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CFD Engineer

Koppal, Karnataka, India
March 29, 2021

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Amaresh Badiger

Koppal, Karnataka, India 809-***-**** Career Objective

A well-presented & result-driven CFD and CAE Engineer at Quest Global working within the Rolls-Royce Design and Development team. I have 3 years of experience in the CFD and FEA analysis of various commodities. My current role, as well as qualifications, have given me the technical skills, confidence & initiative required to excel in a professional & demanding environment. Educational Qualifications

CFD Masters at Skill-Lync (2019)

B.E(MECHANICAL), MVJ College of Engineering, (79.18%) (2017) PUC, Shree Guru Ind PU College, Gulburga, (78%) (2013) SSLC, Swamy Vivekananda English Medium School, Koppal, (89.44%) (2011) Work Experience

CFD Engineer, Quest Global Engineering Pvt. Ltd (Nov 2017 – Oct 2020)

Well informed in Engineering concepts and possess profound technical knowledge

Ability to quickly assimilate new skills, software and technology

CFD and FEA analysis using Ansys Fluent, Ansys Mechanical and StarCCM+ and meshing using ANSA/Hypermesh

Mathematical modelling of various PDEs, ODEs using MATLAB

Generation of HEXA, TETRA and HYBRID mesh

Good Understanding of Linear, Non-Linear, Random Vobration, Fatigue and Thermal Analysis

Geometry clean up and fluid domain extraction using Unigraphics, ANSA and Space claim

Validation of the analysis results with the test results.

Suggesting mechanical design changes based on the validation results.

Documentation of analysis, benchmarking the simulation process and maintaining the best practices.

Creating and modify 3D model assemblies within PLM (Team Center) and CAD software.

Experience in managing multi-platform (Window/Linux) test environment

Developing, tracking, planning and coordinating all the tasks that relate to a specific project

Strong interpersonal competence, strong communicational skills for handling different customers and a team player.

Working independently on the assigned task and sharing the knowledge gained by the various tasks with the co-workers. Projects - CFD

Project 01: External Aerodynamic Simulation on the Electric Scooter, Electric Minitruck, Electric Bus

Enclosures are created around the CAD model of the E-Scooter, E-Minitruck and E-Bus using space-claim (Two enclosure were created, The outer enclosure for capturing the fluid flow structure and inner enclosure to accurately capture the flow separation of fluid flow from the rear end of the vehicles).

Performed the flow analysis and grid dependency test in FLUENT and plotted the results and created contour diagrams for all the cases.

Detailed report of the significance of the drag force and point of separation at the rear end and negative pressure effect at the wake region.

Project 02: Design Optimization of Fume Capturing Hood for 100% efficiency.

Fume capturing efficiency of the hood was 60%, customer requirement was to capture 100% of fume coming from the furnace.

CAD model was toned down for easier simulation. Air domain was created around the furnace.

Natural flow simulation was achieved first and then design optimization of hood duct was done to in order to achieve 100% efficiency.

Project 03: Parametrisation of the Gate Valve

Extraction of the fluid volume from the gate valve CAD model using space-claim and performed the flow analysis inside the pipe with the gate valve.

The raise of the gate valve is parametrized and for different values of the raise the mass flow rate has been simulated.

Optimising the design of the gate valve based on the mass flow rate values of different design iteration. Project 04: Design Optimisation of Exhaust port by Conjugate Heat transfer analysis

Design and development of different variations of exhaust port for the given specifications.

Extracted the control volume from the exhaust port CAD model using Space-claim and performed the flow analysis till steady state condition is achieved.

Analysed the temperature, velocity and pressure at the different locations of the exhaust port. Project 05: Conjugate heat transfer analysis on Graphic card using Ansys Icepack.

Enclosures are created around the CAD model of graphic card in space-claim and performed the flow analysis for different mesh sizes.

Potential hot spots on the graphics card, heat transfer coefficient in those areas and the maximum temperature attained by the processor have been determined and documented. Project 06: Study on the Sloshing of lubricant inside a gear box

2D model was extracted from the gearboxes having different clearances and a code was written and loaded in Fluent in order to set the rotation to the gears.

Simulation was done for different lubricants using the dynamic meshing and best among them is determined and documented

Project 07: HVAC Optimisation of AC duct in Third and Second Tier Coaches of Indian Railways

HVAC optimization of AC duct system in a new third and second tier coaches of Indian Railways was done in order to achieve equal mass flow rate across each opening of ducts for maximum comfort of the passengers Project 08: HVAC Optimisation of AC duct in Corona Bus

Complete development of AC duct system in a Corona Bus was done in order to achieve equal mass flow rate across each opening of ducts for maximum comfort of the passengers Projects - FEA

Project 01: FEA Analysis on Missile Launcher by DRDO

Geometric clean up, Contacts and joints creation was done using Ansys Mechanical.

FEA analysis was carried for Linear and Transient Loading Conditions, Modal Analysis, Random Vibration Analysis and Fatigue Life Calculation on the Missile Launcher.

Project 02: FEA Analysis on Dewatering Drum of JSW

Geometric clean up, Contacts and joints creation, meshing was done using Ansys Mechanical and Ansys Meshing.

FEA analysis was carried for Linear and Transient Loading Conditions, Modal Analysis, Random Vibration Analysis

(PSD Analysis) and Fatigue Life Calculation on the Dewatering Drum using Ansys Mechanical. Projects - Matlab

Project 01: Quasi 1-Dimentional Supersonic Isentropic Nozzle Flow Using McCormack Method in MATLAB

Numerically computed the primitive variables of the 1-D compressible flow in nozzle using Conservative and non- conservative form of governing equation

Numerically computed residual terms of time derivative properties at the throat section.

Performed a grid dependency test of the compressible flow at the throat section Project 2: 2-Dimentional heat conduction equation using Explicit and Implicit numerical schemes in MATLAB

Studied the effect of CFL number and time steps on the stability of the numerical computation and total iterations

Gauss-Jacobi, Gauss-Seidel and SOR iteration methods implemented for implicit approach. Meshing Experience:

Mid-Surface extraction and shell meshing of sheet metal components like engine hood and back Door for structural Analysis.

Shell meshing of grill components of the front bumper.

Shell meshing and mid-surface extraction of IP substrate and plastic components.

Solid meshing(tetra) of door handle component.

Surface wrap of engine and transmission for CFD analysis. Academic Project: Condition monitoring of two rotor system and analytical validation by finite element method.

Design calculations for critical components like shaft, keys and couplings are carried out.

Modelling and Fabrication of the test rig is done based on results obtained from design calculations.

Finite Element Analysis involving Static analysis to determine deflection and stress in the shaft-rotor assembly is carried out. Furthermore, Modal Analysis on shaft with rotor assembly is done to find natural frequencies of the system. Technical Skills

CFD Solver: Ansys Fluent, Ansys Mechanical Ansys CFX and StarCCM+ Pre-Processor: ANSA, Ansys meshing and Hypermesh

CAD Tools: UG NX, Ansys Design Modeler (Space Claim) Programming languages: Basic MATLAB, Basic Python, Excel VBA coding Design Skills: Component Design, PLM & PDM, GD&T, Team Center

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