Erwin and implementing them to SQL server.

Written custom T-SQL stored procedures and triggers to improve performance, preserve referential integrity, and provide additional application functionality.

Developing Stored Procedures and Functions used for inserting, updating, or transforming data.

Developing complex T- SQL queries used for data investigation.

Creating table indexes and constraints to ensure data integrity and enhance query processing.

Develop SSIS Package to Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) Data into Data Warehouse from different data source( SQL Server, Flat Files, Excel Source, XML Files, etc.) and loaded the data into destination table by performing different kinds of Transformation using SSIS/DTS package

Created story points for different dashboards involving lot of category divisions.

Involved in creating and visualizing dashboards using Tableau Desktop.

Created SSIS package for File Transfer from one location to the other using FTP task with Master SSIS package to run all other package.

Design high level ETL architecture for overall data transfer from the OLTP to OLAP with the help of SSIS.

Generated Dashboards by joining multiple complex tables.

Exported reports from Tableau desktop to Tableau server.

Created SSIS packages using various data transformations like fuzzy lookup, derived column transformation etc. to migrate the old Bills information, Customer Information, Contracts Information and other important data.

Used SSIS to upload amortization schedules sent by the client in .CSV format on to the staging tables, which were used for doing all the calculation. Then the data was moved to the core tables and the staging tables were deleted.

Deploy SSIS package into Production and used package configuration to export various package properties to make package environment independent results to various user communities.

Implemented Event Handler and Error Handling in SSIS package and notified process

Designed, coded and implemented ad hoc reports using existing report models in SSRS.

Identified the Data Source and defined them to build the Data Source Views.

parameterized reports using Variables, Expressions and Functions for the reports

Managed Alerts for successful or unsuccessful completion of scheduled Jobs.

Social & Scientific System, Silver Spring, MD 11/2015 – 10/2017

BI/ SSIS/ SSRS Developer


Identified the data sources and created source to target mapping documents to be used by the packages in SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS).

Performed intermediate queries using SQL, including Inner/Outer/Left Joins and Union/Intersect.

Pulled data from existing customer databases using views built in SQL Server, Excel and csv flat files.

Developed complex stored procedures to be used in SSIS 2008 packages to audit the information about the data flow from one stage to other.

Created Complex ETL Packages using SSIS to extract data from staging tables to partitioned tables with incremental load using Visual Studio.

Used various transformations in the ETL packages while transferring the data from OLTP source to destination using SSIS 2008.

Troubleshoot to resolve issues and meet company standards.

Optimized the queries for efficient data retrieval by implementing indexes on the tables.

Provided regular reports for both internal and external stakeholders.

Created cubes and data marts using SSAS

Used MDX for pre calculated measures and created reports model on SSAS cubes as well as changing default configuration on existing cubes, created perspectives, partition, and Designed aggregations in cube using SSAS.

Designed snowflake and star schemas for customer summaries.

Used complex expressions to group data, filter and parameterize reports.

Designed reports and visualizations using MS BI solutions utilizing MS SQL Server, SSAS, SSRS, Power Pivot, Power View, and integration with Excel

Created linked reports and managed snapshots using SSRS.

Performed various calculations using complex expressions in the reports and created report models.

Created reports having actions like URL and bookmarks which helped to easily navigate through the report using SSRS 2008.

Created many complex ad hoc reports like Tabular report, parameter report, drill through, and drill down reports in SSRS.

Deployed and managed the reports in the Report Manager using SSRS 2008.

Designed reports subscription schedule for managers.

Standardized reporting formats and statistical analysis methodologies.

Visualized nationwide growth with Power Map.

Used Power query and Power view extensively for mobile data improvements.

Create predictive models and verified predictive analytics for the business solutions using Rapid miner.

T-Mobile, Bellevue, WA 02/2013– 10/2015

ETL/ Data Warehouse Developer

T-Mobile USA Inc. provides telecommunication services and products, including wireless communications, local exchange services, telecommunications equipment, managed networking and wholesale services. My project mainly involved in Creating and monitoring database to track project management to help with managing contractor's projects, hours and billing.


Designed and implemented complex SSIS package to migrate data from multiple data sources.

Created SSIS packages to load data into Data Warehouse using Various SSIS Tasks like Execute SQL Task, bulk insert task, data flow task, file system task, send mail task, active script task, xml task.

Created SSIS package to extract, validate and load data into Data warehouse.

Created and modified existing stored procedures, triggers, views, indexes.

Created traces using SQL server profiler to find long running queries and modify those queries as a part of Performance Tuning operations.

Successfully migrated data between different heterogeneous sources such as flat file, Excel etc.

Deployed SSIS Package into Production and used Package configuration to export various package properties to make package environment independent.

Extensively used SSRS to design and subscribe Drill Down, Drill Through, Matrix, cascading parameterized reports to present the billing detail and sale performance of departments and shared them in SharePoint.


Bachelor of Computer Science, Adama University.

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